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Our Purpose

Background Information

An Inside Look at the NSDAP/AO

The NSDAP/AO and Violence

NSDAP/AO Chronology

Media Excerpts

Never Give Up!

Genuine Heroism

The Next Quarter Century and Beyond

We are the Torchbearers!

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The NSDAP/AO is more than an "organization". It represents a living community of men and women dedicated to the worldview known as "National Socialism".

The external form of such a community is secondary. Organizational charts, administrative procedures and the like are merely tools. They change to fit the current need. Hence, they are ignored in this book.

Spirit is what is important. Spirit manifests itself in the life of a man, of a community or of a movement. Hence the "life" of the NSDAP/AO – its history and its deeds – are emphasized here. They convey the spirit!

Our Purpose

Our Purpose: The defense of the White race. Survival of our White race – and of the various White nations – is our "prime directive".

Our worldview: Called "National Socialism", it is based upon the laws of nature and the lessons of history.

Our two highest values: Race and Nation.

Our goal: White Power!

Our method: Legal, non-violent political activism in countries where our movement is "legal". Non-violent underground activism in countries where our movement is "banned".

Our tools: National Socialist propaganda material and, above all, each National Socialist activist.

Our vow: The fight goes on!

Background Information

The NSDAP/AO was founded in 1972 for the purpose of providing the National Socialist underground in Germany with propaganda materials. (National Socialist activity and literature are illegal there.)

Official German government reports have repeatedly identified the NSDAP/AO as by far the largest supplier of National Socialist literature in Germany. Numerous books about „Neo-Nazism" in Germany mention the NSDAP/AO. And the NSDAP/AO was featured prominently in the internationally distributed documentary Wahrheit macht frei! (Truth Makes Free!) produced by Swedish television.

When the Berlin Wall fell, the National Socialist movement in Germany – and with it, the NSDAP/AO – experienced a massive growth. Since then, the NSDAP/AO has expanded into a global propaganda machine with publications in ten languages: English, German, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

The unprecedented kidnapping of NSDAP/AO leader Gerhard Lauck in 1995 - in violation of both U.S. and international law - resulted in international solidarity and even greater support. Lauck spent the next four years in a German prison solely for publishing a newspaper IN AMERICA under the supposed protection of the First Amendment! This shows the enemy’s fear of the NSDAP/AO.

Today National Socialists around the world work with the NSDAP/AO to promote White Power in their respective nations. We realize:


An Inside Look at the NSDAP/AO

The following article by comrade Michael Storm appeared in the July/August 1992 issue (#99) of THE NEW ORDER, the English-language newspaper of the NSDAP/AO.

Comrades! It is good to be back!

After spending several years outside of the United States, it was good to come back and report for duty. Although I had remained in close contact with the NSDAP/AO while overseas, I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of its progress. That is why I decided to write this article.

But first, some background information about myself.

I have been active in the National Socialist struggle since 1973 and was at the very center of the monumental Aryan uprising in Marquette Park (in Chicago) in the 1970’s. This experience gives me a thorough understanding of what activism means, including (Rockwell’s) Phases 1, 2 and 3.

Marquette Park was an all-White neighborhood populated by hard-working, clean people with a large number of Lithuanians who had fled from the sweet victory of "democracy" in Eastern Europe. These people knew the Red terror firsthand. They required no further education on the Jewish question.

However, these people only wanted to be good citizens of their adoptive country, the United States. The constant reign of Jewish terror in the United States was very real for them, because many had fought side by side with Germany against the Jewish Bolsheviks. Many faced the very real risk of being tried as "war criminals", since many naturalized U.S.-citizens - Lithuanians, Poles, Ukrainians, Romanians and of course Germans had indeed been dragged before Jewish kangaroo courts, stripped of their U.S.-citizenship and deported to communist-controlled countries to spend the rest of their lives in prison.

Under these circumstances, it was no surprise that they did not wish to draw attention to themselves and their community through the existence of an active National Socialist unit in their midst. Yet there we were!

But it was not the eternal Jew who drove the masses to the frenzy of White Revolution. It was the subhuman Black savages who have crawled across all the once White cities of America. Naturally, the Black Plague is nutured and directed by Jews, but not openly. The masses react only to what they see, so it was the Black invasion which radicalized the people.

We National Socialists harnessed this energy and directed it into White self-defense, an unheard of phenomenon in America. We did this through intensive activism over a period of many years, everyday building the foundation of strenght from which to fight. In the early stages, we did this the same way as is still popular today:

· Sticker Actions. Lone wolves and even squads of men went out every night to cover block after block with stickers twice as fast as the authorities could remove them. These stickers soon very clearly defined the boundaries of the movement and declared it National Socialist territory.

· Literature distributions. We went house to house after work day after day, week after week and finally year after year. Our men hand-distributed literature produced on our own printing presses. Leaflets and newspapers by the tens of thousands at a crack. The masses started to recognize the enemy (i.e. niggers) and its ally, the anti-White Jew system. Finally they realized that only we National Socialists were fighting for their rights, their homes and their very lives.

While our activity increased, so did the enemy’s. We began getting more publicity, first local and then national press coverage until it was almost a daily occurrence. It actually became routine to give interviews over the phone. My favorite was when I calmly explained to a reporter that I wasn’t interested in how many Jews supposedly died, but how many had gotten away! There was a howl from Chicago to Tel Aviv.

White Power rallies and demonstrations with our storm-troopers in full uniform became common to White people all over the city. This made for excellent television coverage and it was not uncommon to be on the tube several times a week. This culminated in a Presidential Press Conference where hysterical Jewish reporters badgered President Carter about "the Nazis".

Mayor Daley’s political machine had tried - but failed – to shut us down due to popular support for us. After promising on television to "close the Nazi headquarters", he actually backed down when his own precinct captains told him that it would cost him too many votes in the southwest side of the city!

Finally, the masses were ready for the great test: the aldermanic election. In four wards across the city, we fought tooth and nail and door to door, limited only by our lack of funds. (I worked full time third shift in a factory while living in the headquarters and donating my entire paycheck to the party. At the same time, I worked full time second shift for the party - without pay – and tried to sleep first shift.)

Now even the television shows were becoming more and more routine for us. People on the street would tell me, "I saw one of you guys on TV last night!’ They were happy. The day of the election held some good surprises, after all.

Mayor Daley, "the King Maker", controlled his machine with an iron hand. Yet his people turned against him. Precinct captains told their people, "Vote Daley for mayor and the Nazis for the aldermen."

We got plenty of votes at the grass-roots level, but when they went upstairs for counting they were dumped. One of our members and his entire family of ten voted on the National Socialist ticket as did most of his neighbors, but when the votes were tallied his precinct recorded zero Nazi votes!

I myself as a poll watcher caught a professional democrat who had voted seven times that day. (I overheard him in a nearby restaurant explaining his exploits over lunch to a polling judge.) Later, when I legally exercised my poll watcher duty, I was escorted out of the polling place by a Black patrol officer! I counterattacked with two special anti-corruption agents who threatened the polling judge (who looked "only slightly Jewish"), and I was reinstated. But the professional voter was long gone.

The System decided to give us 15% of the total vote in our strongest ward (5,000). The real number will never be known. On the lighter side, the other independent candidate was a Black man who called us crying that he, too, was cheated and given the magic 15%. (30% of the ward had already been overrun by the coons.)

After the election we decided to strike the Hydra in the heart with Operation Skokie. The publicity was endless and support grew by leaps and bounds. Money poured in - still not enough, but more than in the past. And new men joined the storm-troop.

The reporters suddenly became friendly in hope of getting a better story. But of course, it was not all a bed of roses. We were in court everyday as the system churned out one case after another against us. Physical attacks against our headquarters and our men increased, but this helped to weed out the weak.

Boy, those were the days! I will always be grateful for those memories. That was activism Chicago-style. I learned a lot while rising in the ranks from supporter to storm-trooper to Chief Duty Officer and Spokesman.

But that was 15 years ago. What about now? Is there activism today?

Yes! There is so much activism that is it simply impossible to report on all of it. The NSDAP/AO’s World Offense is exactly that, activism on a global scale, whether legal or not. The National Socialist movement is moving forward again.

Our Party is supported by dedicated National Socialists, people who often work full time jobs and then literally work a second full time job for the Party, year after year, donating time, energy and money for the future of our White Race.

During my re-familiarization with party operations, I told comrade Lauck that I wanted to experience operations from the bottom up. So I started at the beginning: the post office and from there to the mail room. (I apologize in advance to any reader whose order I may have bungled!) An experienced comrade showed me how to pack and process newspaper orders. That is not so difficult when doing The New Order. But what if you have nine newspapers in nine languages? And stickers? I stopped counting when I topped 25 plus slogans in eleven languages. You must be systematic and careful.

Next came the postage stamps. I licked though sheet after sheet of stamps – not for a special mailing, but just for the normal, daily mail! Many supporters may not realize the cost of postage. I complained that postage costs especially on overseas orders for items like stickers – left very little over toward the printing cost.

Where was all this propaganda going? That particular day a lot of mail was going to South America, where contacts have been rapidly growing. And of course North America and Europe get shipments daily. (Even on Sunday, a fax order came in from Finland for 1000 Finnish stickers.)

Then I started packing larger orders for pins, armbands, flags, books etc. My favorite order consisted of a large sampling of all the above items. That was common enough, but the destination was a surprise to me: Moscow (via a circuitous route)! Even the system press has reported about "anti-Semitism" in Russia, but I can confirm the fact that the White Russians hate Jews!

Packing the swastika sticker orders made me feel even better than the newspapers. The swastika is the only true (Aryan) international symbol, because our ancestors brought it with them on all their world-wide conquests! Just image, today swastika flags and armbands are being sent to comrades in Canada, Brazil, Spain, Norway, England and Australia. (On just one day, mail arrived from 16 countries.) Some of the flags shown on German television had been processed at the very work station where I was working.

I felt I was ready to put it all in perspective, because unlike Marquette Park, the World Offensive is a giant jigsaw puzzle with each nation having many smaller pieces. In one office there is an array of telephones, copiers, fax machines, computers and printers all connecting us to the world.

One day the first packet I saw was from Argentina and contained a large German-language, daily newspaper. I began to page through it. At the top of page two I saw our German sticker "Wir Sind Wieder Da!" ("We Are Back!") with our address clearly visible. Under it was a letter from a comrade. The rest of the page was devoted to personalities of the Third Reich, even though it was not a movement publication. It was dated a month earlier, so this probably accounted for at least some of the increased mail from South America.

Then I tackled a stack of mail from Hungary, Spain, England etc. Requests for information, Official Supporter applications, dues payments, donations and activity reports from all over the globe. What kind of activity? Small scale? Yes, some of them were sticker actions and literature distributions. But also larger scale activities such as arrests and indictments on political charges. (A special letter came in. But more about that later.)

Due to time differences, faxes come in all day and all night, seven days a week. On this day a pile of faxes reported about a demonstration that afternoon in Dresden, Germany. 1000 comrades protested the acquittal of Rainer Sonntag’s murderers. (Comrade Sonntag was murdered for his heroic National Socialist stand against Jewish filth and pornography in his beloved Dresden.) The streets of Dresden were lined by the sympathetic populace while our comrades marched by with flags waving. Even the police were sympathetic as evidenced by the fact that not a single comrade was arrested or injured. Dresden is a National Socialist stronghold!

Another fax from a Swedish comrade informed us that the sensational documentary "Wahrheit macht frei!" which has aired in thirteen countries - now has a sequel, "Wahrheit macht frei! - Part Two". It was broadcast in Sweden on April 12th. Both films clearly outline global National Socialist activism and the role of the NSDAP/AO. (Too bad we do not get any royalties from this highly successful series!)

Suddenly the fax machine prints out another page from a member in Europe: It’s official! Alessandra Mussolini, running on the openly fascist party ticket, has won her election bid to the Italian parliament. Hail Duce! Meanwhile, another comrade hung up the phone. He had been discussing the next (fourth) issue of our Hungarian newspaper, Új Rend, with a Hungarian comrade (in the West). The NSDAP/AO had recently placed a computer at this comrade’s disposal so that he could do the Hungarian-language typesetting.

This volunteer’s assistance played a big role in the decision to expand the Hungarian newspaper from four to eight pages less than one year after the first issue appeared. National Socialist Solidarity in action and getting results!

Then he translated the special letter I had mentioned earlier. The stamp was Croatian. It had no return address and was not signed. The author stated that he was a German National Socialist participating in a volunteer international unit in Croatia. He then went on to describe how his unit had destroyed two enemy machine-gun nests while liberating a town. He said that he wanted to double the size of his unit.

While discussing this letter, our conversation naturally turned to Gottfried Küssel, who is still in prison in the so-called democracy of Austria ... allegedly for statements he made to French and U.S. television, but actually in large part due to his work in Croatia.

In conclusion, let us take a look back to those great days in Chicago. Yes, that was activism, progress and the power of the masses in the streets ... despite our limited resources and, admittedly, the many mistakes we made. It is gone now and nothing of its kind currently exists on the North American front. Many comrades - even seasoned veterans - became discouraged and gave up political activism during the "dead" 1980’s. But the NSDAP/AO kept right on building the propaganda machine needed for the 1990’s and beyond.

Do not despair! The political climate in the Jew S. A. is shifting. The masses are sick of Jewish holahoax nonsense and tired of the niggers.

And this time the fight is not limited to a handful of neighborhoods like Marquette Park, Cleveland and South Boston. This time the fight is world-wide!

All over the globe, brave comrades are standing up and fighting back. Time is on our side, not the enemy’s. Everyday we grow stronger, because we are united. A victory in Europe or South America is a victory for all of us!

Today your support is needed more than ever! Get into action! Get the word out! Distribute literature, recruit, raise funds and support the NSDAP/AO. We are not alone anymore for together we are strong!

Heil Hitler!

The NSDAP/AO and Violence

The media often portrays National Socialists as violent terrorists. But how does the NSDAP/AO really view violence?

The NSDAP/AO neither condones nor condemns violence per se. Violence is merely a method. Intrinsically, it is neither good nor bad.

Indeed, the American Revolution of 1776 was very violent! Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, on the other hand, was so peaceful that it has been described by friend and foe alike as "a revolution without a broken window pane".


"Politics is the Art of the Possible"

American National Socialists enjoy a measure of political freedom far greater than our comrades in any other country. Failure to effectively use that freedom would be negligent. Irresponsible action that could endanger that freedom would be downright criminal.

It is important to realize that underground activity is much, much more difficult that legal activity.

Those who fail at legal activism (if indeed they ever really made an intelligent, serious and long-term effort) will certainly not succeed at illegal activism.

In countries where National Socialism is illegal, underground activity falls into two categories: violent and non-violent. Here, too, the latter is less difficult than the former. This is especially true due to our logistics: we lack a totally secure foreign base in a country with a supportive foreign government. (The U.S. government tolerates the NSDAP/AO’s propaganda mill in America, but it would immediately crush any "terrorist base".)

Therefore, the NSDAP/AO confines itself to legal activity in countries where National Socialism is legal ... and to non-violent "illegal" activity in countries where National Socialism is banned.


An Alternative to Violence

The government and anti-NS media gladly quote our more strident massages to "prove" we are "terrorists". However, even these massages have a constructive purpose:

As political repression escalates in countries like Germany, more and more independent National Socialist activists become tempted to replace or supplement our propaganda weapons with weapons of another kind. This is, from a human standpoint, completely understandable. In order to maintain some moderating influence in these circles, the tone of NSDAP/AO propaganda must hence become a bit more militant. (I pointed this out to the court in the famous Bückeburg trial in Germany in 1979.)

Indeed, NSDAP/AO propaganda material offers a (non-violent) alternative form of political activism to patriots whose previously legal organizations have been banned by the Bonn regime. If this material did not exist, the other alternative – violence - would appear even more attractive to many frustrated patriots. Therefore, NSDAP/AO propaganda serves to decrease, not increase, violence.


A Hypothetical Example

American citizens usually find it hard to imagine the kind of tyrannical oppression inflicted on its own people by the so-called "democratic government" of Germany. In the name of freedom, that government outlaws any expression of National Socialism: political parties, literature, clothing, symbols, even songs!

In order to understand the situation better, here is a hypothetical example:

Say you are a leading, non-violent activist in the anti-abortion movement in the United States.

In the middle of the night you are awakened by the sound of a number of unknown people breaking down your front door and entering your house. The next thing you know, you are confronted by several men in civilian clothes pointing guns at you! You do not know who they are or whether or not they plan to kill you and your family right then and there. (Perhaps after torture and rape.) Nonetheless, you know resistance would be sheer suicide.

Finally you are relieved, although surprised, to hear that they are the police. But you are less relieved to hear they have a warrant to ransack your home and arrest you on felony charges.

Down at the police station you find out you have been charged with terrorism!!!

After days, weeks or even months in jail, you finally get out on bail. Meanwhile, your attorney has visited you (in jail) to discuss the case.

The "evidence" against you is extremely flimsy.

It turns out somebody you never met – and who was never even a marginal member of your anti-abortion organization - threw a molotov cocktail through the window of an abortion clinic. When the police raided his home, they found a wide variety of anti-abortion literature, including a leaflet which your organization had distributed in large quantity.

That single leaflet was enough "evidence" to convince a pro-abortion judge to sign your arrest warrant!

Six months or a year pass before your trial. During the proceedings, your defense attorney skillfully points out how ridiculous the charges are. Indeed, the prosecutor produces no solid evidence whatsoever.

When sentence is about to be passed, you confidently stand. You are sure of an acquital.

But the judge finds you guilty!

He sentences you to three years imprisonment! (You think of your wife and infant son; he’ll be talking before you ever see him again. And how will your wife and kids survive financially?!?)

The judge calmly says that, despite the lack of evidence of any direct involvement, your kind of anti-abortion literature motivated the fire-bombing, and that you are hence the "spiritual father of the crime".

You go to prison. Every appeal fails. You serve the entire three year sentence.

This happens to dozens, even hundreds, of your fellow activists.

Furthermore, the government outlaws almost every major anti-abortion organization in the entire country, claiming they are the equivalent of "criminal organizations". And distribution of anti-abortion leaflets is made a felony ("hate crime"?) offense, which is punishable with up to five years imprisonment.

Think about it!

This is exactly what is happening to anti-immigration activists in so-called "democratic" Germany today.

This is why the potential for violence is increasing, not decreasing, despite the Bonn government’s "anti-terrorist crackdown".

Indeed, Bonn is doing everything it can to encourage terrorism. It wants an excuse to try to justify its tyrannical repression of political dissidents.


Obvious Conclusions

First, the Bonn government is not a free democracy. It is a repressive regime.

Second, Bonn is more afraid of non-violent National Socialist propaganda activity than it is of terrorism.

Third, Bonn seeks to provoke a terrorist counterattack - an extreme form of self-defense reluctantly launched out of sheer desperation – in order to justify its ever greater repression.


"Democracy" and "Sovereignty" Disproved by the NS-Ban

What does the NSDAP/AO want?

Political freedom!

Lift the ban against National Socialism!

That is all we want. We wish to openly present our views to the public. We wish to participate in democratic elections. The German people should have the right to vote for us if they want.

The denial of that right is inconsistent with two fundamental claims:

1) that the Bonn government is a "free democracy", and

2) that the Bonn regime is a "sovereign German state" that represents the German people ... as opposed to a puppet regime established by, and subservient to, Germany’s enemies in World War Two, namely the Allied powers.

It is highly significant that Bonn officials sometimes seek to justify the ban against National Socialism by reference to the Allied occupation regulations ...and even to the "conditional" or "limited" sovereignty of their regime!

Furthermore, the simultaneous legality of the until recently far more powerful communist parties (financed by the former communist East Block and in effect allied with the West’s greatest political-military enemy of the postwar era, namely the Soviet Union) clearly proves the NS-ban was and is not aimed at "the totalitarian threat against democracy" in general. Otherwise the "democratic" regime would outlaw both the National Socialist and the communist parties.

This apparent contradiction has only one explanation: the communists, as "allies" against National Socialist Germany, were (and are) allowed to participate in the allied occupation government that masquerades as a "sovereign German state". That regime in turn says that the German people have no right to vote for the party of their choice unless it is first "approved" by the enemy occupation forces, i.e. unless it is "democratic" or even "communist"... indeed anything EXCEPT National Socialist.

True German democracy is impossible unless the NS-ban is lifted.

True German sovereignty is impossible unless the NS-ban is lifted.


Afraid of Their Own People

Why do the politicians in Bonn hesitate to simply legalize National Socialism?

Because they are afraid of their own people!

They are afraid of the amount of support a National Socialist party can and will gain in Germany.

The ban and the increasing repression prove more than anything else the extent of this fear.

If the National Socialist movement lacks the support of the German people as claimed by the Bonn regime, then the solution is simple:

Lift the ban. Allow the National Socialists to participate in elections. And then point at the tiny number of votes and exclaim: "See, we told you they have no support in Germany!"

Why does Bonn hesitate?

Why does Bonn seek instead to provoke a campaign of terrorism? (A la the communist "Red Army Fraction" in the 1970’s.)

There is only one explanation: Bonn is afraid. Bonn is lying. Bonn knows a substantial number of Germans sympathize with National Socialism.


"Freedom or Revolution"

The Bonn politicians must consider this:

If the National Socialist movement comes to power legally, the revolution will be peaceful. And a very generous, widespread amnesty will be offered to its former foes (like in 1933)....But if the revolution is violent and accompanied by great bloodshed, then the traitors will not be treated so leniently (i.e. the infamous postwar "Nuremberg trials" in reverse).

Many German government workers and even police realize this. They avoid over-zealous participation in the present campaign of repression. Some even help by means of tip-offs. (If one hundred police are involved in a raid, only one needs to give a tip-off for the raid to fail.) I know of many such incidents.

The Bonn politicians are materialistic opportunists. They may be willing to persecute, imprison and even kill for their so-called "democracy", but they are not willing to suffer or even die for their cause.

National Socialists, on the other hand, are dedicated idealists. They are not only willing to hurt the enemy. They are also willing to suffer, sacrifice and, if necessary, to die for their cause.

That is why we will eventually win.

We warn Bonn:


This does not mean freedom "through" revolution.

We National Socialists want to convince people, not kill them. We National Socialist wish to participate in elections, not throw bombs.

If freedom is postponed too long, if the repression reaches a certain degree, revolution - whether we want it or not - will become unavoidable. The casualties on both sides will then fall to the blame of the undemocratic democratic regime. And its stooges will pay the price in full.

We National Socialists demand:



NSDAP/AO Chronology




NSDAP/AO founded.



First issue of the German-language newspaper NS Kampfruf (NSK) published. By fall it is a tabloid. Swastika sticker press runs increase from 1000 to 100,000 at a time.



November 10 - December 6. Lauck’s speech in Hamburg results in headlines in the Hamburger Morgenpost. Hamburg’s Ministry of Interior orders Lauck’s deportation. Lauck goes underground and later leaves Germany voluntarily.



April. First issue of the NSDAP/AO’s English-language newspaper NS REPORT published. (Later renamed THE NEW ORDER.)



March - July. Gerhard Lauck arrested in Germany with 20,000 swastika stickers. After 4 ½ months in prison he is sentenced to six months on probation and deported. During this time he writes the NSDAP/AO strategy paper "Die NSDAP/AO: Strategie, Propaganda und Organisation".

December 3. FBI threatens Lauck with grand jury investigation because somebody put NSDAP/AO swastika stickers on the door of a Black politician in San Francisco.



March 15. Lauck returns to Europe for a month. Major action on continent succeeds without any losses despite police surveillance. Within four week period, the British Home Secretary twice refuses Lauck leave of entry and expels him from country, he’s once detained in Belgium, and his luggage is searched five times.

The 1977 Annual Report of Germany’s Political Police ("Der Verfassungsschutzbericht") reports continued massive NS growth. Between 1974 and 1977 their estimate of the number of NS activists increases from 100 to 900, and of "swastika actions" from 20 to 410, largely due to the NSDAP/AO.



September. TNO#17 mentions report that Germany plans to indict Lauck and speculates about possible "terrorism" accusations later.



January. Two German television towers destroyed while broadcasting the "Holocaust" film.

January 21. Lauck’s interview with Dan Rather appears on CBS Sixty Minutes. NSDAP/AO mailing address featured prominently at start and end, resulting in flood of mail. It is rebroadcast on July 15.

July. Germany’s Minister of the Interior Gerhard Baum and Federal Prosecutor Kurt Rebmann inform the press of their investigation against the NSDAP/AO, noting it had stepped up its operations in 1978 and claiming it has connections with "neo-Nazi terrorists".

August 23. Gerhard Lauck testifies at postwar Germany’s biggest "neo-Nazi terrorist trial" for Michael Kühnen after being granted temporary amnesty.



June 25. Lauck indicted in absentia in Zweibrücken for distribution of NS propaganda.



June 29. FBI agent "Howard" visits Lauck, claims proof of large cash transfers, accuses terrorism and threatens legal action to stop publication.



Martin Mendelsohn, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, compliments Lauck in a fundraising letter, calling him "probably the most dangerous American Nazi in the country today."

October 5. Canadian government bans the NSDAP/AO newspaper The New Order.



Lauck summoned to appear at his own trial in Bremen for propaganda activity on December 6.



Lauck receives "limited amnesty" offer from Frankfurt court to testify at still another trial against Michael Kühnen (as he did in August 1979). However, the court also states that there are several arrest warrants against Lauck issued by other German courts and that this limited amnesty offer does not apply to them. Lauck declines to accept.



National Socialist movement and NSDAP/AO experience massive growth when Berlin Wall falls.

July. Lauck and Kühnen interviewed by Swedish television in both Denmark and East Berlin. This documentary film, Wahrheit macht free, is later broadcast in sixteen countries.

NSDAP/AO launches Swedish language newspaper Sveriges Nationella Förbund as joint project with Swedish NS organisation SNF.



August. NSDAP/AO launches Hungarian-language newspaper Új Rend.

September. Lauck attends series of meetings in Northern Europe.



January 2. ABC-Frontline broadcasts interviews with Gerhard Lauck and Austrian Gottfried Küssel (both had been close associates of deceased Michael Kühnen).

January 7. Gottfried Küssel imprisoned in Austria for demanding political freedom in an American television interview. Not released until July 1999.

World Offensive – the NSDAP/AO simultaneously launches newspapers in five languages: French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

March 9. Gerhard Lauck testifies at longest NS trial in postwar German history in Stuttgart after being granted temporary amnesty.

Simon Wiesenthal Center quotes Lauck’s January 2nd ABC Primetime interview: "I think Adolf Hitler is the greatest man who ever lived…but he was too humane."

Summer. NSDAP/AO sponsors the openly NS, public access television program Race and Reason produced in Tampa, Florida.

Summer. NSDAP/AO publishes first "mini-edition" of TNO.

Summer. International NS brigade fighting in Croatia.

July. New NSDAP/AO record: nine large-format newspaper issues – in eight different languages – printed in one month.

December. NSDAP/AO launches tenth NS newspaper, Faedrelandet, as joint project with the Danish NS organization DNSB.

December. German political police (VS) forms task force against NSDAP/AO. Hamburg prosecutor initiates massive case against the NSDAP/AO and the recipients of its material.

December. Anti-nationalist repression in Germany intensifies. During next 15 months ten previously legal nationalist organisations are banned, resulting in many new recruits in the NS underground.



During 1993 Race and Reason tv program expands from one to sixteen cities throughout the USA.

January 5. First German "Legal Aid Request" (LAR) presented to U.S. government. Requests raids in USA, seizures of lists and extradition of NSDAP/AO leaders to Germany. The offense: propaganda activity.

NSDAP/AO finances Russian NS newspaper Our March printed in Russia.

May 19. Cologne meeting between U.S. and German government officials. U.S. officials suggest modification of LAR.

May 28. German Criminal Police (BKA) report no evidence of connection between NSDAP/AO material and violence.

June 21. Second LAR. Additional accusation: incitement to murder, manslaughter, arson and bodily injury. (Note U.S. "suggestion" of May 19!)

July 3. Turncoat Hasselbach interrogation.

July 20. German Political Police ("VS") falsely claim NSDAP/AO distributes computer disks with bomb-making instructions.

August. Annual Rudolf Hess rally mobilizes over 6000 patriots despite counter-mobilization of 10,000 policemen.

August. Gerhard Lauck visits NS volunteers in Croatia and interviewed by Hungarian television.

September 1. Germany’s Foreign Office stresses importance of Lauck case to their Embassy in Washington, DC.

November 15. German/US meeting. U.S. officials offer possible "terrorism" investigation.

November 24. German officials accept terrorism option above.

December 2-19. Three more Hasselbach interrogations.

December 22. Third LAR. Now on basis of terrorism.

December. German government officially accuses the NSDAP/AO in writing of "international terrorism".

Late 1993. FBI Director Freeh visits Germany. Beseeched for help against NSDAP/AO by German authorities.



February 20. O Globo (Brazilian television) broadcasts an interview with Lauck.

March 1. Prosecutor asks President of BND (Germany’s CIA) for help with wiretaps, because BKA lacks equipment.

March 2. NSDAP/AO comrade Martin Freling elected to Rotterdam city council.

March 17. U.S. Embassy in Bonn gives Germans information about Lauck.

March 23. BND declines to help. Copy to office of the Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

May 31. Three Ministers – including Interior, Justice and Post – discuss wiretaps on NSDAP/AO telephone lines in America. Never done before. A pilot project.

August-December. Wiretaps on four, later five NSDAP/AO lines. But can only tap two lines at same time, hence alternate. Cancelled after a few months due to weak results.

At meeting of European Ministers of the Interior, Germany asks neighbors for help to stop the flow of NSDAP/AO material into Germany.

September 7. German government issues arrest warrant against Lauck after learning that he plans trip to Denmark.

November 22. Hungarian television broadcasts the Lauck interview filmed in Croatia.

November 28. Lincoln City Council resolution "honors" NSDAP/AO.

German media contact reports the German government asks the U.S. government for help against the NSDAP/AO every month.



FBI investigation against Lauck for alleged terrorist contacts triggers NSDAP/AO’s "Operation Fire Drill".

March 6. German arrest warrant against Lauck renewed.

March 7. Lauck tells CBS reporter he expects to be arrested the following week or so, but promises to phone back March l5 to re-schedule interview if possible.

March 12. Lauck arrives in Denmark.

March 15. Lauck intentionally schedules CBS interview in Denmark for the next day, ie the same day as a Nebraska State legislature proclamation denouncing the NSDAP/AO. DNSB (NSDAP/AO’s Danish ally) also sends many faxes to other media.

March 16. CBS interviews Lauck in DNSB headquarters in Denmark. Lauck says raids and arrests imminent, but NSDAP/AO is prepared, it will survive and fight on.

March 15. Germany issues international arrest warrant against Lauck, who is now wanted in 20 countries.

March 17-20. Nationalist telephone information lines in Hamburg and elsewhere warn that raids against NSDAP/AO material recipients are imminent. (This later triggers an inquiry by the Green fraction in the Federal Parliament about NS infiltration of the police.)

March 20. Lauck arrested in Denmark under international arrest warrant from Germany. (His arrest is kept out of the German press until after the March 23 raids.) Spends next four years in six different prisons in Denmark and Germany.

March 23. 800 police raid over 60 buildings, claim big victory in press. Actually, very little material seized. Later less than a dozen marginal figures are merely fined (not jailed) for possession of NSDAP/AO material.

March 28. Germany requests Lauck’s extradition from Denmark.

March 28. Prosecutor report claims NSDAP/AO terrorist organization operating in at least five countries: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Holland and Spain. (Note: same day as the extradition request.)

May. NSDAP/AO expands into internet.

May 4. Danish Justice Minister orders Lauck’s extradition. Lauck contests it.

June 6. Local Danish court rejects Lauck’s attempt to block extradition. Lauck appeals.

June 8. Internal BKA report states VS and FBI underestimated NSDAP/AO as shown by its continued operations months after Lauck’s arrest.

June 23. Regional Danish court turns down Lauck’s appeal. Lauck appeals to Danish Supreme Court.

August 24. Danish Supreme Court approves Lauck’s extradition to Germany.

August 24. Lauck applies for political asylum. Rejected.

September 1. Lauck applies for asylum on humanitarian grounds. Rejected.

September 5. Lauck flies to Hamburg on private jet accompanied by half dozen Danish policemen, and then taken in armoured limousine to prison IA. Next day transfered to prison VI – maximum security wing.

Autumn. Protest campaign with Travellers Alert aimed at German tourism launched.

October 10. Offenbach Post newspaper quotes VS official admitting failure as shown by continued NSDAP/AO operation despite Lauck’s arrest.



January 25. Lauck indicted. (Main file over 3600 pages. Plus 159 supplemental files.)

February 28. Radio Oasis, the DNSB’s openly NS radio station in Denmark, starts broadcasting.

March 8. Court orders continued Lauck detention citing danger of escape to Middle East.

March 16. Per DPA German Justice Minister Schmidt-Jorzig announces there were 5,570 cases against persons for illegal NS propaganda in 1995.

May 8. Hamburg press quotes Wiesenthal claiming Lauck one of most dangerous Neo-Nazi terrorists worldwide, publishing 20,000 NS Kampfrufs etc..

May 9. Lauck’s show trial begins in Hamburg amidst high security and international media interest.

May 10. German judge disregards extradition terms and declares maximum sentence against Lauck could be 14 years plus 11 months versus five years.

August 22. Lauck sentenced to four years prison on one consolidated (propaganda) count: legally publishing six issues of a newspaper inside America! An unprecedented sentence. Media reaction: Interior Minister Kanter and other politicians applaud it. ADL spokesman expresses concern it’ll only increase Lauck’s influence in the future. Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung in Germany and The Spotlight in America question the legality of the case. Leftist press complains the narrow focus on Lauck left the NSDAP/AO structures intact.

November. German Justice Minister Nehm publicly threatens (in Der Spiegel #46/1996) to arrest Americans whose internet sites are legal in America, but "illegal" in Germany. Claims jurisdiction because these sites are "accessible" in Germany.

December 11. New Zealand government official writes NSDAP/AO that its literature is unlawful there.



March 5. Lauck’s federal appeal rejected.

April. Lauck (a non-smoker) transferred to prison I, put in eight-man hall with smokers, drug addicts and homosexuals. Despite health deterioration caused by these living conditions and his lawyer’s threat of a lawsuit against the prison, he remains there two months. Finally, "extraordinary" measures secure his transfer to a one-man cell.

April 8. Half-sentence parole, routine for non-German citizens, rejected on basis Lauck will resume his publishing activity upon return stateside.

June 4. German Supreme Court refuses to hear Lauck’s appeal.

August 1. Lauck taken to trial in Dresden, but he refuses to testify. Instead he challenges the authorities to either admit their terrorist accusations against him are lies or to indict him on the spot for terrorism.



January 29. 2/3 sentence parole denied because Lauck refuses to renounce First Amendment rights.

August. Mail censorship in Lauck’s prison tightened.

August 25. Lauck threatened with additional legal action referring to himself as a "political prisoner" in a letter to his Danish lawyer regarding German disregard for extradition terms.

November 6. Lauck threatened with additional legal action for letter about preparation for his U.S. legal campaign.



New record of four NS-Kampfruf (NSK) issues published during the last six months before Lauck’s release.

March 23. Lauck escorted from Hamburg via Paris to Chicago O’Hara International Airport by two German policemen. Immediately resumes free speech activism.

April. NSK#125 publishes legal warning that BRD officials are personally responsible for their participation in the crimes of the BRD regime and plan for (strictly legal) countermeasures.

Spring. U.S. federal government declares Lauck a "convicted felon" solely on basis of "German conviction" for legally publishing a newspaper in America! Lauck initiates legal counteraction. ACLU takes case.

July 3. Lauck addresses Aryan Nations World Congress in Idaho and gives three television interviews over that weekend.

July 30. Local court rejects Lauck’s appeal against denial of his gun permit application, but leaves First Amendment issue unanswered. Police legal advisor quoted in front page article in local press on July 31 that this case could go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

August 14. After a two hour television interview, Lauck addresses the Nationalist Forum in Southern California.

August 15. The TRAVELLERS ALERT campaign is launched with a flier distribution at the Los Angeles International Airport in front of the Lufthansa ticket counter. This action – plus Lauck’s speech and interview the previous day – are filmed by KETV television from Omaha. Their report is broadcast on September 9, 1999.

August 17. ACLU appeals to both the Lancaster County District Court and the Treasury Department.

September. PROPAGANDA CD introduced in several language versions, thereby enabling multiple-site production of NSDAP/AO propaganda materials – including newsletters, swastika stickers and posters/leaflets - on low cost laser printers anywhere in the world.

October 6. The NSDAP/AO launches a second, dual-language web-site – based in Sweden. Later that month, both web-sites are expanded to ten languages.

October 15. The District Court rejects the Lauck’s appeal on a technicality. Amazingly, neither Lauck nor his attorney are even informed until the following week. The ACLU attorney starts preparation of another appeal.

October 27. Swedish television reports on the NSDAP/AO’s ten-language web-site based in Sweden. (Lincoln’s ABC affiliate does likewise on November 2.)

October 24 - November 3. A new record: six issues of the NS-News Bulletin, each in a different language, are produced within a ten day period.

November 4. After learning of an arrest warrant, Lauck turns himself in to the Lincoln Police. He is formally charged with a "class four felony perjury" - punishable with five years prison and/or $10,000.00 fine – for non-disclosure of the thought crime "conviction" in Germany. He is released on bail the same day. (The Lincoln Journal Star prints an editorial on November 8 criticizing the local authorities as "too aggressive" for filing a criminal charge before the constitutional issues are satisfactorily answered.)

November 13. Dr. William Pierce’s (National Alliance) radio broadcast gives the Lauck case very sympathetic coverage.

November 26. Chile’s former Ambassador to Austria (from 1964-1970), Miguel Serrano, has his personal secretary deliver a formal protest letter against Gerhard Lauck’s latest indictment to the U.S. Embassy in Santiago.

December 5. The Japanese National Socialist Movement (JNSM) holds a protest demonstration against Lauck’s indictment in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.

December 21. Jonni Hansen, head of the DNSB (the NSDAP/AO’s sister organization in Denmark) is arrested for self-defense. Alone in his car and surrounded by twenty to thirty communists armed with iron bars and even chain saws, he does the only possible thing: he drives straight through them, putting six attackers in the hospital.



January 14. The first issue of the NSDAP/AO’s new Finnish-language publication appears. It is the first NSDAP/AO periodical in the new millennium.

January 20. The NSDAP/AO launches a new, "domain-name" web-site.

March. The NSJAP in Japan and the NSDAP/AO launch the Japanese-language NS NEWS BULLETIN as a joint project. Japanese becomes the 12th language on the NSDAP/AO web-site.

March. Three Swedish mirror web-sites are added to the NSDAP/AO web-site and seven newspapers in seven different languages are published, all during one month.

May 21. Russian-language material is added to the NSDAP/AO web-site.

July. The NSDAP/AO’s first computer game – Nazi Doom (NSDAP/AO) – is added to the web-site. Soon there are nine language versions.

August. The average daily number of "hits" on the NSDAP/AO website reaches a five digit figure. Mein Kampf downloads during this one month number in the thousands. German media coverage of the website increases.

September 17. The NSDAP/AO’s second computer game – Nazi Moorhuhnjagd (NSDAP/AO) – is added to the web-site. It is downloaded 1000 times during the first week alone despite lack of any special promotional campaign.

September: Serbian and Norwegian are added to the NSDAP/AO web-site. This makes a total of 15 languages.

September 25: The German news magazine Focus (#39) quotes the head of the German Political Police in Lower Saxony, Rolf Peter Minnier: "The NSDAP/AO web-site achieves a new dimension of racist propaganda on the internet."

Media Excerpts

"The underground activity of the NSDAP/AO for the re-creation of a fascist system in Germany and Western Europe draws its effectiveness in its struggle against the western European state security police forces from its strictly conspiratorial work. As the name itself says, young National Socialists fight for the lifting of the NSDAP-ban and for the legalization of their methodology, ideology and politics, which are inflammatory, anti-minority and which promote race hatred.

"Further strictly confidential material about this organization, which agitates across a broad front through its cell system, give certainty that the largely young members are fighting terrorists who are responsible for burning refugee homes, attacks against the offices of leftist parties/organizations, foreigners and other illegal actions such as break-ins.

"The damage done by the NSDAP/AO is hard to estimate. That it must be considerable is demonstrated by the relatively heavy prison sentences against young activists, if the police are able – which seldom happens – to catch them, as well as by the immense distribution of propaganda material and NS regalia, which floods Western Europe and is directed from the USA.

"The long list of activists of the NSDAP/AO who have died or committed suicide is the surest measure that these fighters for the National Socialist cause are the most hardened and fanatical Hitler followers." - Die Reihen fest geschlossen by Georg Christians (page 249)

"In a special report earlier this year on German Neo-Nazis, the ADL singled out Lauck as the movement`s most dangerous propagandist. – Los Angeles Times, September 7, 1993

"The rising problem of neo-Nazism in Germany, sporadic outbreaks of violence in America and Lauck´s recent expansion to new hate markets in other countries has set off alarms in agencies that monitor extremist activity…

"The agency (Germany's Office for the Protection of the Constitution) says Lauck is the top supplier of propaganda to the German Nazi underground…

"In the past year, Chancellor Helmut Kohl made ´several attempts to convince the Americans how important it was to stop either the printing of the material or the export of the material,` said Hannelore Kohler of the German government's German Information Center in New York City…"

"From the Midlands, Lauck`s web of contacts stretches throughout Europe and North and South America. He supplies propaganda, encouragement, direction and in some cases money to racists on the radical-right fringes of predominantly white countries…

"Trying to keep him out of their country, German authorities once jailed Lauck for four months. They have banned him for life. But they have not stifled his involvement. Since the fall of the Berlin wall, their problem – and Lauck`s German network – has grown.

"Moreover, in the past two years Lauck has expanded into more than 30 countries. His organization publishes tabloid-format quarterlies in English, German, Swedish, Danish, Hungarian, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. He also sends U.S. dollars and German marks into Russia to finance a Russian-language paper printed there…

"In the past year, Lauck has also beefed up his U.S. operations. He sponsors two "white power" TV shows on the public-access channels of 15 American cities.

"The Jewish Anti-Defamation League, B`nai B`rith, which has monitored Lauck throughout his career, calls him a ´world-class` racist whose expansions provide cause for international concern.

"´He has all the elements of being important in the world of hatred,` said I. Robert Wolfson of Omaha, director of the Plains Region of the Anti-Defamation League. ´That is, large numbers, a well-funded operation that is international in scope, a fairly sophisticated idea of his goals and tactics, and the means to do something about it.

"Wolfson predicts that Lauck will use his new European and Scandinavian footholds to try to legitimize Nazism as a political option internationally and increase pressure on Germany to legalize the party.

"´There`s a confluence of events that makes a guy like this much more important than he was 20 years ago,` Wolfson said…

"In more than 200 criminal investigations in 1992, Lauck`s propaganda was found at the crime scene or in searches of suspects` residences.

"´Once every three days we produce either a tabloid newspaper in professional format or a TV show,` Lauck said, ´plus handling the mail orders and the faxes and the interviews and this stuff.`

"His claims are backed up by agencies that are his enemies." – Sunday World-Herald (Omaha) September 26, 1993

"German neo-Nazis have turned to an American known as the ´farm-belt Fuehrer` for instructions on how to dodge police and blow up buildings, according to a top Nazi defector.

"The American, Gary Lauck of Lincoln, Nebr., has been notorious as the world`s largest printer of neo-Nazi propaganda…

"´I think that this (allegation of his connection to violence) is part of a campaign by the German government,` he said. ´They have been trying for years to get us outlawed. The German concept of democracy is just so different from ours.

"German officials, in fact, have been calling for a crackdown on Lauck`s propaganda mill…

"Late last year, Lauck was a central topic of discussion in Bonn between FBI Director Lewis Freeh and his German counterparts.

"German officials asked Freeh for help in keeping Lauck`s materials out of Germany.

"Freeh implied that the United States might be able to do more if it can be proved that Lauck has been more than a political propagandist.

"´There is a fairly fine line where an individual may go beyond mere free speech or expressions, and begin to aid or abet (a crime in Germany),` he said.

According to former neo-Nazi Ingo Hasselbach, Lauck has done exactly that. In a recent interview Hasselbach claimed that Lauck has become a leading figure in the German rightist movement, not only calling for terrorism but also supplying the necessary instructions.

"Lauck´s influence grew substantially after German authorities banned several rightist parties and forced their leaders to go underground, according to Hasselbach, who resigned from the rightist movement last year out of what he described as disgust with its pointless violence.

"Hasselbach, who once led Berlin`s largest skinhead contingent, said that Lauck urged German neo-Nazis to fight the governnment`s ban with a campaign of terrorism.

"´He sent me a letter saying the legal way (of achieving political change) had failed and we should think about attacks against Jewish institutions…and the (Berlin city government`s pitch for) the 2000 Olympics,` Hasselbach said. ´With this letter I received a computer disk (containing a document called ), ´An Armed Movement.`"

"Lauck also supplied the group with detailed instructions on how to make bombs and where to place them for maximum effect, Hasselbach said…

"Lauck has called Hasselbach a traitor to the cause and perhaps a tool of German intelligence services." – The Buffalo News, February 13, 1994

"Openly and totally undisturbed by the authorities, he prints more than 20,000 copies of the banned newspaper NS-Kampfruf every two months and smuggles it into Germany. He produces swastika stickers by the millions…

"In the view of the German Office to Protect the Constitution Lauck`s NSDAP is the most important supplier of fascist publications for the German Nazi scene. Gary Rex Lauck himself estimates that 95% of all rightwing-extremist underground literature comes from him. By the ton, he gets printed matter into Reich territory. Propaganda material from Lincoln was connected to 72 violent crimes in 1992 alone." – Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, March 4, 1994

"In Germany, (FBI Director) Freeh will discuss how to halt the flow of propaganda, money – and, perhaps, even paramilitay assistance – from American white supremacist groups to German neo-Nazis and skinheads…

"According to German law enforcement sources, Freeh will also discuss whether conspiracy laws may be used against Americans who try to violate German law by smuggling Nazi contraband.

"´Freeh will make this a major theme of his trip,` added a senior U.S. official…

"The FBI already has agents posted in Germany for liaison on such issues as bank robbery, organized crime, wiretaps and the growth of computer mailboxes linking right-wing extremist groups worldwide." – Chicago Tribune, June 27, 1994

"German federal police hint at actions against Nebraskan Gary Lauck…"

"The FBI has said it is investigating one high-profile case ´based on leads from the Germans.`´ Freeh did not identify the case.

"But Hans-Ludwig Zachert, head of the German Federal Criminal Police, told the news conference that ´Gary Lauck (of Nebraska) since the 1980s has spread propaganda to Germany, a militant, extremist leaflet with polemic texts`…

"In an interview en route to Berlin, Freeh said the FBI might be able to legally give German police the addresses to which hate material is shipped from the United States. This would facilitate seizures by German police." – The Lincoln Star, June 29, 1994

"But there`s little German authorities can do about U.S. resident Gary Lauck – identified by (Vice President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution) Frisch as the biggest supplier of propaganda to German neo-Nazis…

"At an exhibit on extremism, Frisch said he has had ´intensive talks` with the FBI about Lauck.

"´They (the FBI) point out that freedom of speech is an absolute right in the United States and there is no chance to take legal action against him,` Frisch said.

"`Our only chance is intercepting it. But he (Lauck) doesn`t put a return address on the envelopes, so it`s hard to spot. We are able to confiscate some, but huge amounts get through,` Frisch said." – The Lincoln Star, February 21, 1995

"Most Wanted Man in Europe Arrested in Denmark – Wanted by Interpol in 15 Countries!"- Danish newspaper headline after Gerhard Lauck`s arrest on March 20, 1995

"The Anti-Defamation League has called Lauck the far right`s most dangerous propagandist." – Los Angeles Times, July 25, 1995

"An official at the U.S. Embassy in Bonn said the U.S. government has not yet been asked to help provide evidence against Lauck. ‘We don’t have a dog in that fight," the official said. ‘The Danes and the Germans have to resolve it. Our initial interest will be to ensure that he gets treated as good as anybody gets in Germany, that his rights are fully observed.’" The Washington Post, August 25, 1995

"But we wish to anytime defend the right of anybody – even Nazis, including Gary Lauck – to present their views in word and in writing. Until the Danish Supreme Court passed its ruling, we actually believed highest legal authority in this land would view the defense of free speech in our Constitution as its most noble task.

"How naïve. The verdict was a judicial Slalom with the goal of disguising the fact that today the Danish Supreme Court values political correctness and political obedience more than the Constitution.

"The verdict is politically obedient because, as of the moment Gary Lauck was arrested, it was clear that it was important to the Foreign Minister to grant the German wish for extradition, and it hence gathered the best minds of the Justice Ministry for the thankless task of scraping together the judicial means to legitimize the extradition.

"It took a few months before they were ready, and the worst they could find in this pile of nonsense which Lauck had written in years, and which the High Court used to justify the extradition, were statements like ‘The Jews are our misfortune. Out with the Jew.", statements whose text even in terms of the anti-racism statute 266b would at most result in a fine or a few weeks in jail. Nonetheless, the Supreme Court surrendered the man to Germany and a sentence of probabaly a few years prison." – Morgenposten Fyens Stiftstidende (Danish newspaper), August 27, 1995

"During the first two years of social upheaval following German unification, he launched a massive propaganda attack on Germany. Extreme-right crimes exploded, especially in the eastern states. Between 1991 and 1992 police seizures of Lauck`s material almost tripled. NSDAP/AO racist stickers cropped up all across the country…

"Nonetheless, in recent years Lauck`s movement has witnessed a surge in membership and financial support. He now publishes Nazi newspapers in ten languages.

"Experts at the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution acknowledge that Lauck`s material continues to flood into Germany. The police experts confirm that it is nearly impossible to counter this smuggling tactic, due to the huge volume of legal post arriving every day from the U.S…

"´Lauck has more money than ever before, much of it contributions from Nazi sympathizers,` notes Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League of B`nai B`rith in America, which has studied the NSDAP/AO`s funding. In turn, he is able to support his European followers.

"Many experts are convinced that Lauck and his propaganda network constitute a serious menace. Says a retired journalist who has studied the NSDAP/AO for 20 years on the threat of right-wing extremism: ´I see little danger that today`s educated adults will swallow the distortion of history, but Lauck is planning for the future and influencing our youngsters." – Evil Genius of Germany`s Neo-Nazis in the British edition of Readers Digest, September 1995

"´The mere fact that the NS KAMPFRUF continues to appear shows that our large-scale action in March obviously didn`t accomplish much`, commented a police official. Police specialists complain that the NSDAP/AO continues its work based in Lincoln, Nebraska and that it still distributes propaganda material for the German Neo-Nazi scene. – Offenbach Post, October 10, 1995

"The trial leads abroad. Especially the American NSDAP/AO is viewed as the secret exile government of the Germany right and, according to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, ´worldwide the largest producer and distributor of NS-propaganda material.’" – Süddeutsche Zeitung, January 13, 1996

"Gary `Rex` Lauck, the Nebraskan leader, visited Hasselbach. Lauck is probably the most powerful Nazi in the world, and about the only real player who can use the name Nazi. It is legal in America. He supports every sizable Nazi organization on earth with propaganda materials, and coordinates untold numbers of terrorist cells. (He is now under arrest in Germany, one of the men Hasselbach will be testifying against.)

"Hasselbach discovered a Nazi scene that was reassuredly huge and solid, straddling the globe, with a steady cash flow, a strong historical sense of purpose and a surplus of weaponry and expertise. When he told all to the police years later they hardly believed him. The fallout from his revelations will not settle for years yet." – Spectrum (United Kingdom), March 3, 1996

"The Simon Wiesenthal Center ranks him as ‘one of the most dangerous Neo-Nazi terrorists worldwide’". – Hamburger Morgenpost, March 8, 1996

"Distribution of the NS KAMPFRUF was decentralized long before Lauck`s arrest. The illegal NSDAP/AO structure inside Germany has remained almost totally untouched." - die tageszeitung, May 5, 1996

"I was asked by the attorney general to testify. The letter described Lauck as ‘the leader of the NSDAP/AO’. The state gives him this title! The NSDAP/AO is officially recognized. It is accepted as an organization – even though it is banned in Germany." – Former VS-informant Peter Schulz in an interview in the tageszeitung, May 8, 1996

"(German government spokesman) Wulf said some evidence against Lauck was compiled through court-authorized wiretaps of transatlantic telephone calls placed from Germany to five Nebraska numbers allegedly linked to Lauck’s organisation." – Washington Post, May 9, 1996

"Lauck, one of the biggest producers of NS-material worldwide, is considered a key figure in the international neo-Nazi scene." – Süddeutsche Zeitung, May 10, 1996

"The trial is seen by German investigators as the climax to a 20-year campaign to halt Mr. Lauck’s activities…

"According to investigators, Mr. Lauck’s publication, NS Kampfruf, or National Socialist Battle Cry, appears every two months in 10 languages. Some 20,000 issues are mailed to addresses around the world, principally in Germany…

"…and it plays a significant role in supplying German groups with propaganda material they could only produce at great risk in this country. ‘Gary Lauck is the main purveyor of hate mail into Germany,’ said Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, which monitors neo-Nazi groups." – The New York Times, May 10, 1996

"The prosecutor said that the vast majority of the pro-Nazi material confiscated comes from the United States and that Lauck has been the major distributor." – Omaha World-World, August 20, 1996

"During his arrest the judges ordered dozens of issues of NSDAP/AO newspapers in various languages – all published AFTER Gerhard Lauck`s arrest and mailed to his prison cell as a sign of solidarity – to be seized. Lauck received written confirmation of these seizures and hence proof of the NSDAP/AO`s unrelenting activity. - die tageszeitung, August 21, 1996

"German prosecutors say Lauck has been the main supplier of Neo-Nazi literature, armbands, flags, posters and videos to Germany for 20 years." - The News Herald, August 23, 1996

"Lauck, 43, had built a neo-Nazi publishing empire at his home town of Lincoln, Nebraska, sheltered from prosecution by the U.S. Constitution." – Independent (United Kingdom), August 23, 1996

"But German federal investigators have long accused Mr. Lauck of masterminding a smuggling operation that brought banned brochures, banners, books and stickers to the neo-Nazi movement in Germany."

"Thursday`s conviction concludes a decade-long hunt by German authorities for Mr. Lauck, whom they see as one of the driving forces behind the resurgence of Nazi ideology in Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989…

"Mr. Lauck`s newspaper, the NS Kampfruf, or the National Socialist Battle Cry, was read by an estimated 10,000 Germans, prosecutors said…

"In his memoir, Fuehrer-Ex, Mr. Hasselbach says of Mr. Lauck, ´He was the source of practically all the neo-Nazi propaganda pasted upon walls and windows from Berlin to Sao Paolo.`"- The Dallas Morning Star, August 23, 1996

"´Lauck possessed a well-oiled propaganda machine, honed during more than 20 years,` Guenther Bertram, the presiding judge, told the court. ´He set up a propaganda cannon and fired it at Germany.`" – The Washington Post, August 23, 1996

"The court greatly restricted the material introduced into the case. Most of the tons of propaganda which Lauck had smuggled into Germany by conspiratorial means for twenty years fell under the statute of limitations…

"Nonetheless, Lauck is ranked by NS-experts as the worldwide most important Neo-Nazi of the present time." - Süddeutsche Zeitung, August 23, 1996

"Even if the American had gotten five years – considering his agitation, his criminal energy, his role in the international network of neo-Nazis, it would not have been nearly as much as such a figure deserves." Der Tagesspiegel, August 23, 1996

"Spitting defiance at the German judiciary, the American neo-Nazi leader Gary Lauck marched out of a Hamburg courtroom yesterday to begin a four-year prison sentence for exporting racist propaganda…`´The struggle goes on,` he shouted in German as he was led away. ´Neither the National Socialists nor the communists ever dared to kidnap an American citizen." – Independent (London), August 23, 1996

"The verdict rests on a very questionable legal base. The accused was not convicted for what he did, rather only for what he said via the NS Kampfruf. If Lauck had been punished for importing the hammer and sickel instead of the swastika, then his present critics would complain about censorship." – die tageszeitung, August 23, 1996

"His extradition, trial and conviction are all seen as setting international legal precedents. His arrest in Denmark, which has liberal laws on political material and pornography, only followed strong pressure from Germany and a complaint that he was breaking Danish law on racial incitement. While Lauck was silent for most of the trial, his lawyer, Hans-Otto Sieg, argued he could not be tried in Germany for publishing material in America." – The Times (United Kingdom), August 23, 1996

"It was the first time that Denmark, which has liberal laws in this area, extradited a Neo-Nazi." – Berliner Zeitung, August 23, 1996

"In Omaha, Neb., the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League said he was pleased with the verdict, but concerned about the future.

"´This could give him a boost in his martyr status, especially in Europe, where his influence is strongest,` Bob Wolfson said. ´It gives him battle scars and in certain circles he needs that. I don`t anticipate that a visit to the German prison system will deter him.`" - Associated Press, Hamburg, August 23, 1996

"What should one think – whether German jurisprudence has jurisdiction over an offense which is not an offense where it occurred." – Frankfurter Allgemeiner Zeitung, August 24, 1996

"Politicians of all parties welcomed the verdict. Interior Minister Manfred Kanther said the conviction of ´one of the ring-leaders of international neo-Nazism and biggest distributor of vicious racist publications` was an ´appropriate response` by German justice. - Jewish Chronicle, August 30, 1996

"The sentence must be deemed high, because it is based on only six of the 38 counts…

"Witnesses were deemed superfluous. The prosecutor had no intention of uncovering the NSDAP/AO structure inside Germany. Instead, Lauck was built up as a lone offender and the most dangerous Neo-Nazi in order to then convict him with maximum media effect.

"The state calculation worked completely. Lauck was convicted as the worldwide only dangerous and organized Neo-Nazi. That’s good for the image here and abroad and lets action against the NSDAP/AO seem superfluous, as if the imprisonment of its supposedly sole manager settled everything. During the trial nobody seemed to notice that somehow…the NS Kampfruf got distributed." - Antifaschistische Nachrichten, September 5, 1996

"In the Federal Republic he is the biggest supplier of NS-material and his steady flow of material for more than two decades created continuity for the militant young NS-generation emerging since the 1970s…

"The NSDAP/AO does not have a rigid organizational structure, therefore it is difficult for the authorities to grasp…

"Meanwhile, his companions in Lincoln handle the work for him. Thanks to more than twenty years of tolerance by the Federal Republic, the German neo-Nazi scene is strong enough to develop new supply lines.

"What would hurt the scene here would be additional indictments for creation of a criminal organization." – Antifaschistisches INFO-Blatt, September-October 1996

"A Nebraska publisher was sentenced to four years because he practiced the First Ammendment.

"The sentence raised serious constitutional questions in America. For instance, where is the U.S. government when American rights are being superseded by foreign law? And why were the Danes allowed to kidnap a U.S. citizen? Why were the Germans permitted to hold him?

"Sieg argued the trial was illegal because Germany has no right to tell a U.S. citizen what to do in the United States, nor for actions taken in the U.S. that are crimes in Germany. But the U.S. State Department has refused to go to bat for Lauck." - The Spotlight, September 23, 1996

"After more than four years in six different European prisons, Gary Lauck is more determined than ever to bring the National Socialist party into the forefront of global politics…

"´If anything, I`m even more determined and fanatical than before,` Lauck said...

"During an interview in Lincoln Thursday morning, Lauck said the German government broke both American and international law, violating the sovereignty and Constitution of the United States.

"´This is not about me or my political views,` he said. ´This is about the right of every American citizen to practice free speech without a foreign country claiming jurisdiction and without the bastards in Washington letting them get away with it. We (the NSDAP/AO) are preparing massive legal action against my kidnappers both here and abroad.`

"Lauck said he´d never stop challenging his enemies.

"If I die and St. Peter asks me if I want to go to heaven or go back and fight, I want to go back and fight.`" – Lincoln Journal Star, April 2, 1999

Never Give Up!

The following article by Gerhard Lauck appeared in the last issue of the NS KAMPFRUF (#115 March-April 1995) published shortly before his second political imprisonment (1995-1999).

Over a period of more than twenty years of continuous political activism, I have experienced many success and many setbacks. It is easy to celebrate the victories. It is harder, but far more important, to carry on despite the setbacks.

Here are some thoughts that help me through the bad times. I wish to share them with you, my dear comrades, in the hope that they may one day help you as well.

First: If the National Socialist idea can survive the military defeat in World War Two, the destruction of the Third Reich and the death of our beloved Leader Adolf Hitler, then it can certainly survive any other setback, too – even the loss of an important fighter, a leader or even an entire group of fighters. As long as even ONE National Socialist lives, THE FIGHT GOES ON!

Second: As long as one White man and one White woman remain, the struggle for the survival of the White Race continues. Even though the White race is a minority on this planet, there are still hundreds of millions of White people.

Third: Great, incredible world-historical changes are always possible. Nobody knows the future. German history itself provides many such examples:

In the proud and powerful German Reich of 1910, who would have imagined the humiliation of 1919? In the chaos of the 1920’s the rebirth in the 1930’s? After the victories of 1940 the catastrophe of 1945? After 1945 the economic miracle of the 1950’s and 1960’s? In 1985 the coming collapse of the Berlin Wall, the communist "DDR" and even the Soviet Union? (I never expected to see these things during my life time. Did you?)

Fourth: History is always made by minorities: minorities who fight!

Adolf Hitler started with seven men….The American Revolution against the global British Empire was supported by only 10% of the American populace - a comparable number sympathized with the British, and the majority did nothing and just watched…Little Prussia with a population of barely 4.5 million held off an enemy coalition with a population of 200 million(!) during the Seven Years War (1756-1763).

Fifth: It does not matter how much a person thinks he has done for the movement. Another comrade, many other comrades, have done much, much more! Nobody should tell himself: "I have done more than the others!" (Not even if it is true.) Instead he always try to do still more. Do not complain about the other fellow’s shortcomings, instead look in the mirror and ask yourself: "What have I done so far? What can I do today?"

The German patriot Fichte once said that every single person should act as if the fate of his nation depended solely on his own actions.

Sixth: Every little bit helps. Nobody knows which straw will break the camel’s back…which sticker or newspaper will recruit a new activist…which deed will turn the tide of battle.

If an entire lifetime of political activism can contribute as much to the survival of the White Race as one grain of sand contributes to an entire beach or one drop of water contributes to a vast ocean, then it is still worthwhile. And it is a moral necessity.

Seventh: A real National Socialist is a fighter. He does not fight only because it is his duty, rather because he could not live with himself if he gave up.

Life is struggle. We will have enough time for peace in the grave. Napoleon’s Old Guard said: "The Guard can die, but it cannot yield!"

Eighth: Our martyrs are our obligation.

I myself feel a sacred and PERSONAL duty toward every single comrade who has fought, worked, suffered, bled or even died for the National Socialist Idea. And I do not mean this just in some abstract, philosophical sense only comprehensible in the mind, rather in a very spiritual sense deep in the heart.

For example, I think of our comrade Gottfried Küssel imprisoned in Austria for eleven years simply for a non-violence political activity. Image if after he got out of prison he asked me what I was doing for the movement, and I had to reply, "Oh, we got tired of politics some time ago, so we dissolved the organization. Today I lead the comfortable life of a businessman and collect stamps as a hobby."

I have had the honor and good fortune to have worked with many truly genuine National Socialists – not just healthy young men, but also women, youths, and even elderly people – whose tireless efforts for our cause make them comparable with the most highly decorated war heroes!

Whenever I feel discouraged, I think about these great National Socialists. Then I am overcome with shame for having felt sorry for myself for even one second. I give myself a kick in the pants and tell myself: "No, I cannot let them down! If they could endure and fight on, then I can, too!"

Nineth: Adversity is there to be overcome, problems are there to be solved, enemies are there to be defeated, Jews are there to be…

Genuine Heroism

by Gerhard Lauck

National Socialism does not suffer from a lack of heroes and heroines. Their deeds, their accomplishments and above all their sacrifices serve us as an example, an obligation and a source of strength.

My generation, the first "postwar generation", still had the chance to personally meet many of these heros. I remember visiting the famous Colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel in his home in Kufstein, Tirol in the 1970s. A great honor!

But there are many other comrades who have had an even greater influence on me. First, I spent more time with them than with the Colonel, and second, they were "just normal people", even though they did a lot more than "normal".

There were the old SA comrades Walter Luttermann and Karl-Ferdinand Schwarz, the married Müller couple and "Armin" of the Hitler Youth generation, Thies Christophersen, the fighters of the postwar generation such as Michael Kühnen, Gottfried Küssel, Michael Storm and others who remain unnamed only for security reasons.

Some of these comrades and their lives made an especially strong impression on me.

…1945. The war is over. All is lost. Life has become meaningless. One walks into the forest to the railroad tracks. One sits down on the tracks and waits for a train, which will end this sad life. One ponders. Then one makes a different decision. If one survives, perhaps one can one day do something in the spirit of the Führer. One stands up and goes home. Years pass. In the spring of 1972 an expellee from Breslau says there is a NSDAP/AO. One becomes one of the first members, one of the most hard-working volunteers, and a generous financial backer, although not rich and very modest in life style. One does volunteer work year after year, decade after decade. At an old age, blindness sets in. But one continues to work – one can still fold and stuff mailing pieces.

…Mortally ill with cancer. Can hardly eat or sleep. Walking is difficult and tiring. But one can still do something: one drags oneself to the desk and does computer work. Hours long. Because it is hard to stand up and return to the easy chair. Day after day. Year after year. On the morning of the last day alive, this is still the routine. That afternoon death comes.

…1945. The young soldier continues to fight after the armistice. Later he is captured, but not identified as a werwolf fighter. Four years in a special pow camp for unrepentant Nazis. Finally freedom. Immediately resume political activism. Prison. Wife leaves. Again freedom, political activism and a major role in the expansion of the NSDAP/AO in the 1970s. But a traitor means prison. Second wife leaves.

…Four years political imprisonment – without parole to the very last day. Then the day of freedom. Back to political work. A year of intensive activity. Followed by four more years of prison. Free again, active again, right up to death.

…One wishes to marry, but the party needs workers and money. A family will just have to wait a few years. But illness comes despite youth. A family no longer comes, rather death.

…One is crippled in war. Both legs gone. One arm gone. Other arm injured. Still not helpless. Telephone work is possible. Thanks to this telephone work, the NSDAP/AO expands its television program from one to sixteen cities within one year.

…A crisis. One steps in and takes over tasks without training. Free time and profession are traded for political work, aggravation, worry and stress. One holds out for years until the crisis is over and one’s own, large family can again have priority.


These are true stories!

I have worked with these comrades closely, sometimes for decades. We owe the accomplishments of the NSDAP/AO over the past three decades to them.

May they serve you as example and obligation, as comfort and inspiration, as they have served me.

May some of you become examples for those who will later join our ranks and carry on the holy swastika banner when we, too, are called to that great storm-troop in the sky.

For the flag means more than death!

The Next Quarter Century and Beyond

by Gerhard Lauck

Our most precious resource is man.

A man without a weapon can fight with his bare fists. But a weapon without the man to wield it is just a hunk of useless matter.

An unarmed man can create his own weapon. But a weapon cannot create the hand to use it.

Our primary emphasis must be on the improvement of our human resources: the recruitment, development, utilization and multiplication of activists and supporters.

Our secondary emphasis must be on the improvement of our non-human resources: financial, physical and technological.

We must nurture both our mind and our heart: our ideological heritage and the fighting spirit which alone breathes life into the National Socialist Idea. Life means hope for the future.

An Idea needs people. These people are believers, followers, champions, who embrace it and who spread the word.

People need other people. Man is not a solitary being.

National Socialists form a living community. A community of faith and a community of struggle.

This consciousness of community, this sense of purpose and this deeply felt duty to defy all odds and battle every enemy – despite decade after decade of relentless persecution, vilification and sacrifice – is absolutely essential to our long-term survival and final victory.

Individuals fall away. Organizations come and go. Neighborhoods and whole cities are destroyed.

Perhaps even entire nations will perish during the new millennium.

But the Race must survive!

This realization, this commandment, is simultaneously most sacred and most natural. That is the essence National Socialism!

This knowledge, this faith, this duty is our essence as National Socialists.

Duty means effort. Effort alone produces results.

Effort must be recognized, acknowledged and thereby encouraged.

Our emphasis must be on activism. Activism worldwide. The activism of a worldwide, pan-Aryan National Socialist community of faith and struggle.

Of course, all of this is not "new". It already dominated NSDAP/AO strategy during its first quarter century and it continues to do so into the second.

Organization, logistics and technology are all very important. Make no mistake about that. But they are just the muscle, not the heart and the soul, of our movement.

We are the Torchbearers!

This article by A.V.Schaerffenberg originally appeared in THE NEW ORDER #94.

In the 1920’s, Adolf Hitler created the White Peoples’ movement of National Socialism, and it grew to become the mightiest ideological phenomenon in history. In the 1930’s, he led it to political power and established the modern world’s first White racial state. In the 1940’s, National Socialists went down to the last shot against Jew-sponsored forces of Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism. In the 1950’s, George Lincoln Rockwell replanted the Swastika in America and hoisted it to its first postwar success in the 1960’s. In the 1970’s, the Movement recovered from his assassination, conducted mass-actions on a hitherto unprecedented scale and won world-wide recognition. In the 1980’s, due to human failings, subversion and internal chaos, the Movement virtually collapsed, but was saved by the persistence of The New Order, which weathered the storm and became a fixed bulwark around which old comrades and new ones could gather. In the early 1990’s, National Socialism is reasserting itself on an international level, with vast, untapped areas of support opening up in Eastern Europe.

This, in a nutshell, is the history of the National Socialist Movement. No individual who happened to live at any particular moment in its development could have guessed of the earthshaking events to come, both good and evil. A provincial Bavarian who joined Adolf Hitler in 1921 never dreamed that Germany, trampled underfoot after the First World War, would be leading the European Continent in a crusade against Soviet Russia only twenty years later. With the death of Commander Rockwell, any hope of regaining the White masses he reached seemed lost forever; yet, a few years later, they returned to cheer us, and in even greater numbers. To anyone who stood among the crowds of White Power t-shirts, final victory seemed only a matter of time. But not to be. And the Movement passed through a long decade of survival, brightened mostly by the underground battles of The Order in the mid-1980’s. Now there is light on the horizon, and our Cause is picking up steam again.


What Our Struggle Really Means

Our own past teaches us, 1) no one can anticipate what lies ahead, and 2) each generation has its own task to fulfill.

The German Brownshirts of the 1920s’, the international S.S. detachments in World War II, Commander Rockwell’s Stormtroopers and Marquette Park’s crowds in White Power t-shirts all fought for the same goal - White Victory. And each achieved part of the final triumph they helped make possible in the future. Only the specific tasks they were given to achieve that victory were different. The Brownshirts enabled their leaders to get elected. The European S.S. men defended civilization with armed resistance. Rockwell’s Stormtroopers made his public speeches possible. Activists in White Power t-shirts fought for their families and community against nigger invasion. What, then, is our task? How are we to work for White victory?


We Are The Torchbearer Generation

This means that it is our task to keep the National Socialist Idea alive for the next phase soon to come, when the masses of our people will again be receptive to the concept of White Victory. That time is just around the corner, as Americans reach the end of their patience with nigger savagery and economic chaos. Millions of Hungarians, Croats, Slovenes, Romanians, Poles and even Russians are awakening to the Jewish bacillus and beginning to look to us for leadership.

Future generations will remember us with compassion, admiration and envy. Compassion for our difficult passage through a Dark Age of ignorance and terror. Admiration for our courage and determination to uphold our ideals in the face of overwhelming opposition. Envy for the opportunity we have in this hard time to prove unquestionably our will power and our loyalty to our race, thus winning ourselves a unique and venerated position in the history of National Socialism.

We are not permitted to see what lies ahead. But when we set out on this revolutionary quest, each one of us was given an instinct for victory, towards which we must march. For us, our watch words are: "Victory or Death!" The Movement’s victory means life for our White Race; our failure (and we can only fail if we quit) means the death of our people. But rest assured: An Idea that can survive the devastation of World War II will certainly outlast the present Dark Age!


The Future: For Whites Only!

We are by no means alone. Only look over your shoulder, and you will see the masses in their White Power t-shirts. Behind them are Rockwell’s Storm-troopers. Further back are the millions of Europeans who fought under the Swastika Race Standard from North Africa to Stalingrad. Behind them are the Brownshirt legionnaires who won the streets for their Fuehrer. We are at the head of that half-century long march. We dare not stumble or quit!

So what if millions of us have been killed? The Movement still rolls forward and nothing on earth has been able to stop it! So what if the niggers and spicks have rotted out our cities? All the better to build new and more beautiful ones in a future for Whites only! So what if we have made bad mistakes, and worse? We are only mortal human beings striving for the superhuman!

We have had wonderful Golden Ages in our brief history - the Third Reich, the Rockwell years, and the triumphs in Chicago. There will be more to come, and no less splendid. An all-White planet beckons in the coming Century. Great things lie ahead – not far.

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