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Testimonial from a Volunteer

Around September 2014 I was feeling very disillusioned with the state of affairs in the USA today.  This is no longer the country my parents and I came to by choice!  We have degenerated into an oligarchical plutocracy.  We are all now tax cows, interest slaves, and working stiffs (among all the other problems--illegal immigration being a big one in the area where I live).

I remembered what my father had said about "Hitler had some good ideas..." and I wondered whether there was such a thing as a National Socialist organization in America.  So, on a whim I searched on Google.  There was such an organization!  So I contacted them, sent them a letter of introduction.  Its leader recognized that I was "a good writer" and asked whether I would be willing to write an article for them.  I sent the article, then another, then another...  I had very little contact with them other than an occasional request for another article.

I was a little disappointed at the scant communications.  But in my research for writing these articles I stumbled across some information, which turned out to come from an Internet forum.  So I looked into it further, and joined.  Very soon a NSDAP/AO recruiter contacted me and asked whether I would be willing to help. 

Unlike the other group, their communications with me were frequent, and I finally felt as if I had an opportunity to do "something" for a greater cause.  All I expected to do was contribute by translating documents.  However, they immediately recognized that I had "other abilities" and did not delay in putting them to use.

At this point I did some research to find out just who Gerhard Lauck was.  I read all I could find about him.  Much of this is written by "the enemy."  But I know how to read between the lines and I am capable of taking the source into account in my analysis.  They also provided some autobiographical material in the packet of information they sent me.  I also heard some radio programs where he was interviewed.  In short order I decided that Gerhard Lauck was a man I respected and would be happy to work for.

All this time (and for the past nine years) I've been working for a local government organization.  What was Hitler's original title for Mein Kampf?  It was Viereinhalb Jahre (des Kampfes) gegen Lüge, Dummheit und Feigheit, or Four and a Half Years (of Struggle) Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice.  That summarized my job perfectly.  Lies, stupidity and cowardice.  (I can share some articles in the press about the organization where I work.  The local newspapers have a field day with us.  They refer to our Board of Directors as; well, I’ll leave that out!  Just to give one trivial example from my daily life, as the IT Manager I am the one asked to set up a lap top and projector in the Board Room when they need it.  No one else seems to have the intelligence or ability to hook up a laptop to a projector and turn it on.  But even so, when I would come in to do it, they would then direct me... "plug the laptop in, and hook up the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port, and the VGI cable to the projector..."  Thank you, Dr. Science, for treating me as a five year old!)

Gerhard Lauck’s treatment of me is at the opposite end of the spectrum!  "Here is a guy with some ability, let's see where we can best use him."  What a refreshing contrast!

So in summary, what attracted me about the NSDAP/AO is that there is competent leadership, the man in charge is not above communicating with the "minions," and the organization has been doing something worthwhile for over four decades.  I did look into other organizations, but I'm not too keen on wearing uniforms and engaging in street activism.  There is nothing wrong with these activities, they just weren't something that attracted me, nor was there much opportunity to do this sort of thing in the rural area where I live.

To date, nothing from the NSDAP/AO has bored me.  It has been a challenge, in the positive sense of that word.  I've enjoyed doing all the work I've been given.  As to what I've found confusing I can only cite the idiosyncrasies of any product put out by our software provider.  It took me a little while (less than a month) to fully grasp the work-flow, but I feel that I'm on top of it now.  The more I've learned about the organization, the more I've come to appreciate how well run it is.

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