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The Second American Revolution?

 The below article, written by a National Socialist but aimed at non-National Socialists and hence “tamed down”, nonetheless provides food for thought. It first appeared in the NSDAP/AO English language newsletter THE NEW ORDER issue #178.

    Imagine fifty state legislatures passing the following resolution:

    “Be it resolved that the state of XYZ hereby secedes from the union.

   “Be it resolved that the state of XYZ declares its intention to negotiate with the other states to create a new union [federal government] based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights from our original Founding Fathers.

   “Be it resolved that the new union draft and adopt additional Amendments to address the problems that caused the previous federal government to fail in its duties and responsibilities toward the people. These problems include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

   “Financial influence (lobbies, special interest groups, campaign financing etc.) which transform government officials from representatives of the people into representatives of money and special interest groups..

    “Financial reforms to combat the parasitism, often summed up in the term “Wall Street”, that caused the great Depression of 1929, the Great Recession of 2008, the loss of American manufacturing and jobs, and ultimately the current insolvency of the now failed federal government in the “United States of America”. (For example, the return of currency from private hands to the government [abolition of the so-called “Federal Reserve Bank”], tax reform, foreign trade policy that promotes the interests of the American people  instead of “globalist” plutocracy.)

   “Election reform to abolish the near monopoly by “the two big political parties” and resultant disenfranchisement of independents and “other parties”.

   “Clarification of the respective rights and duties of state and federal government.

   “Clarification of the rights of the individual. Among other things, recognition of the right of the people to adopt and enforced laws and measures that defend, promote and upheld their cultural, religious, ethnic and racial heritage even at the expense of so-called “individual rights”. (For example: the right of each state to decide such issues as “gay marriage”, religious observance, public decency, immigration policy, citizenship requirements, integration or segregation.)

    Attempts to reform the present federal government from the inside are doomed. The whole system is designed to thwart truly fundamental change. The financiers and power brokers will not let it happen.

   State government, on the other hand, could become an important ally against the federal government. State officials have even more reason to hate the federal government than the average citizen does! First, the federal government takes the lion’s share of tax revenue. Then the federal government offers to return PART of those tax dollars to the state, IF the state kisses its backside and follows federal guidelines. And then the federal government mandates that the state must do some things even without getting a dime from the federal government. Worse yet, while the states have to balance their budget, the federal government does not; it overspends, destroys the whole nation’s economy and puts the states in an impossible position.

    If state legislatures threaten succession, this underlines both the gravity of the problem and the seriousness of the reform effort. The stated intent – by elected officials(!) – to wash their hands of the  broken federal government and replace it with a new one - to be created by the states on the basis of the Constitution and Bill of Rights - shows this is a patriotic reform movement, not a treasonous insurgency or even a threat to national unity. (If these state resolutions are preceded by public referendums, so much the better!) The reference to new constitutional amendments to solve the problems – and deal with their underlying root causes (!) – that the present federal government is unable and/or unwilling to solve offers the people solid grounds for real hope for real change. And last, the clarification of states rights and individual rights provides a starting point for overcoming the current “legal obstacles” to combating the decay and decline of Western Civilization in the New World. (Leastwise in those states that still want to.)

   This may sound far-fetched now. It is indeed strictly theoretical and merely intended to stimulate creative thinking. Nonetheless, when the current Great Recession is one day  followed by the Second Great Depression, desperate times will call for desperate measures. And the people will be ready to listen to a much broaden range of ideas.

   Furthermore, politics makes strange bedfellows. Even very diverse groups could be attracted. As America becomes more “diverse”, the battle over nationally standardized laws and policies, which are then uniformly imposed on all states, only escalates hostility and increases polarization and deadlock. A shift from federal to more localized self-determination will reduce these tensions and should appeal to communities that are otherwise so diverse that they are mutually downright disagreeable.

   So make a mental note, reformers and Third Party supporters!

 Editor: Obviously, every National Socialist knows that RACE is the key issue. However, there are situations where a hardcore, open National Socialist approach may not be feasible. The objective then is to convey the idea that 1) the system is unwilling and/or unable to solve the biggest key problems, 2) a truly fundamental change is necessary, 3) simply voting for one of the two mainstream parties is not enough. Anti-government sentiment, deep concern about the economy (an emotionally powerful, but still not “taboo” topic) in general and Wall Street swindles in particular, should be exploited in order to shift the question in people’s minds from “Is the government too big”? to “Is the government even on our side at all!?!” The answer to that question will soon dawn on any White person not brain dead. The next step is to nudge from “reformist” toward “revolutionary” without sounding terrorist, traitorous or delusional. States’ rights comes in here, especially psychologically.


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