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NS-Activists! Download excerpts from the new #702-Propaganda -CD!

Or order the CD! Only 5,00 Euro or US$5.00. (Shipping included.)



Macht Euch UNABHÄNGIG vom Internet und dem Postamt!

Bestellt unsere #Propaganda-CD (#702)! Nur 5,00 Euro (Versand inbegriffen)!

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Make yourselves independent from Internet and post office!

Order our Propaganda-CD (#702). Only 5,00 Euro or $5.00 (shipping included)!

Or simply download the below PDF-layouts for free. (See “universal”, too!)

Note: We offer both European and American formats.

Swastika Stickers in European format

Swastika Stickers in USA format

Swastika Leaflets/Posters in European format

Swastika Leaflets/Posters in USA format

FIRST: Read the information on this link - How to Distribute Literature Effectively! SECOND: Think about how YOU can put these tips to good use. THIRD: Download and print these fliers. FOURTH: Act! FIFTH: Report the results to us.

Note: These layouts are intentionally very simple. First, a common b/w laser printer must be able to print them. Second, leaflets do not "convert" people. They merely arouse curiosity and, with luck, result in an "inquiry" in the form of a web-site visit. Third, a "radical" design encourages publicity. Sometimes this publicity includes a picture of the leaflet...with a legible url! 


Universal Swastika Stickers in European format

Universal Leaflets/Posters in European format

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