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See the "Progress Report" for "Project PROTEST VOTE"!

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The official PROTEST VOTE web-site went online at www.protest-vote.com on November 23rd! This project offers excellent "soft agitation" opportunities. [Note: "Soft" by OUR standards!] The objectives include reaching, mobilizing, and eventually converting NEW activists.

Although initially American-oriented, this is also a test run for similar efforts in Europe and even worldwide. [Much of the work on this American web-site was done by NSDAP/AO co-workers in Europe!]

International coordination of propaganda efforts is our specialty! Compared to our decades long large-scale production and distribution of "illegal" literature, "online activism" is child's play for us. (The NSDAP/AO VIDEO PROJECT was, in part, a training exercise. Our new volunteers did an outstanding job, too!)


NSDAP/AO Video Team

422 new videos in TWENTY-FIVE languages were created and uploaded since March 8, 2014! In addition to this, all 282 old NSDAP/AO slideshows were converted to video and put online.

This has been accomplished by the NSDAP/AO Video Team, which has co-workers in North and South America and in Eastern and Western Europe.

Note: YOUR volunteer work and/or YOUR financial donation enables us to continue, even EXPAND, our propaganda work!

*   *   *   *   *

The "NSDAP/AO Video Team” was expanded in early March 2014. Team members in North and South America and Eastern and Western Europe immediately launched the "NSDAP/AO Video Offensive" on March 8, 2014. During the first month alone, 125 NEW videos were created and 226 old NSDAP/AO slideshows were converted to video.

THE FIRST VIDEO PROJECT was the conversion of all 282 NSDAP/AO slide shows to video. This has been completed.

THE SECOND VIDEO PROJECT is the creation of new videos for the revived “Travelers Alert” campaign. Our newest team members – who are unmatched in sheer hard work and tenacity - play a crucial role in this project. At last count, there were already 19 language editions online: English, German, French, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Russian, Norwegian, Serbian, Hungarian, Croatian, Finnish, Italian, Danish, Polish, Dutch, Ukrainian and Greek. [Note: If YOUR native language is NOT listed, please volunteer to translate it! The text is below.]

THE THIRD VIDEO PROJECT is the creation of the "Heinrich Hoffmann ADOLF HITLER Video Series". Each video consists of (translated) excerpts from one of the twelve volumes in this series. The English, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Italian series are complete. Additional languages are in preparation.

THE FOURTH VIDEO PROJECT is the creation of the "GERMAN  WAR ART Video Series". Each video consists of (translated) excerpts from one of the ten volumes in this series. The English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish series are done. Other language editions are in preparation.

The FIFTH VIDEO PROJECT is the creation of more videos. These include "Jews Introduce Themselves" (Julius Streicher), "German Art and Degenerate 'Art'", "Nude Photography in Nazi Germany", "Our Hitler", "The Jews in the USA", "Nude Art in the Third Reich", "German Woman", "German Peasantry", "USA Behind the Scenes", "The Eternal Jew", "SS Picture Book: River of Life", "SS Man, Be Fruitful!" and "Race and Population: Pictures Speak!" Several language versions have been created.

The SIXTH VIDEO PROJECT reports WHITE VICTIMS of NON-WHITE CRIME. So far there are 26 victims in 14 countries. Language versions include English, German, Russian, French, Italian and Spanish. More are in preparation.

The SEVEN VIDEO PROJECT is still at the prototype stage: "Heidi".

The EIGHTH VIDEO PROJECT covers the Boeremag Boer political prisoners in South Africa. Multiple language versions have been created and more are in preparation.

The NINTH VIDEO PROJECT is the "Gerhard Lauck Politics #101" series. The description "Back to the Basics" may be an understatement.

This "NSDAP/AO VIDEO OFFENSIVE" was launched on March 8, 2014. All of this work was done since that date... by a small team of volunteers worldwide!  [Note: Just ONE NEW team member was the deciding factor to undertake this at all!]

Yes, ONE DOER can and does make a difference. Especially when the NSDAP/AO network and know-how are at work. - YOU can be the next NSDAP/AO team member!

During the first month alone, over 120 new videos in TEN languages had been created and uploaded!

MORE NSDAP/AO PROJECTS are currently being researched. However, per NSDAP/AO custom, we will not announce them publicly until they are farther along. The NSDAP/AO does not like to boost prematurely and solicit support for “future plans”. We prefer to say: “This is what we have ALREADY done…We need YOUR HELP to do even MORE!”

Here is a list of Nazi Videos !

The biggest limiting factor for our work is shortage of money!

YOUR donation is needed!

NS/WN Solidarity Initiative

We are National Socialists! But we are very willing to work with non-NS nationalists, too! (If we don't stand together, we'll hang separately, as the saying goes.)

Our solidarity initiative includes the creation of "non-NS nationalist" folders within the the zensurfrei web-site:  www.zensurfrei.com/widerstand/widerstand.htm is oriented toward Europeans and www.zensurfrei.com/white-power/white-power.htm toward Americans.

This initiative also includes layouts for several fliers in TWO versions: one version is NS with swastika and the other version is "non-NS/WN" without swastika. These fliers can be downloaded, printed and distributed even by totally independent "lone wolf" activists.

 Travelers Alert Text in English


Scene 1

Germany Threatens YOUR Internet Freedom !

*   *   *   *   *

Scene 2

Travellers Alert !

U.S. citizen arrested without warning at German airport !

*   *   *   *   *

Scene 3

PUBLISHERS and WEBMASTERS are at the greatest risk.

*   *   *   *   *

Scene 4

The German Justice Ministry claims GLOBAL jurisdiction, because American publications and web-sites are "accessible" in Germany.

But even an innocent letter put an elderly American in a German jail for five months.

*   *   *   *   *

Scene 5

Top managers of BARNES AND NOBLE and AMAZON have been threatened with imprisonment in Germany for Internet book sales.

Source: The Jewish Press August 27, 1999 and Die Welt September 17, 1999

*   *   *   *   *

Scene 6

American newspaper publisher Gerhard Lauck was kidnapped in Denmark under a German arrest warrant, taken against his will to Germany and imprisoned there for FOUR YEARS!

His offense?

*   *   *   *   *

Scene 7

He publishes a newspaper in AMERICA that promotes free speech.

Germany's jurisdiction claim?

The newspaper has subscribers in Germany.

 *   *   *   *   *

 Scene 8


A WWII veteran was arrested at the Frankfurt airport and jailed for over five months.

His offense?

He sent a letter from America protesting against free speech violations in Germany.

Germany's jurisdiction claim?

The letter was mailed to Germany.

*   *   *   *   *

Scene 9

An educator was imprisoned in Germany, because of his totally legal newsletter published in ENGLISH on an Internet web-site in AUSTRALIA!

*   *   *   *   *

Scene 10

German Justice Minister Nehm has publicly threatened to arrest Americans entering Germany...if their web-sites in AMERICA displease him.

Source: Der Spiegel #46/1996.

 *   *   *   *   *

Scene 11

Germany's jurisdiction claim?

These web-sites are "accessible" in Germany.

France also claims jurisdiction on the same grounds.

 *   *   *   *   *

 Scene 12

Wanted !

Free speech activists, webmasters and lawyers...

...who believe that airlines and travel agencies should face LEGAL ACTION for failure to clearly warn their customers of this danger!

 *   *   *   *   * 

Scene 13

Spread the word throughout the global internet community!


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