NSDAP/AO Gerhard Lauck:

An Open Letter to the Mainstream Media

Dear Journalist:

Many politically incorrect dissidents shun interviews. They expect hostile coverage that portrays them as “extremists”.

I am less moderate. And less gun-shy of the media.

But first, I must object to the term “hate group”. I find it extremely offensive! It is also inaccurate, biased and totally inappropriate for serious journalism. If you feel you “must” use it – just to be “kosher” -  then put it in quotes, give a source, and do NOT refer to that obviously biased source in a manner that suggests it is an “authority”.

Imagine this scenario:

You believe in a woman’s right to chose abortion. You have a media interview. When the interview appears, you see the reporter refers to your group as a “baby killer organization”. The reporter even quotes a fanatically anti-abortion group as an “authority” on the subject of abortion!

That’s what YOU do, when you refer to National Socialist (or White Nationalist) groups as “hate groups”! And when you refer to one of their staunch foes as an “authority”.

Imagine another scenario:

You decide to take a college course on Jewish history. The instructor enters the classroom. He announces the text book for this course is MEIN KAMPF. He refers to the author, Adolf Hitler, as an authority on the Jewish Question.

Do you think that course is going to be any MORE biased…than when YOU use rabidly hostile sources as an “authority” on National Socialism (or White Nationalism)?

Are you a journalist or a propagandist? (No offense! I am a propagandist myself.)

Since you can’t find an objective source, at least get BOTH sides of the story. And admit BOTH are biased. Let the READER decide who is more “authoritative”.

Better yet, give the reader a REAL choice! Publish the web-site url for organizations on BOTH sides of the issue!



Gerhard Lauck




PS: If Blacks talk about "Black Pride", it's praised. But if Whites talk about "White Pride", it's condemned! Why the double standard? The answer is simple: The anti-White System wants to break down White resistance against GENOCIDE by means of massive non-White immigration and miscegenation. "Racist" means "pro-White". "Anti-racist" means "anti-White". If YOU want YOUR children and grand-children to live in a Third World hell hole, then support the anti-White system. Or simply sit back and do nothing. If NOT, then FIGHT BACK!


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