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June 30, 2004

A Lukewarm ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’

by Nathan Overman

At this moment, everyone and their Aunt Tilly is writing an editorial about Michael Moore’s latest leftist propaganda piece Fahrenheit 9/11. Though I’m sure this movie is doing wonders for the Democratic Party, that’s about all it’s doing. The film lacked a strong point of view—instead, Moore spends two hours mixing jabs at Bush with vomit-inducing sentimentalism and a superficial treatment of current events. I’ll give him credit for being more investigative than the mass media, but that isn’t saying a whole lot.

I left the theatre thinking that it wasn’t only the movie that lacked a solid stance, but also Moore himself. In interviews, Moore has said that he meant to raise questions about the events around 9/11 and not draw conclusions. But Fahrenheit 9/11 is admittedly biased and therefore is founded upon certain conclusions. In reality, Moore is slithering away from any responsibility for what the movie implies. That’s a good idea in his case because the implications are incoherent—which would make him look just as stupid as Bush.

Any inquiry into the events around 9/11 should begin with the question, "Why did this happen?" You can put away the crystal ball and your tarot cards, because the answer can be found in the statements made to us by the ‘terrorists’ themselves:

"America must know that the battle will not leave its land, God willing, until America leaves our land, until it stops supporting Israel, until it stops the blockade against Iraq."

Bin Laden said that. He makes a couple other points, such as the fact that when a dozen people die in a US Embassy, we kill thousands of innocent people. He also mentions how the US has come to ‘plunder’ the Middle East for its natural resources. He calls Americans the Crusaders. He repeats how the Muslims have been oppressed for 80 years and millions of people have died at the hand of our military.

Now based on why these people did this, can you think of a way we can ensure no further terrorist attacks? I’m no Michael Moore, but I’ll take a stab at it. For starters, how about we respect the sovereignty of other nations in both military and economic affairs. Next, we could try putting our own national (and, dare I say, racial) interests before personal gain or the interests of foreign countries—like Israel and the Jews for example. And if we really want to end the threat of terrorism, we could do away with the bestial Negroid culture that has consumed our country. The sexual perversion, rampant drug abuse, materialism and forced integration sucks the will right out of our folk, it kills the Aryan national spirit. By giving into self-gratification over a disciplined existence, we are left weak and easily exploited.

Wow! Look at that. One paragraph has done more for solving this problem than two years of Bush-whacking or a two hour lefty monologue. Since we have an idea of what the problem is and at least one possible solution, let’s consider what has taken place to fight terrorism:

1. The US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

2. The US established the Patriot Acts.

3. The US used torture against Iraqi detainees and killed thousands of people.

4. Israel and the US are still the best of friends.

5. Washington oil tycoons and an assortment of US corporations and defense contractors are gaining major war profit while the average American foots the bill.

I would say that these actions will not end the war on terror—in fact, they have only instigated the next event. Instead of even considering the possibility of ending this conflict, several politicians have shrugged that we will probably be fighting terrorism for generations to come. I doubt that the next US president will remove our influence from the Middle East or our buddy-buddy relationship with Israel. This time around though, our moral relativist approach to everything will literally be blowing up in our faces.

June 16, 2004

Real Democracy

by Nathan Overman

While I would like to bring the usual dose of news from the National Socialist perspective, unfortunately the mass jewish propaganda machine took the week off. Instead of the regular garbage we have extra special garbage to fill time-- cable news networks are running a 36 part series on the life of Ronald Reagan and simultaneously celebrating D-Day with a week's worth of vivid WW2 carnage.

This is atypical of the jews media whenever the public is getting to close to the truth. Iraq, Abu Grahib and al-Queda have become sidelines-- even the growing reports about corruption in *corporate* military forces in Iraq have received little to no attention. Two weeks ago, no one cared what Reagan thought(?) or did, but now it's all you'll hear about. D-Day hasn't been commemorated with such an extravaganza since it happened. Our Semitic masters make sure America gets a good dose of 'patriotism' any time things look bad. No matter what our current political policies actually are, we are always fighting for 'democracy' through the eye of a television screen.

I've been considering lately what democracy really is and why it is such a sacred concept in our society. It amazes me how the idea permeates our media, no matter what the subject matter. Underlying even the most unintelligent literature and programming in the US is the idea that we are all different individuals and ethnic groups and yet are all equal. Therefore, it's appropriate that the majority rules. Any American and most Europeans take this idea for granted. To be anti-democracy means you are the enemy of freedom, the people, mom, baseball and apple pie.

Modern democracy is nothing but a tool to control people. None of us are equal, as individuals nor as races. And it is quite easy for someone with a lot of money and several corporate endorsements to be the majority's favorite. How often on cable news networks do they say, "let's go to the polls..." and a few hundred people answer loaded questions to help sway the masses? Corporations will fund the candidates most likely to serve their interests-- their money has a lot more pull than the will of the people. Democracy gives the false impression that politics is something you engage in every four years in a little booth; it has little to no importance in daily life, much like religion these days. The common man or woman know that democracy is a sham and that "money makes the world go 'round".

This has nothing to do with the sovereign Aryan nation-state-- in Europe, North America or Australia. European philosophy showed the futility of democracy long ago and the proof has been reiterated by several great minds-- from Plato to Spencer to Nietzsche to Hitler. The same concepts are imbued in the writings of the American Federalists. Anyone who thinks that the US is a democracy should read through the Federalist Papers. All of these men pointed to an Authoritarian state: a third way between democracy and monarchy. Instead of basing governments by majority or heredity, the most suitable statesmen were chosen by ability - natural selection. The choosing process may include democracy as a method, but it is not the overall form of government.

The superior Aryan genetics, intelligence and culture are manifested in the Authoritarian personality. Unlike a democratic state, where people are impotent 'individuals', the National Socialist government cultivates the Authoritarian quality in the folk. The National Socialist is absolutely responsible for the destiny of the entire folk, but by the same terms, he or she is absolutely free. Liberty is not granted by some aging document, but by the deed. In other words, freedom is determined by a person’s active pursuit of the Authoritarian persona.

The problems with our current society and government are symptoms of a systematic ailment from which the whole body politic suffers. It will take a grand revolution to change the direction of the Aryan race. When we come to determining a new government, a new state that recognizes the importance of race and persona-- the central question should be "What kind of people are we creating?" "What kind of conditions do we need to create a more superior future generation of Aryans?" A real democracy can only work if the motivating force in society is racial development.

June 2, 2004

American Zion: Creating Terror

An editorial by Nathan Overman

Back in 2002, the mainstream media reported that an Israeli intelligence operative had been discovered in New Jersey. The Israelis had originally brought suspicion upon themselves during the events of 9/11. A woman saw five men video taping the Twin Towers from the roof of a white van. She said they were posing and smiling for the camera in front of the gruesome scene. She called the authorities and the men were detained by the FBI.

These men all worked for a company called Urban Moving, but they quickly admitted to being Israeli citizens. They were extremely reluctant to answer any questions about the terrorist attacks in New York. It became obvious, though, that Urban Moving was a front for Israeli intelligence. The FBI searched their offices and removed several computers and documents. About three months after being arrested, a deal was arranged with Israel and these agents were deported without further investigation. Which means we are left to speculate why they were here in the first place.

The media believed that the Israelis were here to spy on Islamic terrorists who have ties to Hamas and Jihad. The operative had been established in Paterson, NJ which has a large Islamic population and was home to several of the terrorists involved in 9/11. If that is the case, why did they not notify the United States of the coming attack? Wouldn't the whole point of spying on terrorists be to discover their plans? This also doesn't explain why the men were smiling and posing in front of the fatally wounded Twin Towers--as if they had a reason to celebrate.

The truth, which Americans may find hard to stomach, is that the Israelis and American government allowed 9/11 to happen. And the Israelis had reason to celebrate because they had successfully brought the Middle East conflict 'home' to America.

What proof is there to Zion-American involvement in 9/11? Whatever evidence there might have been has probably been shredded or put in a vault for the next hundred years. But if we look at the history of American military involvement, there is a common thread of ‘allowing’ attacks upon the United States to instigate war and polarize the nation against specific 'enemies'.

In World War I, the U.S. came out of isolation because of the sinking of the Lusitania. The Germans printed a warning in the New York Times stating that if the passenger liner made its voyage to England, the Germans would sink it. It was believed that the ship contained munitions for Great Britain and, considering how fast the ship sank after being hit by a torpedo, historians believe that this was true. Why did the US government allow this to happen, knowing beforehand that the ship would be destroyed and American lives would be lost? Because Woodrow Wilson needed an excuse to join the war and defend Great Britain.

In World War II, the U.S. was brought into battle through the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor. The FDR administration said this was 'an intelligence failure' (sound familiar?). Yet a document called the McCollum Memo, that was sent from top Naval Intelligence advisors to Roosevelt in October 1940 (a year before Pearl Harbor) openly suggests instigating war with Japan. Since public opinion still swayed between the Allies and the Axis, the United States could not openly side with Britain or attack Japan. So in order to put the American public in its place, it was necessary to put them 'on the defensive.'

The Bush Administration eats, sleeps and defecates the "War on Terror". The destruction of the Twin Towers gave President Bush moral authority to war against Islamic Nationalism; and 9/11 offered plenty of 'photo opportunities' and historical speaking engagements for the President. The terrorist incident has often been associated with Israel's struggle against Palestine and has been the inspiration for creating unconstitutional law such as the Patriot Acts. Obviously, it also leads directly to invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq. Moreover, this fight against terrorism has help push the price of oil through the roof. (Guess who has investments in overseas oil production.) The attack on Sept. 11th is the eternal reason for everything the President has done and plans to do... how convenient.

The al-Queda may be fearless and sincere in their cause, but they acted as patsies for Zion America. The U.S. and Israel do not have to commit acts of terrorism, they just have to create the conditions and allow nature to takes its course. America's lax immigration policies and anti-Islamic rhetoric prior to 9/11 created an environment suitable for domestic warfare. The United States was forced to take action against specific targets. Once again, Americans were pushed to side with globalism and against nationalism.

I believe we shouldn't be asking, "Why do they hate us?" instead we should consider, "Who is benefiting from this?" If we do not wish new terrorist attacks on our people, we must remove globalism in all of its forms-- from multi-culturalism to foreign investment to the United Nations. All of these concepts are the enemy of freedom and sovereignty everywhere. We must show the Zion American regime that nationalism is the will of the people and not an ideology of a few psychopaths. Nationalism, and specifically National Socialism, is the way of peace and prosperity for our world. Instead of playing into the terrorist lure, we should create conditions to our advantage...and let nature take its course.

May 26th, 2004

Amnesty International: Part of the 'Axis of Evil'

LONDON- The Zionist-American war of terror against Ethnic Sovereignty has been the most sustained attack on human rights in 50 years, said an Amnesty International report. The US and Jewish chicken-hawks have moved quickly to silence those who oppose the New World Order. Amnesty International will soon be listed with other "hate groups" on ADL and SPLC web-sites. 'Amnesty International are obviously conspiring with al-Qaida.' remarked one official, 'They're statements are lightly veiled attacks against the Jewish people.' Lawyers have begun efforts to file frivolous lawsuits. Bolshevik student organizations are taking to the streets to 'Stop the Hate.' Elementary schools are planning marches under the banner "Amnesty: Not in Our Town." The FBI and CIA have a new addition to the Terrorist List. 'Thank God for the Patriot Act,' said one agent, 'We're going to smoke these civil rights pansies out from their foxholes and show them what Zionist justice is all about."

Israeli Operation Rainbow: Giving Gaza Back One Corpse at a Time

GAZA - Israeli dictator Ariel Sharon hopes to gain cabinet approval for his amended plan of Palestinian genocide-- prior to pulling out of Gaza, of course. The future looks bright for Ariel despite international outrage over bulldozing the Rafah refugee camp and killing 40 people. Even the US is complaining. 'Bulldozers and M-16's are a waste of American taxpayer's money,' said one official, 'We've suggested Israel break out the Zyklon-B, since it would be much more efficient.'

A Couple Life or Death Sentences for Terry Nichols

MCALESTER, OK - With Capt. Kangaroo presiding, prosecutors Monday said Terry Nichols was the mastermind of the OKC bombing. Defense lawyers on Tuesday said he never had anything to do with anything. But being that Nichols is already serving life for the federal officials who died in the blast, a plea of innocence may be a little late. The defense did make a good point though-- the FBI failed to fully investigate people and events surrounding the bombing.

In this age of "guilt by association" for racialists, it seems odd that the Dept. of Injustice would pass up an opportunity to involve others in the OKC bombing. There is evidence to support that FBI infiltrators at Elohim City had forewarning of the blast or may have been involved. If this evidence went to court, some people might think the FBI instigates terrorism. Imagine that. At any rate, Terry Nichols will most likely end up with triple-digit life sentences and a few electric chairs.

US Sends Proposal to UN: A Free Sovereign Iraq under Complete US Control

UN- As President Boosh stumbled over the words 'Abu Grahib' on television, the UN received the US proposal for transfer of power in Iraq. United Nations officials are a bit perplexed since there isn't any transfer of power mentioned. The report does assure that Iraq will be a good puppet nation-state for Zion in the years to come. The President said he didn't want to Americanize Iraq; but he does want to instill an American corrupt form of government, a free market for foreign economic takeover and absolute control of the military. With political criminals holding office by 2005, a large US military presence in Iraq will be useful in expanding Israel's territory and wiping Islamic nationalism off the face of the earth.

MTV Sodomizes America with New Cable Channel

Jew York- MTV, a division of Viacom (the leader in mass brainwashing) has released a new cable station that promotes homosexuality and other perversions. "Despite our nation's progress on civil rights and the growing visibility of gay people in business, society and even in television programming - what has been missing is a full-time home for this important and influential audience on television." Said the CEO of MTV. In other words, homosexuals really aren't a minority, but it's a good moneymaker. Viacom also owns BET, Spike, Nick, CBS, the publishers Simon & Schuster, 150 radio stations, and several media distributors. They also own Blockbuster, so make sure to boycott one near you today.

Quote of the Week

"The rights a man arrogates to himself are related to the duties he imposes upon himself, to the tasks to which he feels equal. The great majority of men have no right to existence, but are a misfortune to higher men."

19 May 2004 (115)

The 50th Anniversary of US School Desegregation: Media, Politicians Claim We Can Do Much Worse

May 17th is the 50th anniversary of Brown vs. Education, the landmark case desegregating US schools. The Jewish controlled mass media and fellow political puppets agree that there is much work to be done in mongrelizing Aryan American youth and lowering education standards to include even the most retarded nonwhites.

An educational administrator, who did not wish to be lynched, said, The fact of the matter is that there are still whites who are literate and can think for themselves. We see this as a direct threat to minorities across our nation. Public Education officials hope to overcome this set back by offering free rides through college to minorities, especially illegal immigrants. Both President Boosh and John Carrie (think bucket of blood) applaud efforts for a dumber, browner education system.

Iraqi Freedom Fighters: Winning the War of Zionist Terror

A car bomb recently killed the leader of the Iraqi Puppet Council, a major move forward for Iraqi Freedom Fighters. Realizing that the US may have made a boo-boo entering Iraq, US leaders are seeking to get out as quickly as possible despite Zionist whining.

Jewish Terrorists Continue Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza, US Shows Support

Palestinians fled their homes as the Israeli terrorists surrounded a Gaza refugee camp, threatening to bulldoze it down. The Prime Minister of Palestine, Ahmed Qurie, asked for US intervention in a meeting with a top White House policy maker. The politician suggested the Palestinians emigrate to the US and safely invest in hotel chains and quickie marts, the people who hold the power over clean towels and hot coffee that can beat the Jews, he announced. The Prime Minister then realized with whom he was talking.

US Military: Why Bring ‘Em to Justice when You Can Torture Them To Death?

Just in case you’ve been in a cave hiding from some US military excursion somewhere, you’ve probably seen the pictures of tortured Iraqis from Abu Grahib prison. The military is trying to wish the evidence of their terrorist activities away by claiming these soldiers acted on their own volition. Fortunately, nobody is fooled. Particularly Muslims.

According to a Jew media article, torturing Iraqis was just part of the war of terror conducted by the US military. Sec. Rumplestilskin didn’t want the military dealing with all those messy humanitarian laws apparently, especially when oil and Israel are at stake. The really offended minority here is the CIA, who are still upset that they were left out of a conspiracy for the first time in fifty years.

The Price of Oil: Now Your Other Arm and Leg

You know the picture of that guy standing on a box with electric wires hooked to him? He’s actually not a Iraqi prisoner, he’s an oil broker. With the continuing war of terror, the price of overseas oil has gone through the roof. The Boosh Administration have showed concern. If people are putting all their money into gas, how will they be able to finance our Zionist reign of terror abroad, reason officials.

Quote of the Week:

What is noble?-- That one constantly has to play a part. That one seeks situations in which one has constant need of poses. That one leaves happiness to the great majority: happiness as peace of soul, virtue, comfort, Anglo-angelic shopkeeperdom a la Spencer. That one instinctively seeks heavy responsibilities. That one knows how to make enemies everywhere, if the worst comes to the worst even of oneself. That one constantly contradicts the great majority not through words but through deeds.

-- Friedrich Nietzsche, Will To Power

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