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You can choose between several dozen characters, mostly "doubles" of famous political leaders, and ten different languages. Simply click on the desired language, then the desired character, and finally the desired cartoon. The languages are: Dansk - Deutsch - English - Franais - Espaola - Hebrisch / Hebrew / עגרית - Italiana - Magyar - Nederlands - Portugus - Pcckhh.

Now Music Selections as well! Gebhardt Schrott sings the Nazi Party Anthem Das Horst Wessel Lied and many more!!

English: Greg Bash (USA); Tommy Blight (United Kingdom); Art Sharoff (Zionist Occupied Palestine); Jan Cretin (Canada); Big Chief Kaffir Banana (Africa);  Marty Kingcoon (USA); Colon Bowel (USA); Abraham Lincoln (USA).

A Small Selection from Our Collection! - Greg Bash - The Difference between a Prostitute and a Politician; Tommy Blight - Just One Word &  Labouring under Illusions; Art Sharoff - I'll tell mommy!; Big Chief Kaffir Banana - African Cooking & Native Language; Colon Bowel - A Spade; Marty Kingcoon: Civil Rights; Abraham Lincoln - Negro Equaltiy? Fudge! - AND MANY MORE!

 Greg Bash - USA

English: The Real Invasion; High Gas Prices; The Difference Between Business and Government; The Difference between a Prostitute and a Politician; Monroe Doctrine; Mass Hostages; Run amuck; Whose Protection?; Strange Bed Fellows; Visit or Invasion?; Strange Bed Fellows; Headless Bat; Terror against School Girls; USA Broke; Incapable or dangerous; Danger signals ignored; Kick in the pants; Freedom of Speech; Remote Control Rats; Freedom of Speech; The Environment; Everybody?; Arafat or Sharon?; Jail Time; President and Actor; Dubious Ties; New Preventive War against Germany?; USA #17 ; More Dangerous ; European Colony ; Preventive War or War of Aggression? ; Most Hated ; New Kind of U.S. President; Mars calls!; Jews have no future in Europe

Deutsch: Arafat oder Sharon?; Greg Bash - Neuer Prventivkrieg gegen Deutschland? ; Neue Art vom U.S.-Prsidenten

Tommy Blight - United Kingdom

The Lost Peace; Ideology & Ethics; Tommy Blight sings Wir fahren gegen Engelland; Just One Word; Labouring under Illusions; Antisocial Behavior; Police School; Right Chair; May 1st Demonstrations; Bureaucrat or Politician?; Monkey Mayor; Jail Ships; Popular Party; Violence - Portrayal & Practice; Majority against Euro; Legal Child Abuse; Baboon Husband; helps; All Knowing; Wog Population Control; Wog Police; Vacancy; National Socialists reject the eur ; What renegade state poses the greatest danger to world peace? ; The Arrest Warrant ; Zulu Howler; Blast! Another Social Experiment Gone Wrong!

Abraham Lincoln

Negro Equaltiy? Fudge!

Jan Cretin - Canada

Black Crime; Terrorist Money Safe; Double Standards; More Taxes; $170 Million Waste; Media Biased

Big Chief Kaffir Banana - Africa (English & Deutsch)

English: Black Crime; An Important Correction!; United Nation's Failure in the Middle East; The Internationalists; African Cooking; Investigation Thwarted

Deutsch: Afrikanische Kochkunst; Untersuchung verhindert

Marty Kingcoon - USA

Civil Rights

Colon Bowel - USA

A Spade

MORE Nazi German Third Reich Militaria!

ART - Full color poster reprints of original Third Reich Art: German Military Art of Hans Liska, German War Art of the Kriegsmarine, German War Art of the Luftwaffe, German War Art of the Wehrmacht, Nazi Art/Propaganda, Third Reich Art/Culture, Nazi Posters by Mjlnir, Other Nazi Third Reich Posters, New! More New Nazi Posters!

BOOKS - Translated into English from Nazi Third Reich originals: Adolf Hitler Books, German War Books, Nazi Books, SS Schutzstaffel Books, Third Reich Books.

PICTURE BOOKS on DVD - Original Nazi Third Reich picture books on region free DVD with dual English/German narration.

FILMS - Original Nazi War Movies & Third Reich Propaganda Films on region free DVD with ENGLISH translation/voice over.

MARCHES - Original German Military Music, Third Reich War Songs, Nazi Marches on CDs.

FLAGS & PINS - Reproduction Nazi flags, Nazi Pins.

Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf , Schutzstaffel , Waffen-SS

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