A Brief Account of the Lauck Kidnapping

When I was a school child, we still swore the pledge of allegiance to the American republic every morning.

We were taught that EVERY American has the duty to defend the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA against ALL enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC.

Our Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, as well as our NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY are now UNDER ATTACK by FOREIGN governments. Yes, foreign governments now claim the right to tell Americans what we can and cannot say INSIDE our OWN COUNTRY? They brazenly DEFY the First Amendment and VIOLATE U.S. sovereignty!

Worse yet, the politicians in Washington let those governments get away with it! (Of course, that only encourages them.)

Sound impossible? I might have agreed with that once. But not now. I know, BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME!

In March 1995 I was arrested in Denmark (where I was not even accused of breaking ANY law) under an INTERNATIONAL arrest warrant issued by Germany. Germany wanted me extradited to that country to face trial for LEGAL publishing activity INSIDE THE UNITED STATES.

At the time, I was publishing politically incorrect tabloid newspapers in TEN languages, including English and German. The German political police claimed I was by far the LARGEST supplier of such publications in Germany.

I later learned that three German Ministers (Foreign, Interior and Justice), the Office of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, the head of the German political police (Verfassungsschutz), the head of the German Intelligence agency (Bundesnachrichtendienst) and the director of the American FBI were all involved in a campaign to shut down my U.S.-based publishing operation.

Also, for the first time in history, the postwar German government even tapped telephone lines INSIDE THE USA, namely MINE.

Even the mainstream Danish press, although disagreeing with my political views, protested the arrest of a U.S. citizen solely for legal publishing activity inside the USA! - However, officials of the Clinton administration claimed neutrality and refused to help me. I still remember the smirk on the face of the first U.S. official I asked.

One of my Danish attorneys told me Denmark had earlier refused to extradite a man to Egypt, where he was accused of involvement in the assassination of President Anwar Sadat(!), on the grounds that he was a political dissident and that Danish and international law prohibit the extradition of political dissidents for political reasons. That case, too, had gone all the way to the Danish Supreme Court.

I fought my extradition all the way to the Danish Supreme Court. But I lost. The Danish press protested this obvious betrayal of Danish law due to massive political pressure from Germany. (I am convinced that Denmark would NOT have bowed to German pressure IF the Clinton administration had not signaled their tacit approval through "neutrality".)

I was flown to Germany in a private jet and put in a maximum-security prison cell. A prison official told me, "You will not leave Germany alive". He did not smile or otherwise indicate he was just kidding.

My later trail was a joke. I was not allowed to call any defense witnesses. I was sentenced to four years prison - the longest sentence ever dealt out in such a case. The usual practice of deporting non-German prisoners after serving half their sentence was not applied to me. In fact, I actually spent a slightly more than the four full years behind bars.

I had been in six different prisons in Denmark and Germany. Conditions varied. The maximum-security cell later turned out to be far from the worst! At one point, I figured that prison official might be right. I wrote farewell letters to friends and family just in case I never saw them again.

When I returned to the United States in March 1999, my house and money were of course gone. The publishing operation had survived, although on a smaller scale. I started to rebuild my life.

Soon I became a web-site reseller for one of the three largest Internet servers in the USA (if not the world), which tells me I am one of their ten largest web-site resellers worldwide. Most of my clients are political dissident webmasters in Europe. Fearing growing suppression there, they host their web-sites through me in the USA. I even register their domain names through an U.S. corporation in order to protect their identity from the thought police in their respective homelands. (One of these sites alone currently averages 120,000 hits daily; the German government hates it! Good!)

Another outrage followed just a few months after my return. When I tried to renew my gun permit, it was rejected on the grounds my German "conviction" - solely for LEGALLY publishing six issues of a newspaper INSIDE AMERICA (!!!) - meant I was considered a "convicted felon" under U.S. law. (Ironically, even under GERMAN law this "offense" is a misnomeanor and does not result in the loss of civil rights.)

The ACLU took my case. A front page article in the Lincoln newspaper reported that this is the kind of case that could eventually wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

The local DA then indicted me for FELONY PERJURY, because I had not DECLARED MYSELF A "CONVICTED FELON" on the application. I faced the possibility of another five years in prison. That legal battle lasted almost two years before being dismissed on a technicality based on GERMAN law.

Only my knowledge of the German language AND of German law saved me!

The DA spent $20,000 of taxpayer money for translations and even flew in a professional translator. On cross-examination, the translator had to admit that MY translation was right. Strangely, the professional version had failed to clearly differentiate between "misdemeanour" ("Vergehen") and "felony" ("Verbrechen"). But that distinction was CRUCIAL to my defense. (The firm involved had done a lot of work for the U.S. government in the past, including the "Office of Special Prosecution"...)

Meanwhile, the ACLU effort to restore my civil rights continues. Amazingly, the U.S. government still considers political prisoners of foreign governments to be "convicted felons" under U.S. law ... even if their sole "offense" was non-violent political dissident ... and even they are U.S. citizens who practiced free speech INSIDE the USA!

Our Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves!

This use of FOREIGN law to CIRCUMVENT the First Amendment and to CRIMINALIZE U.S. citizens is obviously a GREAT DANGER to our country!

In America, we agree to disagree. Yes, we also defend our opponent's right to free speech. If a FOREIGN government dares to tell Americans what we can say INSIDE OUR OWN COUNTRY, then it is high time to shout back, "Any such violation of American sovereignty will NOT be tolerated!"

Furthermore, the politicians are NOT doing their job UNLESS they take firm action to crush this growing threat. The American people YOU AND I must MAKE them do their job for a change!

Let us make one point very clear:

This is NOT about me or about my political views!

This is about the right EVERY U.S. citizen to practice free speech right here in the USA, on the Internet or in print or otherwise, WITHOUT a FOREIGN government claiming jurisdiction AND THE POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON letting them get away with it.

"First they came for the National Socialists, but I did nothing, because I was not a National Socialist ...Then they came for the historical revisionists, but I did nothing, because I was not a historical revisionist ...Then they came for me, simply for being 'politically incorrect', but there was no longer anybody left to stand up for me."

If even the liberal ACLU can defend my civil rights, then certainly other patriotic Americans - conservatives - can do likewise. Not for the sake of me or my views, but for the defense of our First Amendment and our national sovereignty.

At the very least, I am definitely a THORN IN THE SIDE of our common enemy!

Furthermore, precisely my provocative views - combined with my outrageous political kidnapping - provide an excellent means to PROTEST and PUBLICIZE the growing threat to freedom of speech right here in the USA.

My biggest and most "politically incorrect" site is: http://www.nazi-lauck-nsdapao.com


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PERSEVERANCE is the key. The vast majority of attempts will fail. But in time some will work. And they have the potential to make the overall effort well worth the effort.

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