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Nazi Lauck NSDAP/AO


The below flier was written in the early 1990's, but it remains valid today. Today additional factors to consider include video surveillance and Internet.

How to

Distribute Literature


New subscribers, supporters and activists are our lifeblood!

The message of WHITE POWER must reach decent White people throughout the land in order to build a solid grass-roots power base.

YOUR ACTIVISM is the key element in this effort. You can spread the word by means of LITERATURE DISTRIBUTIONS. They are easy and low cost. (Prices for bulk rates are often below our own costs to print, process and ship to you, so please add a donation!) You can operate as a lone wolf or with other activists.

Each and every National Socialist can distribute in excess of 100 mini-editions and/or stickers per month with ease. You can tailorize your efforts to your local needs and resources.

Literature distributions reach White people in two ways: directly (through the material itself) and indirectly (through resultant media coverage)... Again and again, even a small – but targeted - distribution conducted by a cunning lone wolf activist has resulted in front page newspaper and television coverage.

This constructive activism is vitally important, great fun and highly satisfying!

The first rule is to always remember our objective: We must PERSUADE White people to support White Power! In order to do this, we must 1) let them know we exist, and 2) show them we promote White Power! We must all strive to favorably impress prospective White sympathizers...NOT to simply annoy our enemies. (Therefore, we ask you to please be mature and resist the temptation of wasting our precious materials on our subhuman enemies! The object is to recruit our brothers and sisters. Anything else is a childish indulgence.)

The second rule is to stay LEGAL. In the United States we have legal opportunities undreamed of in most White countries throughout the world. If our side lacks the dedication, persistence and talent to make effective use of this legality, then it will certainly also lack the courage and the skill needed to win any imaginary "illegal, underground revolution".

Always have plenty of literature and stickers handy. This will reduce those dozens of daily "missed" golden opportunities. After a short while distribution will become a part of your routine. Carry about a dozen copies in a regular size plain manila folder and a couple of dozen stickers in your shirt pocket in a small plastic case. Everywhere you go you can just discretely drop off an issue or strategically place a sticker. (Important: Do NOT place in mailboxes.)

Some favorite places to visit are libraries and bookstores. (You can do a lot here, because people are trained to mind their own business.) Go to the magazine rack and drop off two copies clearly marked in red ink across the top "Free Sample Copy". Next go to the history book section. Select 5-10 different titles that will appeal to pro-NS patrons. Casually browse and insert a dry sticker inside the book and put it back on the shelf. In a month or so repeat this procedure. Be sure to vary your time, dress and titles chosen. Note: NS-minded people love history, military history, guns and biographies. Books about the Third Reich are the best.

Truckstops, bus stations, train stations and airports are all excellent areas to drop off appropriate reading material. Simply walk through dispersing material on empty seats, benches or tables.

Other fertile areas include county and state fairs, air shows, car/boat/gun shows, car races etc. These events are attended primarily by Aryans who are not nigger lovers.

If your city has an ethnic area such as an Italian, French or Hungarian neighborhood, then distribute our papers in the appropriate language in their bookstores, cafes or libraries.

One effective tactic - that will get lots of publicity and hence greatly multiply the effect – is the "Campus Invasion" of a university. Institutions of so-called higher learning detest and fear alternate viewpoints to their jewish brainwashing. However, make no mistake: on every campus there are hundreds of White idealists waiting to be discovered!

To launch an effective campaign you must do proper research, plan carefully, and do careful reconnaissance work before you launch your offensive. The university will happily provide you with campus maps from which you will plan your assault. Identify the library, campus newspaper distribution points, foreign language and the history departments.

Recon is important. It will improve your speed and increase your effectiveness. Using your map walk through the campus taking careful notes. Don’t worry, no one will take any notice, because lost students on campus are very common. Once you have actually visited all points, taken notes, and observed student dress and behavior, you are ready.

Do the library first. At least 50-100 books need dry stickers. Don’t forget to discover the foreign language book section. Place appropriate language stickers in them as well. Now move on to the campus newspaper stacks. Insert 3-5 issues of the mini-edition into each stack. Next do the history and foreign language departments. In empty classrooms put papers on vacant seats, 2-3 per room. Be sure to use foreign language editions in the foreign language section. The usual languages taught include German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Once all your papers are gone visit as many bathrooms as desired and have a field day with stickers on your way out. For the coup de grace mail copies to the campus newspaper, history and foreign language professors (be sure to match languages carefully). This will guarantee you success. Not only will the entire establishment go beserk, but the idiot professors will unwittingly use our literature in their classrooms to lecture on the evils of National Socialism! By denouncing us they will help you to carry our message directly to hundreds, if not thousands, of students! Not only will you generate a fair amount of publicity, but you will bring in many new members and make a lasting impression (thanks to all those sticker "time bombs" in the library).

Scan newspapers, magazines and journals daily for letters to the editor that lean towards a National Socialist viewpoint, i.e. anti-immigration or anti-crime. Next using the authors name and town look them up in the phone book or county directory at the library. (Most libraries stock out-of-town phone books). Now mail them our literature. Do not send their names and addresses to Lincoln and do not put a return address on the envelope. Remember, people tend to understate their true feelings in letters to the editors of the jews media. A namby-pamby "oh my goodness, isn’t crime bad" letter could easily be a disguise for a future National Socialist activist.

Also scan for crime victims. These unfortunate people are the daily casualties of the urban gorilla warfare that has been unleashed against the White man. The victim’s name and address is usually reported in your local press. First, if possible, determine if the victim is White (and if the perpetrator is non-white). If due to jewmedia censorship you can’t tell, it is safe to assume that the criminal is non-white. Now send the victim our literature. Again, do not send their name and address to Lincoln and do not put a return address on the envelope. Remember, even white crime such as it is will not be tolerated in a healthy National Socialist society. All the streets were safe to walk - for man or woman, at day or night - in Hitler’s Third Reich!

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