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Most German war books here are translations of Nazi Third Reich Originals


#593 U-BOAT ATTACK. Translated from the Third Reich original. By U-Boat commander and Knight's Cross recipient Captain Werner Hartmann with forward by Admiral Dönitz. Hartmann was one of Germany’s first u-boat captains; Prien served as his watch officer. Hartmann stalks freighters, evades destroyers and enemy planes (and even submarines), narrowly escapes death in a u-boat trap and even sinks a cruiser. This book captures the human spirit of the u-boat men who, man for man, contributed more to the war effort than any other branch … and who suffered the highest losses. Indeed, in that regard, the chapter "Death in a U-Boat" is especially insightful. Softcover. 124pp. $10.00. See excerpt! Add this item to shopping cart.

#618 TANK-HUNTERS TO THE FRONT!, translated and abridged from the Third Reich original, deals with the German anti-tank guns during the Blitzkrieg against France and includes several eye-witness accounts of combat action. Remarkably, sometimes even one single German anti-tank gun stopped an attack by several enemy tanks – even though some of the crew had been wounded or killed. For example, the actions that earned the Knight’s Cross for Lieutenant Michel Pössinger and Corporal Hubert Brinkforth, the first enlisted man awarded the Knight’s Cross, are described in exciting detail. The photographs and maps also come from the German original. SC. 120pp. $10.00. See excerpt.  - Add this item to shopping cart.

#592-A PANZER ATTACK, VOLUME ONE: POLAND IS OVERRUN. Translated from the Third Reich original.  Several short first-person accounts of combat action by the soldiers of the famous panzer divisions that played a key role in Germany’s first Blitzkrieg against Poland in 1939 with an introduction by General Guderian himself. Softcover. 78pp. Expected late September 2004. See excerpt! $10.00. Add this item to shopping cart.


#613 THE FREEDOM OF THE WARRIOR is translated from the Third Reich original Von der Freiheit des Kriegers, published in 1940 in Berlin by Nordland-Verlag, which published many Schutzstaffel publications. The author, Kurt Eggers, is one of the best known National Socialist authors. His writings appeared in various NSDAP publications. He dedicated this book to his third son, Götz. When the Second World War broke out, Kurt Eggers volunteered for the Waffen-SS. This work is a celebration of the warrior and soldier from a National Socialist perspective. The first chapter is Nietzschean in style. The rest of the book consists of a fascinating dialogue between two Freikorps soldiers in the German east. Softcover. 48pp. $10.00. - See excerpt  - Add this item to shopping cart.

#617 GERMAN WAR CHRISTMAS is translated/excerpted from the Third Reich original Deutsche Kriegsweihnacht, published by the NSDAP’S famous Franz Eher Verlag in Munich in 1944. It consists of letters to and from the front – both World War One and World War Two – as well as (presumably true) stories of Christmas events. SC. 51pp. $10.00. See excerpt. - Add this item to shopping cart.

#590-A FAITH IN GERMANY - VOLUME ONE: VERDUN by Hans Zöberlein. Exciting, realistic portrayal of WWI trench warfare written by a combat-hardened German veteran. SC. 111pp. See excerpt! $10.00. Add this item to shopping cart.

#549 SOLDIERS AGAINST DEATH AND THE DEVIL by Horst Slesina. Translated from the original Third Reich book about the first months of Operation Barbarossa. Captures the crusader spirit of the German soldiers. Lots of combat action. SC, 175pp. $10.00. - See excerpt! Add this item to shopping cart.

#544 FALLEN FOR THE FATHERLAND. Translation of original Third Reich book to comfort the families of the war dead. Even in Nazi Germany this book was pretty Christian. SC, 87pp., $10.00. See excerpt. Add this item to shopping cart. 

#589-A GERMAN HOME FRONT: VOLUME ONE. Translated from an original Third Reich book. SC. 80pp. See excerpt.  $10.00. Add this item to shopping cart.

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