German Military Music Marches War Songs Nazi Third Reich . . .

German Military Music War Songs Marches Nazi Third Reich

Enjoy German Military Music & German Military Marches of all ages and military branches! Feel the pride expressed in Old German army march music from the First Reich and Second Reich, from the Sevens Years War through World War One. World War Two further expanded German military music & German militaryn marches. Stomp along with the Wehrmacht marches of the Nazi Third Reich, smile with the often humorous Kriegsmarine war songs from the Nazi Third Reich and listen to the youthful enthusiasm of the German military music & German military marches of the then new Nazi Luftwaffe and Waffen-SS Schutzstaffel.


#496-03 Wehrmacht Marches – Vol. 1

German Military Marches of the various Armed Forces

#496-03 Enjoy these German Marches! - Wir fahren gegen Engelland; Edelweiß; Pariser Einzugsmarsch; Panzerwagenlied Nr. 9; Heute wollen wir marschieren; U-Boot Lied; Bomben auf England; Panzer rollen in Afrika vor; Das muß den Ersten Seelord doch erschüttern; Die ganze Kompanie; Ade Polenland; Torpedo los!; Tyroler Kaiserjäger; Marsch der Panzergrenadiere; Lied der deutschen U-Boot Mann; Soldaten sind immer Soldaten; Mit vereinten Kräften; Panzerwagenlied Nr. 8; Annaberglied; Heia Safari (Afrika Korps Lied). - $20.00* Add this item to shopping cart


#OAK-CD-102-01 Luftwaffe Marches. Volume One. The Luftwaffe—literally "air weapon"—was the newest and most technically advanced of German military units. Created in 1935, it could not, as the other service branches, draw from a long tradition of march compositions and songs. However, creative minds and hands soon went to work, and an excellent assortment of modern campaign songs and marches was composed to honor these Knights of the Sky and their heroic deeds. The Paratrooper divisions, under overall command of the Luftwaffe, were given their own song, "Rot scheint die Sonne" ("Red Shines the Sun"), contained on cut 8. Additionally, cuts 2 and 3 contain the official songs of the Legion Kondor, the all-volunteer Luftwaffe contingent sent to assist Gen. Franco in fighting the International Communist hordes then destroying peaceful, Christian Spain. This CD includes: 1. Prinz Max Brigade; 2. Bombenflieger Marsch; 3. Revere Marsch; 4. Militärsignal Marsch; 5. Flieger Empor!; 6. Flieger sind Sieger; 7. Graf Zeppelin Marsch; 8. Rot scheint die Sonne; 9. Lied der Junkers Flug- und Motorenwerke; 10. Es blitzen die stählernen Schwingen; 11. Hermann Göring Marsch; 12. Stuka Lied. $20.00 plus shipping/handling. Add this item to shopping cart.

#OAK-CD-102-02 Luftwaffe Marches. Volume Two. This CD is a continuation of the history of the Third Reich’s Luftwaffe marches and battle songs. It includes some rare and unusual pieces attributed to the NSFK (National Socialist Flyers Corps), the "free ballooning" groups [technically under command of the Luftwaffe], the Paratroop divisions ("Fallschirmjager" on cut 8), and even the song of Germany’s civilian air carrier, "Lufthansa Marsch." All material is from original recordings of the era, faithfully transcribed to CD format. This CD includes: 1. Flieger Fanfare; 2. Jagdgeschwader ‘Richthofen’; 3. Bruno Loerzer; 4. Luftsport voran; 5. Lied der Ballioniere; 6. JU-88 Lied; 7. Jagdgeschwafer ’Immelman’; 8. Fallschirmjäger; 9. Fliegerkameraden; 10. Bomben auf Engelland; 11. Aufwärts zur Sonne; 12. Fliegersturm; 13. Fliegermarsch; 14. Lufthansa Marsch. $20.00 plus shipping/handling. Add this item to shopping cart.

#OAK-CD-103-01 Marsch Musik, Non-Stop. This is a collection of longer instrumental German march compositions, all recorded by the great German bands of the 1930’s, and transcribed from rare studio discs. The CD opens with a lengthy "performance" piece by the renown Grosses Blas-Orchester, led by the great Carl Woitschach, then Director of Music at the old Telefunken electronics firm. This is followed by a very unusual and wonderful rendition of Prussian compositions performed by the Berlin Philharmonic. Then, a short piece, possibly the oldest recording of a German march in existence, a very rare disc, cut by Berlin’s Garde-Kurassier Regiment in 1898! As finale, the marching-out of Berlin’s Guard Battalion, complete with barked commands and thundering percussion for added effect. And, as well all know and understand, they just don’t play these venerable old pieces the way they used to! This CD includes: 1. Historisches Marsch-Potpourri; 2. Friederich der Grosse Marschsammlung (Berlin Philharmonika); 3. Grosser Zapfenstreich (3./Preussischer Nachrichten-Abteilung); 4. Fehrbelliner Reitermarsch (Garde-Kürassier Regt./Berlin); 5. Aufziehen der Schlosswache (Wachbataillon/Berlin). $20.00 plus shipping/handling.  Add this item to shopping cart

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