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Updated 17 June 2006 (117)

A naturalized U.S. citizen - and Waffen-SS veteran - by the name of Theo Junker is opening the first ADOLF HITLER museum in Wisconsin sometime this summer. The 135 square meter, "bunker-like" building reportedly cost $200,000. The museum is dedicated to the exact opposite of the "politically correct" presentation of Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. A German comrade writes that this news has hit Germany like a bombshell. "Members of the war generation predicted to us forty years ago that one day monuments to Adolf Hitler would be built. The first of them is now complete..."

MORE THAN 50 MILLION HITS in the year 2005 means a new record for the main web-site of the NSDAP/AO.

SS PICTURE BOOK "Pictures Speak" has been translated into Russian by our comrades there. It includes the NSDAP/AO contact address and the url of its web-site.

A full-color illustration of the NSDAP/AO swastika sticker with the slogan "Black Crime, White Victim! Are YOU Next!" appeared on the front page of the "Iowa State Daily" student newspaper on September 22nd. (Presumably, an unknown lone wolf activist has again proven their effectiveness! Congratulations!) The local television news also reported it. Amusingly, they claimed the journalism department intended to "downplay" the incident - which is ABSURD, because they reported it at the top of the front page AND at the top of the online edition AND had a television interview about it!!! - Later issues also mentioned this incident.

On September 3, 2005 - the first anniversary of the violent removal of the Estonian SS-Legion monument by the government - several hundred Nationalists and National Socialists gathered. Special police units had used tear gas and clubs against their own folk, local citizens who protested the removal. Although the monument was not government property, it still has not been returned to the owner. But this year patriots held a concert and a torch march to the cemetery, where the lower part of the monument still remains. Speeches were delivered and the men remember who died for Europe's freedom. It was a successful day despite the media agitation.

FLASH - The Swiss President Samuel Schmid was booed down by 800 Skinheads from the Swiss National Party at the August 1 Swiss national holiday celebration on the historic plain of Grutli. The 800 Skinheads completely took over the national holiday celebration, according to all present. The Swiss President's speech was interrupted after nearly each sentence by boos and insults of ''pig'' and ''Judas''. The President was red in the face with anger and he immediately ran out at the end of his speech, pushed along by his bodyguards. The President did not even wait for the national anthem to be sung. When the assembly finally began to sing the national anthem it was completely drowned out by the 800 Skinheads who began singing at the same time the old Swiss national anthem ''Heil Dir Helvetia''.

The German Supreme Court ruled on July 28 that the slogan "glory and honor of the Waffen-SS" does not violate Germany’s anti-NS law § 86.

Since late July a new series of the famous "Radio Wolfsschanze" is online on the NSDAP/AO web-site in both German and English.

On July 14th the German province of Brandenburg banned the fourth "rightist extremist" organization since 1995, namely the "ANSDAPO", which is claimed to be named after the NSDAP/AO. Reportedly, 21 residences were searched by 100 policeman and weapons and propaganda material seized.

Again MEIN KAMPF is in news! MEIN KAMPF is a total bestseller in Turkey! Despite the fact that the book was already translated into Turkish language in 1939 (title "Kavgam"), the Turks (mostly intellectuals, politicians and the police!) are now longing for the book. The "German" press fears the growing nationalism in Turkey, which is often coupled with "anti-Semitism". See the German-language article at:

The wave of "Neo-Nazi spam" in mid-May 2005 has triggered a somewhat amusing incident. A U.S. political candidate telephoned pro-free speech web-site reseller to complain. "Neo-Nazi spam" had been sent with HIS email return address and he feared alienating Jewish voters! That wave of spam included links to many web-sites – mainstream media, nationalist and even communist (!) – and some of them belonged to clients, whose domain names had been registered through . Therefore, he had – understandably, but nonetheless incorrectly - presumed was behind it. Initially quite irate, the caller gradually realized he was talking to a fellow victim. Toward the end he even said he hoped his formal complaint to law enforcement officials would not cause problems along the lines of the homeland security act! Meanwhile, the REAL source behind the spam remains unidentified. There is speculation whether it is a "Neo-Nazi" trying to promote the movement, an "anti-fascist" trying to harm it or neither of the two. Only time will tell.

Berlin - The Jews are furious that the new Berlin holocaust memorial comprised of some 2700 concrete '' tombstones'', has turned into a huge playground ! Young Berliners jump through the air from ''tombstone'' to ''tombstone'', while children joyfully play hide and seek, while yet others relax and take sunbaths on the tops of the '' tombstones''.

The Paris Jewish radio station, Judaiques FM, is furious over the internet site of the NSDAP/AO. A Jewish woman invited on the Paris station was hysterically screaming about ''Gerhard Lauck'' and his ''Neo-Nazi internet site''. She announced precisely the internet address of the NSDAP/AO for all of Paris to hear ! She screamed that ''an American who speaks excellent French does Nazi Internet Radio on the site, and he calls for race war and tells everyone to buy 22LR bullets''. --Thank you for the compliment and the great publicity, Judaiques FM.

Red Army veterans in Estonia are furious, because Tallinn (Reval) Mayor Tönis Palts resolutely refuses to relight the "eternal flame" on May 9th. The Red Army veterans have threatened Russian sanctions: cutting off the country's gas supply and blocking the rails for import and export. Furthermore, the Estonian President has declined Putin's invitation to come to Russia on May 9 in order to participate in the "celebration of Europe's liberation". The Estonian folk seems this not as a symbol of peace and liberation, rather as a symbol of Bolshevik terror and occupation.

An openly National Socialist candidate has been elected in Switzerland with over 20% of the vote. The candidate of the ''Party of Swiss Nationalists'' (PSN), Dominic Bannholzer, age 19, was elected this week-end to the executive council of the town of Gunsberg, Switzerland, where more than one person in five cast their votes for him. The town President called the election ''catastrophic''. The PSN was founded by two skinheads in 2000. The PSN calls for a ''sweeping out''(aufraumen) of all immigrants, and calls for a ''living space for the race'', and opposes mixed marriages which produce ''bastards of mixed blood''. The PSN had its first candidate elected last fall in Langenthal, and received over 3000 votes in Argovie. -- Bravo !

The recently published German-language book about Reinhard Heydrich, entitled "Heydrich - Das Gesicht des Bösen", by the 2003 deceased Stern-Reporter Mario R. Dederich quotes comrade Norden's Heydrich article on the NSDAP/AO web-site and even publishes the URL. See pages 223 & 313.

In the first quarter of 2005 the primary NSDAP/AO web-site averaged over one million hits per week.

The German government is contesting the domain names  and , registered by free speech activist Gerhard Lauck.

FLASH - In the largest ever National Socialist gathering since 1945, 8000 comrades (an entire division !) assembled in Dresden on Sunday February 13 to denounce the ''Bombing Holocaust'' that burned alive hundreds of thousands of civilians, women and children, exactly 60 years ago. Our comrades carried a revisionist banner that read in German ''Der BombenHolocaust Cannot Be Denied''. An Austrian Jewess Ruth Kluger, a ''holocaust survivor'' of Auschwitz, who makes her living writing books about the holocaust, was to give a speech Sunday at the Dresden Theater, but at the last minute she canceled her speech because she was scared of the thousands of our comrades massing in Dresden. We drove her out ! Our comrades began massing in Dresden on Saturday, from everywhere, from Spain, from Sweden, to march with flaming torchlights in Dresden on Sunday. Our comrades of the NPD, on a platform next to the Dresden Opera in the center of Dresden, gave numerous speeches and played over loudspeakers music of Wagner and Bach. On the platform was an extraordinary alliance of three nationalist parties: NPD, DVU and Republikaner.

Twenty members of the Russian parliament have signed a declaration demanding a ban of Jewish organizations, because they are extremist, hostile to the Russian people and implicated in the ritual murder of children.

On February 5th, 2005 a dozen men from the NSM/ HQ unit along with two members of the Chicago NSM unit, dressed in plain street clothes, protested at the Canadian Consulate in Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota on behalf of Political Prisoner Ernst Zündel. The protest lasted from 3 PM to nearly 5 PM covering both sides of the building. There was no opposition whatsoever, a few leftist stragglers stared (quickly demoralized they left), but mostly many people were honking their horns in support. Fliers were distributed flyers concerning Zündel’s imprisonment. Every single person spoken with was shocked and appalled at his false imprisonment. For more information see 

The NS bookstore in Paris "LA LICORNE BLEUE" has been fined 3,000 Euros for selling a 2001 book by Leon DeGrelle with a few passages denying the gas chambers.

The NATIONAL-DEMOCRATIC PARTY (NPD) faction in the Saxon provincial parliament has repeated picked up MORE votes in elections within that assembly than can be accounted for by its twelve delegates. Other factions and mainstream media are furious and speculate WHO are the "defectors" from the other parties, whose number has grown from two to five to seven...Meanwhile, the NPD demands recognition of the real DRESDEN BOMBING holocaust and refuses to "honor" the fake Auschwitz holo-hoax.

The European Union (EU) is planning a general swastika and NS symbol ban throughout Europe, said FRANCO FRATTINI (Speaker of the EU-Commissar for Justice and the Interior) in Brussels, which is a reaction to the claim of some "German" (speaking) European Commission members who want such a ban like in Germany is said to be a weapon in the struggle against "fascism and racism in Europe". First of all, though, it has to be checked whether the EU has the legal COMPETENCE at all to create such a ban. Furthermore, such a ban has always been blocked by the Italian "Lega Nord" party.

In some internet forums and letters-to-the-editor people (or rather Jews) demand "Harry to Auschwitz!" and "Harry into a camp!". As I wrote before, unfortunately both will indeed happen soon, but not in the manner of the Jewish authors. Now new details are produced in order to harm Harry: He's said to have good contacts to the African dictator MUGABE who himself hunts and expels Whites. Plus, he has (or had) a girlfriend from Simbabwe. Good news from a White perspective and bad news from a race traitor perspective: When being asked about her, Harry said "Gosh, she's of course not black or so!"

Kevin Quinn. National Director of The November 9th Society of Britain, is being charged with 10 counts of conspiracy to distribute material that may incite racial hatred. See N9S website: 

Action Report from the Eastern Front (Moscow): "1800 of the Free Computer Game Download fliers were distributed in Moscow in different meeting places of NS-oriented young people. A small part of the fliers has come even to other Russian cities, with the NS young men, who had come to Moscow. (We have tried to put the information from your flier on Russian Internet-forums, but from four of them only one remained, the rest of the messages were withdrawn by managers of these web-sites.)…The book you have sent (Rassen- und Bevölkerungspolitik) has been translated and soon 1000 copies will be published in the Russian language. The book will be distributed among our NS-comrades in Moscow. If it is successful, a larger circulation will follow, which will be distributed throughout Russia."

Project Schoolyard USA: In the spring of 2004, German patriots announced their plan to produce 100,000 sampler CDs containing German nationalist rock and roll and distribute them to youth in their country. This effort, Project Schoolyard, was examined by lawyers to make sure that none of the music violated Germany's oppressive laws against free speech. Although everything was approved, the project received much hysterical media attention, and the CD was outlawed by the German government. Every CD factory in the country was contacted by the government and warned not to produce the now "illegal music." Every school in Germany was contacted by police and told to be on the alert for anyone distributing the forbidden CDs. It looked like Project Schoolyard had been shut down, but on Friday, September 3, 2004, the increasingly popular far right political party, NPD, put out a press release that a new CD had been arranged, a factory had agreed to produce it, and that 25,000 of the discs would be handed out all over Germany by volunteers on the weekend of September 4th and 5th. Since the government does not operate on weekends, the soonest that they could outlaw that CD is first thing Monday morning, but of course, they will all have been distributed by then...As an expression of the increasing level of international solidarity and cooperation between White nationalists, Project Schoolyard has crossed the Atlantic and is being continued here in the U.S. Panzerfaust Records is pressing 100,000 copies of a pro-White sampler CD to be handed out to White youth from coast to coast in every state, including Hawaii. Volunteers from every pro-White group and organization in the U.S. have signed up to assist us in this project, as well as numerous unaffiliated individuals, consisting mostly of our customers/supporters who are high school students themselves. These CDs will be handed out in middle schools, high schools, university campuses, shopping malls, sporting events, mainstream concerts, parties, etc…For more information contact: Panzerfaust Records, PO Box 188, Newport MN 55055 –

On September 25, 2004 the NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT (NSM) held a rally at Valley Forge. The couple hundred supporters in the crowd clearly outnumbered the enemy, who was humiliated by the utter failure of his own much-hyped "mobilization". The NSDAP/AO printed and donated several thousand fliers announcing the rally. Comrades interested in uniformed street activism should contact: NSM, PO Box 580669, Minneapolis MN 55458 – 

Funny news: The producer channel of the world wide known "Big Brother" show in the occupied Germany, Premiere, faces a trial and over 500.000,- EUR fine. The reason: During one of the 24-hour live broadcasts from the container, an inhabitant called Michele (Italian) told Jew jokes! Everyone was very amused (though they're not that new, example: A Jewish girl is standing beside a chimney. When asking her, what she's doing, she answers: "I'm waiting for mommy and daddy to fly over."), and jokes about Turks followed. Actually it's no big deal since Jew jokes have had a long tradition in many cultures (even before 1933!). The only people who are NOT amused are the producers who by chance (due to a fan web-site which notes every happening in the container) learned about that fact. People have been immediately fired, a great scandal...New escalation in the "Big Brother Jew Jokes" matter: Voices are coming up that THE WHOLE SHOW (it's been very successful during the past few years worldwide) has to be canceled due that "incident". As Jew organizations report, they (the Jews) already protested in June 2004 against some "anti-Semitic statements" by some inhabitants that were broadcast live (and only on the pay tv channel "Premiere")...

New Record: Over 650,000 hits on October 8, 2004. In four days over 1,500,000 hits thanks to the legal battle over domain name "", which we have already replaced with

NSDAP/AO swastika sticker action reported in the New York Post on September 22, 2004.

BNP (UK) wins elections with 52% in a section of London!

German Nationalist Election Successes in Saxony and Brandenburg puts them back in provincial parliaments for first time in 36 years! A German comrade reports:

Now the news you've surely been waiting for: I can tell you I had an extremely nice "Wahlabend" when watching the results of the elections! According to some news channels the NPD in Sachsen temporarily even SURPASSED the SPD by 0,2 %! The amtliche Endergebnis - just checked it - is 9,2 %! After 36 years they have managed to get into a Landtag, and this with such a result, being almost as strong the brd's governing party!!! The DVU in Brandenburg got 6,1 %, improving slightly their last result. I was happy like never before, with every new Hochrechnung the results became clearer and the system media unmasked theirselves, and this more obviously than ever. NO footage/report/interview at all was shown about the NPD, only a ridiculously tiny group (less than ten kids) of lousy, dirty-looking teenies with "Nazis weg" posters; by the way: most of them were JuSos and just had cried due to the SPD's loss of votes. It was unbelievable: ALL party representatives were interviewed, even the Grüne which didn't even get into the Landtage, BUT NOT THE NPD! This was surely a proof of the system's FRUSTRTATION. Hope that the millions of watchers saw that, too, since it must seem a bit strange to ANYONE when hearing the reporters say that the only Gesprächsthema is the NPD's triumph in Sachsen while at the same time the same reporters STRICTLY ban any info about the NPD! I'm still so excited about that success, will contact some comrades in Sachsen asap, they'll definitely will be having a long "Wahlparty". :-) Saw a very short "interview" with the DVU representative, though, on ARD which symbolized the whole situation perfectly: The reporter even INSULTED the DVU man and didn't give him ANY chance to provide an answer (she took away the microphone), etc. So THAT's THEIR sense of democracy and equality in the brd!!! One sees how feared the NPD is. Frankly, the DVU is indeed by far not that strong and dynamic like the NPD; their Landtagsabgeordnete (after the 12 % success in Sachsen-Anhalt several years ago) were truly idiots. The system calls the DVU a "virtual party". Hence they dared to interview the DVU at all. But they're too scared to interview the NPD, despite the fact that Holger Apfel, the Spitzenkandidat, had a great performance: He indeed was asked about his victory in the Tagesschau, with the words "Wann sagen Sie denn Leuten, daß Sie eigentlich Neonazis sind?". Apfel immediately stated aloud "Dies ist ein großartiger Tag für alle Deutsche, die noch deutsch sein wollen!" and IMMEDIATELY ALL other party representatives left the studio and Apfel was torn off the mircophone; a new headline was produced! He did a great job, I was full with joy! Paul Spiegel also already produced a "statement" with the usual Erpressungen, urging all brd parties "daraus Konsequenzen zu ziehen". It was ein Hochgenuß to see all this, esp. the faces of the freche reporters who - at the beginning of the elections proclaimed that the Nazis would hopefully stay out of the parliament - became paler and paler! We can now enjoy the system's hysteria and watch the Hetze in the media... DEUTSCHLAND IST IM UMBRUCH!!! We will win!!!

This year's RUDOLF HESS DEMONSTRATION in Wunsiedel Germany (above) on August 21 attracted 7,000 patriots and a mere 500 opponents.

Until recently, there were four Waffen-SS monuments in Hungary: one each for the 1st SS Division "Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler" on the Plattensee and for the 3rd SS Division "Totenkopf" and two for the 5th SS Division "Wiking". All except the first have been torn down on orders from the Hungarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

A monument to the Estonian Waffen-SS was erected in Lihula on August 20, 2004 - despite an official police ban - by 2,000 Estonian patriots.

The ESTONIAN language was added to the NSDAP/AO web-site on August 18, 2004. We thank the new co-workers!

German nationalist shot by police while putting up Rudolf Hess posters during the night of August 15/16. "Accident", derangement or state terrorism?

Exil-Croatians have erected a statute honoring MIKE BUDAK, ideologist and hero of the Ustasha Movement, in front of the Catholic church in his home town, Sveti Rok. Budak was also instrumental in anti-miscegenation legislation. He was murdered by the communists in 1945. - The Croatian government has meanwhile removed the monument on the grounds it is "un-Constitutional".

The French government has declared "war" on "racism" following a wave of anti-Zionist protests. Every French higher court has an addition political prosecutor whose sole task is to persecute racialists.

Germany's Federal Constitution Court is seriously considering banning the famous British clothes brand "LONDSALE'...simply because the letters "NSDA" resemble the "NSDAP" of Hitler's party!

National Socialist rally in Lincoln on July 17 attended by 200 White Patriots; Gerhard Lauck guest speaker at NSM rally. See details at .

THE NETHERLANDS: On June 5th approx. 100 Dutch and German comrades demonstrated in Den Haag against the Iraq War.

FROM THE CZECH REPUBLIC: The NSEC made headline news on May 8th. Furthermore, their web-site had their 100,000th visitor on June 24.

In late May the political police in Spain arrested Ramon Bau and two other comrades. They are charged with holohoax denial, defense of genocide, formation of a criminal organization and violation of human rights. The CEI organization has been banned. At present there is no open National Socialist organization in Spain.

NEW RECORD IN EASTERN EUROPE: In October the NSDAP/AO web-site had more visitors in the Czech Republic than in the USA! (Only Germany and Hungary surpassed it.) The following front report of 9 October 2003/114 explains why!

Dear Comrades!

The biggest Czech propagation progress in the history of NSEC & NSDAP/AO has just occurred! The first Czech TV channel "Czech TV1" has made a news story called "Udalosti" ("Happenings") on October 7, 2003 at 19:15 about NSEC & NSDAP/AO! This channel (since CR only has 4 national channels) is watched by MILLIONS of viewers every day! The late evening news report is regularly watched by approximately by 3.6 million (out of 10 millions living in CR) people! Since the news on all the channels respect each other’s times, no one could miss the report. The report was several minutes long. The NSEC & NSDAP/AO sites were both shown on full-screen! The report talked about the close cooperation between NSDAP/AO and NSEC while zooming on the text line under the Czech Lion with swastika that says that we are official allies.

Then it followed by talking about the NSEC and the NSEC store and that people could get every sort of materials there such as books, flags and regalia, then the incredible happened - they actually surfed on the flags section of the store and showed the whole (!) assortment on full-screen!!! A paid commercial in this length would cost great amounts of money! Then followed a speech by a police officer that said that they can not do anything about it, since the server is in US! After him, a representative of Czech Jews said that all this was sad, but since Americans worship free speech above all, it is almost impossible to do anything about it. The report then said that some countries have already tried to put comrade Lauck on trial but that it has not helped - while saying that, comrade Lauck’s picture was zoomed almost to a full screen and the report ended...

What do you say about that?! After years of hard work, this is the beginning of pay off times! I think that this put us definitely (together with the report on extremism) as the number one NS organization in CR as education and propaganda is concerned! We have currently about 40 000 main-page visitors and hits peek up to 20 000/months.

Sieg Heil! Together we are strong!

LENI RIEFENSTAHL died on September 8 at the age of 101. The system press attacked her even in death, but decent people honor her memory.

THE NEW BOOK "Right-wing Extremism and Radicalism in the Czech Republic" reports the role of the NSDAP/AO and its sister organization NSEC in that country.

POSTWAR RECORD: The number of anti-Jewish incidents in Europe has reached a new record since 1945, the German press quotes the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

BLACK LIST IN SWITZERLAND: Hungarian comrades report being turned back at the Swiss border after being told they were banned from the country for one year, "because of their political views, which are a threat to Swiss society". The NSDAP/AO was also mentioned.

"GOVERNMENT RECOGNITION": The Czech government report on extremism for 2002 confirms the NSDAP/AO and its Czech sister organization NSEC as an important source for NS-propaganda. Beyond that it regrets that the NSEC web-site is beyond government reach, because it is hosted in the USA (by comrade Lauck). (See  )

RAID: An armed elite unit – the "anti-terrorist" OS13 – of Scotland Yard raided eight homes of leading RVF ("Revolutionary Volunteer Force") members on July 4. Although they offered no resistance, they were taken into custody at gunpoint. Computers and mobil telephones were confiscated during the search. No charges were filed and they were later released. There had already been another raid in May. The operation was reportedly ordered by the MI5 General Director and Scotland Yard’s Special Branch. There had already been another raid in May.

MORE JURISTIC POWERS IN EU? "Thanks" to EU-law the extradition of six Dutch NS-collaborators from occupied Germany to the Netherlands might be possible. (In part because of a Führer decree, they have German citizenship.) The "German" Ministry of Injustice confirms it is now reviewing the extradition request from The Hague.

SUCCESSUL CONCERT: Thanks to the close cooperation between Dutch and German comrades, concerts are now being in held in (relatively) free Holland to escape the systematic police harassment across the border in occupied Germany. A concert on July 5 was attended by 200 Dutch and German comrades, where Oidoxie performed. Not even one police patrol car drove by to check it out. (See

SUCCESS IN HUNGARY: After the HETEK newspaper article about the NSDAP/AO and its Hungarian comrades appeared in Hungary on June 26, the Hungarian-language "hits" on the NSDAP/AO web-site reached the same level as the English-language for the month of July.

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