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The "House of Communist Terror" in Hungary

On February 24th 2002/113JdF in Budapest, in the presence of one hundred thousand of people, the Hungarian government opened the first known in Europe the "House Of Communist Terror". The exhibition was opened in the actual torture-house used by the Judeo-Bolsheviks. Hundreds of pictures, evidences, blood-stained papers. Many Hungarians from that crowd had very painful memories, regarding this most hatred house in the country. It still symbolizes the the real relationship to humanity by the "ideology" of the sub-humans: Jewish communism.

Of course, the real name of the exhibition is: The House Of Terror, but the location (Andrassy street 60.) in the 6th district of the Hungarian capitol is very well-known by all Hungarians. The Andrassy street 60. is the symbol of the blood-thirsty Jewish-bolshevism where thousands of anti-communists, National Socialists and opponent of the Bolshevik Judaism were tortured, beaten and systematically murdered.

More than 100,000 (!) people attended, the streets were closed. This was the biggest event since 1956, politically talking.

The international jewsmedia was also present at the opening ceremony. As a "house of terror" it could not be opened without the boring non-sense of the Jewish 'hoaxacaust'. To avoid any harsh criticism the government established a tiny room for the "victims of the Hungarian Nazis", as known as the Nyilas (Arrow-Cross) Movement. This, however did not satisfy the "forever-persecuted-ones" and the harsh criticism was launched by the western medias. The 'Die Welt' complained that "not enough evidences and facts were used to show the jewish holocaust". They failed to realize what the recent Prime Minister, Victor Orban (former president for the Association of the Young Democrats) told in his speech: "It is proven by documents that Communism has more than 100 million victims since 1917 world-wide. This House Of Terror was established for those victims." Even the American Magazines carried the story and mentioned his words. There was not one single word about the 'holohoax'.

Now, this is very new. Not one single politician ever mentioned the victims of bolshevism. Especially not "more than 100 millions". The jewsmedia - if ever mentioned - always reduced or bagatelized the bloody path of bolshevism.

Moses' dreamed nightmare came to reality in Czarist Russia, when a bunch of madmen with the leadership of the warped half-Jew Vladimir Iljits Lenin, they turned upside down this huge country in 1917. The Talmud was born in those horrible months followed. The Jewish hatred toward Russia, because of its strong feudalist regime, anti-Semitic, strong religious belief of the people. The Czar failed to keep the Russians together therefore, the destructive Jewish "socialists, Bolsheviks and revolutionaries" used the advantages of the sinking Mother Russia for their own cause. The Jewish Talmud teaches: "The best of the goyims must be killed...!" When the bloody revolution took place, they rounded up every "bourgeois" female, male, children and executed them. They executed the whole Czarist family. Basically the Jews cut the head off of the ruling class, they executed every "enemy" of their political running amok. They then placed their own unskilled, un-educated racial brothers into the major governmental positions. Most of these Jewish "politicians" could not even write or read. But they had the perfect skills to murder millions in just a few months ahead. Lazar Kaganovits (Jew) was for example the founder of the gulags, the communist death-camps. His "idea" was to put politically incorrect, enemies of the Jews, or "kulaks" (peasants, farmers), communists or opponents of the Bolshevik "Paradise" in labor-camps. More than 4,277 (!) death-camps were "running" in full-time in those years...! These labor-camps were set up hundreds of miles from any occupied territory in Siberia, so the unwanted visitors never could see any of these camps and spread the words about barbarism.

Kaganovits had an unbelievable hatred towards the peasants. He called them "kulaks", and more than 22 millions peasants were rounded up in Ukraine during the '20s. They simply resisted the collectivization and refused to turn over their harvest for the commies. Kaganovits therefore ordered the "execution of 22 million farmers", and the Jewish-bolsheviks carried out his twisted order. After 1918, V.I. Lenin ordered the confiscation of all guns, rifles, pistols, ammunition and even knives longer than 12 inches. The laws were very harsh: if they found a gun "hidden", the suspect was hot on the spot. If they found one bullet, the unlucky person was sent to a gulag for at least 10 years, for the "attempt to violently overthrown the people's socialist republic". When this monster finally met with his satanic creator in 1991, even the Jewish Chronicle wrote about him: "No Jew ever was responsible for so many murders as Lazar Kaganovits..." It has been noted from him, that once his own brother was charged with a political crime. The family went to get help, asking him to save his own brother, when Kaganovits responded: "I have only one brother and that is - tovaris Stalin!" . Of course, his brother was executed after all. On another occasion he charged his own wife's brother with "Spying for Hitler to overthrown the soviet government and establish a Fascist dictatorship over the people". This, however made Stalin aware of Kaganovits' mental instability. Even Stalin had doubt that Hitler wants a Jew to run a Russian Fascist state.

Also, Lenin the Jew was, who established the first "hate-crime" laws in human history. In 1918 the NKVD rounded up millions based on these laws, which punished "anti-Semitism" by mandatory death sentence. Throughout the '20s, '30s and the '40s the Judeo-Bolsheviks murdered millions of Russians, Ukrainians, as well as other nationalities, who were unfortunate enough for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The bacillus of the Jewish-communism spread all over the region. In 1917 Russia, then Germany in November 1918, which coup d'éat was busted by the German Army, followed by the 1919 Hungarian communist putsch led by the fat Jew madman Bela Kohn.

The first communist attempt to overthrown a legal regime, or better say: "revolution of the rats" was in 1789 Paris. Tens of thousands were slaughtered in the name of "brotherhood, equality and fraternity", the same slogans used by Lenin and his henchmen during the bloody stand off with the Czarist regime in 1917.

In Soviet-Russia if they declared someone "the enemy of the people, the enemy of the socialist peoples republic, or: imperialist spy, chained-dog of the bloodsucking capitalists", it automatically carried a gulag "invitation". The sentences were very hard: very few survived the bone-cracking cold below -30F. The total numbers of the victims never can be told, only estimated. In Russia at least 80 millions were butchered by the Jews. World-wide the numbers go even higher: 40 millions in China, 3 millions in Cambodia, 2 millions in Vietnam, 9 millions in Germany, 1,5 millions in Hungary, 2,4 millions in the other Eastern block countries and so on...

The ugly face of the communism has never changed. Communism is not an ideology, it's a Jewish racist political agenda to use it as a weapon for the final destruction of Christianity, Western culture and establish the Talmudic world-order. Chaim Weitzman said in 1942: "Some call it communism - I call it Judaism!"

In 1919 Hungary, the 133 days of Bela Kohn's dictatorship brought only mass murder, fear, torture and suffering for the Hungarian people. Just out from the lost WWI coma, the Hungarian Army was fallen apart, without proper leaders. The Jewish commissars used this opportunity to take over the government and started their usual "revolutionary" hysteria-campaign against order. They promised work, bread and homes. Nobody believed them; the Hungarian population was always conservative and the red star movement did not win the peoples sympathy.

Bela Kohn, this ousted Jewish "columnist", then used the army to establish his reign-of-terror. They took trains and traveled to the countryside. Wherever they showed up - blood and death appeared with them too. They favored "propaganda-efforts" were when they arrived in a small town or city, they have rounded up the "capitalists", as: mayors, gendarmerie- and police-captains, judges, rich landlords etc. In front of the frightened people they ordered their victims to dig their own grave. When they finished, they shot the legs and the arms of the people and tossed them into the graves and buried them - alive.

Ferenc Fiala wrote a book THAT'S WHAT THEY HAVE DONE... ("Igy Dolgoztak"). In this book Fiala gives the detailed account of the mass murders took place in Hungary in those days, just like another European Purim. Kohn's best men were all Jews. Each of these Jews were responsible for tortures and murders against innocent civilians. They took hostages in the middle of nights: randomly choose homes, apartments and grabbed the occupants. Many of them were killed before they knew what's going on. The soviet "Lenin Boys" were responsible for hundreds of thousands of murders throughout the Soviet Gulag Union. Their "Hungarian" counterparts murdered "only" 600 civilians. Well, they had only 133 days for the new Purim...

Only half a year after the failed anti-government coup d'état in Germany, the Jews were up to again in Central Europe. The German Army was capable to destroy the Jewish gangs and establish order. In Hungary the situation was much much worse, therefore the help to kick the Jews out, didn't come from internal, but external help: the Entente powers sent Romanian and Czech troops to help re-organize the Hungarian Army in the chaos. However, these troops used the opportunity for "joyriding" instead of bring a coalition to curb Jewish communist activities. The communist putsch has failed, but the main perpetrators and murderers escaped to the Soviet Union and got asylum there. After the saboteurs left the country, Nicholas Horthy took the power and established a brand new Hungarian Army with amazing efforts. He also banned the communist Party and made it a criminal offense to join them. Basically, in the mid-20s Hungary was the only country in Europe where the Communist Party had to close down its doors, due to lack of membership. They moved to Vienna, Austria...

In October 15th 1944. the heroically fighting German and Hungarian troops and Waffen-SS units as well as the whole Hungarian population were shocked when they heard Admiral Nicholas Horthy's proclamation for surrender. This prompted a peaceful mini-revolution within the government. Frank Szalasi took power and the military guaranteed to continue the fight against bolshevism and to defend Europe with the German brothers and sisters and Waffenbrüder.

The Headquarters of the Party and the leadership was set up under Andrassy street 60. on one of Europe's most beautiful boulevards, Central Europe's Champs Elysées. However, when this happened, the east side of the country were already under soviet invasion. It took another 4 months when the rapist hordes of Ilja Ehrenburg reached Budapest. It was February 1945. More than 75,000 German and Hungarian Waffen-SS warriors surrounded by the Asiatic hordes without food, medication, water and ammunition. On February 12th they broke out. With the last bullet in each weapon they decided to die as a hero, instead of going to Siberia. 68,000 had died the other 7,000 never have been seen again...

The Arrow Cross Party had no time, energy and reason to build extra torture-cells underneath the building as it has been claimed by the reds. When the soviet hordes invaded Hungary and the capitulation declared on April 4th, most Hungarian Nazis escaped to Germany and to Australia. After the fall of Budapest (February 11th. 1945.) the Andrassy street 60 no longer served as Nazi Headquarters.

When the soviet bayonets and rifles helped the commies to win in the next "free elections" , the new communist party, led by Jew Matyas Rakosi (Rothenfeld) and his Yiddish cabinet immediately moved in the house. Later they moved to another location close to the Danube river, and the building became the headquarter of the AVO, the Hungarian NKVD, STASI, KGB. The people today symbolize that building as the representation of terror and torture, because almost all of those who were taken there - never came out alive.

After the years they had so many "clients" that they needed a expansion. They started build secret car-entrances and cells underneath. The cells were specially designed for torture and the walls were extra thick to cover up the screaming of the victims and the beatings. The most horrible part of these Judeo-barbarism was a cell which was discovered just after the collapse of communist dictatorships in 1990. The deepest cell had a huge fenon, and grind-machine connected to it. When the unfortunate victim had died or had been severally beaten up , the Jew devils threw their victims into this machine which has grinded the human flesh into the waste-system and to the Danube to feed the fish...

The Jews especially 2 nations in Europe: the Germans and the Hungarians. When the 1956 Revolution broke out even the soviet interior minister, the Jew Berija noted: "This Rakosi wants to establish a Jewish kingdom in Hungary??"

The HOUSE OF COMMUNIST TERROR is definitely a positive fact. Unfortunately, the Jews want to bring equality between their heinous crimes against humanity and the European people and the freedom fighters of National Socialism. Yesterday they were faithful communists, but now when the crimes of bolshevism exposed, they became "anti-communists" and bashing us, Nazis. Yet today no exhibition can expose the Jewish barbarism, without mentioning the "Nazi crimes". What are those "Nazi crimes"? Those crimes were simply to rise up against Jewish bolshevism and stop the Talmudic hatred against non-Jews. Adolf Hitler was the Man who raised His flag against Jewish cannibalism and actually stopped on it's tracks. Today, the life would be much different if our Führer wouldn't be there...

The HOUSE OF COMMUNIST TERROR is open everyday for the public.



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