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Liverpool is Britain’s greatest port city. It was once dubbed the ‘Second City of the Empire’ and it is the whitest city in the United Kingdom.

On Wednesday 25th May its football team won the coveted EUFA Cup making it officially the best team in Europe.

For over forty-eight hours the city partied; as far as the eye could see red and white flags, bunting, apparel; and balloon replicas of the cup.

On Thursday the victorious team returned to Liverpool. Over 750,000 cheering supporters and well-wishers lined the routes of the cavalcade. A further 300,000 thronged the city centre, around Saint George’s Hall; the most awesome building in Europe.

These crowds were 99.5 per cent WHITE. The non-whites were mainly tourists. Liverpool, ‘European capital of Culture 2008’ is the second most popular destination in Britain for visitors.

During these homecoming celebrations there WAS NOT A SINGLE ARREST and the police were unstinting in their praise of the good humour and self-discipline of the over one million revellers.

Over the 48-hours of partying only 8 arrests were made; all for over-exuberance due to a glass or two too many. If that doesn’t tell you something then nothing will.

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