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The 27th of January has been put aside to remember the Great Holohoax. You have got to believe it but Members of Parliament and others from ‘the great and the good’ set of establishment clowns are fighting over the ticket allocation. You couldn’t make it up.

Couldn’t you? Sorry but there is nothing new when it comes to human gullibility and the need of the upwardly mobile to prostrate themselves before false gods made from the taxpayers gold.


Hans Christian Anderson’s tale The Emperor’s New Clothes is perhaps the most lucid and amusing parable of holohoax-mania. This once-upon-a-time metaphor tells of two rogue tailors who on learning of a vain emperor’s fetish for exotic clothes set out to trick him and his subjects.

They convinced him that their beautiful rainbow-coloured cloth would be so fine it would appear invisible to all except the dumbest of his subjects. Anyone with half a brain upwards would marvel at the breathtaking raiment made for him alone.

OH, WHAT A TANGLED WEB THEY WEAVED The emperor couldn’t believe his luck. In one hit he would acquire a zoot suit to take your breath away and as a bonus discover which of his subjects weren’t full schilling?

The emperor parted with two bags of gold (is the ‘reparations’ department listening?) upon which the rogue tailors set about creating illusions.

The tailors, let’s call them Israel and Cohen, closeted themselves away where no one could see their secrets, and apparently laboured for weeks.

They were in stitches all right but not the kind that holds clothes together. They were splitting their sides laughing. What a scream; they could hardly believe their good fortune, verily they had chanced upon a nation of cattle (goyim) ready for the milking.

Eventually after drying their eyes they emerged and spread the imaginary raiment before the prime minister who had been invited to check progress.

The poor sap, realising he would be exposed as a cretin if he confessed to being unable to see the cloth, praised the six million threads and of course the tailors’ skill and integrity.


When the fawning prime minister said he would convey his admiration to the emperor the tailors had difficulty keeping their faces straight. But full (Deutsch) marks to them, they did.

Before too long the emperor with his entourage appeared in person to be measured up.

Give an inch and they will take the yard it has been said: Israel and Co. sure did and more shekels changed hands.


As the tailors went through the motions of spreading the imaginary cloth before him they invited admiration of the raiment’s quality, colours and imperceptible finesse.

No one, not even the emperor wished to appear foolish by saying they couldn’t see anything. And so they all cooed and waxed lyrical while the rogues made a few farcical adjustments.

Finally the emperor stripped to his buff and allowed the terrible two to hang the imaginary material over his naked shoulders, fussing as they did so. "You look wonderful." they cooed.


What a sight to behold. The gathering sycophants, politically correct and upwardly mobile gushed effluent in their false praise of the finest of imaginary raiment. "Oh, sire, see how it hangs’ they said excitedly.

Thanks to the town criers (an inefficient precedent to the Internet) word spread about the spectacle created by six million imaginary gold threads.

It was then suggested that the plebeians (plebs to you and me) be given the privilege of sharing the sartorial excellence of their emperor’s new gowns. After all, they had paid for the swindle with their hard earned taxes.

So the emperor and entourage of fawning lickspittles, eyes fixed firmly on the potential re-arrangement of the pecking order, took off down Independence Avenue and Whitehall.

The crowds gathered for the grand parade of lunatics. Not wishing to draw attention to themselves by singing out of tune they ejaculated hosannas about the non-existent robes as the naked emperor and his bootlickers swept by.


Unfortunately there is a party poop at every shindig; in this event a mere child named Revisionist who could only see what his eyes could see.

"But, dad," the little lad exclaimed wondrously: "there are no six million gold threads. The emperor is naked. It’s a load of bollocks!"

Horrified, his journalist father rounded on the little tyke: "Don’t talk such nonsense, we can all see the six million threads," he shrieked as he tried to pull the child away.

Alas! Too late! The plebs had heard the lad and his truthful observation. It was all fine words without substance; it was such a hoax that it had to be protected by law.

Also in need of protection was the embarrassment of the establishment that had been taken in by Israel and Co. Imprisonment was now the likely lot of anyone who even questioned the scam

Lacking sophistication (or is it sophistry) and the need to protect their backsides the crowds lining the pavements took up the chant: "There is no six million, there is no six million, there is no . . .. it is a load of . . . . . !" End


"Why then are they, the Israelis, obstructing all honest research into the six million question? All statistics will so long be controversial until world Jewry and Zionism will be willing to present to the public exact official statistics of the losses.

The roadblock to research is due to the fact that from six million dead, one can exact far more reparations than from say 6,000." Joseph Ginsburg, Jewish researcher and survivor, Munich

"Are the truths on which the Holocaust relies so flimsy that they need smears to protect them, coupled with prison sentences like those now imposed in Germany, Austria, and France...?" - Auberon Waugh.

"I hope my fellow Old Brentwoodian Jack Straw does introduce legislation to make it a criminal offence to question the Holocaust. That will bring everything out into the open.

I shall claim the honour of being the first prosecuted by repeating the words; 'The gas chamber shown to the tourists at Auschwitz is a fake built after the war by the Polish communists.' I assume a British court will permit us to call witnesses and evidence which the German courts denied us. (The Polish authorities have since admitted that the structure in question was built in 1948." - David Irving, Historian. Sunday Times 20 October 1996.


L’Express, one of France's most influential magazines similar to Time or Newsweek agrees that "everything is false" about the Auschwitz "gas chamber" for decades shown to tens of thousands of tourists yearly’.–L’Express January 19-25, 1995. pp 54-73


"A report that an Auschwitz building could not have been designed as a gas chamber is true but irrelevant." - Dr. Raul Hilberg, Los Angeles Times, Feb 23 1989

How odd that there is not a single mention of gas chambers in General Dwight Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe, Winston Churchill’s The Second World War or Charles dGaulle’s Memoires de Guerre.


"A very disturbing thing has happened to journalism, to the writing of history, and even to justice. In anything to do with the Nazis any attempt at detachment is considered suspect, any degree of objectivity reprehensible."

- Gite Sereny, April 21 1988


It is now claimed that the actual extermination camps coincidentally only happen to be situated in those parts of Europe occupied by the Soviets. Dr. Martin Broszat, the anti-Nazi Director of the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, who can lay claim to being a major influence on the genocide issue, admitted in Die Zeit, August 19th 1960 'that there were no extermination camps on German soil' and that instead, one had to look 'above all to Auschwitz.'

How convenient that this last redoubt of the propagandists was occupied by the Red Army, a dab hand at extermination itself, which never allowed outside inspection until 10 years after the war's end.

Gita Sereny, the Jewish holocaust historian admits: "Auschwitz, despite its emblematic name, was NOT primarily an extermination camp for the Jews and is not the central case through which to study extermination."

The New Statesman, November 2 1979.


"Despite thousands of detailed documents on the crematoria built to dispose of the bodies of typhus victims, not a single piece of documentary evidence has ever been produced to substantiate the existence of even one gas chamber; not an order for construction, a plan, an invoice, or a photograph. During the hundreds of 'war crimes' trials, nothing could be produced. There were no gas chambers at Auschwitz or anywhere else in wartime Europe. On that I state my reputation and career."

Professor Robert Faurrisson. Le Monde

At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to say this or that or the other, but it is ‘not done.’ Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in highbrow periodicals." – George Orwell.

Here's freedom to him who would speak

Here's freedom to him who would write,

For there's none ever feared that the truth should be heard,

Except he who the truth would indict.

- Robert Burns

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