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"In order to make the individual’s culture and society acceptable to him, steps must be taken to prevent inconvenient fact from becoming obstructive. People do not love men who give them the truth, but rather men who give them illusions." - John Greenway, The Inevitable Americans.

One of the great thinkers of all time dryly observed England to be ‘The Land of Consummate Cant.’ From June 1st 2004, as the D-Day Landings are heralded as ‘the liberation of Europe’ we will experience England’s hypocrisy at its gut-wrenching worst.

Within twelve-months of D-Day eleven formerly free countries would be devoured by the Soviet monster. The betrayed nations, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Yugoslavia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Albania and Germany – not to mention already Soviet enslaved peoples, were each to be denied democracy at the point of the rapists’ gun. Have we missed something? Wasn’t the purpose of the war to uphold the rights of the smaller nations? The subsequent genocidal suffering that these populations endured is almost without equal in the history of mankind.


In fact it was not Hitler’s war any more than the current ‘land grab’ is Saddam’s War. Even the celebrated historian A J P Taylor conceded that Hitler fought ‘largely a defensive war.’ A clique of political gangsters had sealed these nations’ fate at the Conferences of Quebec, Tehran and Yalta.

Of these ‘champions of democracy’ only the American President had been elected – on the lie that: "I give you one more assurance. I have said this before but I shall say it again and again and again; your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars!" - Franklin D. Roosevelt, Campaign Speech in Boston eve of his 1940 election.

HENRY LABOUCHERE "We are without exception the greatest robbers and marauders that ever existed on the face of the globe. We are worse than other countries because we are hypocrites also, for we plunder and always pretend to do so for other peoples’ good." -, Liberal M.P. and journalist.


In point of fact this was largely an American invasion with a British-supporting cast. In the U.S.A. the incredulous public was given the impression that their sons were a band of angels. Just as well they didn’t have digital cameras then.

Covering these events much later NBC anchorman Tom Brokaw fell into line with real history and said, ‘The bloodied landscape of France and Belgium was American made. The crimes committed by individual American soldiers – rape, thievery and murder – surpassed the crimes of the ‘Nazis’ in every respect. Even American generals were stealing from French civilians. During one period over 500 rapes a month were being reported.

Before, during and after the D-Day landings the Allies dropped over 590,000 tons of bombs on France – equal to almost half the amount of bombs dropped on Germany during the entire course of the war. Over 1 million French homes were destroyed by Allied bombing attacks and some cities such as Caen, Saint-Lo, Carentan, Montbourg and Valgnes ceased to exist.

For every German who lost his life resisting the American invasion of Europe the lives of four Frenchmen were taken. Whereas German troops had wandered at will during their occupation of France, the British and the Americans were repeatedly confined to barracks or had their movements restricted because of the French resistance to their presence on French soil.


As soon as the American forces had made it safe for the ousted French General deGaulle brigands and Communist gangs, sought revenge for their humiliation.

The most appalling massacres of civilians began to take place whilst American troops stood idly by. Generally the British media ignored these awful events but one English journalist among others of various nationalities, recorded these desperate tragedies. "There has never been, in the history of France, a bloodier period than that which followed the liberation of 1944-1945. The massacres of 1944 were no less savage than the massacres of Jacquerie, of St. Bartholomew, of the revolutionary terror, of the commune, and they were certainly more numerous and on a wider scale.

The American services put the figures of ‘summary executions’ in France in the first months of the ‘liberation’ at 80,000. A former French Minister, Adrien Tixier, later placed the figure at 105,000." – Huddleston, op. Cit., 243 & 245-46.

FORMER PRIME MINISTER TWICE OVER. "I strive not to throw Europe into this criminal adventure. But the States, even the British Crown, are not the masters of their destiny. Powers that elude us are promoting in Great Britain, as in other countries, special interests and an aberrant idealism."

– Stanley Baldwin, British Prime Minister 1924-1929 and 1935-1937.


What you will not be told in your ‘history books’ is that Adolf Hitler, through the Yugoslavian leader, General Draza Mihhailovich, offered to hold the Balkan line with German troops if the United States and Britain would agree to occupy and deny these imperiled states to Stalin’s ruthless hordes. Ironically while German troops were dying by the thousands to save Europe from Stalin’s slaughterhouse Churchill, the silk-knickers wearing drunkard (check it out) and his henchmen had already sealed the fate of these soon to be ‘liberated’ victim states.


"The disaster that befell this area with the entry of the Soviet forces has no parallel in modern European experience. There were considerable sections of it where, to judge by all existing evidence, scarcely a man, woman or child of the indigenous population was left alive after the initial passage of the Soviet forces." - George F. Kennan, Memoirs, 1967, Vol. 1., p265.

"Since the end of the war about 3,000,000 people, mostly women and children and over-aged men, have been killed in Eastern Germany and south-eastern Europe; about 15,000,000 people have been deported or had to flee their homesteads and are on the road. About 25% of these people, over 3,000,000 have perished.

About 4,000,000 men and women have been deported to Eastern Europe as slaves. It seems that the elimination of the German population of Eastern Europe - at least 15,000,000 people - was planned in accordance with decisions made at Yalta. Churchill had said to Mikolakczyk when the latter protested during the negotiations to Moscow against forcing Poland to incorporate eastern Germany; 'Don't mind the five or more million Germans. Stalin will see to them. You will have no trouble with them; they will cease to exist.’’" - Senator Homer Capehart; U.S Senate, February 5th 1946.

GEORGE ORWELL ON THE PRESS "At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question.

It is not exactly forbidden to say this or that or the other, but it is ‘not done.’. . . Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in highbrow periodicals."


"At home our papers carry articles about how we 'liberate' oppressed countries and peoples. Here, our soldiers use the term 'liberate' to describe the method of obtaining loot. Anything taken from an enemy home or person is 'liberated' in the language of the G.I. Leica cameras are 'liberated', guns, food, art. Anything taken without being paid for is 'liberated'. A soldier who rapes a German woman has 'liberated' her." - The Diaries of Charles A. Lindbergh, p.953. Harcourt Brace Javanovich, N.Y. 1970


"Our own Army and the British Army along with ours have done their share of looting and raping... this offensive attitude among our troops is not at all general but the percentage is large enough to have given our Army a pretty black name - and we too are considered an army of rapists." - Time Magazine, September, 17th, 1945

MARK TWAIN "Statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception." - Chronicle of Young Satan


"They came like the ancient Mongol hordes out of the Steppes. The people in the working class districts had felt that when the Russians came they at least would be spared but not at all. In the working class districts the troops were allowed to rape and murder and loot at will. When the victims complained, the Russians answered. 'You are too well off to be workers. You are bourgeoisie.'" - op.cit. p.24


"Besides looting, it is especially the raping of women which has caused the most suffering to the Hungarian population. These violations were so general (from the age of ten up to seventy years) that there are practically few women who could escape this fate. Acts of incredible brutality have been registered and many women prefer to commit suicide in order to escape monstrosities. Even now, when order is more or less established, Russian soldiers will watch houses where women live and they will return there at night to take them away." - The Swiss Legation, KAP News Services, Tablet, July 28th 1945.

Enjoy the party, England! We hope you find it truly liberating

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