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Philharmonic Orchestras depend on sponsorship and the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, despite being one of the world’s greatest ensembles, is no exception. Its principle conductor is Gerry Schwarz, an American Jew. A major sponsor is local Jewish solicitor Rex Makin. He had promised four yearly instalments of £85,000 to underpin a musical educational project for local children.

Unhappily for the children the orchestra’s musician’s decided that they’d had enough of Schwartz’s eccentricities and distinctly Jewish musical choices, which has led to falling audiences. In a rare spirit of rebellion they democratically voted against renewing his contract.

Didn’t the Fuhrer say that the Jews stick like burrs in their common defence’? Immediately the slug-like sponsor. Makin, jumped to the defence of Schwarz and railed, ‘if they want to perform a literal version of Bizet’s famous ‘March to the Scaffold’, then they are doing a very good job. The sponsorship deal was immediately pulled. Let us assume that Liverpool’s burgers will withdraw their patronage from this cocky little grotty-grasper’s legal practice in Leigh Street, Liverpool 0044 (0) 151 709 4491

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