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On-line racial nationalists have been slow to take advantage of opportunities to publicly make their views known and counter the victors’ propaganda. They can do it discreetly by contributing to countless on-line message boards.

A good example is the BBC’s message board service trumpeted as Europe’s biggest. Go into There you can register and get stuck in with your own opinion.

There are many interactive web sites relating to the Second World War, the politics and the issues surrounding those tragic events. I have found them refreshingly (and surprisingly) open to contrary opinion provided that you avoid abuse, keep your cool, and make your point in a sensible way. If you are kicked off it won’t be because of what you said but the way you said it. You will be kicked off if you question the holocaust or come across as racist as these really are a no-go area for legal reasons. But with so many opportunities to discredit the common enemy you can get round it. If you do get kicked off then move on to others, or change your user name and password.

Through Google I typed in Bomber Command and found their most interesting web site to which anyone is invited to post comment for others to read or respond to. I was surprised at what I was able to say. These guys may be flying Myra Hindley’s but they’re democratic ones. Much the same can be said of most regiments and the armed forces in general.

Newspaper, radio and television stations have boards too for ‘readers views’ on subjects close to our hearts. Most tend to be lively. You can even start your own thread such as ‘Did the allies commit atrocities’ or ‘Was Hitler a dictator or was he legitimately elected’. That puts you in control.

My own experience is that these opportunities has been ignored. Typically on one national message boards I found myself the only racial-nationalist contributor offering an alternative view of the war. I really could have done with some support from you guys out there.

Granted I was eventually kicked off but not before I had humiliated the opposition and opened a lot of minds. Even my being kicked off was a victory because when I next looked in the feeling was that I had been proved right. By being kicked off I had graphically demonstrated that free speech is an illusion; it is monitored, edited, and if it lacks too much political correctness it is censored. I won hands down. I moved on to others.

I remember a Soviet era joke. The peasants were being shown around the Soviet equivalent of the BBC. Their host breathlessly showed the visiting party a microphone and explained that through it a person could talk to the entire world.

"Can I have a go then?" asked one awed visitor.

"Oh no, their host exclaimed. "You have to be very special to say anything in the microphone."

"Just one word, just one tiny little word, please!" the peasant pleaded.

"Alright then, but only ONE word," she warned, at which point the visitor leaned towards the microphone and screamed ‘HELP!’

Well through these on-line discussion boards you have almost unlimited opportunity to talk to the world so why not just get on with it.

Michael Walsh

‘History Without The Spin’

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