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The Knife, but in WHOSE Hand ?

On Tuesday evening the world will go to bed wondering what may happen on the following day, 9/11 as it is now known. Those wishing to avoid being on the receiving end of terrorism might care to avoid using buildings, hotels, aeroplanes, ships, or obvious government targets in which there is a remarkable and unexplained absence of people of Israeli appearance. Look out for unexplained cancellations of Jewish events and put a league between them and any local targets.

Those less sophisticated in the ways of ZOG duplicity will lie sleepless as they wonder if Osama has got more up his sleeve than a dirty arm. On the other and those mindful of the fate of the White Star liner the Lusitania, the American base Pearl Harbour, or the mythical 'gas chambers' of Soviet-occupied Germany, will be watching for atrocities that have their origins in the Dirty Tricks Department of the Israeli or American administrations.

The hard facts suggest that if the multitudes in the Islamic and other communities, who have good reason to detest and attack Israeli-American interests do so, then 9/11 is probably the least favourable date of all. That is best known as fighting on the enemies' chosen territory.

Beleaguered Bush and Blair must be praying to their god (not the same as our God) for any atrocity that will boost sympathy and support for their oil-war. They will be as wishful of an atrocity on the night of 9/10 as a kid going to bed on Christmas Eve, and as disappointed as such a kid if they wake to find the stocking empty.

I was too young to have suffered the evil manoeuvring of the 1939 war lobby, bringing together a coalition of evil empires to remove a rebellious middle European 'rogue' state. This is the first time I have ever feared my own 'leaders' rather more than I have fear Saddam who's sane!

Yes, I too will go to bed on Tuesday might wondering what the morrow will bring. But if anything bad does happen then my first suspicions will look for an American-Israeli connection. The stark and horrifying truth is that the only ones to benefit from an atrocity on or close to 9/11 will be the dark forces that shape the thinking of Bush and Blair. Metaphorically speaking if I were a serviceman based on the modern day equivalent of Pearl Harbour, I would be more concerned about betrayal than Osama bin Laden.

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