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Because the victors write history the many crosses borne by the defeated include being libelled, demonised, persecuted, and denied all avenues through which they might pursue justice, equality, or absolution. Has it ever been otherwise? Hitler’s Germany is hardly the exception to the rule.

It too has been libelled, demonised and persecuted. All avenues through which National Socialists might pursue justice have been blocked. They and the like-minded ever since Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt's war, have been denied the right to defend themselves on penalty of imprisonment or worse.

They too are denied freedom of expression, of free publication, of all democratic rights. These include the right to vote for a candidate of THEIR choice. The right to stand for election and to represent those who prefer the National Socialist form of government to the narrow choice of selected systems presently imposed upon them. But National Socialists even in defeat do have a few advantages denied to the victors, several of which are as follows:



Of the wartime leaders only Adolf Hitler was democratically and overwhelmingly elected by the German people in a perfectly free election. He was undoubtedly the most popular European leader of all time whereas Winston Churchill was universally unpopular for 90% of his too-long life.

During his war he was not elected but seized power using highly questionable tactics. Ruling under the ‘Emergency Powers Act’ like his henchman friend, Josef Stalin, he could be properly termed a dictator. It is true that Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected but he lied his way into office on the (broken) promise he would not involve the USA in a foreign war. He later admitted lying.

We National Socialists do not have the war on our conscience. It is now common knowledge (tabloid readers excepted) that England conspired with Poland and Belgium, France and Holland etc, to attack Germany. This was done on broken promises of military aid under a Pact since revealed to be illegal.


Our National Socialist cause was inspired and lead by a man who was a thrice highly decorated frontline veteran of the Great War. He was also an accomplished philosopher; writer, artist and poet, whose works today attracts phenomenal sums.

During the 20th Century only the Holy Bible out sold his great work, Mein Kampf, despite its publication being banned in these so-called lands of free speech.

This thoroughly absorbing work, the first words of which were penned in a lonely mountain refuge at Berchtesgaden nearly one hundred years ago, is still a best seller throughout the world. Interesting to note his book favourably comments or quotes Christianity over five hundred times, which is approximately five hundred times more than can be seen in the comparatively boring and unread works of Churchill.

Despite his being a crusading Christian Mein Kampf is selling particular well in the Third World including the Arab world even today where Hitler is still revered, even in their national media. Of course those nations colonised by the British and Soviet empires were once desperate for a National Socialist victory, sensing their own liberation would come with it.

Churchill on the other hand was a notorious dilettante. A half American with Indian blood he first achieved notoriety as a journalist who betrayed his fellow Boer War captives which resulted in many of them dying. He presided over the Dardanelles fiasco thus causing the deaths of tens of thousands of allied troops. On his instruction Royal Navy warships sailed up the River Mersey to level their guns on striking British workers during the 1926 General Strike. This was a revolution against poverty and suffering which resulted in deaths of working men at the hands of the State.

One of the first acts of Adolf Hitler on being elected was to disarm the German police, even of their truncheons. He would not accept that a German could ever bring physical force against another German. It stank of oppression.

Such was Winston Churchill's unpopularity that in the late 1920s he absconded to America where he apparently intended to spend the rest of his life in exile. It would have been advisable due to the considerable debts he had amassed in England due to his profligate ways.

Churchill shamelessly returned to England and on being bailed out by the Jewish diamond mine speculator Henry Strakosch, launched England into a suicidal war against peaceful Germany, but also Finland, Rumania and Hungary. In doing so he brought an end to the British Empire and left his country in ruins and - of course being a creature of habit made her virtually bankrupt.

During the course of his war he also conspired to wage war on other European nations, through his mentors Josef Stalin and the Jew Franklin D. Roosevelt. The net result was to deliver eleven formerly free European nations and their hapless populations to fifty years of Communist terror at a total cost millions of innocent Christian lives. A leader? You are welcome to him. We are glad we do not have him as our ‘hero’.



Our Leader Adolf Hitler was a church going non-smoking teetotaller who abhorred cruelty to animals. A man of working class background, he refused to take a penny off the state. He was the only world leader who never had a bank account. He lived on the royalties of his own works.

In a romantic sense he was similarly abstemious declaring truthfully that he could not be married to anyone but to Germany, and undertook to give his people 100% of his time.

Unlike his fat socialite adversary he wore normal clothes though disdained wearing his well-earned medals except to veteran occasions. Winston Churchill however is on record as have a predilection for wearing handmade silk women's' knickers, and liked wearing medals and titles he had not been awarded. Hitler though was perfectly normal and married his partner, the stunningly beautiful Eva Braun who loved him dearly, before he died. It was her choice to leave the world with him, hand in hand.

Churchill was a parasitical cigar smoking, silk-knickers wearing clown; an overfed sycophant who prostrated himself before the hunting classes and gorged himself on dead animals. He was bladdered most of the time and as a pastime enjoyed (in the company of crooks like the Kray twins) watching men sodomise boys.


To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die. Few English people know or care where Winston Churchill is buried. His grave receives very few visitors. On the other hand the 'victorious' allies had the ashes of our Leaders, even their military officers, scattered at night to thwart worshippers.

Guess who else had a penchant for doing likewise? Josef Stalin and his handpicked thugs ruling the Eastern Bloc slave states of course.

Yet Hitler’s mountain home in Berchtesgaden fifty-five years after his death attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims each year despite its location and purpose being rigorously ignored and censored.


Furthermore our National Socialist cause did not ally itself with the blood-soaked Communism of Soviet Russia, which is conservatively estimated to have been responsible for the genocide of forty million people.

Those nations and their leaders who could rightly be recognised as friends and collaborators of Hitler's National Socialist revolution, could to a man be described as true representatives of their people, genuine socialists, and rebels against the colonisation and rape of their nations - by the American, Brutish and Soviet empires. .

In our National Socialist struggle against the invasion of Europe an estimated one million Russians took up arms in our cause thus making it the biggest volunteer army in European history.

Unlike your Ghurkha and other foreign mercenary regiments our armies were instructed to take prisoners alive. On the other hand, if you will excuse the expression, Americans and ANZAC forces killed their prisoners merely for body part souvenirs. It was a 'perk' of the war. Allied troops when they did take Japanese prisoners alive enjoyed throwing them from aircraft when passing over Southeast Asian jungles. (Wartime Journals of Charles A. Lindbergh. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, N.Y.) (Ed. Wonder if their families will get compensation?)



Another clear conscience of ours! Our National Socialist system never sought an empire nor contrived to subjugate others. In this respect too it was quite unique. A.J.P Taylor, probably the last respected historian who could be described as being favourably inclined towards National Socialism conceded that Hitler fought a defensive war.

Isn't it a tad ridiculous - but illustrative of the power of propaganda - that the third smallest nation in Europe could be described as the aggressor when faced down by three great world empires; the British, the Soviet, and the American empires. If ever there was a case of David against Goliath. David lost the first round - but it was only the first round.

As our Leader, Adolf Hitler wisely and rightly observed: "Moroccans, Berbers, Arabs, Negroes, &c., have all fallen victim to a foreign might, the swords of which, however, were not inscribed ‘Made in Germany’, but ‘Made by the Democracies’."

The truth shall set you free indeed. The war of information as the propaganda battle between the protagonists ensued is now described as ‘the war that Hitler won’. Why? Because National Socialist Europe and its information media was more open, honest, and less censorious. In England even the Daily Express jibed ‘that soon Britain would need leaflet raids on itself to tell its own people how the war was going." - The First Casualty, Philip Knightly, Andre Deutsch.



Unlike his drunken adversaries our National Socialist Leader was universally admired by millions including his grudging enemies. Winston Churchill said, "If our country were defeated I should hope we should find a champion as indomitable to restore our courage and lead us back to our place among the nations."

Viscount Rothermere said "He has a supreme intellect. I have known only two other men to whom I could apply such distinction." One of them, Britain’s greatest statesmen David Lloyd George said of our Fuhrer, "He is a born leader of men. A magnetic and dynamic personality with a single-minded purpose, a resolute will and a dauntless heart".

George Bernard Shaw the world-famous playright said "It is inconceivable that a single vote should be cast against him" whilst John F. Kennedy, US President said "Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him as one of the most significant figures who ever lived. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."

Jesse Owens the US Negro Olympian athlete said "When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him. I think the writers showed bad taste in criticising the man of the hour in Germany." The Daily Mail agreed: "He succeeded in ascending to the highest power-position in Germany with very little spilling of blood or loss of human life in a land of 68 million inhabitants." The Observer: "I have talked with the humblest type of labourers, with merchants, professional men. I have yet to discover a dissenting voice to the question of loyalty to the Fuhrer."



THEY DIED FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM!" This is a devotional incantation chanted daily by the fraudulent high priests of parliament and their captivated press-processionists. You have all read Hans Christian Anderson’s wonderful story, ‘The Emperor’s Clothesin which the innocent child exposes the hypocrisy of the grown-up world by pointing out that in fact the Emperor is naked?

Try this one. "Who in 1939 threatened our freedom and in what way?" or Who actually declared war on who?’ After receiving a stunned silence the chanted mantra will pick up again, ‘They died fighting for freedom’ as though by repetition the lie will become an ingrained truth. The big lie of course, and we know who believes in the bigger the lie the greater the belief? The Jews of course, as pointed out by our Leader in his great work Mein Kampf.

"SIX MILLION JEWS!" How different our view of the war if we were to take this particularly vicious victors' blackmail libel out of the debate altogether? It would be a little like discoving a free as air alternative to oil or a bank-free society. Quite intolerable! (for world peace no doubt!).

Don't mention the war! Like the ‘fighting for freedom’ mantra it makes (revisionist) questioning of the war unthinkable which is precisely what they want. A little like discovering that Santa Claus isn’t real and it is YOU who has to buy the presents!

What a let-down and a need for a lot of uncomfortable explanations so let’s stick with the mythical Father Christmas, the flat earth - the ‘gas chambers’ and of course the six millions Jews! Let us not even pause to think that this figure, according to Jewish sources was half the world's Jewish population in 1938.

Heck! Not so much the long arm of the law as the long outstretched arm of the National Socialists. No wonder they get hysterical when any modern populist leader like Jean Marie Le Pen fail to genuflect at the tomb of the six million myths.

If Hitler’s Germany ‘gassed six million Jews’ how is it that using the world’s most sophisticated scientific; geo-physical and post-mortem advances not a single genuine gas chamber has ever been located; not a plan, even an invoice? Not a single legal court finding. Not a single corpse medically identified as being subjected to an administered noxious substance of any kind?

Ask the high priests and press-processionists this: "If this libel is proven why is it necessary to imprison non political researchers who question it?" After all nobody was ever denied the right; fined or gaoled for questioning the death toll of the Irish Famine or the comparatively higher death tool (Belsen compared) deaths of Dutch Boers imprisoned by the Victorian British. Nobody was ever legally prevented from examining and publishing historical evidence before on any conflict so where is is the need now – if there is nothing to hide and nothing to afterwards explain?





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