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240,000 Britons in Mass Evacuation

Every Year

The number of Britons fleeing the United Kingdom has reached levels last experienced during the assisted passage era. Then, hundreds of thousands of destitute emigrants escaped the poverty of post-war Britain to settle abroad. Today for the first time in history over 1,000,000 retired Britons choose to live anywhere but England, and most but not all choose mainland Europe. It is estimated that 240,000 UK citizens of all ages are now burning their boats and turning their backs on the United Kingdom - every single year.

One newspaper alone, the Friday edition of the Daily Mail carries nearly sixty advertisements for companies cashing in on 'the evacuation'. These include details of 36 'escape centre' exhibitions in England alone where England's refugees can seek assistance in re-locating abroad.

At these exhibitions, some of them multi-stand, visitors in their thousands queue to learn about the attractions of life outside their own beleaguered country.

Typically one exhibition at York fielded over 100 homes abroad specialists early in June last year. As with similar 'escape departure points' it attracted unprecedented numbers of would-be UK refugees.

Although the doors to the exhibition were not scheduled to be open until 10.00am by a little after 9.00am two queues, each a hundred metres long, had formed. In each one desperate and depressed Britons chose to stand in the rain, each with a pre-taxed entrance fee of 3, to get the chance of seeking a new life abroad.



One exhausted exhibitor said, "It was just like the January sales. As soon as the doors open they pour in; we never even get the chance to eat a sandwich for lunch! It was the same at the much bigger exhibitions at Earls Court, the Cumberland Hotel at Marble Arch, and the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham."

A visitor said ruefully: "I wish Tony Blair could see what he is doing to this country - and the results," he added as he waved his hand at the throngs surging around the various exhibits.

The reasons given for leaving England in such numbers are varied but they all add up to general dissatisfaction. Whilst Britain's poor weather is a factor it doesn't stand alone. Tony Blair and his cohorts have little control over the weather anyway.

When questioned as to their reason for seeking a new life abroad the overwhelming majority of escapees is quick to respond. "We are over taxed and working for nothing' is on everyone's lips. "Bloody immigration" is often cited but such words are whispered in hushed tones as though frightened that they will be overheard.

Crime being out of control, Britain's drug culture, the cost of living, the state of the health 'service' and a general feeling that England has had its chips makes up the general consensus. As one astute American put it: "Britain today is like the Titanic. and they are not even hanging around to watch the bubbles."


A tired stand advisor at one of the exhibitions told of how visitors are dismayed to learn that they may have to wait up to two years, sometimes three, for their new home abroad to be built. Some opt for re-sale properties so they can leave quickly, which is a good idea as demand is pushing prices up anyway. He grinned and added that when dealing with apprehensive migrants he introduces himself as 'the Chairman of the Escape Committee.'

"That way," he added they know exactly where I am coming from. They identify and often pour out expressions of disgust at their country's rapid decline.

The rush to leave Britain may increase as it is revealed that Britain's trade balance has now reached a record 3 billion pounds. This is the difference between what it sells and purchases. Such a deficit identifies the depressed manufacturing and service economy, which is faltering. Few believe the massaged unemployment figures.

The hapless Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown now concedes that the artificially strong pound needs to be devalued by as much as 20% to bring it in to line with the more realistically valued Euro.


Experts say this cannot happen overnight as the fragile economy would likely collapse as a result. They predict that it will gradually be reduced over the next two years. "Death duties, the erosion of pensions and the evaporation of savings is driving people to desperation," one said.

A visitor returning from a recent trip to southern Spain says he often chats with ex-patriates. They cannot bring themselves to believe what has happened to their country. One pensioner when asked if she ever returned home to England, or if she missed England at all, vehemently replied that she didn't and anyway she couldn't afford to return.



Many if not most are heading directly to the Spanish Costas; the Mediterranean coastal strip running from Barcelona at the north of the Costa Brava, right through the 210 kilometre Costa Blanca Stretch and through to the Costa del Sol. All paradise compared to Britain. The lower cost of living, crime negligible by comparison, a better quality of life, are all a big draw.

Others are evacuating to France, northern Italy, the Greek islands and in particular Cyprus and Crete where crime is just 6% that of Britain's. Many others are heading west to Florida in the United States.

The United Kingdom is now the most expensive country in Europe, where taxation has even passed that of notorious Germany. The cost of living and house prices in particular are driving native-born Britons abroad. Many young Britons can no longer afford a home of their own in their own country. Mortgages after the highest taxation levies in Europe simply can't be paid. Some young married couples are facing first home mortgages of 200,000 and are being driven out of their own country.



The Daily Mail recently reported that "Massive increases in house prices in recent years have made Britain one of the most expensive places to buy a home in the world. Low prices, the strong pound and low interest rates have led to a surge in demand for foreign property and the search for a better quality of life."

One exhibitor who didn't wish to be named said: "How much longer can any country take it? The equivalent of a fair sized city is now leaving every year. They are taking their wealth, their experience, and their way of life abroad.

In the meantime similar numbers of incoming refugees, who have no means of support; people who have no home, no skills, who aren't able to contribute in any way, are replacing them. People who furthermore have a cultural background wholly alien to that of the indigenous population. It is frightening," he concluded.

The refugees in similar numbers are flooding in to take advantage of huge handouts, funded by the escapees before they join 'the chicken run' to southern Europe and the United States and the Republic of Ireland.

Homes Overseas magazine says: "Experts are still forecasting moderate growth in sales over the next two or three years and, over the next five, some are predicting up to two million families will move into the Costa Blanca region over the next five years."



Many emigrants are attracted to the more prosperous life abroad where people can still stroll, shop, enjoy life without fear of being mugged or be accosted by druggies and aggressive street beggars that infest Britain's mean streets today.

"It's the quality of life that people go for. If you look at the cost of living, it's at least 40 per cent lower than in the UK or Ireland," reports Richard Saunders, a prominent expert.

Fleeing Britons are also outraged by the depressingly predictable sleaze in politics, degrading material being shown on television, and the poorest educational opportunities in Europe. "Britain is one stinking sink estate, riddled with crime, vandalism, and despair," said one exhibition visitor.

Many are attracted to Cyprus where, as in other parts of Europe, bi-lingualism is commonplace and over half the young people enjoy a university education. Derek Workman, who left for Spain two years ago, when asked what the main differences in lifestyle were replied, "Immeasurable." Asked if he had any regrets the ex-patriot responded ruefully. "Only that I didn't do it 20 years ago - a phrase you oft hear repeated here."

He smiled when asked what he missed most about England? "The Spanish phrase is nada de nada meaning absolutely nothing - with bells on!" he grinned.


John ------ an ex-career officer in the Royal Air Force said that the happiest moments of his life was when sailing across the English Channel, with his family, heading for a new life abroad. Another, an ex-colonel in the Kings Regiment echoed his views. "England," he surmised. "I don't give a cuss if I never see it again."

It is estimated that during any one weekend scores of homes abroad exhibitions are held throughout England. Some cities host several at the one time. An exhibitor for a Spanish company told of one small city in which three organisations were assisting people in their quest to leave Britain, yet they still couldn't cope with the numbers attending.

He recounted with a smile how one harassed family man, commenting on the continental ambience background music suggested that it might be more appropriate to play the theme tune to The Great Escape movie.

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