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When one looks at the general world situation today it becomes obvious that the natural allies of the National Socialist Movement, in its struggle against international finance-capitalism and Bolshevism, are the nations of the Third World.

Adolf Hitler predicted the rise of these nations, * and spoke of a true community of nations united in a common struggle against a common foe.

The alliance was already taking form during the Second World War. Victory of National Socialist Germany was celebrated with rejoicing and enthusiasm throughout the Arab world and the Indian subcontinent. Likewise in Turkestan and Soviet Asia, in Iran, Latin America and in a thousand places where oppressed peoples looked to the Third Reich and her axis allies as their deliverers from colonial bondage and Bolshevik terror.

Many thousands were not content to merely extend moral support and actually joined the National Socialist armed forces in regular and special units, carrying out missions and feats of great bravery.

Indians, Arabs, Berbers, Tartars, Cossacks and others fought and died beside their European comrades for the freedom of their countries and the New Order.

It is not often revealed by the victor nations' propagandists just how much enormous economic, political and military pressure was exerted by the Western allies (in particular the United Kingdom and United States) upon the governments or leaders of such countries. These included Turkey, Lebanon, Chile, Syrian Egypt, India, Bolivia, Iran, Iraq etc.

Huge pressures were brought to bear to try to involve them in the war against National Socialism and so help crush the brilliant new social experiment which had rendered redundant the old 19th century ideas of Marxism and finance-capitalism and seriously challenged the hegemony in the Western World.



Often the methods of intimidation against the Third World involved the assassination of patriotic leaders and armed invasion (as in Iraq) or mass arrests (as in India).

Even so, the Western powers were unsuccessful in their attempts to have the Third World contribute significantly to the war effort. Indeed, many Third World countries did nothing other than make a formal declaration of war against Germany after her military defeat had already been assured and the war was in effect over.

After the war, many Third World countries gave shelter and asylum to European patriots escaping from the kangaroo courts of their occupied homelands.

Later, many young Third World freedom fighters that had supported the National Socialist struggle rose to challenge the colonial exploitation to which their fathers had meekly submitted.

These freedom fighters did not forget that the victorious allies conveniently broke or forgot their promises made during the war and unlike the betrayed Poles, Ukrainians, Hungarians, and other Eastern European peoples they were in a position to do something tangible about it!

Listed here are some of the Third World patriots who resisted the attempts to involve their countries in the Zionist-Capitalist-Bolshevik crusade against National Socialist Germany.

Some of these patriots simply wanted to keep out of the conflict and certainly not render any material or military aid to their colonial oppressors, while others, especially the younger activists and freedom fighters, took an active pro-National Socialist stance.

The list is by no means exhaustive and it should be remembered that for every patriot leader who fought and died, many thousands of unnamed patriots whose deeds and exploits live on in the hearts and souls of their countrymen throughout the Third World. We National Socialists of today salute these brave freedom fighters of yesteryear.

For example see the Boorman Vermeke, evening of February 17, 1945.




India Subhas Chandra Bose - Popular Leader

India Mahatma Gandhi - Political Leader

Iran Rubollah Khomeini - Religious Leader

Turkey Ismet Inonu - President

Iraq Rashid Ali - Premier

Palestine Haj min al-Hussaini - Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Argentina Juan Peron - Vice President

Chile Juan Rios - President

Egypt Abdul Nasser - Popular Leader

Syria Shukri el-Kuwatli - Popular Leader

Bolivia Victor Paz Estensoro - Popular Leader

Lebanon Khahil el-Khuri - President

Afghanistan Hasim Khan - Prime Minister


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