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Spot the difference. 'STOP HIM! - Blair Warns: Don't Let Le Pen's Evil Racism Spread to Britain.'; 'Britain ditches traditional Neutrality on Foreign Elections! '10,000 Protest at Election Outcome That 'Shames France'.

Er? When was sabre-rattling Britain EVER neutral on foreign elections? A mere ten thousand protesters? As this is less than the turnout for a 4th Division football match out of a population of sixty millions in the biggest country in Europe we are hardly impressed? But such are the views of the extreme left-wing Daily Mirror jewspaper.

Until Europe's real working class revolutionaries brought down Communism this evil jewspaper embraced the worst excesses of Stalin's evil legcy and welcomed its henchmen to Labour Party and 'trade union' conferences.

This jewspaper's proprietor, Robert Maxwell, openly traded with he Soviets whilst rifling the pensions of Britain's pensioners. On his bizarre death he received a king's burial in Israel. This is the jewspaper' that daily shoves extremes of pornography down its vapid victims throats on a daily basis. Some moral guardian!

Let us then turn to the right foot in the establishment's jackboot, the Daily Mail. This is a jewspaper that will not hear a word said against the monstrous Arial Sharon of Israel who is on record as saying:


"I don't know something called International Principles. I vow that I'll burn every Palestinian Child born in this area. The Palestinian Woman and Child is more dangerous than the Man, Because the Palestinian Child existence refers that Generations will go on, but the man causes limited danger. I vow that if I was just an Israeli Civilian and I met a Palestinian I would burn him and I would make him suffer before killing him. With One hit I've killed 750 Palestinians (in Rafah, 1956). I wanted to encourage my soldiers by raping Arabic Girls as The Palestinian Woman is a slave for Jews, and we do whatever we want to her and Nobody tells us what we shall do but we tell others what they shall do".

It seems the Daily Mail gets on very well with racial-nationalist extremists - JEWISH ones of course.

Sharon's apologist jewspaper trumpets the headlines: 'Arrogant Elite That Gave This Thug Strength', 'France's Shame as Le Pen Gloats.', 'Fantasist, Bigot, Brutal Thug,' 'The Rantings (sic) of a Rabble Rouser'. Seriously, they are not talking of Israel's notorious Ariel Sharon, they are talking of France's potential President.

The ranting? Let's see now. Le Pen's so-called ranting include 'The Races are Unequal' Well such a conclusion is pretty obvious to anyone but a half-wit (or race traitor). Another 'ranting' disapproved of by the 'conservative' Daily Mail is: 'I pledge an immediate end to all immigration and to send three million immigrants home.' That 'rant' that should be music to the ears of the vast majority of WHITE Frenchmen and women.'

We wonder if Communists, left-wing ideologues, newspaper editors ever rant? Or if this a method of communication unique to those who oppose white European racial-nationalism?


So here we go again! This morning the goose step of the establishment's media pounds across the breakfast tables of the White Diaspora, its strident bark demanding that Jean-Marie Le Pen and his Fascist movement be stopped in its tracks.

Where have we heard the same stinking poisonous rhetoric of the establishment at bay? Standing exposed as in the brothel is the contrived antagonism of the illiberal left and the conservative right as it unites against the interests of the ordinary white Europeans?

We heard it all before, in the 1930's of course. Then another great man had stood up for the ordinary people, gained their trust and in doing so incurred the wrath of the 'global economy' and its left-right left-right cannon fodder foot soldiers. All we need do is change the name of any country having the impudence to stand up to the lies of the establishment, protest against the pollution of the national gene, and react against national betrayal.


"Scarcely a day passes without the Press slinging mud at Germany (France). The members of the Nazi government (Le Pen's National Front) are thugs, thieves, liars, and even murderers; that nothing good can come out of the German government (Le Pen government) ad infinitum. Every item of news is falsified and exaggerated to meet the exigencies of a lying campaign," complained the acclaimed commentator G.E.O Knight in his masterful analysis, In Defence Of Germany

Aneurin Bevin agreed. "A newspaper has three things to do. One is to amuse, another is to entertain, and the rest is to mislead."

Neville Chamberlain, the hapless Prime Minister, soon to be ousted in a Churchill-Jewish backed coup, admitted in July 1939. "Unhappily, bad feeling between nations is fomented daily by poisonous propaganda in the Press and by other means"


In an uncanny echo of the past the pre-war French President M. M. Lebrun warned his own country's editors of their responsibility. "One should never forget the regrettable effects of false reports, which might threaten that international harmony among the nations, for which one should work more than ever, and jeopardize the peace desired by all."

His Foreign Minister M. Delbos agreed by stating "that the common duty of the Press in all lands was to allay the fever which had arisen. The Press would have to do more for the reconciliation of their nations than their separation." Are your rat-like ears twitching, 'Fleet Street' and Broadcasting House?


Trade boycotts against France of course. What Frenchman will vote with his conscience when the contents of his purse are threatened? When Germany in the 1930s ousted the banking cartel and freed their people from usury the immediate reaction of the hidden hand was to organize the boycott of German goods.

France's National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen is what is known as 'Jew wise!' As such he (and other informed European nationalists) are high on the Jewish Mafia's hit list. In their view he has to be stopped.

The first stage is the poisonous Press campaign to belittle and libel him and his supporters until they lose credibility, until their supporters are intimidated, divided and demoralized.

Set to coincide is stage two; the unification and mobilization of the combined forces of the threatened establishment. This will embrace all from the extreme left to those on the extreme right, the misnamed conservatives who have never conserved anything in their lives except their own power and privilege. .



Marches will be organized, violence on the streets will be gratified, pundits of the left and right canonised, opponents vilified, peace makers ostracised, the pinkos organised, moderates criticised, followers demonised and Joe six-pack public will be confused and mystified.

Worst of all, traditional bogus 'enemies' will have to shed their sheep's clothing. Yapping and barking to the same old hymn they will chant The Internationale. Already the far-left in France is livid that they will now have to vote for President Jacques Chirac, the French equivalent to Margaret Thatcher. They might consider supporting the working class for a change!

Radio, television and newspaper interviews will become the exclusive domain of the multi-coloured rainbow alliance opponents of Le Pen's and like-minded European racial-nationalists.

The pictures shown on television and Press will almost exclusively be those of Le Pen's opponents or their activities. The few shown of Le Pen and his supporters will portray negative images. After all 'the picture says a thousand words.'

The most obscure little Leftists will be elevated to statesmanlike levels. They will preen themselves as they experience 'fame' for the first time in their lives and their opinions are sought by the high and mighty.

Studio doors will be opened or them; their egos will be stroked until they vomit far more than any medieval torturer could elicit. Similarly, anyone who has ever been remotely connected to any racial-nationalist group, organisation or party, but has since been thrown out, will be invited to solemnly pronounce on its wicked ways, without ever being questioned of course.



Amusing? One can just well imagine the Daily Mail's Andrew Alexander, The Sunday Times Andrew Neil (him of the drunken sexual escapades), Edward Heathcoat-Amery and Stephen Glover, joining forces with The Socialist Worker Party, The Women's' Collective, Gay Rights, The Marxist Party of Great Britain. Each falling over themselves. They are not yet quite used to keeping in step.

Next is the trade boycott. "Judea Declares War on Germany (France)! Jews of all the World Unite! Boycott of German (French) Goods! Mass Demonstrations!" These were all headlines in the Daily Express on March 24th 1933.

For the headlines seventy-years later change the name from Germany to France - or maybe Denmark, Belgium, Austria, England, anywhere the common man of new Europe rises to throw off the shackles of the Jewish run establishment, the bankers cartel, and the politicians cozy coterie.



If all of this doesn't succeed then will it be war again? Can history repeat itself? No! This is not possible in the new millennium. This is the great danger faced by the current crop of Europe's destroyers. You can now smell the fear on them.

Today it is inconceivable that any European country, even belligerent Britain would declare war on a neighboring European country.

In the early 1930s there was an intense nationalism felt by the divided tribes of Europe. Most national peoples had never been to any other countries save their own. The few Britons who had been abroad were exclusively the upper classes, their armed forces and navy services. Much the same could be said of our European brothers and sisters.

Then it was easy for the mass manipulators of public opinion to demonize first the Spanish, then the French and finally the Germans; all of whom at one time or another threatened to politically dominate Europe or reach trade agreements that excluded England. It was so easy then for Fleet Street to turn brother against brother.

But not today when virtually every European: English, German, Frenchman and Netherlander, casually rub shoulders, share drinks and attend football matches. Just as once villagers became townsmen and women, today we stroll down der strasse and un calle as our racial kinsmen and women stroll our roads and lanes.

Such people will not take up arms against each other again any more than Louisiana's folk will take up arms against Nebraskans, Lancastrians against Yorkists.


The other difference is that today we have the worldwide web. Each one of us has more power and can reach out to more people across the world than could a dozen Lord Beaverbrooks of old Europe. Eat your heart out Jewspaper pundits. Real democracy through the web has been returned to the people.

No longer can we be excluded from the newsroom and kept away from the microphones, no longer silenced by exclusion. The means of communication are no longer exclusive as they once were in Moscow, London and Washington.

Nation shall speak unto nation claims the British Broadcasting Corporation's image-makers. But today we proclaim: 'People shall speak unto people.'

If this were 1930 then this article would need to be first posted to one of the few the typesetters prepared to put it together. It would then take its turn in a process that would take months if not years before finding itself in the hands of its reader. It would stand not a cat in hell's chance of ever being published in the main stream press, which would use its power to exclude.

The whole cost would be enormous and this would be a burden on the reader who had perhaps bought the book or pamphlet in the first place.

Today however, in a few moments I will tap the 'send' button and on one web site alone - out of a great many - 100,000 people will have instant access to my words - or yours - free of charge. They will even be able to hit their own 'send' buttons and move it on to tens of thousands of other peoples across the world. They can print it off. Within hours these words may well be passed from hand to hand at an Australian, Canadian or American University. My racial kin in Santiago might post it to a friend in Valparaiso.

It is what we might call 'The Charge of the White Brigade'. Little wonder that we can smell the fear on the rank coats of Europe's traditional enemies.


Alas for the handmaidens of Israel this is not 1933 and the forest fires of European racial nationalism are once again sweeping through Europe.

Von Finnland bis zum Schwarzen Meer (From Finland to the Black Sea) sang the Divisions of the multi-European Waffen SS Regiments as they once celebrated their wresting control of Europe from the clutches of the Communist and Capitalist plutocracy.

Today we sing it again. From Finland to the Black Sea, the forces of Western European reaction are once again asserting themselves.

Again the call to arms - linked arms across Europe. This again is the time for unity of purpose and strength, again the time to join hands and arms across Europe to defeat the dictatorship of the so-called 'democracies'. This is our last chance and it must not be our Stalingrad.

If we fail to wrest Europe from the race-mixers, the bankers, the censors, and the traitors of its peoples, the usurpers of 'parliaments', then Europe and the European people will cease to exist.

If we succeed - as we must - then our children's teachers tomorrow will speak of these Second Dark Ages, when Europe stood at the cross roads of Destiny.


To a classroom of white children, healthy in kind and body, imbued and invigorated by their proud history, they will speak of the new and few guardians of the Thermopylaean Pass who became an army through European unity, an army that defeated the dark forces of racial obliteration.

Today we recognize and salute the enlightened forces of European revival spreading throughout our prostrate continent. In the end we will stand be as one, proud and defiant on the success of our goal: Forget Nostradamus. The prediction that beckons from Europe today is to be found in the final words of our continent's last leader:

".......By the sacrifice of our soldiers, by my comradeship with them right to the end, has been sown the seed which will spring forth in the history of Germany and of Europe in the resurrection of National Socialism together with a nation truly united. The day will come when we shall make an agreement with the men of other Aryan nations. Then there will come a union between all of the one, good, ruling race throughout the world."

Adolf Hitler, Last Will and Testament. April 29 1945

We are not the last of yesterday but the first of tomorrow.

"In the end all will be forgiven save treachery to the Race." Rudolf Hess.

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