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This is the full article from the Irish Times on the web:

The Department of Health is acting quickly to deflect public criticism, writes Joe Humphreys. The Department of Health and Children has begun making arrangements for the distribution of iodine tablets to every household in the State.
The move follows the discovery that a number of health boards had no usable stocks of iodine, contrary to claims made earlier this week by the Minister for Health, Mr Martin.


A spokesman for the Department confirmed last night that iodine tablets - which can be effective in preventing thyroid cancer in certain people exposed to radiation - would be pre-distributed to households, although not necessarily by post. "Distribution could be through local churches, schools or pharmacies. We have not decided yet," he said.

Early yesterday, the Minister for Health and Children, Mr Martin, apologised for claiming erroneously last Thursday that all health boards had stocks of iodine. The Minister said he had made the claim "in good faith" on receipt of information from his Department. "I take responsibility ... and I apologise for that."


Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland yesterday, Mr Martin added: "We have made arrangements and we're in the process of making arrangements to order new stocks and to pre-distribute to every household." The move, he said, was aimed at correcting an "inherent flaw" in the 1992 nuclear emergency plan whereby tablets were being stockpiled by health boards.

Iodine is said to offer limited protection, in the case of a major nuclear accident, to children or young people whose thyroid glands are still growing. The gland is susceptible to absorbing cancer-causing radioactive iodine in radioactive clouds. The risk of such absorption can be minimised by ingesting non-radioactive iodine in advance.

Mr Martin said the Government was going beyond what many nuclear-powered countries did by pre-distributing. "The most they do is they have stockpiles at nuclear plants for residents and staff in the vicinity of those plants. Indeed, the World Health Organisation (WHO) do not recommend that we pre-distribute to every house in the country," he said.

The Minister's comments drew further criticism from Opposition politicians, including Green Party MEP Ms Nuala Ahern, who said the WHO had recommended in 1999 that pre-distribution to households "be seriously considered".

She accused the Government of being "completely adrift" on the matter of nuclear safety. Fine Gael TD Mr Charlie Flanagan called on the Government to lift the "information blackout" and publish its national nuclear emergency plan.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Public Enterprise, which has responsibility for the plan, said the "2001 version" would be published within a matter of weeks. She stressed the plan was operational in the meantime.


Another Martyr to the Multi-Racial

Madness of the Blair Regime

For one family Tony Blair and George's Bush's 'crusade' against Islam has already started. The family of 17- year old Ross Parker, stabbed to death by a gang of marauding Asians in Peterborough last Friday night, have now appealed for calm in the one beautiful city. Tony Parker, 47 and his wife Davina, 43, have been visited by the police. Afterwards they said that they didn't want anyone going around fighting because of what happened to their son.

It is presumed that the police persuaded the distraught parents and Ross's 22-year old sister Leanne to use their influence to dampen local anger.

Ross Parker was a glass collector in he city's Solstice public house. The Asian gang overwhelmed Ross as he was walking his girlfriend along a lonely cycle path after the night's work was over. His girlfriend ran screaming for help. When she returned just minutes later her younger boyfriend was dead, lying in a pool of blood.


Although there was no other motive other than the boy being white and in the wrong place when a gang consisting entirely of Asians attacked him, the police incredibly are refusing to treat it as a racist murder. Bizarrely but sadly typically of sick Britain today the police immediately put extra officers on duty to throw a protective cordon around the Asian community. The headlines in the Peterborough Evening Telegraph proclaimed that 'the police and the Asian community were united' as a consequence of the young man being set upon and butchered in such a callous way.

The number of suspects arrested rose to thirteen when a 24-year old Asian was arrested on suspicion of murder. Another 18-year old Asian was released on bail while police continue their enquiries. Seven suspects between the ages of 13 and 24 remain in custody.

Whites are now asking just whose side the police are on and why the number of patrolling officers haven't been increased to protect the white community from similar attacks.


Britain's national newspapers succeeded in blanking the story. The Mail on Sunday, and its sister paper Daily Mail, which describes itself as 'the newspaper of the year', refused to carry the story at all. The Mail on Sunday just 48-hours after the young man was hacked to death by the Asian gang instead carried a two page article on the police pursuit of whites alleged to have killed Stephen Lawrence, a black teenager, - eight years earlier.

Other newspapers and television and radio news merely slipped a mention in. Each carefully omitted any mention of the murdered boy being white and the gang who stabbed him being Asian.

Even the local newspaper, referring to the young man's murderers as 'these people', and 'yobs', refused to consider it a racist attack and like the police moved quickly to defend the Asian community. It simultaneously criticised the white community for displaying its anger and its lack of understanding.


One can well imagine the furore had a gang of marauding whites set upon a seventeen-year old Asian and brutally stabbed him to death in front of his 19-year old girlfriend. The tragedy would have dominated the television, radio and press news for days if not weeks. Again, a protective shield would have been thrown around not the white community but the Asian community. Asians would of course have taken to the streets. They would have rioted, looted, caused mayhem.

The police would have turned a blind eye - this is what happened when Asian rioted in northern cities. They would have been ordered by their superiors to arrest more whites than Asians - 'to show even-handedness'. This again happens when Asians riot.

Before the fires had died down a constant stream of Asian 'leaders' would have been invited to voice their anger and excuse the action of their brethren.

Several white men are due to appear in court charged with offences alleged to have occurred during disturbances in the city following the boy's murder. The whites are in a no-win situation. As far as their government and its police and press stooges are concerned it is a case of 'tough on you, whitey; heads you win, tails you lose.'




Once upon a time to the Temple of the Thirteen Suns came the rich and powerful chief, Oomah the Third, who said to the goldsmith of the temple, Hansen L. Roschab. "I have much gold and am about to depart for a far country. Wilt thou keep this gold safely for me against my return a year hence? I will pay thee well."

The wily Roschab coughed loudly and covered his countenance with a cloth lest the rich Oomah the Third observe his joy to have this treasure in his possession. When he was calm and could look serious he said unto Oomah. "It is a very great responsibility and risk but I will undertake it for a tithe which shall be one shekel in every ten."

Then said the Chief Oomah, "it's a deal!" and forthwith his slaves delivered many bags containing in all a thousand shekels of gold for which Hansen L. Roschab, the goldsmith, gave the chief a parchment deposit writing payable to whomsoever, and thereupon Chief Oomah departed happily upon his journey.

As soon as he was well out of the country the shrewd Roschab called his confidential scribe and bade him thus. "Go thee now to the merchants whom I tell thee of and secretly say to each that thy master hath a little gold for hire upon good security." And the servant departed swiftly.

Soon there came to him a great merchant, who said. "Hansen, you old crook. I am in a jam for a few shekels of gold. Wilt lend me?" and Roschab replied. "Money is very tight these days, but it might be so arranged. What is thy need?"

The merchant answered. "Two hundred shekels."

Then said Roschab. "It is much money. What security couldst thou pledge for so great a sum?"

Then the merchant showed Roschab a writing of his possession of merchandise to the amount of a thousand shekels. Roschab said. "It is not enough; thou must also pledge thy dwelling and thy slaves and thy raiment." Whereupon the merchant after much protest pledged all his possessions, even to his innermost raiment.

Then said he to Roschab. "I have no place to store so much gold. Keep it safe for me and give me a writing which I may deliver to whomsoever I will." And Roschab did even so.

The next day came another merchant, and another, and still another. And to each Roschab loaned a portion of the gold of Chief Oomah the Third, taking from each as security his entire possessions, including his personal innermost raiment. And to each he gave a writing upon a parchment showing that each had on deposit writings for the whole of the thousand shekels, but Roschab still had all the gold.

Roschab reflected much upon this curious state of affairs, and said to himself. "These birds know how much gold I possess. They do not want the actual gold itself - what they really want is credit, some deposit writing which they may pass from hand to hand as money. I have one grand idea."

On the next day came another merchant, and another and still another, and to each Roschab showed the great store of gold of Oomah the Third, and to each he pretended to loan a portion, although he had previously loaned it to all the first ones who came.

And it came to pass that at the end of another ten days, Roschab had pretended to loan to many more merchants and have given writings of deposit for a second thousand shekels, making 2,000 shekels in all, although he had only the 1,000 shekels of Oomah the Third.

And still he had all the gold.

Whereupon Roschab reflected to himself. "What a leaden-pipe cinch. I wonder I did not think of this before. I can collect just as much usury for the phoney deposit writings as for the genuine. Verily I am a financial wizard.

Therupon Roschab caused it to be noised about that he possessed a vast store of gold for hire, and many more merchants came to borrow, and to each Roschab delivered writings of deposit and collected generous usury and demanded pledges from each of all his possessions even unto his innermost personal raiment, until he had issued writings of deposit for 10,000 shekels and held mortgages on substantially the whole city.

Then went Roschab to the wise man of the city, and said unto him. "Verily I have discovered the greatest racket of all time. I have learned the magic of making gold out of baloney, and if I keep my formulae secret for a few years, I will collect a fortune that will make Solomon's treasure look like a second-hand clothing store. Tell me how I may keep secret this bonanza of mine own profit."

Then said the wise man. "Look wise and say little and only upon little known matters afar off. Obtain the ear of the town crier. Engage him to spread the impression that money is a mysterious subject which no one understands save thee alone. Be friendly with the king's counsellors and grant their favours that the king may smile upon thee."

And Roschab did as he was bid and collected much usury from his phoney loan deposits and built for himself a mansion, collected works of art, and clothed his wives and concubines with fine linen and jewels. And when his business had grown to many times its humble beginnings, he took over the entire temple and by way of a sly joke called it The First National Bank, the same being from an obscure language and meaning, 'The Place of Imaginary Money.'

And that is the reason all banks have great marble pillars and bronze doors, so that they may resemble outside as well as internally, the 'place of imaginary money' which Hansen L. Roschab builded upon the gold of Oomah the Third in the Temple of the Thirteen Suns.

Story written by Robert Hemphill, Financial Authority, told before the Committee of Banking and Currency by request, Banking Act of 1935



We have all heard of Hitler's (sometimes Goebbels) so-called 'Big Lie Technique'. It is endlessly quoted thus: "'Of course, part of the Nazi propaganda technique was simply the art of fabrication. Hitler wrote, 'A definite factor in getting a lie believed is the size of the lie. The broad mass of the people, in the simplicity of their hearts, more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one.'"


This allegation is in fact a perfect example of what Lord Tennyson described as 'The Blackest of Lies'. The great man of English literature surmised: "A lie which is half a truth is ever the blackest of lies, for a lie which is all of a lie may be met and fought with outright, but a lie which is part a truth is a harder matter to fight."

Brown-nose palace 'journalists' programmed to recycle this artful smear are shown to be peddlers of Tennyson's 'blackest of lies.'

What did the German Leader actually say on the subject of 'The Big Lie'? It is based on two paragraphs thieved from Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf. It is then twisted to deflect the charge away from the accused to the accuser. In his great work the future German leader wrote:

"It required the whole bottomless falsehood of the Jews and their Marxist fighting organisation to lay the blame for the collapse (1918) on that very man who alone, with superhuman energy and will-power, tried to prevent the catastrophe he foresaw and save the nation from its time of deepest humiliation and disgrace. By branding Ludendorff as guilty for the loss of the World War, they took the weapon of moral right from the one dangerous accuser who could have risen against the traitors of the fatherland. (Hitler was referring to General Ludendorff as being the only leader capable of overturning the Jewish-Marxist coup that had seized power in 1918).

In this they (the Jews) proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie on little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big.

Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation of others; yes, even when enlightened on the subject, they will long doubt and waver, and continue to accept that at least one of these causes as true. Therefore, something of even the most insolent of lie will always remain and stick - a fact which all the great lie-virtuosi and lying-clubs in this world know only too well and also make the most treacherous use of.

The foremost connoisseurs of this truth regarding the possibilities in the use of falsehood and slander have always been the Jews; for after all, their whole existence is based on one single great lie, to wit, that they are a religious community while actually they are a race - and what a race!

One of the greatest minds of humanity has nailed them forever as such in an eternally correct phrase of fundamental truth he called them 'the great masters of the lie.' And anyone who does not recognise this or does not want to believe it will never in this world be able to help the truth to victory." - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.

Whilst Hitler was hardly alone among the great men and women in history to expose the Jews as 'masters of the big lie technique', they, aided and abetted by the aforementioned lick-spittle ignoramuses in the newsrooms of the Jewish-controlled world, relentlessly recycle this, the biggest lie of all. Hitler never used the big lie technique but quite rightly and provably exposed the Jews as being its architect.




"A lot of the (American) expertise on anti-gravity dated from decades earlier, and National Socialist Germany in particular. Much of what formed the basis of the Skunk Works' (Lockheed) projects came from the German technology and expertise plundered by the Allies at the end of the Second World War. Germany was a treasure trove of desirable technology, covering everything from weaponry to electronics to textiles and medicine.

It was a magnet for the Allies, including the British. Ian Fleming, who was later to write the James Bond novels, set up what was virtually a private army tasked with 'tech-plunder'. But the British were ill prepared to take advantage of the opportunities that faced them.

Not so the Americans. They simply removed the paperwork for hundreds of thousands of patents and shipped them home. According to the US Office of Technical Services - the body set up to ensure that German technology was rapidly moved into American industry - the documents contained a wealth of material which 'very likely contained practically all the scientific, industrial and military secrets of National Socialist Germany.' - Nick Cook, Aerospace Consultant for Jane's Defence Weekly (Mail on Sunday, 19 August 2001).

Perhaps we were misinformed when told repeatedly that the war was simply to remove the National Socialist 'threat'. More like the removal of Germany as a competitor and a successful one at that. Amazing isn't it, the silly old fools still convinced that the war was to defend freedom. None so blind as those who refuse to see!



Liverpool Echo editor Mark Dickinson and sidekick John Thompson are furious at their readers hostility towards 'asylum seekers' and so-called refugees. A series of full-length articles in the newspaper critically condemned Liverpool as a 'race hate city' because its citizens are disinclined to throw out the welcome mat for economic migrants plundering the taxpayer's purse.

The Echo's policy of playing Mother Benevolent with other peoples money moved on to extolling the virtues of immigration in its attempt to see piracy as cultural enrichment.


The editor and his editorial board cohorts were hardly prepared for the deluge of mail critical of both the immigrants and their liberal elitist approach to this social upheaval being forced upon the beautiful maritime city.

The newspaper's John Thompson angrily wrote: "We had an unpleasant - and unpublishable (sic) postbag about asylum seekers and refugees. Which is sad and disappointing from a city with a heart as big as the moon.

Encouragingly, there have been some sympathetic supportive letters among them.

The strange thing about the bigotry which permeates the outpourings of bile (see, all the usual lefty-liberal key words!) which we are forced to read is that it is so full of hatred for fellow human beings. And all of it anonymous, of course.

Another anonymous letter followed in response:

Dear Sir, Hypothetically speaking George Orwell might be one of those anonymous letter writers you mention in today's editorial: "at a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Since you became editor our newspaper (not yours) has adopted the political and selectively moral stance of the 'liberal elite', a minority group who over the decades are proven to be out of touch with public opinion.

As a point of fact the only consistency of this insidious but powerful hateful and unrepresentative minority is to leave a trail of well-intentioned misery and failure behind them.


I am pleased to see that here in Liverpool there is a natural reaction to this. It also pleases me to know that your readers do have the sense to write anonymously. They clearly possess a healthy instinct that tells them that anonymity is their sole defence against vindictive reaction.

Anonymity is the first sign of rebellion; broken glass, sir, is the second. Who knows the final acts of a people whose heartfelt opinions have been airily dismissed as bigotry?

You won't have my name either - but we do have the names of those who, to end on a quote, 'are falling into the lazy and cowardly ways of media-groupies in a one-party state.' Stephen Glover, Daily Mail 26 January 2001.

PS "At any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed all right-thinking people will accept without question.

It is not exactly forbidden to say this or that or the other, but it is ‘not done.’. . . Anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, either in the popular press or in highbrow periodicals." – George Orwell

The address of the Editor and John Thompson is Liverpool Echo, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L69 3EB. News Desk 0151 472 2488/2489. E-mail



"In terms of personal success, there has been no career more fortunate than that of Winston Churchill. In terms of human suffering to millions of people and destruction of the noble edifice of mankind there has been no career more disastrous."

– The European and English Journal. Source. American Manifest Destiny and the Holocausts. P.176

"The most uncivilized means of warfare that the world had known since the Mongol invasions."

This autumn the British Broadcasting Corporation will be releasing a £2 million two-part drama called ‘Night and Day’. It purports to be a true account of RAF Bomber Command’s monstrous conflagration of Europe. It will in fact be a crude one-sided attempt to launder a series of British and American war crimes equaled only by Josef Stalin and Ghenghis Khan’s grotesque ‘scorched earth’ policies which reduced eastern Europe to ashes and decimated its population.

Doubtless, the same programme makers would be able to find similar justification for the equally evil ‘hidden holocaust’. This occurred when Josef Stalin’s British equipped Red Army in 1945 turned northern Germany into a wasteland upon which was scattered the remains of four million Germans, mostly women and children. Not even animals were spared.

The BBC’s Night and Day programme will be a carefully edited ‘account’ of RAF Bomber Command’s air war against Germany; a glorification of what the eminent British war historian Captain Sir. Basil Liddell Hart declared as being "the most uncivilized means of warfare that the world had known since the Mongol invasions." (1)


Night and Day will certainly fail to mention, as did Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, that England’s bombing policy "was absolutely contrary to international law." (2). The Prime Minister, before being ousted in a Winston Churchill coup, told a packed House of Commons in London: ‘His Majesty’s Government will never resort to the deliberate attack on women and children and other civilians for the purpose of mere terrorism.’ (3).

The slick an’ sick ‘Day and Night’ docu-drama will undoubtedly trot out the usual canard summed up by Bomber Command’s Bill Reid, VC of Crieff in Perthshire who said: "In 1942 the bombing of Germany was the only way we had of hitting back." (Daily Mail, 7 February 2001). Note the key words: ‘Hitting back!’ You will hear it time after time during this programme.

This lends spurious credence to the ‘Britain at Bay’ lie that suggests that Britain had no other means of defending herself against the Nazi onslaught. It will of course fail to point out the since proven facts. All German air attacks against Britain were in retaliation against Britain’s air war. As Britain’s most illustrious historian A.J.P Taylor reminded us, it was Germany that was at bay.

Another myth peddled by the victor nation’s ‘palace journalists’ is that Germany gave as good as it got. Hardly!

During the war, more bombs by weight were dropped on the city of Berlin than were released on the whole of Great Britain during the entire war.

All German towns and cities above 50,000 population were from 50% to 80% destroyed. Dresden with a population larger than that of Liverpool was incinerated with an estimated 135,000 civilian inhabitants burned and buried in the ruins. Hamburg was totally destroyed and 70,000 civilians died in the most appalling circumstances. Cologne with a population greater than Glasgow's was turned into a moonscape. As Hamburg burned the winds feeding the three-mile high flames reached twice hurricane speed to exceed 150 miles per hour. On the outskirts of the city trees three feet in diameter were sucked from the ground by the supernatural forces of these winds and hurled miles into the city-inferno, as were vehicles, men, women and children.


The volcanic flames ensuing were thrown five times the height of New York’s Empire State Building, with gases as high again caused meteorological reaction as high as the stratosphere. Likewise Frankfurt and scores of other cities like them. Middle Europe, the cradle of civilization, was incinerated along with its inhabitants.

Between 1940 and 1945, sixty-one German cities with a total population of 25 million souls were destroyed or devastated in a bombing campaign that was unquestionably initiated by the British government.

Destruction on this scale had no other purpose than the indiscriminate mass murder of as many German people as possible quite regardless of their civilian status. It led to bombing retaliation that result in 60,000 British dead and 86,000 injured.

Indiscriminate bombing was internationally outlawed. The Washington Treaty (1922) expressly forbade the use of bombing against civilian populations. Although not ratified by the Geneva Convention ‘it was still universally agreed that terror bombing (of civilians) would not be employed. As with all other promises they were torn up and discarded at will.

Adolf Hitler alone, a man whom Lord Rothermere said: "There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily", remained within international law, refusing steadfastly to repudiate it.


The German leader was resolute: "The construction of bombing airplanes would soon be abandoned as superfluous and ineffective if bombing as such were branded as an illegal barbarity. If, through the Red Cross Convention, it definitely turned out possible to prevent the killing of a defenseless wounded man or prisoner, then it ought to be equally possible, by analogous convention, and finally to stop the bombing of equally defenseless civil populations. I owe it to my position not to admit any doubt as to the possibility of maintaining peace. The people want peace. It must be possible for governments to maintain it. We believe that if the nations of the world could agree to destroy all their gas and inflammatory and explosive bombs it would be a much more useful achievement than using them to destroy each other." (4)

English warlord Winston Churchill however rejected this. "His enthusiasm for behind the lines destruction of civilian populations could be traced back to his comment: ‘The air opened paths along which death and terror could be carried far behind the lines of the actual enemy; to women, children, the aged, the sick, who in earlier struggles would perforce have been left untouched.’" (5) This alluded to England’s air war against Persian tribes’ people.


J.M Spaight, CB, CBE, Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry (RAF) conceded that "Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly three months after the RAF had commenced bombing German civilian targets. Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter. Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones." (6)

The first breach of international law occurred very early on in England’s war against the German nation. As the noted jurist, F.J.P Veale surmised. "This raid on the night of May 11th 1940, although in itself trivial, was an epoch-marking event since it was the first deliberate breach of the fundamental rule of civilized warfare that hostilities must only be waged against the enemy’s combatant forces, Their flight marked the end of an epoch which had lasted for two and one-half centuries." (7)

Again the first 'area air attack’ of the war was carried out by 134 British bombers on the German city of Mannheim on the 16th December 1940. The object of this attack, as Air Chief Marshall Peirse later explained, was, 'to concentrate the maximum amount of damage in the center of the town.'" (8).


As early as 1953 H.M Stationery Office published the first volume of a work, The Royal Air Force, 1939 - 1945, The Fight at Odds.p.122. This tome is recognized as being 'officially commissioned and based throughout on official documents. It has been read and approved by the Air Ministry Historical Branch. Its author, Dennis Richards, reveals that: "If the Royal Air Force raided the Ruhr, destroying oil plants with its most accurately placed bombs and urban property with those that went astray, the outcry for retaliation against Britain might prove too strong for the German generals to resist. Indeed, Hitler himself would probably lead the clamor. The attack on the Ruhr was therefore an informal invitation to the Luftwaffe to bomb London."

England’s Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry agreed: "We began to bomb objectives on the German mainland before the Germans began to bomb objectives on the British mainland."

He added: "Because we were doubtful about the psychological effect of propagandist distortion of the truth that it was we who started the strategic bombing offensive, we have shrunk from giving our great decision of May 11 1940, the publicity it deserves." (9).

In a grim testimony to the adage that the nice guy never wins: "Air Marshall Tedder made every effort to be a worthy pupil of his warlord leader Winston Churchill. The Marshall told high British officers that Germany had lost the war because she had not followed the principle of total warfare." (10)

"Retaliation was certain if we carried the war into Germany... there was a reasonable possibility that our capital and industrial centers would not have been attacked if we had continued to refrain from attacking those of Germany," added the triumphant Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry. He went on to admit: "The primary purpose of these raids was to goad the Germans into undertaking reprisal raids of a similar character on Britain. Such raids would arouse intense indignation in Britain against Germany and so create a war psychosis without which it would be impossible to carry on a modern war." (11)


In his groundbreaking analysis of England’s bombing war, F.J.P Veale summed up. "It is one of the greatest triumphs of modern emotional engineering that, in spite of the plain facts of the case which could never be disguised or even materially distorted, the British public, throughout the Blitz Period (1940 1941) remained convinced that the entire responsibility for their sufferings it was undergoing rested on the German leaders. Too high praise cannot, therefore, be lavished on the British emotional engineers for the infinite skill with which the public mind was conditioned prior to and during a period of unparalleled strain." He added: "The inhabitants of Coventry, for example, continued to imagine that their sufferings were due to the innate villainy of Adolf Hitler without a suspicion that a decision, splendid or otherwise, of the British War Cabinet, was the decisive factor in the case." (12).



As the air war against National Socialist Europe developed the civilian populations of Germany, Austria, Hungary and other European cities and towns, were increasingly targeted as a means of causing maximum bloodshed and instilling outright terror. This began on 11 March 1942 with the adoption of the Lindemann Plan by the British War Cabinet.

This genocidal policy continued with undiminished ferocity until the end of the war in May 1945. "The bombing during this period was not as the Germans complained indiscriminate. On the contrary it was concentrated on working class houses because, as Churchill’s Jewish key advisor, Professor Frederick Lindemann maintained, a higher percentage of bloodshed per ton of explosives dropped could be expected from bombing houses built close together, rather than by bombing higher class houses surrounded by gardens." (13)

"I am in full agreement (of terror bombing)." added Sir Archibald Sinclair, Secretary for Air (RAF). "I am all for the bombing of working class areas in German cities. I am a Cromwellian - I believe in 'slaying in the name of the Lord."



"They, the British Air Chiefs drawn almost exclusively from the English upper class public school system, argued that the desired result, of reducing German industrial production, would be more readily achieved if the homes of the workers in the factories were destroyed. If the workers were kept busy arranging for the burial of their wives and children, output might reasonably be expected to fall." (14)

Even Churchill, hardly renowned for timidity in war blanched and thought twice. "It seems to me that the moment has come when the question of bombing German cities simply for the sake of increasing terror, though under other pretexts, should be reviewed." (15)

"In the course of the film showing the bombing of German towns from the air, very well and dramatically done, W.C (Winston Churchill) suddenly sat bolt upright and said to me: 'Are we beasts? Are we taking this too far?'" (16)


On 13th February 1945 I was a navigator on one of the Lancaster bombers which devastated Dresden. I well remember the briefing by our Group Captain. We were told that the Red Army was thrusting towards Dresden and that the town would be crowded with refugees and that the center of the town would be full of women and children. Our aiming point would be the market place.

I recall that we were somewhat uneasy, but we did as we were told. We accordingly bombed the target and on our way back our wireless operator picked up a German broadcast accusing the RAF of terror tactics, and that 65,000 civilians had died. We dismissed this as German propaganda.

The penny didn't drop until a few weeks later when my squadron received a visit from the Crown Film Unit who were making the wartime propaganda films. There was a mock briefing, with one notable difference. The same Group Captain now said, 'as the market place would be filled with women and children on no account would we bomb the center of the town. Instead, our aiming point would be a vital railway junction to the east.

I can categorically confirm that the Dresden raid was a black mark on Britain's war record. The aircrews on my squadron were convinced that this wicked act was not instigated by our much-respected guvnor 'Butch' Harris but by Churchill. I have waited 29 years to say this, and it still worries me." (17)


Nobody knows for sure just how many people innocent civilians were bombed and burned to death in Dresden. What is beyond dispute was that its destruction was of no military significance whatsoever. It did not shorten the war by as much as a minute, nor was it intended to. The war by February 1945 was to all intents and purposes won. The city itself had no military, political or industrial significance. The British Government was well aware that Dresden and indeed all other German cities were defenseless. Its 600,000 population was swollen by an estimated further 500,000 refugees fleeing from the Red Army.

One waits with anticipation to see how the BBC’s ‘Night and Day’ will excuse the incineration of Dresden where the strafing of columns of refugees by both American and British fighter planes was par for the blood crazed course. In Dresden, "Even the huddled remnants of a children’s' choir were machine-gunned in a street bordering a park." observed historian David Irving.

The British Press for the large part described the needless massacre of tens of thousands of refugees as ‘an unexpected and fortunate bonus.’ (18)


Whilst Dresden and occasionally Hamburg are referred to in regard to what became known as ‘saturation bombing’, never to be forgotten or forgiven are the sixty-one German cities, scores of towns and indeed other towns and cities across Europe devastated by allied bombing attacks. Germany was not by any means alone in suffering from allied air attacks; it is a little known fact that allied air attacks on France alone resulted in far more deaths and injuries than from German attacks. Sisley Huddleston was scathing: ""One town I know (in Normandy) had 2,000 inhabitants killed or wounded out of a population of 5,000, and hardly a house was left standing." – Petain, Patriot or Traitor, Dakers, p.202.

It is a grim fact that British soldiers, occupying France after the Germans had been driven out, unlike the German troops, were confined to barracks for their own safety.

Let the maritime city of Hamburg then speak for all of those who perished beneath the wings of Bomber Command. The story of Hamburg illustrates the full horror of the cowardly English-inspired air war that the British Broadcasting Corporation with equal infamy today seeks to whitewash.

The Police President of Hamburg spoke after the initial bombing raids: "Its horror is revealed in the howling and raging of the firestorms, the hellish noise of exploding bombs and the death cries of martyred human beings as well as the big silence after the raids. Speech is impotent to portray the measure of the horror, which shook the people for ten days and nights and the traces of which were written indelibly on the face of the city and its inhabitants.


No flight of imagination will ever succeed in measuring and describing the gruesome scenes of horror in the many buried air shelters. Posterity can only bow its head in honour of the fate of these innocents, sacrificed by the murderous lust of a sadistic enemy...."

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan’s only two Christian cities come first to mind when one considers total incineration from the air but the destruction of those great cities, along with their inhabitants, pale into relative insignificance when compared with the greater and more sustained destruction of middle Europe’s great cities. American Martin Caidin, one of the world’s foremost experts on the effects of bombing said, "Neither Hiroshima and Nagasaki suffering from the smashing blows of nuclear explosions could match the utter hell of Hamburg." (See end notes on Martin Caidin).

Coventry of course is always thrown up when apologists seek to justify the saturation bombing of European cities. Notwithstanding the fact that it has since been proved that the bombing of Coventry, like the sinking of the Lusitania, was deliberately set up as 'a means to an end', it might be remembered in terms of proportion that Coventry lost 100 acres through bombing. In just ten terrible days in the summer of 1943 British bombers gutted more than six thousand acres of Hamburg.

During the entire course of the war a little over 300 people in Coventry lost their lives. In just ten days an estimated 70,000 citizens of Hamburg were killed.

Martin Caidin was furious at the wanton loss of life: "The fire and horror lasted ten full days. This is what makes Hamburg - and the loss of some seventy thousand men, women and children - stand out as the worst of the disasters visited upon civilization during the insanity of World War 2."


"Of the children these dreadful nights, what can be said? Their fright became horror and then panic when their tiny minds became capable of grasping the fact that their parents could no longer help them in their distress. They lost their reason and an overwhelming terror took over. Their world had become the shrieking center of an erupting volcano from which there could be no physical escape. Nothing that hell offered could be feared more.

By the hand of man they became creatures, human in form but not in mind. Strangled noises hissed from them as they staggered pitifully through the streets in which tar and asphalt ran as streams. Some of these tiny creatures ran several hundred feet. Others managed only twenty, maybe ten feet. Their shoes caught fire and then their feet. The lower parts of their legs became flickering sticks of flame. Here were Joans of Arcs, thousands of them. All who had perished unjustly on the fires of the Middle Ages were as nothing when compared with what was happening that night.

The sounds of many were unintelligible and undoubtedly many more called for their parents from whom they were parted by death or by accident. They grasped their tortured limbs, their tiny burning legs until they were no longer able to stand or run. And then they would crash to the ground where they would writhe in the bubbling tar until death released them from their physical misery." Such was the description provided by Martin Caidin


"It was murder in the city. I knew that the firestorms that came later were terrible, and unlike anything that ever happened. But the fires in the city were as bad as anything I'd ever seen in the war so far - and I had been on a goodly portion of the major attacks.

A few of the Lancs (Lancaster bombers of Bomber Command) got caught in the flue of superheated air as they passed over the city at 16,000 feet, and it was as if they were nothing more than wood chips in a storm at sea. They were thrown about by the heat and even flipped over on their backs. Everything sort of went to hell until the Lancs managed to get free of the severe turbulence. We howled with glee as we listened in on the Jerry wireless and heard them going crazy," admitted a pilot of RAF Bomber Command


The use of phosphorous bombs, by the British government on raids against Germany, was outlawed under international law because its use has no other purpose than to strike terror in its means of causing death and injury. It is a napalm-like chemical which when alight cannot be extinguished:

America’s Life Magazine (19 June 1944) described its effects: "The shower of molten burning particles that sprays up from a phosphorous shell burst sears its victims with agonized burns. Used against pill boxes, the flame not only burns occupants, but also suffocates them."

One again assumes that Britain’s premier broadcasting network will drop all reference to the use of phosphorous just as indiscriminately.

The exploding phosphorous bombs sprayed their contents indiscriminately and clothing caught fire and had to be torn free from the body quickly otherwise the wearer would suffer terrible nightmarish burns. When the liquid splattered on to people’s hair, the victim was doomed. There was no chance to cut off the hair. The chemical globules, like a burning jelly, burned fiercely setting aflame the entire head and indeed, the head itself burned.



These terrified and pain-wracked people were seen to leap about in a frenzy, dashing their heads against the ground in blind panic - anything to douse the flames.

One can extinguish an ordinary fire by smothering it with clothes but such methods are useless against phosphorous. It continued to burn and set afire any material that was thrown over it. Such people in these circumstances could only be left to their sad fate amidst the terrifying background glow of the streets in flames.

They writhed in the rubble-strewn roads with their bodies partially ablaze. Others were nearer to the River Alster and dozens of these shrieking demented souls, trailing tongues of flaming smoke and fire, dashed madly to the water to fling themselves into the lifesaving liquid. Men, women and children too, ran hysterically, falling and stumbling, getting up, tripping and falling again, rolling over and over. Most of them managed to regain their feet and made it to the water. But many of them never made it and were left behind, their feet drumming in blinding pain on the overheated pavements amidst the rubble, until there came one last convulsing shudder from the smoking 'thing' on the ground, and then no further movement.


Those who made it to the water found the safety they had sought so desperately - but incredibly, some faced a choice that stuns the mind with horror. Water prevents phosphorous jelly from burning because it denies the chemical the one thing it needs to burn; oxygen. Those with the blazing chemical on their arms, legs and their bodies were able to douse the flames by submerging the burning areas. But many had the blazing phosphorous jelly on their faces and heads. Certainly the spluttering chemicals went out as the victims ducked their heads beneath the water, but the moment they brought their heads up again to break the surface and take a breath of air, the phosphorous burst into flames again immediately. And so the victims were faced with the choice. Death by drowning or death by burning; men, women and children. While others watched sick and despairingly, the victims of phosphorous on faces and heads thrashed wildly in the brackish waters, screaming with pain and frustration. Spluttering and choking, they alternatively burned or drowned.

The American scientist and expert Martin Caidin spent many years trying to get details on the use of phosphorous by both the allies, and in his own words he has 'met with less than the success required by the historian to include the episode in a documentary book.' He noted:

"Perhaps the solution to the total absence of any reference in official (post war) German documents is explained in the story told to me by a U.S. Army officer, who learned that portions of the documents on the after effects of the Hamburg attacks were ordered to be destroyed, and that all reference to the surviving victims of phosphorous bombs stricken forever from the records."

A copy of the U.S. Strategic Bombing Survey does however concede that "Phosphorous burns were not infrequent." An a ‘British source’ (The Night Hamburg Died, Martin Caidin) added: "Phosphorous was used "because of its demonstrated ability to depress the morale of the Germans."


The distinguished American journalist Henry T. Gorrell gave a searing account of the storm of fire unleashed upon beleaguered German countryside: "A cataclysmic blast of exploding, splintering steel rent the earth before us and it seemed like the world was coming to an end. The Americans were blasting out a path for a forward drive

Man and beast shuddered in their tracks. Whole towns were disintegrating. Life seemed to disappear from the scene. It was the most terrifying destructive force of warfare Germany has ever seen.

".... and for an hour and a half more than 2,000 bombers and hundreds of guns pounded the German countryside, making the earth dance before this mighty man-made force... minefields went up as though touched by an electric switch. Near the end we were using 11-tonners (bombs) which crews said caused their bombers to bounce up over 500 feet when the huge 25-foot missiles were released," reported the Chicago Daily News on November17th1944.

United States General Bradley gloated to the Associated Press over a month after the war’s end: (June 11 1945) "I can tell you that Germany has been destroyed utterly and completely." The notoriously evil German-hating General Dwight D. Eisenhower in the same review observed smugly, "I just wouldn't know where to begin to rebuild Berlin."

Eddie Gilmore of the Associated Press based in Berlin on June 9 1945 said: "The capital of the Third Reich is a heap of gaunt, burned-out, flame-seared buildings. It is a desert of a hundred thousand dunes made up of brick and powdered masonry. Over this hangs the pungent stench of death. It is impossible to exaggerate in describing the destruction. Down town Berlin look as like nothing man could have contrived. Driving down the famous Frankfurt Alee, I did not see a single building where you could have set up as business of even selling apples."



Professor Frederick Lindemann, the Chief Advisor to Winston Churchill and the inspiration and architect of the air crucifixion of Germany was in a reflective mood after the war.

"Towards the end of his life the Prof.' (Lindemann) made a remark on more than one occasion with such an air of seriousness that he seemed to regard it as his testament of wisdom, and I accordingly feel it incumbent upon me to record it here, although not in perfect sympathy with it.

'Do you know,' he asked, 'what the future historians will regard as the most important event of this age?"' Well, what is it? 'It will not be Hitler and the Second World War, it will not be the release of nuclear energy, it will not be the menace of Communism.' These negatives seemed very comprehensive. He put on an expression of extreme severity and turned down the corners of his lips. 'It will be the abdication of the White man.' Then he nodded his head up and down several times to drive home his proposition." (19)


The RAF and USAF terror bombing offensive cost not only the lives of over a million German civilians and brought about the total destruction of many of Europe's finest and most historical cities. For Britain alone it also cost the lives of 58,888 RAF aircrew, nearly the same number of British junior officers during the First World War. The great irony of this historical blunder is that it had the opposite effect. German morale rose, as did production.

"This lesson was lost on the British Air Force," admitted British General J.F.C Fuller, "which continued to hold that 'strategic bombing' was the all and end all of air power. This fallacy not only prolonged the war, but went far to render the 'peace' which followed it unprofitable to Britain and disastrous to the world in general."

He afterwards surmised: "In effect, there is no doubt that in ordering the destruction of large enemy cities, which represented an important part of the very basis of European culture and civilisation, the Allied political leaders have incurred a dire responsibility before the bar of history." (20)


Condemnation of England’s (and America’s) bombing strategy straddled the world. Major General H. Bratt, Royal Swedish Army said, "Even the senseless and highly culture-destroying terror acts, against for example, Lubeck and Dresden, carried out by the Allied pilots, should have been investigated and brought before a proper court of justice." (21)

Hon. Lydio Machado Bandeira de Mello, Dr. Juris. Brazilian Professor of Criminal Law; author of more than 40 works on law/philosophy spoke for thousands of world figures.

"A nation which spreads over another a sheet of inevitably deadly gases or eradicates entire cities from the earth by the explosion of atomic bombs, does not have the right to judge anyone for war crimes; it has already committed the greatest atrocity, equal to no other atrocity; it has killed - amidst unspeakable torments - hundreds of thousands of innocent people."

"As for crimes against humanity, those governments which ordered the destruction of German cities, thereby destroying irreplaceable cultural values and making burning torches out of women and children, should also have stood before the bar of justice," added Hon Jaan Lattik, the Estonian statesman, diplomat and historian. (22)



"It was the indiscriminate bombing of civilians by the so-called strategic air forces during the Second World War which culminated in the destruction of Dresden (a wholly non-military objective) in February, 1945, that completely pulverized the code of civilized warfare and returned the treatment of military opponents and civilians to the level of the primary warfare that had prevailed among the savages, the Assyrians, and the medieval Mongols. On the basis of the most authoritative British sources, Mr. Veale demonstrates clearly that it was the British and not the Nazis who introduced indiscriminate strategic bombing, despite the efforts of Hitler to avert this reversion to barbaric practices." (23)

America’s leading revisionist went on to say: "There are no final figures on the number of civilians killed as a result of the mass-bombing, but 2,000,000 would be a very restrained figure (estimate)."

"Kassel suffered over 300 air raids, some carrying waves of 1,000 bombers; British by night, American by day. When on April 4th 1945, the city surrendered, of a population of 250,000, just 15,000 were left alive," reported Jack Bell, Chicago Daily News Foreign Service, Kassel. (May 15th 1946).

Douglas Botting the writer and journalist agreed. "Countless smaller towns and villages had been razed to the ground or turned into ghost towns - like Wiener Neustadt in Austria, which emerged from the air raids and the street fighting with only eighteen houses intact and its population reduced from 45,000 to 860." (24)


"One closes these volumes feeling, uneasily, that the true heroes of the story they tell are neither the contending air marshals, nor even the 58,888 officers and men of Bomber Command who were killed in action. They were the inhabitants of the German cities under attack; the men, women and children who stoically endured and worked on among the flaming ruins of their homes and factories, up till the moment when the allied armies overran them."

- London Times reviewer on the British Official History of the Strategic Air Offensive.


The following comment is made by Dr. Christopher C. Harmon, former Foreign Policy Advisor to a member of the House Armed Services Committee who served since 1988 as an associate professor of strategy at the Naval War College. As a notorious apologist for Churchill’s policy of ‘area bombing’ Europe his conclusion carries even greater weight than that of the critics of allied bombing policy:

"The end-of-war review of the strategic air campaign by the British Bombing Survey Unit makes no mention of Dresden, later the ‘bloody shirt’ waved by critics who thought the strategy a national shame. Nor is there any reference to questions of the legitimacy of the strategy used since 1942, which so contravened the customs of war.

A sense of national embarrassment about the dark side of a ‘virtuous war’ may be the explanation for the British Bombing Survey Unit’s silence. Such a sentiment may account for the disdain in which ‘Bomber Harris’ was sometimes later held. Perhaps it even explains the near silence about area bombing in the six-volume war history by Winston Churchill."

– Are We Beasts? Churchill and the Moral Question of World War 11 ‘Area Bombing’ Christopher C. Harmon, Naval War College Newport, Rhode Island. USA


Berlin, Hamburg, Dortmund, Essen, Dresden, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Bremen, Wuppertal, Vienna, Duisburg. Munich, Magdeburg, Leipzig, Mannheim, Stuttgart, Kiel, Gelsdenkirchen, Bochum, Aachen, Wurzburg, Darmstadt, Krefeld, Munster, Munchen Gladbach,, Braunschweig, Ludwishafen, Remscheid, Pforzheim, Osnabruck, Mainz, Bielefeld, Gieben, Duren, Solingen, Wilhelmshafen, Karlsruhe, Oberhausen, Heilbronn, Augsburg, Hamm, Knittelfeld, Luneburg, Cuxhaven, Kulmback, Hagen, Saarbrucken, Freiburg, Graz, Koblenz, Ulm, Bonn, Bremmenhaven, Wanne-Eickel, Woms, Lubeck, Schweinfurt, Kleve, Wiener Neustadt, Wiesbaden, Paderborn, Bocholt, Hanau, Hildesheim, Emden, Siegen, Pirmasons, Hale, Bayreuth, Kreuznach, Witten, Aschaffenburg, Kaiserlautern, Gladbeck, Dorsten, Innsbruck, Neumunster, Linz, Klagenfurt, Reutlingen, Recklinghausen, Reuel, Regensburg, Homberg, Elmshorn, Wetzler, Vilach, Hamelin, Konigsburg, Moers, Passau, Solbad Hall I.T, Coburg, Attnang-Puchheim, Friedsrichhafen, Frankfurt-Oder, Danzig, Bozen, Chemnitz, Rostock, Schwerte, Plauen, Rome, Bad Kreuznach, Neapel, Genoa, Mailand, Turin. Also many Norwegian, Danish, Belgian, Dutch, French, Hungarian, Romanian and other countries cities.

Note: Martin Caidin, heavily quoted in 'A Most Uncivilised Means of Warfare' is one of the world's leading authorities on military-science subjects, with a world-wide reputation as an expert in fields that cover military and civilian aviation, rockets and missiles, astronautics, and the effects of conventional and nuclear weapons.

He is a foremost authority on atomic warfare and his research findings are referred to throughout the world. Positions held include Atomic Warfare Specialist, N.Y. State Civil Defence Commission, Intelligence and Public Information, U.S. 5th Air Force, Consultant to the Commander of the U.S. Air Force Missile Test Center. He is the author of over 20 books, has worked at Cape Canaveral and Patrick Air Force Base, and is the winner of the James J. Strebig Memorial Trophy, awarded by the Aviation Writers Association.


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Ukrainian Ex-Serviceman Sets Example

For Others to Follow

Sick and tired of being made a scapegoat and being unfairly demonised, a Ukrainian ex-serviceman has hit back at cold war critics in a way that sets an example to all ex-servicemen of the Axis nations.

Stefan Ostrowsky of Cherry Willingham in Lincolnshire, England has decided that when attacked the best form of defence is counter-attack rather than retreat. The Daily Mail, Britain’s premier quality tabloid newspaper has published (23 July 2001) the war veteran’s headline grabbing letter for its six and a half millions readers to consider. He says:

"Since publication of claims about Ukrainian ‘war criminals’ of the Galizean Division in January (Mail), it seems to be taking a long time to find one. However I have seen an admission that Poles (our main accusers) massacred more than 1,000 Jews in Fedwabne (in Poland).

In Holy Week in the thirties, when Catholic churches preached how Jews crucified Jesus, after services finished it was not unknown for Poles to search out Jews, loot their shops and beat them up.


I can account for every step taken by my unit. After fighting in the Russian Army, I was captured in 1942 and spent seven and a half months in a German gaol. On release I was twice taken to Germany but jumped off the train and hid. I changed my name and joined the Galizean Division. We were sent to an artillery school outside Prague until March 1943, when we were allocated to batteries in Germany to train other men.

We were sent to the frontline on July 11 that year and by July 22 the Division had ceased to exist – we were smashed to smithereens and a lot of us finished up in hospital.

The following September we reformed in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, fighting partisans who played cat and mouse with us. Informing the Germans that we intended to join them.

Ukraine is seldom mentioned in the Press and I wonder why? Come on, fellow officers from Art Schulle 11, add your voices to the truth. - Signed, Stefan Ostrowsky.


One can only imagine the consternation bordering on panic among England’s court historians and left-wing anti-nazi hunters if ex-servicemen of the Axis nations decide to unite to defend their honour and their actions. For the fist time since 1945 we would see the victors’ beating the retreat.

The allies have always hidden behind lies, obfuscation, distortion, and threat. Before it is too late let Axis servicemen throughout the world who have a right to be heard demand that right to put their views and experiences forward. Or is western democracy as much a sham as the ‘democracy’ they foisted on Eastern Europe at the close of war?


"‘Ordinary people’ – those of us who are governed rather than governing – increasingly find our rulers remote, dishonest, unaccountable and self-serving. We saw this in Britain only last month, when the turn out in the General Election failed to reach 60% for the first time since universal suffrage.

Mr. Blair, who complained yesterday that to give in to the rioters in Genoa would be to ‘stand democracy on its head’, must never forget that only a quarter of those with a vote cast it for him.

In other countries, the process of divorcing the political process from the people for whom it was supposedly designed is even further advanced.

On the Genoa Conference of world ‘leaders’, Simon Heffer, top columnist surmised. "It would do far better to seek to warn the most important men on the planet that if they keep emasculating the democratic process, people will feel they have no choice but to go out and riot to make their point.

The warning from Genoa is clear. If such high-handedness continues in a society we all thought was democratic, rioting will one day become the first resort, not the last". - Simon Heffer, Daily Mail Columnist.

FOOTNOTE: It is a timely reminder to recall that when Adolf Hitler made a state visit to Italy in May 1938 tens of thousands of Italians turned out to enthusiastically greet the German leader. It was recorded at the time that never before had any foreign visitor received such thunderous applause. Similarly, when the Fuhrer visited neighbouring countries.

Typically on his fiftieth birthday, in Berlin alone a multiitude estimated at 513,000 gathered to greet him. Such barriers as were erected were placed simply for the purpose of crowd control, not crowd rejection.

As Reicksminister Albert Speer pointed out in his memoirs such was the excitement and enthusiasm for the Fuhrer that his state visits were often delayed by adoring masses who in their enthusiasm often deliberately blocked the road to keep his presence among them that much longer. A clear indication of just who comes closer to the democratic ideal?



Despite an uproar in Denmark over the appalling criminal record of top Israeli, Carmi Gillon, the outlaw Middle Eastern State is determined to place him in the sensitive post of Israeli ambassador to Denmark

The Israeli ambassador-designate is reviled throughout the world for torturing Palestinian prisoners, many of them merely stone-throwing children. Some are known to have died of their injuries while in custody.

His recent comment that ‘such methods were essential in Israel’s fight against terrorism’ caused international outrage. Denmark, generally reticent when it comes to commenting on Israeli’s record on human rights, took the unusual step of condemning the ambassador’s remarks.


The Danish Foreign Ministry, aware of growing public resentment issued a strongly worded statement. "There should be no doubt that the Danish Government strongly objects to the position expressed by Mr Gillon, a position that stands in complete contradiction of the United Nations Convention Against Torture." It adds that this Convention (like others) was signed and promptly disregarded by the rogue state of Israel.

Danish Foreign Minister Morgens Lykketoft says; ‘It is Israel’s decision whom to appoint as ambassador but pressure has mounted to replace Mr Gillon.

Denmark could be placed with an embarrassing dilemma. Former vice-president of the United Nations Committee on Torture, Professor Bent Sorenson, reminded the Danish Government that the Treaty required Denmark to indict Mr Gillon for the maltreatment of Palestinians who were tortured when Gillon was head of Israel’s notorious Shin Bet domestic security organization.



The U.S. State Department report cites Israel as ‘a major world center for the white-slave trade.’ This abomination involves non-Jews being press-ganged into a world of sexual depravity and is known to involve Russians and other nationalities. A recent report shocked Italy when it was disclosed that Israel turns a collaborative blind eye to children as young as infants being kidnapped and sexually tortured to death in a diversity of macabre spectacles for selected audiences.

The depravities are often filmed and sold in video form; a major source of finance for the Israeli State which takes advantage of its position of international immunity.

The State Department report listed Israel as a ‘tier-three level state. This is diplomatic jargon for the rogue state being the worst offender in disregarding ‘trafficking in persons for prostitution and least disposed to take steps to confront the problem.’



The Report went on to say that women (and children) were being sent to Israel, particularly from Russia, the Ukraine, Moldova, as well as from Turkey, South Africa, Brazil and some Asian countries.

A Knesset (Israeli Government) amendment on prostitution prohibited ‘the buying or selling of persons’ but since then only one white slave trafficker has been convicted. The ‘sentence’ is unknown.

Israel was condemned for refusing to co-operate with other states on curbing the vile trade in sexual slavery and debauchery. The Report concluded by criticizing Israel for its treatment of victims who it is said, ‘were often detained, jailed in a special women’s’ prison, separated from other female prisoners, and deported.’ It also revealed that the Israelis as a matter of policy never encourage victims to offer evidence against their abductors and torturers. It further charged the Israeli Police with complicity with brothel owners and white slave traffickers. "



The leader of an international drug ring, which used orthodox Jews to smuggle more than a million ecstasy pills from Holland to the United States, has confessed to the crime.

Sean Erez, 31, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to import ecstasy and agreed to forfeit a farcical $750,000 in proceeds located in European banks. Erez was described in court ‘as one of the biggest exporters of ecstasy to the United States’.

He actively recruited heavily robed Chassidic Jews as couriers knowing that officials are loath to come into contact with them because of their bizarre dress and their unhygienic habits. The gang’s profits from drug smuggling are considered to be many times the amount forfeited.


Leaders of Slovakia’s Jewish community are demanding that the authorities act against instances of public outrage as a consequence of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. The Slovak people hardly need reminding also that the hidden hand behind their sufferings under Communism was Jewish inspired.

Of the millions of people who died in Stalin’s slave camps, assisted by western complicity, there are few books and fewer memorial stones; only bitter memories. During a recent memorial ignored by the western media, one former prisoner said: "You have to remember, all the heads of the camps, all the investigators, all our prosecutors, all those who confirmed our sentences, they were all Jews.’ – Simon Finch, The Sunday Times, 28 January 2000.


THE JEWISH INVASION OF GERMANY: "After the great war (1914 -18) had come to an end, the distress prevalent in Eastern Europe coupled with other causes induced large numbers of those of Jewish race to cross the German frontiers and to take up residence in Prussia, where a Herr. Badt - himself a Jew - managed to obtain an official position authorizing him to control all matters relative to immigration and naturalization. He saw to it that those sharing his race secured easy access to Germany, whilst at the same time the West European and overseas countries imposed far-reaching restrictions on immigration. These newcomers began to concentrate themselves in the major cities and organized from them the systematic infiltration and control of the German nation." - Michael Walsh, Witness to History.

THE JEWISH INVASION OF BRITAIN AND PALESTINE: "This was essentially the conclusion of the Royal Commission on Alien immigration in 1902, with Lord Rothschild with one of its members, set up on account of the large numbers of Jews driven from Russia.

The Commission’s influence was vital in encouraging the foundation of a Jewish national home, Palestine, and the issuing of the 1917 Balfour Declaration, which made the State of Israel possible." – Paul Johnson, Daily Mail 10th April 1999.



A Jewish communal leader has called upon Britain’s Foreign Office Minister, Ben Bradshaw, to apply pressure on Syria during his first visit to the Arab nation. There is rising concern that in Syria where censorship is less rigorously applied than in the United Kingdom, schoolchildren along with the general population are granted free access to revisionist findings on the ‘holocaust’ and its use in blackmailing the world into supporting the Jewish occupation of Palestine. Unlike British children they are also privy to daily news bulletins detailing Jewish atrocities, many of them agaibst children.

The pressure is presumed to be the threat that Israel and world Jewry will bring their influence to bear on Syria to make it pariah state similar to that of anti-Israel State of Iraq. The intention will be to organize black propaganda against Syria leading to its international isolation. This would mean a loss of British trade leading to jobs beings shed and unearned foreign currency lost.

There is particular concern that Syria’s popular president has recently earned approval for exposing the ‘holocaust’ as an invention of the Jews to elicit sympathy. The feeling in Britain’s racial nationalist circles is that if Israel has problems with its neighbours then Israel should real with those problems and not enlist the support of other States at the expense of non-Israeli workers.



Following on from our previous article England Declares the Jewish War on the World it is pertinent to add an article penned by The National Socialist Student League (Australia) twenty-one years ago.

When one looks at the general world situation today it becomes obvious that the natural allies of the National Socialist Movement, in its struggle against international finance-capitalism and Bolshevism, are the nations of the Third World. Adolf Hitler predicted the rise of these nations, * and spoke of a true community of nations united in a common struggle against a common foe.

The alliance was, indeed, already taking form during the Second World War and every victory of National Socialist Germany was celebrated with rejoicing and enthusiasm throughout the Arab world, throughout the Indian subcontinent, in Turkestan and Soviet Asia in Iran, in Latin America and in a thousand places where oppressed peoples looked to the Third Reich and her allies as their deliverers from colonial bondage and Bolshevik terror.

Many thousands were not content to merely extend moral support and actually joined the National Socialist armed forces in regular and special units, carrying out missions and feats of great bravery.

Indians, Arabs, Berbers, Tartars, Cossacks and others fought and died beside their European comrades for the freedom of their countries and the New Order.

It is not often revealed by the opinion makers just how much severe economic, political and military pressure was exerted by the Western allies (in particular the United Kingdom and United States) upon the governments or leaders of such countries as Turkey, Lebanon, Chile, Syrian Egypt, India, Bolivia, Iran, Iraq etc., to try to involve them in the war against National Socialism and so help crush the brilliant new social experiment which had rendered redundant the old 19th century ideas of Marxism and finance-capitalism and seriously challenged the hegemony in the Western World.

Often the methods of intimidation against the Third World involved the assassination of patriotic leaders and armed invasion (as in Iraq) or mass arrests (as in India).

Even so, the Western powers were unsuccessful in their attempts to have the Third World contribute significantly to the war effort. Indeed, many Third World countries did nothing other than make a formal declaration of war against Germany after her military defeat had already been assured and the war was in effect over.

After the war, many Third World countries gave shelter and asylum to European patriots escaping from the kangaroo courts of their occupied homelands.

Later, many young Third World freedom fighters who had supported the National Socialist struggle rose to challenge the colonial exploitation to which their fathers had meekly submitted.

These freedom fighters did not forget that the victorious allies conveniently broke or forgot their promises made during the war and – unlike the betrayed Poles, Ukrainians, Hungarians, and other Eastern European peoples – they were in a position to do something tangible about it!

Listed here are some of the Third World patriots who resisted the attempts to involve their countries in the Zionist-Capitalist-Bolshevik crusade against National Socialist Germany.

Some of these patriots simply wanted to keep out of the conflict and certainly not render any material or military aid to their colonial oppressors, while others, especially the younger activists and freedom fighters, took an active pro-National Socialist stance.

The list is by no means exhaustive and it should be remembered that for every patriot leader there fought and died many thousands of unnamed patriots whose deeds and exploits live on in the hearts and souls of their countrymen throughout the Third World. We National Socialists of today salute these brave freedom fighters of yesteryear.

For example see the Boorman Vermeke, evening of February 17, 1945.


India Subhas Chandra Bose Popular Leader

India Mahatma Gandhi Political Leader

Iran Rubollah Khomeini Religious Leader

Turkey Ismet Inonu President

Iraq Rashid Ali Premier

Palestine Haj min al-Hussaini Grand Mufti of Jerusalem

Argentina Juan Peron Vice President

Chile Juan Rios President

Egypt Abdul Nasser Popular Leader

Syria Shukri el-Kuwatli Popular Leader

Bolivia Victor Paz Estensoro Popular Leader

Lebanon Khahil el-Khuri President

Afghanistan Hasim Khan Prime Minister





There is common understanding that the 2nd World War was a defensive war against an expansionist militaristic Germany threatening her neighbours’ borders. England and France are portrayed as the underdog nations. The facts, even from an informed British view, are clearly at odds with this perception of those tragic events.

As Adolf Hitler pointed out, "The assertion that Germany affected to conquer the world was ridiculous. The British Empire embraced 40 million square kilometres, Russia 19 million square kilometres, America 9.5 million square kilometres, whereas Germany embraced less than 600,000 square kilometres. It is quite clear who it is desires to conquer the world." (1)


Far from being belligerent National Socialist Germany went to great lengths to promote peaceful co-existence with her neighbours. In fact it was remarkably successful in developing a foreign policy which embraced all races and creeds. It was her mastery in doing so that threatened the existence of the League of Nations and ultimately led to the Jewish Dance of Death on Christian Europe’s sacred soil.

This forerunner to the United Nations was an American-Jewish cabal which arrogantly presumed to impose their code of conduct on the free world. (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, the Jewish plan to control the world). Similarly inspired trade agreements dictated international trade to which most nations were then bending the knee.

It was the appalling abuses of this capitalist cabal that even today violently rocks international summits at Seatle, Gothenberg and now Genoa.

National Socialist Germany’s fairer approach to peaceful co-existence, with the introduction of a mutually beneficial interest-free trading system, evolved to threaten the American-Jewish control of world affairs.



The German people’s choice of leader said; "Our economic relations with this country (Yugoslavia) are undergoing constant development and expansion, just as in the case of the friendly countries of Bulgaria, Greece, Rumania and Turkey. The essential reason for this is to be found in the natural conditions, which make it possible for these countries and Germany to complement each other’s economic systems. Germany is happy today in the possession of peaceful frontiers in the West, South and North."

The Fuhrer added: "Our relations with the Western and northern States, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic States, become all the more satisfactory with the increasing tendency in these countries to turn away from certain articles of the Covenant of the League of Nations, which involve danger of war." (2)

The German Leader was referring to the League of Nations selectivity when addressing matters of international dispute. Just as the United Nations Organization today impudently ignores Israeli, British and American aggression, its forerunner disregarded the anti-German sabre-rattling of Poland and Czechoslovakia and turned a blind eye to Soviet Russia’s (and Britain’s) territorial ambitions.

Norway’s perceptive nationalist leader Vidkun Quisling further enraged New York’s ‘world government’ string-pullers when he observed. "A Nordic union between Scandinavia and Great Britain, with the adherence of Finland and Holland, and in which Germany and eventually the British Dominions and America might later on be absorbed, would take away the sting of any communist combination and secure European civilization and peace for the foreseeable future." (3)


When war was finally forced upon Germany there ensued a struggle in which the central European State of National Socialist Germany did not stand alone. Italian Leader Benito Mussolini had already seen the advantages of peaceful co-existence with her prosperous neighbour and had coined the term Axis when he formed alliance with Germany in 1936. The people of Austria would soon vote overwhelmingly to become part of greater Germany, as had the Saar region on January 13, 1935.

Japan reacted strongly to the ‘American’ cabal’s impudent demand that they subscribe to trading conditions on ‘American’ terms. But realising that she alone could not stand up to the British and American drive for the economic colonisation of the Pacific Rim she was the third to join the defensive Axis.

This was an open secret in the United States: "The memorandum which Senator Hall, with the approval of President Roosevelt, handed to Japan on 26th November, 1941, amounted to the maximum terms of an American policy for the whole Orient." (4)


Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, each of which were threatened by the Communist menace to the East of their borders quickly sought refuge within the defensive Axis. They too were painfully aware that they had been caught between a rock and a hard place, or what Hitler had so succinctly described as "Capitalism and Bolshevism as being the two sides of the same international Jewish coin."

"Neither the French nor the British would have made Poland a ground for war, if Washington had not continually pressed for it," said US Ambassador U.S. William C.Bullitt. (5)

As the struggle reached titanic proportions it became a war to the finish. The two sides of ‘the Jewish coin’ maneuvered its Gentile mercenary armies against the expanding coalition of free-trade National Socialist alliance nations.


Perceiving that the ‘hidden generals of the West’ wore skullcaps (yarmulkes) William Joyce the charismatic Irish-American National Socialist mockingly described the Jewish national anthem as being the hym, ‘Onward Christian Soldiers!’

Forming a defensive ring around Europe and making pre-emptive strikes against their British, French and American tormentors, later to be joined by Soviet Russia (the other side of the Jewish coin), men and women of all nationalities rushed to Christian-Europe’s defense.

"There can be no doubt that he (Hitler) broadened the war in 1941 only on preventive grounds." announced the renowned British historian, Professor A.J.P Taylor.

Such was their determination to protect Europe, volunteers of many European nations rushed to join National Socialist Germany’s Waffen SS divisions. By 1944, when Christian Europe’s fate stood in the balance, of the 910,000 men and women under Waffen SS arms, less than half were German born nationals. 310,000 were men of German descent but born outside Germany. Almost a quarter, 200,000 were non-German volunteers from many nations including Great Britain. (6)



(Anthony Byers of Effingham in Surrey described an incident in defeated Berlin: "As a National Serviceman in Berlin, I met a Russian officer who was impressed by the fighting spirit of eight misguided (sic) British soldiers. They held up an entire Russian Regiment for almost two days until they ran out of ammunition. Only two survived to surrender and were promptly shot by the understandably irritated Russians who had lost almost 100 men and three tanks.

The Russian officer said that had SS Unterscharfuhrer Cornfield, and a soldier he named as Pleed, been fighting the Germans they would have deserved the Victoria Cross." He added: "I hope you British invented a good story for their families, for a brave soldier is still a brave soldier even when a traitor to their country."


Europe’s Waffen SS Divisions included men and women from the four corners of the world including Muslim and Indian units. In the Eastern war zones Hungarian and Yugoslavian troops helped to stem Stalin’s Red Army hordes. Rumanians in Waffen SS uniform and those of their own national regiments fought side by side with their European cousins in arms.

Tens of thousands of Italian volunteers formed a wall of steel defiance against the armies of '‘the other side of the Jewish coin'. On June 27th 1941 the Spanish Falange Party made their formal request for volunteers to come to Christian Europe’s aid. From the capital city of Madrid alone came forward 4,000 volunteers. In all 40,000 Spaniards came forward to don the 4,000 permitted Waffen SS uniforms.

Of their sacrifice Adolf Hitler said: "One cannot imagine more fearless fellows. They scarcely take cover. They flaunt death. I know in any case that our men are always glad to have Spaniards as neighbours in this sector." (The Russian Front). (7).

The Dutch Waffen SS regiments numbering 50,000 volunteers fought with heroic determination along the ramparts of Europe with their equally determined Belgian comrades who had provided 40,000 volunteers.



From France came 20,000 volunteers to form among others the famed Waffen SS Charlemagne Division, famous for its spirited defence of the German capital when under the Red Army siege. In addition can be numbered the three Finnish Waffen SS divisions whom were regarded as the finest troops on earth. To these brave defenders of Europe can be added the Waffen SS divisions, regiments and units made up of Lithuanian, Estonian and Latvian volunteers. Divisions were also raised in Denmark.

Fighting alongside them were units made up of Ukrainians, White Russians, Georgians, Armenians, Tartars, Siberians, Kalmucks and others. In fact National Socialist Germany has the honour of having attracted the biggest volunteer army in the history of mankind. This came about when the Nightingale Divisions made up of troops drawn from the collapsing Soviet Union joined forces with the Axis nations to turn their guns on Churchill and Roosevelt’s allies, their hated Jewish-Soviet oppressors.

It is estimated that the Nightingale Division numbered in excess of 1,000,000 men and women which more than equaled in size the entire strength of the Waffen SS. These and their families were slaughtered by British and Red Army units after the war’s end.


Alas it was an uneven struggle as the combined armies, air and naval armadas of three empires, in alliance with the powers of darkness pulling the strings of international finance, were brought to bear on rebellious Europe. The hegemony of American/Soviet/British co-operation was imposed upon defeated and exhausted Europe.

The real bloodletting was to begin as across Europe the victorious mercenary armies of Judah sought revenge. The walls went up, the shackles were ratcheted tighter, the firing squads formed up and before the volleys anyone, civilian or otherwise who had or might rebel against the old order of servitude to Mammon.

Across Soviet and Western Europe the slaughter continued apace. Those alone spared were those who uncompromisingly conceded to slavery, intellectual and moral.


The fifth columnists of Judaism who could be relied upon to suppress freedom alone were granted privilege and positions of influence. So it is even today.

Germany was to suffer the most. Five million servicemen and women, civilians too, were abducted to the Soviet Union’s gulag archipelago. A further four million, mostly civilians, were slaughtered by the Red Army during its terrifying surge across Germany’s northern borders. An estimated additional 5,000,000 in what was left of Germany were starved and otherwise maltreated to death after the war’s end.



The German nation notwithstanding such gallant and generous support from its neighbours had been fought to a standstill by the British, Soviet and American empires, which in total amounted to 116 times its own national territory.

Every European, every Christian, every person who longs for the true independence of all nations on earth, should stand in homage to those who fought and died against the three-headed hydra of Satan.

Will Europe rise against the Protocols (of the Learned Elders of Zion) again? How delicious the irony to reflect that those protesting today in Genoa, are struggling in the same tentacles as their European predecessors. How greater the ironies if among them are the sons and daughters of those who once formed Jewry’s armies that so recently stifled the great European renaissance of the Twentieth Century.

1.Hitler's Communication to Sir. Nevile Henderson, 25th August 1939.

2.Speech to the Reichstag 30th January 1939

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4.Professor Charles Beard. ‘President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War’,1941. Yale University Press, April 1948.

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7. Adolf Hitler, January 1st 1942

Are the police now anti-white? One has only to consider the likely consequences if in either of the following two cases, sadly typical of policing today the victims had been black. Had they been so would not the City of Liverpool have been razed to the ground?

The police would never have run amok wielding nightsticks through a black area; nor would they have shot down in cold blood a distressed mental patient had he been black. The victims in the following cases became so because they were white and they are as a community docile.

Is it now time for white people to take a leaf out of the Black man’s book, get off their knees and fight back?



On Thursday night last week 12th July Andrew Kernan, 37, was cut down by police bullets. This likeable Liverpool man was suffering from a mild form of schizophrenia, quite a harmless medical condition in 95% of cases.

Andrew had enjoyed a perfectly normal childhood and developed his illness only when he was twenty-two years old. He had never been in trouble with the law; had never caused harm to himself or others. In fact he was well liked in his neighborhood. Local friends said they had never felt apprehensive in his company. He was just a happy-go-lucky individual who loved his pets, adored his sister and doted on her young son. He had recently become interested in computers and was attending a day course. Why then did Merseyside police shoot Andrew down in cold blood?

Andrew’s distressed mother, Marie Kernan, 59, described how her son had become agitated on the night he was shot by the police. She had called his uncle and aunt, Ted and Pauline Devlin telling them ‘Andrew was having a bad night.’


The young victim’s uncle said: "We were trying to keep him calm but in the end I telephoned the police." Ted Devlin also called for the assistance of a person trained in treating mental health problems.

The police arrived mob-handed at the flat and the shot victim’s uncle described how he and Andrew’s mother were then ordered to leave their apartment. Now frightened and alone with six or seven police officers, Andrew Kernon visibly distressed at being parted from the comforting presence of his mother and uncle, grabbed a sword and managed to escape into the street outside.

Afterwards his uncle added: "There were six or seven police officers inside the flat. They should have been able to overpower him. When I was there I didn’t see any sword. I didn’t even know he had one until later on. It’s hard to imagine why they would do that to him."

The mentally ill man, now distressed and frightened, was being pursued by police officers spraying him with CS gas. By this time the street was cordoned off by up to thirty mostly armed adrenaline-surging police officers whom on past performance it might be assumed relished the prospect of a ‘turkey shoot’.


A police marksman then shot down Andrew Kernan like a dog while his family looked on. The young victim’s mother was watching from the police car she had been ordered in to. Today the first 100 metre long anti-police graffiti appeared on the street wall: "What is our society coming to when the police become judge and jury? – RIP’

The victim’s mother described the tragedy as it unfolded, how she had heard her son scream "Mum, mum!" Then the two shots rang out. Now she is demanding justice and feels vital questions surrounding her son’s death need to be answered. Her solicitor Rex Makin was less than optimistic. He said: "Police investigating police is unsatisfactory as the East Sussex case of James Ashley, another Liverpool man shot dead by the police, proved.


Mrs Kernan sobbed as she described events leading to her son being gunned down by Merseyside’s trigger-happy gung-ho armed police: Claiming she had been let down by her son’s psychiatric team at nearby Broadgreen Hospital she said: "He was my son, a gentle giant. Nobody deserves to be shot dead when they’re ill. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through the hurt I am feeling right now. I have looked after my son for thirty-seven years and now he is gone."


On the night he was shot I had calmed him down and he was in his bedroom when the police arrived. They ordered me outside and I sat in the police car nearby. Then I heard Andrew. I heard him scream for his mother. I heard him scream, ‘Mum mum!’ And then came the gunshots. At the police station an officer told me he had ‘passed away.’

"Passed away! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, he had been shot dead. Andrew was an innocent man with no criminal record. He was sick, that’s all. "I can’t let this rest, what kind of mother would I be? He was my child, my baby, and I didn’t bring him into this world and care for him all his life for it to end like this."

Who now in the right mind (or wrong mind as this tragedy proves, will ever call the police for assistance?


Liverpool recently revealed as the ‘White Pride City of Britain’ due to its self-imposed segregation of coloureds has nevertheless suffered widespread violence from a surprising quarter. A policeman psycho has been sacked for indiscriminately lashing out at white people during a police riot.


The police constable from the city’s notorious Operational Support Group was found guilty of ‘baton strikes on members of the public’ and of ‘falsifying statements.’

Shockingly the city’s chief constable Norman Bettison, notorious for his part in the Hillsborough tragedy cover-up when 96 Liverpool fans were crushed to death due to police negligence, refuses to identify the dropped cop.

The case relates to a riot two years ago when riot cops mustered to keep an eye on a summer afternoon’s city revellers and then panicked when ‘allegedly’ a stone bounced off one of their heavily-armoured vehicles.

Squads of heavily camouflaged cops poured from their vans. Racing across the city’s famous dolce vita café society the truncheon-wielding officers ran amok through Slater Street and down stylish Bold Street, and then into Lime Street, scattering shoppers and revellers alike with flailing night-sticks.

More than sixty people - a record – lodged complaints against the police; many of the victims of police violence suffered broken bones.

The Crown Prosecution Service claims that there is insufficient evidence to prosecute, due to the cops involved being unidentifiable and refusing to identify each other.



Chief Constable Bettison caved in under public outrage and mounted an official enquiry. Forty detectives were drafted in to question the fifty-nine uniformed culprits, most of whom are still ‘serving’ the community’.

Six officers, four police constables and two inspectors have been ‘disciplined.’ Little surprise that the police have earned the contempt of the public. As a footnote it is revealed that Liverpool Police’s most notable success has been to achieve the three-year target set by Jewish Home Secretary Jack Straw to recruit 15 policemen persons from the coloured community within 18 months.

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