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Spielberg's latest anti-German hate movie 'Band of Brothers' currently being serialized by the BBC has come under fire and has received numerous direct hits fired by credible critics. Still living British World War Two veterans and military historians, recognized for their objectivity, have supported such criticisms. Many of the latter have denounced the propaganda series as 'a fantasy'; a total travesty from beginning to end, a pack of lies and a vainglorious re-writing of history.'

Their pithy comments expose the Jewish producer's fantasy world depiction of the 2nd World War, in which the conflict is taken over by the Americans. Stevie Spielberg is notorious for his lurid distortions. He frequently calls upon the over rated Tom Hanks to act the part of the clean living all-American boy next door. As a prime example of his distorted view of those events there is no mention concerning the real theatre of operations where the outcome of the war was really decided.

These events, so tragic in their outcome for Europe, took place on the Eastern Front. There the Wehrmacht fought desperately to prevent the Soviets overrunning the age-old Christian civilizations from the ravaging onslaught of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's million-strong Asiatic hordes.



In this last great battle for Europe, volunteers from many countries, mostly but not exclusively European, fought and died to stem the Asiatic Slav onslaught. Among them units of the French and Dutch Waffen SS, nearly all of whom lost their lives in their futile defence of Berlin.

Charles Wheeler, the renowned BBC commentator on world events, a veteran of World War 11, on September 29th protested vehemently on the flagship 'News Night' programme, that contrary to what viewers had falsely been told in advance, the battle depictions were 'highly exaggerated'. The 'concentration of sound, gunfire coming from every damned direction' was unrealistic. He added that he found it hateful and was astonished the BBC had paid an incredible £6 million for the broadcasting rights.

But why should Wheeler have been astonished? The BBC like other British broadcasting media has a very large number of Jewish directors, producers and writers singing the same Jewish tunes over and over again.

Other veterans have protested that the film offers a very narrow contrived view of the war with the British appearing only rarely, as a form of comic relief. The Brits are invariably depicted as bumbling amateurs grateful to be rescued by the heroic Americans. The German troops, recognized as being the toughest fighting force that ever existed are portrayed as little better than subhuman, full of dirty tricks, running like rabbits before the intrepid stalwart and fearless Americans. Very far from the truth.


In its presentation the series is downright confusing and dull. It has been described as 'ludicrous in its suffocating air of reverence.' Even the title of the film itself is tacky and the opening credit sequence is nauseatingly repellent. It opens with a syrupy musical score backed by a wordless choir soaring over strings and horn accompaniment. The sepia stills (shades of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) of the cast are intended to provide an evocative nostalgic atmosphere though that form of photography was in fact old hat at the time. But facts canít be allowed to interfere with a good fantasy.

One learned academic described how he felt nauseated with disgust at the distortions, the phony special effects, the contrived 'atmospheric' embellishments and the fanciful distortions. Every trick of cinematography is used such as speeding up the movie then slowing it down; shaking the picture with random-looking shots.


On the same BBC 'News Night' programme the Australian writer Germaine Greer, invariably known for her caustic criticisms of controversial issues, referred to the movie's 'racist overtones.'

'For one thing', she observed, 'there were no blacks or Hispanics in the film. Moreover, was it coincidence,' she added, 'that the officer who was such a disciplinarian was a Jew?'

The part of the actor she mentioned was actually played by a well-known Jewish actor but cautiously the politically correct Greer refused to elaborate on that point. Had she done so she would have certainly been denounced as anti-Semitic and her career as a writer and columnist would have hit the buffers.

Had she been sufficiently courageous to be objectively truthful then she would certainly have mentioned the fact that in virtually all Hollywood films, Jews appear as the heroes and as successful well-intentioned thoroughly likeable characters.



The late Roal Dahl, the famous children's' story author, himself a former RAF fighter pilot, took a different view. He along with others often asserted that the Jews were invariably cowards. His opinion is supported every day by day-to-day disclosures of Israeli troops, uniformed and armed by the Americans, scurrying behind US supplied tanks, opening fire even on small stone-throwing children. Even the hallowed Bethlehem is not spared their murderous and cowardly slaughter of the innocents; the children of parents driven from their homes and deprived of the most basic human rights.

As for the battle scenes in Band of Brothers these are again distorted and rarely correspond to actual events.


The US 101st Airborne Division known as the Screaming Eagles, formed late 1942, were new and untested, as indeed was most of the US Army. The dropping of parachutists had in fact been pioneered two years previously by the Germans.

Typically their mode of attack was used successfully in 1940 when under the brilliant Otto Skorzeny, the massive Belgian fortress of Eben Emael was stormed by a unit of Fallschirmjager. They landed on the ramparts and in a surprise attack took the fortress.

Skorzeny was later to achieve international fame when with his men he led an attack in which he and his men landed gliders on the precarious mountain hotel retreat of Benito Mussolini to liberate the Italian leader.

Earlier, during the Battle for Crete, German parachutists had suffered heavy losses from British troops firing upon them during their descent, and from pro-British partisans who were notorious for not taking prisoners. Captured German soldiers routinely had their throats slit. A furious Adolf Hitler told Parachute General Student: "You have made a graveyard for our men."

The arrival of other German troops eventually smashed the British defence and drove them from the island. But from that time on the German leader rejected the idea of parachutists being a successful weapon of war. This lesson was not learned by Field Marshall Montgomery when he haplessly led British and US forces to a bloody and humiliating defeat at Arnhem.

After training in America the 'Screaming Eagles' were sent to Britain for practice training. In a full-scale rehearsal over the English County of Berkshire immediately before D-Day, the unit suffered no less than 436 casualties from parachute jumps that went wrong. No less than 28 Dakota aircraft returned to base without dropping any paratroops at all.


On the eve of D-Day the task force of Dakotas was intended to secure passage into the French countryside from the landing sites of Utah Beach. Many of the flight crews were so unnerved, even to the point of hysteria, by the German flak, they accelerated away from the pathfinders beacons even as they prepared to disgorge their paratroopers.

The cataclysmic consequence left the Screaming Eagles scattered over a wide area of western France. General Maxwell, their commander, was completely lost for several hours.

By dawn only 1,200 of the 6,000 US paratroopers had reached their rendezvous. Many of them had perished miserably in the deep waterways which criss-cross the region, dragged underwater to a murky death by their heavy equipment.

Fierce fighting then took place around the town of Carentan where the well-entrenched German troops had been ordered by Field Marshall Erwin Rommel to fight to the last man. They obeyed his order.

In the Stevie Spielberg film 'Easy Company' US troops take the town thus preventing a German breakthrough. This simply isn't true. It was another Screaming Eagle Company that led the attack on Carentan on June 11th and forced a German withdrawal. But American losses were heavy. By mid-July, when the 101st were finally pulled from the frontline. Of the 6,600 men involved 868 had been killed in action, nearly 2,000 had been wounded and many hundreds had been taken prisoner. Far different from the events depicted by Stevie Spielberg, the mind-bending co-racialist of the spoon-bending Uri Geller.

There was fierce fighting around Arnham during September 1944 when the Screaming Eagles and two other airborne divisions were dropped into Holland in a vain attempt to outflank German defenses.


The originator for this foolhardy venture was British Field Marshall Montgomery who simultaneously committed a large British paratroop force. It proved to be a bloody fiasco on a scale of abysmal proportions (Charge of the Light Brigade repeated) in which the Americans actually came off better than the British, largely because they were situated on the fringes of the ensuing battle.

The Wehrmacht with two SS Divisions were waiting for the Americans. The US paratroopers were targeted with rifle and machinegun fire and with quadruple flak euphemistically known as 'meat choppers'. These horrendous weapons tore into British and US drifting paratroopers and shred them to pieces; the vengeance of Kent and Crete.

Paratroopers did manage to capture some bridges and towns near the Dutch town of Arnham before the German armed forces forced their retreat.

This latest disaster took its toll on the American paratroopers and low morale quickly took hold. They had been 72 days in combat since the beach landings and they were by then mutinous. British historians have clamed that among these men were plenty of crooks, jailbirds and other assorted low-life recruited into the Screaming Eagles.


The yarmulke-sporting Stevie Spielberg of course avoids mention of the countless cases of rape and looting carried out whilst the Screaming Eagles licked their wounds at the base-retreats in American occupied France. When US General Dwight Eisenhower heard about the scale of depravities being practiced by these US troops he suggested that the public hanging of the worst offenders was the only way to restore order and discipline. In fact the appalling behavior of many US troops towards the French civilian population was such that they are still, fifty-five years later, despised in that part of France.

During the days before Christmas 1944 the German armed forces made their last desperate attempt to repel the British-American invasion of Europe. This became known as the Battle of the Bulge, which took place on Christmas Day.

The weather conditions at first were in the Germans favour, preventing US aircraft from operating effectively. As battle opened the Wehrmacht, spearheaded by panzers, smashed all before them and opened up a massive rupture in the American lines. As the weather cleared the Germans lacking similar air support and suffering from lack of fuel, found their momentum lost.


The German troops however fought to the most bitter of ends, knowing they were defending Europe and the values of Christian Europe from the advance guard of the culture-busting Big Mac carry-outs and purveyors of pornography. By this time Churchill's war was virtually over but fierce rearguard fighting continued throughout occupied Europe that was still being had been bombed back to the Stone Age, its rootless populations murdered en masse and otherwise enslaved.

Finally, there was an incident in Stevie Spielberg's 'Band of Brothers' version of events that is utterly foul although it certainly would have occurred. A group of young German prisoners-of-war are shown talking to a group of US soldiers in apparently friendly manner. The Germans are offered cigarettes and the American troops light the cigarettes for them.

At this point in the Spielberg movie the camera shifts to reveal a nearby US soldier approaching a submachine gun, and a sudden burst of fire is heard. From which one can draw only one conclusion - the young German prisoners-of-war have been shot down in their backs. This is a most cowardly massacre and according to international convention a grossly illegal and criminal act.

Certainly such incidents were not unknown and were carried out by various allied armies, in particular the British and American armies during both world wars. On the other hand there was a grudging admission made by the British that, 'The Germans will always take prisoners.'

But this glaring example of Spielberg's poisonous and demented anti-German personality confirms again the centuries old baleful Jewish enmity towards Christian Germany.


The late Alan Clark, historian and former Defence Minister in the Conservative Government of Margaret Thatcher, not long before his death said that had it not been for US air superiority the Wehrmacht would have won the battle for France. He added

that the Germans would have driven the US armies back into the sea.

It is indisputable that the Germans were better soldiers, a view confirmed in the recently published wartime diaries of the late Lord Alanbrook, Chief of the British Imperial General Staff.

"The Germans are wonderful soldiers,' he said, "How did we ever win?' 'Especially' he added 'considering Winston Churchill's frequent blind drunkenness and Eisenhower's total ineptitude as a general'.

Alan Clark had earlier aroused controversy when he said that Britain should have concluded peace with Germany in 1940 and that Churchill had 'sold Britain down the river to the USA.'

The Spielberg fantasy was actually filmed in one of the southern counties of England's 'green and pleasant land.' Apart from a few professional actors the cast of hundreds appears to be composed of deadbeats, losers, halfwits and hobos, failed ham actors, beggars and professional thugs; even the cast was cheap; a fitting epitaph to a monstrously cheap film.

The greatest irony of all was that Tony Blair, today mockingly derided as America's best known US ambassador, invited Spielberg to film this anti-British version of history. He even included his son as a bit-part actor.

Footnote: The French Canadian editor, reporter and writer, James Bacque, in his suppressed book 'Other Losses', reveals that of five million German prisoners-of-war captured during the occupation of Europe, the French and American captors 'casually annihilated about one million men'. The Jersey Evening Post described their dreadful suffering: 'The dreadful story of prisoners-of-war who had outlived the war but did not outlive the peace.'

On the other hand it is authoritatively conceded that the German armed forces displayed 'the most correct behavior in the history of warfare. "In their behavior toward the women of conquered territories, the German troops seem actually to have been the most correct and decent in the whole history of warfare It is a well known fact that rape was virtually unheard of in the German Armed Forces and was in fact punishable by death." Noted the reputable US historian Dr. A.J App, Ph.d.

Field Marshall Lord Henry Maitland Wilson of Libya. Commander-in-Chief, Middle East, 1943. Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theatre in 1944 supported the American academic's view:

"During my period of Command in the Middle East and Mediterranean Theatres, there were no breaches of International Maritime Law by the Axis Powers reported to me. My own feelings on that matter were that those who had committed War Crimes should have been dealt with by Military Courts after the Armistice and that the Nuremberg Trials were staged as a political stunt."


Top American commanders agreed entirely with this overview: Major General Robert W. Grow, U.S.A. Commander 6th Armored Division in Europe afterwards wrote: "My service during World War 11 was in command of an armored division throughout the European campaign, from Normandy to Saxony. My division lost quite a number of officers and men captured between July 1944 and April 1945. In no instance did I hear of personnel from our division receiving treatment other than proper under the 'Rules of Land Warfare'.

As far as the 6th Armored Division was concerned in its 280 days of front line contact, there was no 'atrocity problem'.... Frankly, I was aghast, as were many of my contemporaries, when we learned of the proposed 'war crimes' trials and the fact that military commanders were among the accused.... I know of no general officer who approved of them."


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