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Michael Walsh

If Michael Walsh were an African or an Asian, passionate and protective about the wellbeing of his people, he would of course be feted as a radical free thinker by the politically incorrect, the liberal 'elite'. Sadly he is a White European and so his passion for his own people relegates him to pariah status, but only in the eyes of the fifth columnists of alien race immigration, the type who in more healthier sane times could be charged with race treason.

He is the latest branch of a family line whose revolutionary socialism stretches back to before the Fenian brotherhood, indeed the Wexford uprising and 'The Troubles.

Michael Walsh who holds dual British/Irish nationality is the author of For Those Who Cannot Speak, Death of a City, Witness to History, The Triumph of Reason - The Thinking Man's Adolf Hitler, The Martyrdom of William Joyce, Behind Enemy Lines, Special Weapons and Tactics, and numerous articles. He is also a published poet and contributor to selected web sites.

Europe Go Bragh!

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