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Number 122/22 - Summer 2005 (116)

Demonstration after Demonstration !

German comrades continue to hit the streets! Just about every week there is one or more nationalist demonstration somewhere in Germany. The smaller local demonstrations usually have hundreds of participants and the larger national ones thousands!

As even the "social democrats" dismantle social programs on the altar of "globalization" - actually international JEWISH capitalism – the public is growing increasingly dissatisfied. Polls show that a large portion of the public does not trust ANY mainstream political party to solve this problem.

Ironically, the short-term benefit will no doubt go to the "Christian democrats", even though they tend to be ever more servile to big business.

But in the long-run, only the truly revolutionary, anti-capitalist movement known as NATIONAL SOCIALISM can – and will – bring the much needed final solution.

May 1st in Leizpig (left) and May 8th in Delitzsch (right)

Movement News

Again MEIN KAMPF is in news! MEIN KAMPF is a total bestseller in Turkey! Despite the fact that the book was already translated into Turkish language in 1939 (title "Kavgam"), the Turks (mostly intellectuals, politicians and the police!) are now longing for the book. The "German" press fears the growing nationalism in Turkey, which is often coupled with "anti-Semitism".

The wave of "Neo-Nazi spam" in mid-May 2005 has triggered a somewhat amusing incident. A U.S. political candidate telephoned pro-free speech web-site reseller to complain. "Neo-Nazi spam" had been sent with HIS email return address and he feared alienating Jewish voters! That wave of spam included links to many web-sites – mainstream media, nationalist and even communist (!) – and some of them belonged to clients, whose domain names had been registered through . Therefore, he had – understandably, but nonetheless incorrectly - presumed was behind it. Initially quite irate, the caller gradually realized he was talking to a fellow victim. Toward the end he even said he hoped his formal complaint to law enforcement officials would not cause problems along the lines of the homeland security act! Meanwhile, the REAL source behind the spam remains unidentified. There is speculation whether it is a "Neo-Nazi" trying to promote the movement, an "anti-fascist" trying to harm it or neither of the two. Only time will tell.

Berlin - The Jews are furious that the new Berlin holocaust memorial comprised of some 2700 concrete '' tombstones'', has turned into a huge playground ! Young Berliners jump through the air from ''tombstone'' to ''tombstone'', while children joyfully play hide and seek, while yet others relax and take sunbaths on the tops of the '' tombstones''.

The Paris Jewish radio station, Judaiques FM, is furious over the internet site of the NSDAP/AO. A Jewish woman invited on the Paris station was hysterically screaming about ''Gerhard Lauck'' and his ''Neo-Nazi internet site''. She announced precisely the internet address of the NSDAP/AO for all of Paris to hear ! She screamed that ''an American who speaks excellent French does Nazi Internet Radio on the site, and he calls for race war and tells everyone to buy 22LR bullets''. --Thank you for the compliment and the great publicity, Judaiques FM.

Red Army veterans in Estonia are furious, because Tallinn (Reval) Mayor Tönis Palts resolutely refuses to relight the "eternal flame" on May 9th. The Red Army veterans have threatened Russian sanctions: cutting off the country's gas supply and blocking the rails for import and export. Furthermore, the Estonian President has declined Putin's invitation to come to Russia on May 9 in order to participate in the "celebration of Europe's liberation". The Estonian folk seems this not as a symbol of peace and liberation, rather as a symbol of Bolshevik terror and occupation.

An openly National Socialist candidate has been elected in Switzerland with over 20% of the vote. The candidate of the ''Party of Swiss Nationalists'' (PSN), Dominic Bannholzer, age 19, was elected this week-end to the executive council of the town of Gunsberg, Switzerland, where more than one person in five cast their votes for him. The town President called the election ''catastrophic''. The PSN was founded by two skinheads in 2000. The PSN calls for a ''sweeping out''(aufraumen) of all immigrants, and calls for a ''living space for the race'', and opposes mixed marriages which produce ''bastards of mixed blood''. The PSN had its first candidate elected last fall in Langenthal, and received over 3000 votes in Argovie. -- Bravo !

The recently published German-language book about Reinhard Heydrich, entitled "Heydrich - Das Gesicht des Bösen", by the 2003 deceased Stern-Reporter Mario R. Dederich quotes comrade Norden's Heydrich article on the NSDAP/AO web-site and even publishes the URL. See pages 223 & 313.

In the first quarter of 2005 the primary NSDAP/AO web-site averaged over one million hits per week.

Our NSM comrades mobilized 200 White men and women for their June 25th rally in Yorktown, Virginia , which received media coverage as far away as Europe. See more at their web-site: . Or write NSM, PO Box 580669, Minneapolis MN 55458

J.B. Stoner, one of the finest, most famous and respected White racialist leaders in America, has passed away. We honor his memory! (See more about him on our web-site.)

Letters to the Editor

Action Report

The distribution of Panzerfaust CDs – I also enclosed the NSDAP/AO’s free computer game download flier – upset the establishment so much that our superintendent sent the enclosed form letter to all the parents in our school district. (I sent a copy back to him with my comments at the bottom.) But there has been no negative feedback for me at all.

The local newspaper also reported the distribution. Plus my letter-to-the-editor, which in my opinion will not be pleasing to the other neo-Marxists in our school system.

More CD’s are being distributed daily. I intend to keep the pot boiling. – New York

Editor: Good work! Our free computer game fliers, available in several languages, are being distributed around the world. They were also mentioned in a recent Jew report about cooperation between the NSDAP/AO and the NSM.

Computer Game Overseas

By coincidence, I found your address on a computer game. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to send me literature, because I am dissatisfied with the overall situation here, and wish to use your material to fight against the system. The risk of mail seizure is acceptable to me. – Northern Germany

Food Waste Exposed

Writing my account of the TRUE happenings at our local food pantry was like therapy for me. Smiling, well-meaning, mostly White people kept donating and donating and donating to "help feed the homeless". Oh, if they only knew how far that was from the truth! They haven’t got a clue of the ongoing abuses. It made me for upset that I had to quit my job there! – Decatur, Illinois

From the German Underground

I finish school next year, so my financial resources are still meagre. Buy my comrades and I have now developed a solid foundation for our political activity. We fight the corrupt and criminal system of Jew lackeys and their cohorts. The battle must be waged from the underground and intensified. The system provides ever new opportunities for agitation as times get harder.

Creativity is necessary to increase publicity. Many comrades in the national movement have great interest in small cells and the S.A. tradition. I am working on making the NSDAP/AO even more known in these circles and encouraging comrades to form their own cells. For the long-term struggle it is important the comrades overcome petty bourgeois, reactionary thinking and evolve into genuine revolutionaries who embody the National Socialist life-view.

In unshakeable loyalty, Sieg Heil! – Germany

New Co-worker

I noticed some of the material in your web-site’s Dutch section is old. I would be glad to work with you to make it more current and thorough. – The Netherlands

Editor: This is exactly what we always seek: co-workers who actively help us promote National Socialism world-wide. Welcome abroad!


  1. Books and periodicals from the Third Reich as well as original (pre-1945) records with German marches.
  2. Comrades who fluently write (not necessarily speak) a foreign language and are willing to do translations.
  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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