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Number 121/21 - Spring 2005 (116)

Americans Enter the Age of Extinction

"Importation of foreigners will bring with them the principles of the governments they leave, or, if able to throw them off, it will be in exchange for an unbounded licentiousness, passing, as usual, from one extreme to another. In proportion to their number, they will infuse into the United States their spirit, warp or bias its direction, and render it a heterogeneous, incoherent, distracted mass."

Thomas Jefferson

Imagine being the only White person living in an over-crowded urban neighborhood of blacks, mestizos, Asians, mulattos and other racially unidentifiable humanoids. You live in constant fear that some day or night your colored neighbors will break into your apartment. It happens around you all the time.

Evil-smelling garbage is part of your cityscape, and walls are covered with graffiti. Local kids are gang members engaged in the brutal business of shaking down victims and slaughtering each other. There is excessive noise everywhere, all the time - blaring rap-music and Hispanic racket from ghetto-blasters in passing cars, or toted by brain-dead pedestrians. The whole area is fetid with the pervasive stench of human excrement and general rot.

Most shops are abandoned, boarded over or fire-gutted -- now the domiciles of vagrants and rats, depositories for murder victims. The grimy groceries look positively unsanitary. A few more businesses – mostly liquor stores and rib-shacks – are crowded by loud-mouthed, smelly customers slobbering over themselves with catfish bits and bar-b-que sauce. These primitive creatures are the debased caricatures of human beings. See that horribly obese black mamma over there surrounded by a dozen screaming mudlets. There’s that mestizo with the perpetual sneer on his greasy mouth. What makes them all so much more dreadful than their repellent physical appearance is the certain knowledge that each one of them carries a blade or pistol. And they all have their own sense of racial identity. In other words, to them, all others are The Enemy.

After sundown, things get worse. You often hear gunfire at night, or screams and the unmistakable sounds of someone being beaten to death not far away. You don’t dare go out after hours, but urgently slam the safety bolts on all the doors and windows. Every now and then, the air becomes acrid with the scent of fire wafted on the breeze from some conflagration you hope is not too close.

Silence does not exist. The radios, televisions and boom-boxes of your fellow tenants are at full-volume, round-the-clock, their incessant noise punctuated only by the ear-splitting sirens of speeding police cars or fire engines against the sporadic gunfire of metropolitan crime.

During the day, when you have to go out, you still run the risk of confrontation with black thugs convinced all Whites should be killed, or mestizo gang-bangers who see Anglos like you as potential victims. To these traditional elements of America’s insoluble crime wave has been added the arrogant Asian punk (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Hmong, Korean, Laotian, etc., etc., ad nauseam) ambitious to prove to his rivals in the street that he can be even more bloodstained than they.

The multi-colored gangs are now so numerous, their membership billowing into the hundreds of thousands, that they represent the real power in your community. Certainly not the police, who are understandably reluctant to "serve and protect" anybody in this "bad neighborhood". Swarms of well-armed cretins roam the streets and alleyways among uncollectible, burgeoning mounds of redolent garbage like the vicious packs of infected rats and wild dogs with whom they share the night.

You sit in your room, aware of being overwhelmingly outnumbered by a hostile population of non-Whites who instinctively despise you, even though you have never done them any harm. The moment you walk out that door, you risk your life in a world that has become alien to everything you used to know. Your skin color identifies you as an enemy and/or patsy. Even your own language makes you circumspect in a neighborhood where English is no longer universally spoken. Welcome to the multi-cultural society of inter-racial justice and equality promised by your government and entertainment media! It is the end of living and the beginning of survival. At best, your future can only be more of the same, a hopeless dead end.

The above description is no exaggeration. It is a realistic portrayal of existence today for thousands of White people, usually poor and elderly, left behind and trapped in formerly civilized neighborhoods since taken over by blacks, mestizos and Asians in cities like Chicago, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. But what those unfortunate individuals are currently suffering on an urban scale is a microcosm of America’s national society evolving in the 21st Century.

No less an authority on our country’s future than President Bill Clinton declared in his most famous speech before graduating seniors at Oregon’s Portland State University on 13 June 1998, that "in little more than fifty years, there will be no majority race in the United States." In other words, White people are scheduled to become a minority in their own country by the time children born today have reached middle age,

"Today, largely because of immigration," Clinton continued, "there is no majority race in Hawaii or Houston or New York City. Within five years, there will be no majority race in our largest state, California." He might have added south Florida and all of New Mexican to his list of states where Whites are already a minority. In New Mexico, Hispanics became the state majority shortly after the beginning of the 21st Century.

The President’s remarks were based on contemporary disclosures of the U.S. Census Bureau, which showed that around the year 2040 White Americans will belong to a minority population. This projection was based on three key factors; immigration (mostly from Mexico, the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Red China), a continuing rise in the non-White birthrate with a concurrent decline in the White birthrate. Before 1965, 90% of U.S. citizens were White. Before the end of the 20th Century, that figure fell to 72,9% and continued to decline steeply into the first years of the next century,

1965 was a pivotal year in the internal destruction of America, because that was the year when our country’s one hundred seventy five-year-old immigration policy was abandoned by President Lyndon Johnson. Until then, the first laws governing naturalization of immigrants, passed by Congress in 1790, required that all new citizens must be of White European descent. The U.S. Constitution itself specified that resident Negroes were considered only "three-fifth's of a person".

Demographers at the Bureau depicted a grim portrait of America in the 21st Century. For example, before 2010, more than two-thirds of California’s school children will be mestizo, Asian or black. Twenty years later, total U.S. population will have risen by fifty million persons, more than half of them non-White.

Yet, even these estimates are too moderate. They fail to take into account America’s sky-rocketing numbers of racially mixed progeny and other non-Aryans, including Jews (erroneously categorized as a "religion"), and Gypsies (mongrels originally from the Indian sub-continent, where they were expelled as something worse than "untouchables"). U.S. populations for both of these groups have already received additional infusions of immigrants from the Balkans, the source for most Gypsies, and the defunct Soviet Union, where Jews were its dethroned leaders. Because of immemorial strife among the quarreling remnants of the former Yugoslavia and the rise of popular anti-Semitism in Russia, arrivals from these unfortunate lands will continue to tilt our country’s racial imbalance against its White inhabitants.

Of course, immigration plays a leading role in America’s dissolution. Non-White immigration will account for 40% of the fifty million new people in the U.S. during the first decades of the 21st Century, averaging 1.1 million newcomers each year. In that same time period, our country will by deluged by two hundred eighty thousand illegal aliens, supplemented by another eight hundred twenty thousand legal immigrants. Most of them will be Hispanics, whose population here will more than double over the next twenty five years. In only six years, they will constitute the single largest "minority" north of the Rio Grande River. In 1996, 1.3 million immigrants – mostly from Asia and Latin America – applied for U.S. citizenship. Just two years later, that number jumped by an additional two million.

A breakdown of the half-dozen states most effected by immigration in 1995 affords some appreciation of the magnitude of the disaster. In that year alone, Illinois received forty two thousand, five hundred seventeen colored immigrants; New Jersey, sixty three thousand, three hundred three; Florida, seventy nine thousand, four hundred sixty one; Texas, eighty three thousand, three hundred eighty five; New York, one hundred fifty four thousand, ninety five; and California, two hundred one thousand, five hundred twenty nine. These few states absorbed almost 70% of America’s immigration for that year. Figures for the numbers of non-White immigrants since then surpass each other with every successive year.

William Branigin, a reporter for The Washington Post, conducted a newspaper survey demonstrating the degree of assimilation by Hispanic immigrants to the U.S. He found that all the mestizos he queried came to America solely to enjoy a higher standard of living than they knew in their homelands. They had little or no understanding of, interest in or sympathy for American norms. Indeed, they generally expressed dislike and distrust of what Latinos refer to as gueros, a term of contempt on a par with "nigger", for Whites in general. Nor do they consider themselves Americans, even after becoming citizens. To them, citizenship is just a means to an end, a kind of permit allowing them to make more money.

Typical was Maria Jacinto, who told Branigin, "I think I’m still Mexican. When my skin turns white and my hair turns blond," she said cynically, "then I’ll be an American. It’s important for our children not to be influenced too much by the gueros." Branigin concluded at the end of his survey, "There is a sense that, especially as immigrant populations reach a critical mass in many communities, it is no longer the melting pot that is transforming them, but they who are transforming American society."

Mrs. Jacinto epitomizes something most White Americans fail to realize. Namely, that the mestizos, blacks, Jews, Asians and all the rest do not think of themselves as "Americans", and inwardly resist every attempt to "Americanize" them. They are keenly aware of their own particular racial identities, which are invariably foremost. As such, they see these differences far more clearly than Whites, and think consistently in terms of their own "ethnic" agendas. Far from grateful for the comparatively luxurious life-styles they enjoy here (care of the U.S. government), they despise especially White liberals and all Whites on principle.

A White man or woman who has had no real contact with colored persons and their genuine feelings cannot imagine the depths of their smoldering hatred for America, which they regard as something to be exploited. That resentment is measured in the latest Uniform Crime Reports of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which show that blacks commit 38% of all aggravated assaults in the U.S.; 42% of its rapes; 54% of its murders; and 59% of its robberies – all this, even though only 12,3% of the American population is black.

Contrary to disinformation dramatized for gullible television viewers, 89% of inter-racial crime, according to the F.B.I., is black-on-White. For 1994 alone, the U.S. Justice Department reported 1.54 million such crimes. Such violence will be an even more characteristic feature of American society in the mid-21st century, when blacks will make up 15% of the U.S. population, and White inhabitants will have slipped to official minority status.

While the flood-gates of immigration from Africa and Latin America and beyond to Asia have burst open under the strain of an unprecedented population explosion, a censored take-over of the United States has been bolstered by spiraling increases in the birthrates of all non-White races around the globe. Contributing still further to this sub-human inundation are plunging birthrates among the White peoples of the world. The New York Times’ Michael Spector reported, "Never before – except in times of plague, war and deep economic depression – have birthrates fallen so low, so long. There is no longer a single country in Europe where people are having enough children to replace themselves when they die. Italy recently became the first nation in history where there are more people older than sixty years of age than there are younger than twenty. This year (1998), Germany, Greece and Spain will probably all cross the same, eerie divide." Nationally, Italian women currently give birth to an average of fewer than 1.2 children, "the lowest figure ever recorded among humans."

In the same article, the director of research at France’s National Institute for the Study of Demography, Jean-Claude Chesnais, is quoted as saying, "Europe is old and rigid. So, it is fading. You can see that as the natural cycle of civilization, perhaps something inevitable." Spector understood the director’s conclusion by citing "current trends in a world where populations of color – from Africa, India, Asia -- are still growing, while their own (White European) is struggling to keep from shrinking." Although the birthrate in America among White citizens is not yet as suicidal as Italy’s, it is nonetheless low (two children per mother) and declining, as colored populations continue to mushroom.

President Clinton was right in his Oregon speech, when he said, "No other nation in history has gone through demographic change of this magnitude, over so short a time." But White Americans have already been pushed aside economically and academically. Asians edged us out as long ago as 1997 to make the nation’s highest household income at $43,300 against our $38,800. 42% of them graduate from college to our 25%. 1998’s freshman class at California-Irvine was more than 60% Asian. Clearly, White people are losing control of their country.

By 2025, they will be a clear minority west of the Rocky Mountains and in much of the South. By then, they will make up about half the populations in Oklahoma, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, both Carolinas, Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island, New Jersey and Maryland. By mid-century, they will have fallen to minority status in these same states. During the years immediately thereafter, they will be rapidly subsumed by colored majorities. Remaining states, mostly in the North, can expect truly dramatic boosts of their own non-White populations, particularly in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan. There, mostly black and mestizo masses will over-flow from the industrial cities of Cleveland, Gary and Detroit like backed-up toilets.

But no states in the U.S., not even those still falsely perceived as relatively remote havens of refuge for besieged Whites, can hold out for long against the colored deluge. Traditional White retreats in the northern Central Plains and Upper Middle West will become more increasingly untenable, as Indian gambling syndicates, like those in South Dakota, quite literally buy up the state acre by acre. In self-evident revenge, they are forcing Whites off the same lands our pioneer forefathers won through epic courage, labor and sacrifice.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is home for the nation’s largest Asian population after San Francisco, but second to none in the accelerating birthrate of its Oriental residents. They are spilling into the small, hitherto all-Nordic towns of rural Minnesota.

Southern Wisconsin is merging racially with Chicago and northern Illinois, as Madison and Milwaukee continue to attract and swell with wave after wave of colored low-life, particularly the parasitic mestizos from south of the border. Clearly, there will be no more states left in the "Union" (if it can even be called that anymore) for White people. They will come to know first-hand what "life" is like as a minority under a colored majority -- a majority not of equality, but nurturing age-old grudges against all Whites. The filth and violence generated by blacks and other racial vermin today represent hardly more than a prelude to the 21st Century-scale decay and savagery in store for us and our children.

America’s racial landslide is even now picking up speed, so much so, the renowned Kiplinger Washington Newsletter confidently predicts the installment of a colored U.S. president before 2050. Indeed, the Hollywood Jews are already psychologically conditioning the American masses to expect and welcome a black president in popular feature films like Deep Impact, where a Negro actor, Morgan Freeman, portrayed a future Chief of State. That ultimate insult to the integrity of our nation will be the death rattle of White America.

Past civilizations ruled by colored leaders invariably collapsed soon thereafter. Cases in point included Ancient Egypt, whose last "pharaoh" was black, and Rome’s late emperor, Carcella, a psychotic mulatto. Having extended Roman citizenship to anyone who paid a small fee, he was the Italian forerunner of U.S. President Lyndon Johnson. Speaking for the National Alliance, John Strom stated, "In South Africa, many Whites trusted the system, they trusted the ‘democratic process’, and are now dead and dying, their civilization in ruins and their children condemned to live in horror. In 1994, they believed the blandishments of the Jewish media there, and they voted for a new constitution giving control of their society to blacks. With the Jews orchestrating international pressure on the former White government there, virtually the same thing happened in nearby Zimbabwe. Now South African Whites live in daily fear of death, White farmers are brutally murdered with impunity by roving gangs of blacks, all kinds of crimes are totally out of control, the AIDS infection rate is skyrocketing, and recently that sad country has earned the dubious distinction of being the ‘child rape capital of the world’."

America is not immune from the same forces of internal decay, which killed off these formerly resplendent societies. Indeed, we can expect a fate at least as bloody as theirs, if we allow such appalling statistical forecasts to materialize.

The combined forces of immigration, White flight and rising colored birthrates contrasted by declining White birthrates will reach a stage of critical mass in the next fifty years. Around the middle of the century, America’s racial population will gather inertia very quickly, similar to water entering the holds of the Titanic. Similarly, the U.S, Ship-of-State will eventually take on too much sub-human bilge for her to stay afloat any longer. She’ll suddenly plunge to the bottom of history and lie among the other wrecks of lost civilizations.

Nothing less than a miracle can save our country from inevitable catastrophe. But miracles sometimes happen. After terrorizing the world for more than seventy years, the apparently permanent Soviet Union came crashing down of its own rottenness – something no one believed possible.

Germany, after World War One, was a land bereft of a future. Her destitute people were enslaved by exorbitant reparations demanded by their conquerors; their cities occupied by black troops from French West Africa; their youth lost in drugs, crime and perversion; their thousand-year-old culture thrown in the mud; their endemically corrupt government without power or respect. Germans no longer believed in themselves. Indeed, prospects for their mutilated country did not look good.

Yet, in spite of this apparently hopeless situation, one man arose who gave voice to their need, and, in a few short years, restored their self-esteem and prosperity. Adolf Hitler’s rescue of his much-abused people was an unforeseen miracle that arrived in the niche of time. So, too, the forces he set in motion are still moving through the world. In the early part of the 20th Century, he warned the civilized nations of what he called the "blood sin" of false equality with non-Whites. If Europeans and Americans kept themselves free from it, they could count on limitless greatness and happiness. But if they ever succumbed to it, they doomed themselves to destruction.

Hitler’s warning found earlier echoes in President Abraham Lincoln, who said that America would never be defeated by any outside threat, but that she could perish through internal discord. The disconcerting information presented here underscores the admonitions of these two great men.

Anything less than action now, in the face of the worst menace ever confronted by our people and their posterity, is cowardice and treason. The coming non-White, anti-White take-over of the United States is inevitable, unless you and your racial comrades-in-arms prevent it. Children born today will grow up to live amid a rapidly deteriorating society where they will be less than second class citizens. They will be victims.

There is only one issue facing each and every one of us: Will America be rescued in time from the tidal-waves of colored sub-humanity smothering her to death? All other issues of economics, republican or democrat politics, abortion, taxes, and every such pettiness are swept aside by the far vaster concern for our physical survival as a people. It is the most ferocious challenge that has ever threatened us. Upon its outcome depends the existence or extinction of our entire race and civilization. Absolutely nothing else begins to compare with the magnitude of the crisis facing the survival of our country.

When the 21st Century rang in the New Year, did it sound the death-knell of White America? Or the beginning of the Millennium for our people? The answer depends on you!

Movement News

In the largest ever National Socialist gathering since 1945, 8000 comrades (an entire division !) assembled in Dresden on Sunday February 13 to denounce the ''Bombing Holocaust'' that burned alive hundreds of thousands of civilians, women and children, exactly 60 years ago. Our comrades carried a revisionist banner that read in German ''Der BombenHolocaust Cannot Be Denied''. An Austrian Jewess Ruth Kluger, a ''holocaust survivor'' of Auschwitz, who makes her living writing books about the holocaust, was to give a speech Sunday at the Dresden Theater, but at the last minute she canceled her speech because she was scared of the thousands of our comrades massing in Dresden. We drove her out ! Our comrades began massing in Dresden on Saturday, from everywhere, from Spain, from Sweden, to march with flaming torchlights in Dresden on Sunday. Our comrades of the NPD, on a platform next to the Dresden Opera in the center of Dresden, gave numerous speeches and played over loudspeakers music of Wagner and Bach. On the platform was an extraordinary alliance of three nationalist parties: NPD, DVU and Republikaner.

Twenty members of the Russian parliament have signed a declaration demanding a ban of Jewish organizations, because they are extremist, hostile to the Russian people and implicated in the ritual murder of children.

On February 5th, 2005 a dozen men from the NSM/ HQ unit along with two members of the Chicago NSM unit, dressed in plain street clothes, protested at the Canadian Consulate in Downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota on behalf of Political Prisoner Ernst Zündel. The protest lasted from 3 PM to nearly 5 PM covering both sides of the building. There was no opposition whatsoever, a few leftist stragglers stared (quickly demoralized they left), but mostly many people were honking their horns in support. Fliers were distributed flyers concerning Zündel’s imprisonment. Every single person spoken with was shocked and appalled at his false imprisonment. For more information see

The NS bookstore in Paris "LA LICORNE BLEUE" has been fined 3,000 Euros for selling a 2001 book by Leon DeGrelle with a few passages denying the gas chambers.

The NATIONAL-DEMOCRATIC PARTY (NPD) faction in the Saxon provincial parliament has repeated picked up MORE votes in elections within that assembly than can be accounted for by its twelve delegates. Other factions and mainstream media are furious and speculate WHO are the "defectors" from the other parties, whose number has grown from two to five to seven...Meanwhile, the NPD demands recognition of the real DRESDEN BOMBING holocaust and refuses to "honor" the fake Auschwitz holo-hoax.

The European Union (EU) is planning a general swastika and NS symbol ban throughout Europe, said FRANCO FRATTINI (Speaker of the EU-Commissar for Justice and the Interior) in Brussels, which is a reaction to the claim of some "German" (speaking) European Commission members who want such a ban like in Germany is said to be a weapon in the struggle against "fascism and racism in Europe". First of all, though, it has to be checked whether the EU has the legal COMPETENCE at all to create such a ban. Furthermore, such a ban has always been blocked by the Italian "Lega Nord" party. But there is more! Eastern European nations demanded COMMUNIST symbols ALSO be banned, otherwise they would not support it. FRATTINI refused, in effect saying anti-communism is incompatible with "anti-fascism"! Additional opposition to the ban came ironically from "multi-cultural" Britain on the grounds the swastika is a holy symbol to many of the non-White minorities there!!!

In some internet forums and letters-to-the-editor people (or rather Jews) demand "Harry to Auschwitz!" and "Harry into a camp!". As I wrote before, unfortunately both will indeed happen soon, but not in the manner of the Jewish authors. Now new details are produced in order to harm Harry: He's said to have good contacts to the African dictator MUGABE who himself hunts and expels Whites. Plus, he has (or had) a girlfriend from Simbabwe. Good news from a White perspective and bad news from a race traitor perspective: When being asked about her, Harry said "Gosh, she's of course not black or so!"

Kevin Quinn. National Director of The November 9th Society of Britain, is being charged with 10 counts of conspiracy to distribute material that may incite racial hatred. See N9S website:

Action Report from the Eastern Front (Moscow): "1800 of the Free Computer Game Download fliers were distributed in Moscow in different meeting places of NS-oriented young people. A small part of the fliers has come even to other Russian cities, with the NS young men, who had come to Moscow. (We have tried to put the information from your flier on Russian Internet-forums, but from four of them only one remained, the rest of the messages were withdrawn by managers of these web-sites.)…The book you have sent (Rassen- und Bevölkerungspolitik) has been translated and soon 1000 copies will be published in the Russian language. The book will be distributed among our NS-comrades in Moscow. If it is successful, a larger circulation will follow, which will be distributed throughout Russia."


Proven to Work

Keep up the good work! We are so proud to be part of the movement. Finally, an organization that addresses the cause of White people EVERYWHERE!

My husband and I would like to distribute literature. After all, seeing one of your stickers is how we found you, so we know it works! - California

Important Publication

Thanks again for the SS CULTURE books. This twelve book set has to be THE most important NS publication in the English language EVER! – Finland

Example to Follow

I have been a NSDAP/AO member for five years. In that time, I recruited five new members. That may not be a lot, but if every comrade followed this example, it would help a lot! – Germany

Everybody Knows

Our cities are being destroyed by dysgenic welfare and immigration. Why does Detroit look like it was hit by a nuclear bomb and Hiroshima look like it was on the side that won the war? Everybody knows the answer, but is afraid to say so. – From the Political Platform of James Hart, PO Box 72, New Concord KY 42076

My Pledge

My grandfather’s sister, a (Danish) S.S. nurse, wrote the following poem:

"I pledge allegiance to my folk, people of my ancestors.

I will love it; support its ambitions; obey its laws; respect its symbols; and defend it against its enemies.

"I will keep my blood pure, because my ancestry is within it.

I will do nothing that may harm myself or my blood.

"I will not disrespect other peoples, yet I will not support them, nor will I tolerate members of my folk who do." – Omaha, Nebraska

Always a Joy

For me as an ardent supporter of the movement it is always a joy to receive the NSDAP/AO newspaper. The successes of the NPD are grounds for hope! Enclosed are 30,00 Euro as dues. – Göttingen, Germany

If Somebody Had Told Me…

If somebody had told me a few months ago that I would send letters with a fictive return address, I would have asked him, if he had watched too many James Bond films.

But today, I am doing precisely that!

I am writing to you, because you are probably the man who can give me a sign. A man who thinks nationally, stands up for his views, and, as one sees in the media, knows how to build something.

Admittedly, when somebody first sees your web-site, he is at first shocked. But since I had already given politics some thought, I looked beyond that. I found you interesting as a person. And beyond that, it is not just your web-site, which reports about you and your work, rather also various books – some pro, some con.

But first, a little about me. Once I was young, dumb, apolitical and even voted "green". Only when I studied my family background – we are from the Sudetenland – did I develop national and political thinking. There is one thing that is absolutely clear: only national politics offers Germany a future, but the system here is the opposite of that!

I tried various right-wing groups, but they downright discourage activism. What do you suggest? – Hessen, Germany

Eastern Front Recruit

I learned of your organization a few years ago, but only now found your address. I was, am and remain a National Socialist! So now I wish to establish contact with you. – Latvia


  1. Books and periodicals from the Third Reich as well as original (pre-1945) records with German marches.
  2. Comrades who fluently write (not necessarily speak) a foreign language and are willing to do translations.
  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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