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Germany Marches !

The movement in Germany is marching forward!

Even the hostile mainstream press must admit this. Mass rallies with several thousand participants have become common. Two examples during the past few months are this year’s Rudolf Hess Memorial March, which drew 7,000 nationalists (compared to a mere 500 counterdemonstrators) and the nationalist NPD press festival attended by 6,000.

Furthermore, nonpartisan "Monday demonstrations" against the dismantlement of social programs on the altar of globalization regularly swell to 100,000 and more people. Most of those marchers are neither "right" nor "left". Of course, both the communists and the nationalists also participate and seek to recruit among the growing number of Germans who are simply fed up with the present system.

Remember, the mass protest marches in Leipzig preceded the collapse of the communist occupation regime ("DDR") in central Germany. Perhaps the "Monday demonstrations" will one day go down in history as the beginning of the end of the capitalist occupation regime ("BRD").

American Zion: Creating Terror

An editorial by Nathan Overman

Back in 2002, the mainstream media reported that an Israeli intelligence operative had been discovered in New Jersey. The Israelis had originally brought suspicion upon themselves during the events of 9/11. A woman saw five men video taping the Twin Towers from the roof of a white van. She said they were posing and smiling for the camera in front of the gruesome scene. She called the authorities and the men were detained by the FBI.

These men all worked for a company called Urban Moving, but they quickly admitted to being Israeli citizens. They were extremely reluctant to answer any questions about the terrorist attacks in New York. It became obvious, though, that Urban Moving was a front for Israeli intelligence. The FBI searched their offices and removed several computers and documents. About three months after being arrested, a deal was arranged with Israel and these agents were deported without further investigation. Which means we are left to speculate why they were here in the first place.

The media believed that the Israelis were here to spy on Islamic terrorists who have ties to Hamas and Jihad. The operative had been established in Paterson, NJ which has a large Islamic population and was home to several of the terrorists involved in 9/11. If that is the case, why did they not notify the United States of the coming attack? Wouldn't the whole point of spying on terrorists be to discover their plans? This also doesn't explain why the men were smiling and posing in front of the fatally wounded Twin Towers--as if they had a reason to celebrate.

The truth, which Americans may find hard to stomach, is that the Israelis and American government allowed 9/11 to happen. And the Israelis had reason to celebrate because they had successfully brought the Middle East conflict 'home' to America.

What proof is there to Zion-American involvement in 9/11? Whatever evidence there might have been has probably been shredded or put in a vault for the next hundred years. But if we look at the history of American military involvement, there is a common thread of ‘allowing’ attacks upon the United States to instigate war and polarize the nation against specific 'enemies'.

In World War I, the U.S. came out of isolation because of the sinking of the Lusitania. The Germans printed a warning in the New York Times stating that if the passenger liner made its voyage to England, the Germans would sink it. It was believed that the ship contained munitions for Great Britain and, considering how fast the ship sank after being hit by a torpedo, historians believe that this was true. Why did the US government allow this to happen, knowing beforehand that the ship would be destroyed and American lives would be lost? Because Woodrow Wilson needed an excuse to join the war and defend Great Britain.

In World War II, the U.S. was brought into battle through the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor. The FDR administration said this was 'an intelligence failure' (sound familiar?). Yet a document called the McCollum Memo, that was sent from top Naval Intelligence advisors to Roosevelt in October 1940 (a year before Pearl Harbor) openly suggests instigating war with Japan. Since public opinion still swayed between the Allies and the Axis, the United States could not openly side with Britain or attack Japan. So in order to put the American public in its place, it was necessary to put them 'on the defensive.'

The Bush Administration eats, sleeps and defecates the "War on Terror". The destruction of the Twin Towers gave President Bush moral authority to war against Islamic Nationalism; and 9/11 offered plenty of 'photo opportunities' and historical speaking engagements for the President. The terrorist incident has often been associated with Israel's struggle against Palestine and has been the inspiration for creating unconstitutional law such as the Patriot Acts. Obviously, it also leads directly to invasion in Afghanistan and Iraq. Moreover, this fight against terrorism has help push the price of oil through the roof. (Guess who has investments in overseas oil production.) The attack on Sept. 11th is the eternal reason for everything the President has done and plans to do... how convenient.

The al-Queda may be fearless and sincere in their cause, but they acted as patsies for Zion America. The U.S. and Israel do not have to commit acts of terrorism, they just have to create the conditions and allow nature to takes its course. America's lax immigration policies and anti-Islamic rhetoric prior to 9/11 created an environment suitable for domestic warfare. The United States was forced to take action against specific targets. Once again, Americans were pushed to side with globalism and against nationalism.

I believe we shouldn't be asking, "Why do they hate us?" instead we should consider, "Who is benefiting from this?" If we do not wish new terrorist attacks on our people, we must remove globalism in all of its forms-- from multi-culturalism to foreign investment to the United Nations. All of these concepts are the enemy of freedom and sovereignty everywhere. We must show the Zion American regime that nationalism is the will of the people and not an ideology of a few psychopaths. Nationalism, and specifically National Socialism, is the way of peace and prosperity for our world. Instead of playing into the terrorist lure, we should create conditions to our advantage...and let nature take its course.

Movement News

On July 17, 2004 the NATIONAL SOCIALIST MOVEMENT (NSM) held a rally on the steps of the Nebraska state capitol. Roughly 200 supporters in the crowd cheered the 35 men and women on the steps. NSDAP/AO leader Gerhard Lauck also attended as a guest speaker. See report at

A monument to the Estonian Waffen-SS was erected in Lihula on August 20, 2004 - despite an official police ban - by 2,000 Estonian patriots.

The ESTONIAN language was added to the NSDAP/AO web-site on August 18, 2004. We thank the new co-workers!

A German nationalist was shot by police while putting up Rudolf Hess posters during the night of August 15/16. "Accident", derangement or state terrorism?

Exil-Croatians have erected a statute honoring MIKE BUDAK, ideologist and hero of the Ustasha Movement, in front of the Catholic church in his home town, Sveti Rok. Budak was also instrumental in anti-miscegenation legislation. He was murdered by the communists in 1945. – Unfortunately, the Croatian government later removed it, claiming it was "un-Constitutional".

The French government has declared "war" on "racism" following a wave of anti-Zionist protests. Every French higher court has an addition political prosecutor whose sole task is to persecute racialists.

Germany's Federal Constitution Court is seriously considering banning the famous British clothes brand "LONDSDALE"...simply because the letters "NSDA" resemble the "NSDAP" of Hitler's party!

The above flier is available in seventeen languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Lithuanian and Estonian. 10 Euro per 100 or US$10.00 per 100.


Welcome On Board!

Great idea using Overman’s commentary! Makes the site more relevant and engaging! Heil Hitler! – Minnesota

NSDAP/AO and NSM Stand Together

Comrade: Thanks for all you are doing for the NSM. "Together We Are Strong!" – NSM Colonel Tim Bishop, Hutchinson, KS

Editor: The NSDAP/AO donated several thousand fliers for the NSM’s Valley Forge rally.


Despite being surrounded by nigger slime, I still manage to maintain my National Socialist values. I don’t know which is worse: the nigger slime or the Jewish terrorists!

My only reprieve is when I go to my mailbox and receive something from the NSDAP/AO!

I have a picture of Hitler which I see when I get up every morning. I also have a picture of Hess in my room.

I live as a National Socialist! That is my choice!

Heil Hitler! – New Orleans, LA

Persecuted, but not Beaten!

Here are some translations and dues money. We have had much trouble with the justice department and persecution, but we are growing! Our web-site had 50,000 visitors, which we now redirect to the NSDAP/AO web-site. – Brazil

Nazi Television

I have the opportunity to air a weekly community television program, but desperately need tapes. Please help. – Bismarck, ND

Effective Cooperation

I see on the NSDAP/AO web-site that you offer the English translation of the Reinhard Heydrich book, which includes the biography I wrote. This is indeed effective cooperation! Heil Hitler! – Europe

Young Fighter

Despite my youthful age of 16 years, I possess a firm, National Socialist worldview. As a National Socialist I consider it my duty to join the NSDAP/AO and support it as best as I can. The NSDAP best fulfills my conceptions of folk, state, economics and politics. In deepest reverence for our Führer and eager for work, I wish to help spread our propaganda material. Against the NS-ban and for folk, race and nation. I am at your disposal. – Germany


  1. Books and periodicals from the Third Reich as well as original (pre-1945) records with German marches.
  2. Comrades who fluently write (not necessarily speak) a foreign language and are willing to do translations.
  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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