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Number 118/18 - Summer 2004 (115)

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Jews Blunder Again

The world’s leading internet search engine is Google. Lately, Google’s #1 listing for more and more search terms is being captured by "anti-Semitic" and "neo-Nazi" web-sites.

In April 2004 the "jewwatch" incident was widely publicized. When Mr. Shennie Whinestick (spelling?) entered the search term "Jew" on Google, the world's leading search engine, the openly anti-Jewish web-site appeared as the very first listing! The Jews created a protest web-site and launched a campaign against "jewwatch".

Ironically, the resultant publicity produced 10,000 visits per day to the very same site they were trying to combat!

When the site’s server came under political pressure and the site went down, comrade Lauck provided a mirror web-site at as well as on the NSDAP/AO site (and elsewhere).

Initially, the Jews succeeded in getting the site knocked out of the #1 position. But it soon regained the first position before again losing it. It appears to be an ongoing battle.

Meanwhile, the NSDAP/AO has expanded the offensive. Since May 2004 Google's #1 listing for "Rabbi Jokes" shows the NSDAP/AO web-site. The 20-language site has cartoon animations of leading Jewish figures, free Nazi computer game downloads, holohoax denial books and the famous documentary film "The Eternal Jew".

The effort also yielded more technical skills and new recruits, one of whose articles now appear on both the web-site and on page two of this issue.

We can thank Jewish hysteria for all of this!

Gerhard Lauck

NS News Commentary

Amnesty International:

Part of the 'Axis of Evil'

LONDON- The Zionist-American war of terror against Ethnic Sovereignty has been the most sustained attack on human rights in 50 years, said an Amnesty International report. The US and Jewish chicken-hawks have moved quickly to silence those who oppose the New World Order. Amnesty International will soon be listed with other "hate groups" on ADL and SPLC web-sites. 'Amnesty International are obviously conspiring with al-Qaida.' remarked one official, 'They're statements are lightly veiled attacks against the Jewish people.' Lawyers have begun efforts to file frivolous lawsuits. Bolshevik student organizations are taking to the streets to 'Stop the Hate.' Elementary schools are planning marches under the banner "Amnesty: Not in Our Town." The FBI and CIA have a new addition to the Terrorist List. 'Thank God for the Patriot Act,' said one agent, 'We're going to smoke these civil rights pansies out from their foxholes and show them what Zionist justice is all about."

Israeli Operation Rainbow: Giving

Gaza Back One Corpse at a Time

GAZA - Israeli dictator Ariel Sharon hopes to gain cabinet approval for his amended plan of Palestinian genocide-- prior to pulling out of Gaza, of course. The future looks bright for Ariel despite international outrage over bulldozing the Rafah refugee camp and killing 40 people. Even the US is complaining. 'Bulldozers and M-16's are a waste of American taxpayer's money,' said one official, 'We've suggested Israel break out the Zyklon-B, since it would be much more efficient.'


US Sends Proposal to UN:

A Free Sovereign Iraq

under Complete US Control

UN- As President Boosh stumbled over the words 'Abu Grahib' on television, the UN received the US proposal for transfer of power in Iraq. United Nations officials are a bit perplexed since there isn't any transfer of power mentioned. The report does assure that Iraq will be a good puppet nation-state for Zion in the years to come. The President said he didn't want to Americanize Iraq; but he does want to instill an American corrupt form of government, a free market for foreign economic takeover and absolute control of the military. With political criminals holding office by 2005, a large US military presence in Iraq will be useful in expanding Israel's territory and wiping Islamic nationalism off the face of the earth.

Iraqi Freedom Fighters:

Winning the War of Zionist Terror

A car bomb recently killed the leader of the Iraqi Puppet Council, a major move forward for Iraqi Freedom Fighters. Realizing that the US may have made a boo-boo entering Iraq, US leaders are seeking to get out as quickly as possible despite Zionist whining.

Jewish Terrorists Continue Ethnic Cleansing in Gaza, US Shows Support

Palestinians fled their homes as the Israeli terrorists surrounded a Gaza refugee camp, threatening to bulldoze it down. The Prime Minister of Palestine, Ahmed Qurie, asked for US intervention in a meeting with a top White House policy maker. The politician suggested the Palestinians emigrate to the US and safely invest in hotel chains and quickie marts, the people who hold the power over clean towels and hot coffee that can beat the Jews, he announced. The Prime Minister then realized with whom he was talking.

US Military:

Why Bring ‘Em to Justice…When

You Can Torture Them To Death?

Just in case you’ve been in a cave hiding from some US military excursion somewhere, you’ve probably seen the pictures of tortured Iraqis from Abu Grahib prison. The military is trying to wish the evidence of their terrorist activities away by claiming these soldiers acted on their own volition. Fortunately, nobody is fooled. Particularly Muslims.

According to a Jew media article, torturing Iraqis was just part of the war of terror conducted by the US military. Sec. Rumplestilskin didn’t want the military dealing with all those messy humanitarian laws apparently, especially when oil and Israel are at stake. The really offended minority here is the CIA, who are still upset that they were left out of a conspiracy for the first time in fifty years.

The Price of Oil: Now Your

Other Arm and Leg

You know the picture of that guy standing on a box with electric wires hooked to him? He’s actually not a Iraqi prisoner, he’s an oil broker. With the continuing war of terror, the price of overseas oil has gone through the roof. The Boosh Administration have showed concern. If people are putting all their money into gas, how will they be able to finance our Zionist reign of terror abroad, reason officials.



Another Television Success!

On April 5th, TV NOVA reported about Czech NS organization Narodni Odpor (National Resistance) which is hosted freely by NSEC! The report showed an interview with two left-wingers (not showing their faces) and one gypsy who expressed their fear of "the nazis"! Again, the police complained about the fact, that NO is hosted by NSEC, which in turn very closely cooperates with NSDAP/AO! However, the police told the media, that this won´t help them and that they will go after the members of NO! During the report, much film footages from NS demonstrations and NS attacks against left-wingers were shown. - Czech Republic

Editor: Our Czech comrades have translated the NSDAP/AO Introductory booklet THE FIGHT GOES ON! into Czech. It is now on the web-site for free downloads.


Black Violence Everywhere

I am from Southern Brazil and will mail you some money for propaganda material. Here in São Paulo it is very difficult for White people to live. The Blacks here are very violent and kill us. My comrades and I here want to join the NSDAP/AO. – Brazil


Another Victim of the Economy

Here are my monthly dues. Sorry I’m late. After 15 years I lost my job, thanks to the government and the failing economy. When I moved to Florida it seemed like we never won the war against Mexico…we just gave it back to them! Keep up the good work! – Florida


New Recruit

Considering my activism, I wish more of the English-speaking world to embrace our worldview. Hence I’ll begin work on a regular column concerning current events and ideology. – USA

This comrade’s first article appears in this issue. He was recruited by a cyber-activist who visited a nationalist forum. We thank both of them! Cyber-activists are also urged to task other White racialist webmasters to exchange links with our site at This site currently averages approximately 120,000 hits per day!


Zulu Howler

English football’s increasing reliance on coloured players was summarised by former Crystal Palace manager, Alan Smith. He horrified diners at a Royal Automobile Club’s jolly when asked what it was like to be a football manager today.

With a football manager’s notorious lack of respect for political correctness he replied, "Like Michael Caine in the film ZULU facing the hordes - only these days the Zulus are in the dressing room."

You could have heard a pin drop. Among the audience Fulham FC manager Chris Coleman. His key black player Luis Boa Morte has just reported Everton FC striker Duncan Ferguson for an alleged racist comment. – United Kingdom


Impressed by Kidnapping Article

Just read Gerhard Lauck’s kidnapping article and am very impressed and touched by it. If one never witnessed jail and prison, one can hardly imagine the consequences and stigma that rests, as well as the fact to rebuild one's life, to start completely from the beginning. Gottfried Küssel, for example, faced even 10 years (if I remember right), due to a simple "thought crime"! In the Federal Republic of Germany not even child murderers or cannibals get such a high sentence!

The most important task is to never give up and show the enemy his efforts to stop us are and will remain fruitless! Gerhard Lauck managed this! Despite the fact that the NSDAP/AO (compared with the early 1990ies) had a setback due to Gerhard Lauck’s imprisonment, it is now growing stronger than before! "What does not destroy us, makes us stronger!" After all, the martyrdom of Rudolf Hess should always be an example for us that torture and pain cannot break our will. – Germany


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