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Courier Adolf Hitler: 1914-1918

Adolf Hitler was repeatedly decorated for bravery in World War One.

Before I continue the account of my experience in the war, I would like to insert a debunking of the present day chatter of Hitler’s enemies with a short contrast of truth and fiction for the sake of justice. Lately much that is unbelievable, downright defamations of every kind against the soldier in the simple uniform, have been circulated. Disgust overcomes me when I hold a newspaper where Hitler is either put down, ridiculed or defamed. All of them have greatly deceived themselves about this man. Whoever knows Hitler, like me, is of a different opinion. Few have been allowed the good fortune to stand so closely at his side as I was privileged to do so. Three full years, day after day and night after night, both of us lived together in the closest comradeship. Both of us shared the same suffering and the same joy. He, who stood in the service of the Bavarian List-regiment for four long years, belongs in the truest meaning of the term to the "unknown soldier".

One says, "Hitler only ran around in the rear". Whoever says or writes that, either never knew or experienced war or is an intentional liar, who wants to tarnish the honor of a great man. The "rear stallions" ran around behind the front, far away from the shooting, in the bordello city of Lille and in Gent. The largest percentage of these rear warriors was incontestably the sons of Israel. Unfortunately, many nobles were among them, who had probably already been thoroughly bastardized. This kind of German man already had a certificate for being unfit for duty in his pocket before leaving home. But – because they also wished to perform "loyal service" for the fatherland - , they did it in this fashion. While we at the front awaited death every hour, while we resembled a walking mud cake, this trash of warriors was in the arms of French women. In shooting their mouths off they were great heroes and as such they certainly had claim to be showered with decorations. But the saying of our front soldiers remains eternally true: "Bullets rain at the front and the shower of decorations reigns in the rear." Precisely these slackers beind the front are the ones who are today again eager to cast mud on the honor of the front. With full bellies they now sit as big and little bureaucrats in Jewish newspaper editor offices and spread their poison through the press into the wide masses and besmirch any one who still values honor and soldiery. They hate the strong, the unbending – heroism; for they can only have their way with weaklings and erotically narcotized people. Their greatest horror is Spartan virtue.

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of dummies who swallow such fat lies like a hungry dog devours meat thrown to it. These people never learned to think. On the other hand there are those who deeply fear the truth and justice that Hitler has always represented; they fear that Hitler is honest enough to give the folk what belongs to it. Hence this flood of lies about the man of honesty. My front comrade Hitler today holds the attention of all of Germany. Hardly has a word left his mouth before it is repeated a thousandfold – put on the scales, approved or criticized. With lightning speed it flies through the countless meters of wire into the telegraph offices and the rotation presses make it public in millions of newspaper copies. And I ask: Where in the world is such a man who has created such a miracle of organization, a concentration of people who only know one will, only the name of Adolf Hitler? How is that possible in a Germany with the highest civilization and level of culture? Where every citizen is taught in school for free thought and action? It can be said straight off it is the boundless will that has become deed, the will to free the German folk from the claws of the Jewish plan for world conquest. It is paired with Hitler’s genius. Next to that is the bankruptcy of the present rulers, the obvious inability of the politicians at the government’s wheel of our day. If a folk is neglected from above and stepped on, if thumb screws are used to squeeze taxes in order to satisfy the moloch’s insatiable hunger, to placate capitalism, then the end of the lackeys of these life-destroying golden idols must assuredly approach, as history teaches us; the primeval strength stirs within the folk and the healthy view of the common people strikes out against the conscious or unconscious government tactics of our ruling stratum. These factors were at work when in such a relatively short time half the nation placed its trust in Adolf Hitler. They did not entrust themselves to him for the sake of riches – for Hitler never made such a promise – no, so that the inner value and existence of the nation would not be lost forever. That is why the folk elected him their saviour.

The present Germany will not recognize the fundamental formation of the today mutilated Reich in its greatness as precisely our neighbors will. The idea of the National Socialism created by him will one day radiate from Europe’s heart across the whole occident. Our children and their more distant generations will honor in Hitler the national hero and his genius will enter Valhalla and become immortal.

And now to the reader’s question: Was Hitler already in the field of this view that he today represents? The answer to this question can only be affirmative. In each action, great and small, he put himself last. I have never heard a moan or complaint from Hitler’s mouth about the so-called "swindle". Back then I did not understand his behaviour and so my feelings must be understood in terms of Hitler’s restless eagerness to do his duty. We could not comprehend him and so we sometimes thought we had a white raven among us who did not chime in when we cursed the "swinish swindle" and the "big shots". Even in Germany’s days of misfortune he carried within himself a new world, the idea of National Socialism, for which he was on the best path to bestow upon it life and blood. Pure patriotism and the quiet hope in heart that he would himself one day be the creator of the regeneration of the German folk made the difficult duty in the field seem easier to him. I cannot help but to remember what he often told us: "Later you will hear a lot about me." We certainly laughed at such a prophecy and misread him as a crackpot. He usually just shook his head at our silliness and looked seriously into the talking group. I certainly believe that even if we Germans had won the war and the Kaiser Reich had emerged stronger than ever, Hitler would have nonetheless founded his party. He would have founded it in the realization that even the most secure throne must shake in a state whose major leaders included freemasons and foreigners. This danger existed for many German rulers. The close connection of the politics of the freemason Bethmann-Hollweg with Walter Rathenau’s had not remained secret to Hitler back then. He alone among us had recognized the fact that the war had been instigated by freemasons and Jewish forces. Unfortunately, many of our blue bloods had joined these circles of agitators, whereby they greatly damaged their standing with the people.

During the presidential election I often heard the "foreigner" Hitler defamed. Most pitiful are just the people who accept even an ounce of such nonsense. That is either maliciousness or boundless stupidity, to blabber one word of this gossip. In my dealings with Hitler I never heard him speak one word in a foreign language. He talked like us with the old Upper Bavarian dialect. The coarse expressions of our dialect used by any Bavarian musketeer were not lacking by Hitler. His birthplace lies across from Simbach, with which it is closely connected by a bridge across the border-river, the Inn. 120 years ago the far bank still belonged to Bavaria, until it was traded by the state to Austria for some Habsburg land. Present Austria, an ancient German land that was settled by Bavarians since the seventh century, is now called a foreign country, because Hitler, the much hatred man, was born there. No decent person today accepts such rubbish. Quite the opposite: if all Germans were as German as Adolf Hitler was and today it, then our glorious Germany would not lie shattered on the ground. The biggest mouths and agitators against a blameless man are especially those with least mastery of the German language, who should modestly stay in the background. For them it would be best to again populate their homeland at the foot of Lebanon.

* * * * *

Summer heat laid over Fromelles. June blossomed in red roses. Shy nightingales sang their love song each evening in the castle park, wonderful like in a fable. These dear guests did not want to leave their nests despite the often bombardment of our command center. At night a fresh wind came in from the sea.

Destructive mortar fire filled the next months. The winged mortars raged terribly; no dugout was constructed strong enough to defy these monsters. The armored enemy birds in the sky became a bigger and bigger nuisance. Daringly, they glided down and strafed our trenches with accurate machine-gun fire. Our defense measures were initially powerless against this new kind of warfare. But worse, however, was the underground battle of annihilation. The companies were often put in a state of exhaustive nervousness. Boring machines drilled through the otherwise secure earth. Tunnels and trenches were driven toward our line of defense. The fearful feeling to live on explosive-filled ground dominated the trench troops, mindful every second that hundreds of men might be hurled into the sky just to fall back into the crater. The idea of death by suffocation and mass grave was unnerving. This kind of ever-lurking death wore down the strength of even the strongest man.

In May 30, 1915 I left for the regiment message office. Hardy had I become accustomed to being battalion runner when I had to move on. I obediently presented my transfer order to the regiment commander Lieutenant-Colonel Friedrich Petz. He directed me to the couriers battle dugout. After arriving there, I had to take leave of my rifle; it had not left my hand since marching off from Munich. How often had my shooting iron saved my life on dangerous patrols! My future equipment consisted of an army pistol, message case and flashlight. Orders were always stored in a well-sealed envelope in the message case. The importance of the order was designated by the marking on the envelope in the form of a cross. If the order has one cross, one knew there was no rush. Two crosses meant urgency and three very urgent. The courier group usually consisted of ten men. Six men were always on duty in the trenches while the others stood ready. As a rule, two couriers had to bring the order to the front. That was strictly a safety measure, so that if there was an unforeseen event such as the wounding or death of one courier, the other courier would get the important document where it belonged.

My appearance made the couriers quiet happy, because there was a newcomer to tease. Lieutenant Eichelsdörfer functioned as the regiment’s adjutant. Hugo Gutmann, a militia lieutenant – an officer with Jewish mannerisms – often served as his deputy. He was not highly regarded by the couriers. Later this also-officer, trembling with fear, became my unsympathetic superior.

At the moment there was great fun, because Hitler entered the dugout. He returned from a courier task and was tired. I saw him for the first time in my life. We stood across from each other, eye to eye. A pleasant greeting, then his sharp gaze looked me over from top to bottom. He asked me where I came from and rather I was to remain permanently in the group. Hitler himself was emaciated down to a skeleton, his face color pale and faded. In the deep eye sockets stuck two penetrating, dark eyes; I especially noticed them at the time. His mustache was strong and not well groomed. Forehead and facial expression betrayed high intelligent. It seems to me as if I can still see him standing in front of me, and how he loosened his belt during our conversation. Adolf Hitler, along with Mund Max, became my inseparable comrade.

The next night I, along with Schmied, delivered my first order to the military engineer battle headquarters. The path there did not offer much cover against artillery fire and even machine-gun salvos posed a threat. The positions of the companies were built too deep in a cauldron. Fromelles was open on a hill ridge. After arriving there, we delivered the order to the officer’s representative Hoffmann. Taking the reply, we started the return trip. Upon my return I found my comrades had prepared for my hungry stomach. My membership was duly celebrated on this occasion with tea and bread with sausage. Adolf Hitler sat in a corner sunken in a newspaper; meanwhile he slurped some tea from time to time. From time to time he interjected a word into the pleasant conversation, which we usually did not understand. So did the first day at Fromelles end. There was straw in the row of wooden banks. Sleep overpowered us and gently took us into its arms.

Within a few days I got to know all the couriers better. Their names were Schmied, a likable Franconian, Weiss Jakl, an innkeeper’s son from Hallertau, Mund Max, a native of Munich, Sperl, Tiefenbeck, Landshammer, Inkoser and Bachmann. The rest quarters consisted of a low old house in which an old Frenchwoman lived, whom he called "black Marie"; she never wanted to leave her home even during the fighting. A mounted courier, Vitus Gasteiger, my countryman from Au bei Aibling, often visited our robbers’ den. Vitus Gasteiger never again saw his homeland. He made the greatest sacrifice, his life, for the fatherland.

This article is an excerpt from the new book #584 COURIER ADOLF HITLER: 1914-1918 written by a close comrade who served in the same courier unit for three years. The book is available for $10.00.

We thank the comrades who donated the original book and then translated it into English! - If YOU can volunteer translation work, please write: NSDAP/AO, PO Box 6414, Lincoln NE 68506 USA

Jewish Hysteria Defeats Jewish Self-Control

by Gerhard Lauck

The Jews are a formidable opponent. Despite their relatively small population – roughly thirty million worldwide – they are in their own right a "world power", thanks to their domination of the economy, media and government in the United States. They are smart, ruthless and vicious. It would be a mistake to underestimate them.

However, it is ALSO a mistake to OVERESTIMATE them. They are not all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect or invincible. Time after time throughout history, a zenith of Jewish power has been quickly followed by their dethronement, sometimes accompanied with banishment or pogrom (i.e. pest control).

Simply put, their power goes to their head. They get over-cocky and excessive. Their initially covert tyranny becomes all too overt, too obvious, and too obnoxious to simply too many previously unaware victims.

In this light, an internal Jewish event is quite interesting and, yes, even encouraging.

The "Hungarian-American" Jewish billionaire and philanthropist George Soros spoke at a conference of the "Jewish Funders Network" (JFN) in the New York Harvard Club last November. He shocked the Jewish audience when he told them that the growing anti-Semitism in Europe was a direct result of the politics of Israel and the USA. He went on to suggest even he did not feel safe, because the new anti-Semitism harped on the theme that the Jews dominate the world.

This open admission – even to a Jewish audience – outraged major Jewish organizations. (It was then leaked that Soros had already fallen out of favor, because he allegedly did not make many large donations to outright Jewish organizations.) Believe it or not: When one Jew tells another Jew that they are even partially to blame for the resistance their own actions generate, then the other Jews often label him an "anti-Semite" or even a "Nazi" - despite the fact they know he is a fellow Jew!

So it is no wonder the Jews simply go far. They can not resist the straw that broke the camel’s back. Their minds are locked shut against any criticism or warning - even from within their own ranks (which is obviously based on intelligent foresight as opposed to benevolence toward their poor victims).

On the lighter side is the outrage triggered by the remark a New York Jewish architect made in his speech to the Jewish group involved with the infamous HoloHoax monument in Berlin. Discussing the controversy over the involvement of a German firm that had been involved with the "concentration camps", his dentist asked him if the gold used in that firm’s anti-graffiti spray came from the dental fillings of Jews gassed in Auschwitz. There was a loud outcry demanding his resignation. Of course, he apologized.

But who knows? Maybe the dentist just wanted to make sure the anti-graffiti spray is indeed kosher!


Persecution in the United Kingdom

Six comrades, regarded by the English security forces as probable "ringleaders" of the Stormer/RVF ("Racial Volunteer Force"), have been charged by the Crown’s Prosecution Office with "the production and distribution of racial inflammatory material" among other things. Their homes had been raided several times last spring by the anti-terrorist squad "SO19" and Scotland’s anti-terrorism branch "SO13". They face up to four years. – Europe

Latvian Inquiry

I am from Riga, Latvia. I found your address in a patriotic Latvian newspaper, which has meanwhile been closed and confiscated by the plutocratic system. I am interested in books and your newspaper "The New Order". White Power! – Latvia

Italian-American Grateful

I wish to publicly thank comrade Schaerffenberg for his excellent articles on World War Two. As an Italian-American, I grew up hearing nothing but Italian army jokes. It came as quite a revelation to me when I discovered that Italy actually excelled in some military areas. Examples are the elite naval "x-mas" unit, the mountain troops and the Italian air force. Heil Hitler! – New Jersey

Suppression in Australia

The Australian people have always believed in a racially and culturally European nation with control over our own economy, commerce, agriculture and national destiny. There has never been any legally binding plebiscite or referendum by Australians to allow massive non-European immigration that threatens our racial nature. Nor do the Australian people approve of foreign interests taking over our economy and political life.

In fact, according to the spirit of the Australian Constitution - Section 51 (26) – Australia is intended to remain racially and culturally European. That is genuine Australian law!

Nonetheless, Australian government agencies now enforce "politically correct" attitudes and policies that threaten the survival of White Australia. They use the sinister ASIO Bill, Racial Vilification Acts and Anti-Discrimination Acts to silent the opponents of multi-culturalism, Asianization, globalization, disarmament of the citizenry, privatization and immoral wars. – Australian Nationalist Workers Union, PO Box 332, Gosnells WA 6110, Australia

God’s Greatest Gift to Humanity

I am a 30 year old Italian National Socialist. This letter to you is the result of many years of study and observation of our sick world. I could write a hundred pages about my admiration for the greatest man God gave humanity: Adolf Hitler!

After researching National Socialism today, I am proud and honoured to join the NSDAP/AO! My life belongs to the Führer! Heil Hitler! – Italy

Good News from Belgium

"Anti-Semitic violence has increased tenfold since 2000 in Belgium", the media reports.

Long Live Flanders! - Belgium

Much Debate, but Simple Solution

There are constant debates over anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist remarks made by big shots or even by the man on the street. All the politicians immediately crawl into the Jew’s "where the sun doesn’t shine".

Actually, it would be very simple to make such attitudes and comments disappear from the face of the earth: if there were no Jews, there would be no reason for "anti-Semitism"! Sieg Heil! - Germany

Activism in Poland

The enclosed article from a Polish newspaper talks about our propaganda action. We printed NSDAP/AO slips and tossed large numbers of them from the automobile while driving down the highway. The authorities actually stopped traffic in order to remove them! Heil Hitler! - Poland


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