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Report from the Front:

Big Success in the Czech Republic!

Dear Comrades!

The biggest Czech propagation progress in the history of NSEC & NSDAP/AO has just occurred! The first Czech TV channel "Czech TV1" has made a news story about NSEC & NSDAP/AO! This channel (since CR only has 4 national channels) is watched by MILLIONS of viewers every day! The late evening news report is regularly watched by approximately by 3.6 million (out of 10 millions living in CR) people! Since the news on all the channels respect each other’s times, no one could miss the report. The report was several minutes long. The NSEC & NSDAP/AO sites were both shown on full-screen! The report talked about the close cooperation between NSDAP/AO and NSEC while zooming on the text line under the Czech Lion with swastika that says that we are official allies.

Then it followed by talking about the NSEC and the NSEC store and that people could get every sort of materials there such as books, flags and regalia, then the incredible happened - they actually surfed on the flags section of the store and showed the whole (!) assortment on full-screen!!! A paid commercial in this length would cost great amounts of money! Then followed a speech by a police officer that said that they can not do anything about it, since the server is in US! After him, a representative of Czech Jews said that all this was sad, but since Americans worship free speech above all, it is almost impossible to do anything about it. The report then said that some countries have already tried to put YOU on trial but that it has not helped - while saying that, comrade Lauck’s picture was zoomed almost to a full screen and the report ended...

What do you say about that?! After years of hard work, this is the beginning of pay off times! I think that this put us definitely (together with the report on extremism) as the number one NS organization in CR as education and propaganda is concerned! We have currently about 40 000 main-page visitors and hits peek up to 20 000/months.

Sieg Heil! Together we are strong!

Above: The logo used by our Czech comrades. Their victory had another interesting result: in October the number of NSDAP/AO web-site hits from the Czech Republic was even greater than from the whole of the United States of America!

News from the Reich

Yes, 59% of the people throughout Europe said in a recent survey that they consider ISRAEL the biggest threat to world peace!!! Of course now the ministers are all shocked and ashamed, for example BERLUSCONI from Italy; he called up Israel and somehow "begged for pardon" for this - truly unexpected! - result of the survey! The establishment is now looking for reasons; it is said the questions of the survey were "suggestive questions" and hence manipulated... Yeah, sure... Has the EU itself become an "anti-Semitic devil", or what?!

Largest National Socialist demonstration since World War Two recently took place in Sweden! Several right-winged groups torch column. Over 2000 people participated, including many comrades from Germany. Now the Swedish government is shocked that its estimate (800 Neo-Nazis, 2000 pro-NS people in Sweden) is not correct, and that the real number is presumably higher. It suspects a group called "Legion Wasa" wants to form a "private army".

ALESSANDRA MUSSOLINI, the Duce's granddaughter, left the post-fascist Alleanza Nazionale since its president, FINI, excused himself in Israel (even wearing a kike cap!) for the "crimes of the fascist regime" towards the Jews. She wants to form a new party now.

The PC (="political correctness") is now even invading the PC (= personal computer) sector: Some sales manager in Los Angeles demands to ban the labeling of hardware with "master" and "slave" (regarding hard drives). NO JOKE! Maybe he'll also demand to ban the "cleansing" of parasites/viruses and worms that infect the computers...

The anti-Semitism debate is going on: A local CDU-Politician and professor, KNÜTTEL, is also said to be a "anti -Semite" as he demanded "street fighting" etc. as the ARD show "Panorama" reported. Also, the small town near Fulda, where HOHMANN (who was today expelled from the CDU after massive media pressure for calling the Jews as "perpetrators") was in charge, the people are interviewed and show strong sympathies for Hohmann, citizens of ALL ages and classes say that it's a dirty outrage that one can't say the simple truth in Germany! That's exactly what we want!!! I couldn't believe (at least) some people finally wake up!!! The media, on the other hand, is outraged... You can imagine that the large newspapers now start a great agitation action against such smaller, but RESPECTABLE towns!

Plus: The CDU loses prestige because of firing Hohmann as Merkel herself (and the whole CDU staff, too) said immediately after the "incident" (Hohmann's speech from October 3rd) that he would NOT have to fear any consequences after excusing and not repeating such statements... Hohmann did beg for pardon... But the massive pressure didn't leave any chance...

The DEGUSSA company now will indeed deliver the anti-graffiti protection for the Berlin Holohoax memorial; the Jews were angry as they learned the company's connection to IG Farben, the producer of Zyklon B. But - funnily enough! - choosing another company would cost the Jews 3,2 Millions extra, so the Jewish "business sense" was stronger and Degussa is accepted... Also, the Berlin Jews offended in this question even an American Jew (I think Eisenmann is his name) who said their discussion was hysteric and not ok...Well, our "German(-speaking)" CHOSEN ONES are still the most aggressive ones... (Suppose they suffer from all the recent "shocks" due to all the "anti-Semites" around...)

Another anti-Semitism scandal: Mick Flick, grandson of the known Flick with his company in WWII, is presenting his art collection in Berlin, the Schröder government invited him and thank him and all... Just the Jews cry, because they say his fortune was built up by Jewish "forced laborers" and that he did never show any "regret" for the "crimes" his grandfather had done...

All this shows, how the "anti-Semitism club" (just like the "Auschwitz club") is now INFLATIONARILY used to destroy people...

There's really an upcoming "anti-Semitism debate" in Germany: Many articles search reasons for the latest (even pan-European!) incidents. The authors of such articles are somehow frustrated.

Another interesting news item: DEGUSSA, a subsidiary of IG Farben (which produced the de-lousing agent Zyklon B) is a sponsor of the Holohoax memorial in Berlin. The Jews were after a while shocked as they learned about the "NS past" of the company and immediately cancelled the work which had already begun. Degussa has even a fine motto: "the future is a tradition with us ".

Also, General GÜNZEL is now attacked... His life, family etc. is analyzed, he's being insulted etc. etc. It must be indeed very frustrating for the regime to see such courageous people and learn that despite the Jewish media control MANY people see the real threat and share (at least partially!) our views! That's also what you said would "love" the Jews to hear: Despite the politicians’ promises that "the whole nation" is against us, the resistance is still there!

100.000 people demonstrated against Schröder, only 12.000 were expected... Many people spontaneously joined the demo... This shows how the regime is dying... Amazingly, the number of 100.000 people is ONLY mentioned in the printed issue of today's "Süddeutsche Zeitung" not only proves the fact that there ARE different races with different structures (so much for "all people, are the same") but will also be the most devastating weapon as for example "you-already-know-who" already started a research on such ethnic weapons that kill Arabs...

You probably already heard of the murder case in Overath (Bavaria)... A lawyer, his wife and his daughter were killed... However, now the main suspect and his girlfriend have been found... He is an ex-mercenary has contacts to nationalist groups... New headline: Neo-nazi murders lawyer... You can imagine all the agitation articles in the newspapers; it seems so that ALL criminals are Neo-Nazis... The regime is really trying to create such a link; in the last SPIEGEL-TV broadcast they reported about several fraud cases etc. and emphasized the fact that the people there have contacts to Neo-Nazis... Despite the fact, that those companies had absolutely NO political background!

Interesting news item: Scientists are about to develop a genetic bomb that is able to kill only people with race-specific genetic data... This know WHO really does such crooked business, just to name coffee black-marketer-Bubis!!!) However, it's again an unseen and unbelievable wave of repression and propaganda one witnesses here... Another delicate fact in the Overath-case: The suspect was recently contacted by the Political Police!!! Now of course this fact is partially denied by the regime...

Another example for the infamous repression: The skinheads who've beaten up a foreigner have to pay him at least 38.000 EUR damages!!! Of course the comrades are not rich at all, and if they do not manage to pay the whole sum in a short time, the sum will rise by 50%!!! This sounds unbelievable, but it's true! Such "compensation" esp. for nationalists are completely new! Remember the incident where comrades who have been beaten up by Turks and were nearly killed? THEY DON'T GET ONE CENT!!! This is a perversion of justice!

OTTO GÜNSCHE, SS-Hauptsturmführer and the last Adjutant of the Führer, died in the age of 86 years on 2nd October this year... He was the person who had to burn his remains... Despite many offers and pressure to write a book or create a film he always refused to do so and lived in the Rhineland, in Lohmar...

I Work in a Work Service Camp

The following is an excerpt from book #546 An American Sees the New Germany, available for purchase for $10.00...The above poster #PT-2708 costs $10.00.

Voluntary work service in the New Germany has always been of great interest to me. As soon as in 1933 I had, as already mentioned, viewed a work service camp as well as the work service’s leadership school in Potsdam. I was theoretically informed of the purpose, meaning and goal of this important institution.

I had already recognized that the youth of the New Germany were united in their desire to create a new social order in Germany from the temporary chaos in which the world found itself. They wanted to create a new, better future for their country.

After I had seen both of these work service institutions, I put a high value on myself really, practically working along. I wished to learn about camp life firsthand and, through personal contact with work service men, to gain a truthful picture of the general camp spirit and the feelings of the men. In short, I wanted to live among them as a comrade and feel like they do.

I submitted an application to allow me, as a foreigner, to spend several days in a camp among the work service men and to participate in their daily routine and perform the same services as they. In other words, I wanted to work with these people "as one of them". My application was approved and I was assigned to service camp 93/3 in Potsdam that had just been opened in November of the previous year. This camp has aroused the interest of many foreigners, because it is not far from Berlin. Representatives from many nations have visited this camp, for example the King and Queen of Siam, the Swedish Admiral Lindesbran, a group of American Baptists and the president of the Greek student union in Athens.

It is known that work camps are visited by many foreigners. I wanted more than just a superficial view as a visitor. I wanted to work there myself in order to learn the conditions as they really are. I discovered the following:

From the very start, I want to mention that no restrictions were placed on me - nor did I get any special treatment. I reported for service and everything proceeded right away! First I received my work cloths and sport cloths. Then I was assigned to a sleeping hall and received a comfortable iron bed with mattress, linen, blanket etc. just like each of the other 220 other people in the camp. Each sleeping hall has 16 beds. Each man has his own clothes locker with a card with his name and occupation. After I was welcomed as a "comrade", I assembled with the other men and marched off to work with them. This is the daily routine in the work service camp:

We are awakened at 5:00 AM. The men get up and do some group exercises in the fresh morning air. Returning to the sleeping hall, each man makes his bed. The hall is tidied up and put in shape, followed by the morning toilet. Very fresh, very awake - and already very hungry - we sit down for breakfast. It consists of coffee, tea or meat brew and bread with marmalade and butter. At the same time we prepare our second breakfast to take along. Consumed during a half hour break from work in the morning, it consists of "butter pastries" with sausage and coffee. At 06:15 AM we are called to assembly and inspection. We receive our spades, stand at parade attention and then march to our workplace that is half an hour away from the camp in Potsdam.

The workers had already cut down trees at this work-site to make room for the construction of a group of new single family houses. Thirty of them are already occupied, mostly by war veterans but also by the unemployed. Some workers were told to prepare bricks for use in alleys. Others excavated soil for the construction of new houses. Eleven other men and I were given the task of excavating soil from one of the roads near the houses to create a ditch to serve as canalization. We worked with our spades from 7:00 AM until 09:30. Then we took a short break for our second breakfast with sausage, bread and coffee. At 10:00 AM the leader’s whistle called us back to work. Now I was attached to a group of twelve men. We had to shovel soil into trolleys. These trolleys were then pushed by us – three men per trolley – about 100 meters along a rail. The soil was dumped onto a damn and then shoveled onto the grounds of one of the houses, where it was used to level the ground. We worked like bees until 1:00 PM. Everybody was in the best spirits. Many jokes were told, so there was much laughter. At 1:00 PM we again assembled in front of our leader and returned to our camp. I should have mentioned earlier that we always sang during our march as is usual for Germans marching in columns. They sing while they march regardless of the weather. The exact song determines the pace of the march and simultaneously fends off the feeling of exhaustion. The spirit of satisfaction and contentment about the performed work and the fulfilled duties of the work service, yes, a sense of joy and happiness in general expressed itself in this singing. This made a strong impression on me. The joyous feeling spread to the many passersby whom we met and who greeted us with comrade-like calls. After our return we were greeted by Oberfeldmeister Schobbert, pu away our spades, cleaned our boots and had time for a shower and thorough cleaning. At 2:00 PM there was the midday meal. Each day it was generous and diverse: one day there was stewed steak, another day beef with potatoes and vegetables or peas with ham etc., everything well prepared. Oberfeldmeister Schobbert greeted us in the eating hall with the words "Good appetite!" after which, as hungry as wolves, we ate our fill. I had never had a healthier appetite! After eating we washed our plates and went to our rooms. Our free period for relaxation lasted from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, one hour of which had to be spent resting in bed. Rested and rejuvenated, we put on our sport clothes and enjoyed two hours of exercises in the fresh air. Returning to camp, we made the daily assembly for "flag parade" at sunset and went to our quarters. Already hungry again, we then ate supper. This evening meal consists of herring, potatoes, pastries covered with cold meat or small sausages ("hot dogs"!), bread and butter, coffee or tea and a sweet spread of various kinds. After this supper that lasted from 18:00 to 19:00, we were free from duty until 10:00 PM. German youth enjoys music, so many camp inhabitants played the guitar, mandolin, mouth harmonica and similar instruments. Others accompanied their music with group song. Many read newspapers and books. A few filled the time playing cards, conversed, wrote letters, studied or did some kind of work connected to their inclination or trade. At 10:00 it was ‘To bed!" From 22:05 PM onward I have nothing to report, because by then I had already fallen into a deep, splendidly rejuvenating, healthy sleep. I was roused out of this sleep at 5:00 AM the next morning when an energetic voice called me to new muscle work in the fresh air.

In this camp I also met 120 young people who wish to one day become leaders of work camps through greater performance. These are people who wish to continue the work of education toward folk community in this youth movement. They want to play a greater role in the important task of the construction of the New Germany in this manner. The new youth has fully understood the meaning, the purpose and the goal of this work service, which I have already named.

Anyone who makes the effort to check for himself, like I did, can see for himself how false the widely reputed impression abroad is that the German work service represents forced labor for the unemployment or even a punishment work for communists.

In the camps one finds young people from ALL segments of the population and from EVERY trade who have voluntarily reported for duty. For example, in the camp near Potsdam I met young students, young workers, young office clerks, mechanics, printers, factory workers, photographers, butchers, bookbinders, tailors, cooks and so forth. These young people had in fact come together here from all segments of the population. There were not just the middle or poorer classes, as to be expected, rather also many youths from rich families or from good positions. All of these young people from every conceivable position and with every conceivable education and training came together here with those who had been unemployed, united in an exemplary comradeship.

The WORK CAMP in which I worked was turned from a decaying barrel factory into a model camp for more than 200 work men. This was done by young people, for the greater part untrained workers, who used the most simple tools. I must admit that I had never seen a camp with such perfected order. Nor quarters that were so spotlessly clean and in addition to being so practical and utilitarian right down to the smallest detail as in this camp near Potsdam.

Because I worked there as a comrade, my work comrades recognized me as "one of them", so it was easy to get a true picture of the spirit prevailing there among them. There was no feeling of dissatisfaction or strife, rather a spirit of good comradeship among them all that made each of them satisfied, merry and happy. One youth, for example, a former sympathizer of the Social Democratic Party, told me that this institution of the work service gave him genuine understanding for comradeship and for the politics of National Socialism for the first time. Everyone I spoke with – and I questioned many in detail – expressed to me his satisfaction with the work service and with the living conditions in the camp. One immediately believes them, because one simply has to see the expression of satisfaction on their faces to see how free, happy, healthy and robust these young men have become. I have never seen such an incredibly healthy and light-hearted looking group of young people. Their appearance confirms their words. I also talked to a group of thirty young printers. They had given up their workplaces in printing shops in favor of married unemployed men. They had voluntarily made this sacrifice in the interest of the common good. After finishing their work service of six months they will again be hired by their former employers.

I want to also briefly mention here what is actually self-evident. During their instructional courses they also receive a perfect schooling in National Socialist spirit in addition to practical instructions for their later live. They also learn old German customs and cultural history. In the eating and meeting rooms one sees the emblems of the swastika and of the spade, which is the symbol of the work service. The walls of the rooms are decorated with runes shields based on patterns from the old Germanic eras.

After my exact statements nobody can deny my right and ability to give a fact-based, objective JUDGMENT OF THE WORK SERVICE.

Based on my OWN EXPERIENCE during my visits and inspections and finally on my participation as a simple worker in a work service camp, I wish to say that this work service is masterfully organized by State Secretary HIERL. This is another example of the great accomplishments of Germany’s Führer and Chancellor not just for the benefit of the New Germany, rather also for the good of all of humanity. I can state without hesitation that this German work service is an example for the achievement of a just social compensation. This example should be copied in many other countries of the world that today suffer under constantly recurring social unrest, because they are not what the New Germany – often maligned – is: A UNITED NATION OF BROTHERS WHO – INSTEAD OF WEAKENING THEMSELVES IN CLASS STRUGGLE – WORK TOGETHER AS COMRADES FOR PEACEFUL RECONSTRUCTION!


Letters to the Editor

Harassment in Frankfurt

My wife was recently in Germany and Hungary. On the return trip she was detained in Frankfurt when she tried to book a flight. Two civilian dressed men asked her identity and passport. (She is a U.S.-citizen, but had a Hungarian passport which is good for all countries.) She was told that she is an "illegal immigrant and will be deported back to Hungary". They confiscated her ticket and passport and asked her to follow them. They told her not to leave the airport until further notice. But she talked to German lady who suggested she go to the American Embassy and get an emergency U.S.- passport. Thank God she listened to her and took a taxi to the Embassy. The Embassy administrator didn't find her citizenship evidence, so my wife asked her to call me. She did and I faxed the citizenship certificate back. Five minutes later she had her U.S. passport in her hand.

When she got back to the airport, one of these civilian-dressed persons approached her and asked where she had been. She told him that she had gotten the U.S. passport they wanted. He was very surprised and angry! How did she do that? My wife got angry and told him, "I always told you I am an American citizen, you didn't believe me! So stop your harassment. I want to go back to the USA! I will never come back to this country!" He responded: "Have a good trip, Ma'am."

I think they got confused by her name (I am well known to the enemy as a NSDAP/AO comrade!) and needed time from the Bonn NKVD to get more information in order to clear - or arrest (!) - her. She had to spend 27 hours in the airport (including the short trip to the US Embassy) instead of the fifty minutes originally planned! (Ironically, she had a swastika necklace with her, but was not bothered about it.)

My wife acted bravely and I am very proud of her. She did a good job and defeated the troublemakers. - U.S.-based Hungarian comrade

The Jews Create their Own Enemies

I think it was the Jew Paul Spiegel (president of the German Jewish Council) who said that nobody is born a Nazi. That is certainly so, because I was not. On the contrary, misguided by the Jew-controlled brainwashing for German national self-hate, I believed that "education", because I could not imagine why anybody on earth would construct such an immense building of lies for several decades to exploit and enslave a nation like the Jews have done in Germany. However, I always had nationalist feelings.

Searching for more information through personal talks with "eye-witnesses", books, other literature and the internet – and just observing actual events (as Truman says on your web-site, the Jews are the best recruiters for the National Socialist movement!)– I was confronted with a massive amount of information with the opposite content. After carefully reading, checking, counterchecking and evaluating this information for four years, I could proudly state: the Jews have one more vehement enemy! I have become a passionate National Socialist!

A lot of this useful information came from your web-site. You know about the state-terrorism against nationalists in Germany! It cannot be described what you and your work mean to our movement and to all the comrades in spirit who must hide their opinions in order to avoid repression and prosecution in Germany. You are the motor, the heart and the center of the National Socialist movement in the whole world. And if one day the citizens of all Aryan nations come together again as volunteers in the Waffen-SS to fight against the Jewish parasites, this will be mainly your merit.

An old friend of mine knew Jochen Peiper very well. He was with him in the LAH-SS and often meets other veterans of especially the Waffen-SS divisions LAH, Das Reich and Totenkopf. Like all of these men he knew, of course, that Jochen Peiper had been murdered, but he did not know the details until I gave him a printout from your web-site. He was shocked to tears and new hatred arose when he brought this printout to the next veterans meeting. I can proudly tell that knowledge of the world-wide fight for our ideals gave tem new hope to these old comrades, hope for we "Grossdeutsches Reich" in the future.

Of course, I support the NSDAP/AO. I will send you money from time to time and do some translation work.

Germany is on the ground now. I do not think it will rise again without the help from Aryan comrades around the world. We have a Jewish dictatorship and sincere and honest people in Germany are afraid. – As I write these lines our Secretary of Defense, Peter Struck, has just fired General Günzel, the commanding general of the KSK-Elite-Troops. His "crime" was to congratulate congressman Hohman for being honest in a speech about Jewish crimes during the Russian revolution. – Occupied Germany

In Good Company

I was watching a program about the SS and Odessa on the history channe1. At the end they showed a uniformed storm-trooper and your address. Please send me information in English and German, because my parents live in Berlin. – New Brunswick, New Jersey

Boob Tube in Spain, too

This year I am sending an extra 100,00 Euro donation. We are truly being invaded! Madrid and Barcelona are teaming with hundreds of thousands of brown and black creatures. The average person fails to react, because he is stupefied by the mass media. – Madrid, Spain

Lost War?

After 15 years I lost my job thanks to the failing economy. I moved to Florida to live with my grandchildren. Down here it’s like we never won the war with Mexico. We just give it all back to them! - Florida

Latvian Heroes Remembered

A common cemetery for the Latvian legionnaires who fought with the German Reich against communism was opened with a solemn ceremony on September 27, 2003. It was covered by national television and radio. Former legionnaires, their family members and followers, and many Latvian political and religious leaders were present. "The whole of Latvia will see that an old sanctuary has appeared in our country", stated Nikolay Romanovskis, chairman of the National Warriors Association. - Latvia


Specials thanks for comrade Schaerffenberg for his excellent book, "Hitler: Bungling Amateur or Military Genius?" A little foretaste for our enemies how the history books will look after the final victory!

I’d lime to add that during the Bolshevik invasion of Finland in 1939-1940 Roosevelt sold to the Soviet Union strategic goods like metals, machines, aeroplane components and fuel. In public, Roosevelt pretended to be a friend of Finland and "democracy", but in secret in did everything for Soviet victory over Christian and democratic Finland.

Funny that the Third Reich is called an "aggressive, imperialistic military power" and a "threat" to every possible country in the world. The USA nowadays has soldiers in fifty countries, in occupied Germany alone 80,000. She does pretty much anything she wants to – ir Israel wants!

One example of the "chosen people’s" is the sheer number of professorial chairs of Holohoax on the USA alone, over 300! That is what one can call the pollution of intellectual life in the USA. Today the USA occupies large parts of the global…and Israel occupies the USA! – Finland

Social Security - for Whites, too?

You have a fantastic site! You will hear more from me in the future!

I was disabled and lost my job earlier this year, but had to fight for months to get disability payments from social security. – Tennessee

White Pride

I appreciate the fine quality of the National Socialist literature you carry. The NSDAP/AO carries literature not available anywhere else. It is information the White people in America and across the world desperately need to survive.

Please send information on membership in the NSDAP/AO. I am a White man who is very proud of his European heritage (German, English and Irish).

Hail Victory! – Lansing, Michigan

Behind Enemy Lines

The NSDAP/AO stickers you sent us have been pass along comrades in Kapstadt, Bloemfontein and Pretoria. The newspapers have been copied and given to comrades here in Orania and in Hopetown. – South Africa


  1. Books and periodicals from the Third Reich as well as original (pre-1945) records with German marches.
  2. Comrades who fluently write (not necessarily speak) a foreign language and are willing to do translations.
  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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