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4,000 Comrades Honor Hess

On August 16, 2003 (114) more than 4,000 comrades from all German provinces and several European countries participated in this year’s memorial march for the great martyr of the White race, Rudolf Hess.

Police harassment included seizure of over 70 comrades, allegedly for illegal symbols and weapons. The demonstration was positively received by the local population, who strictly rejected the obscene plan to loudly play nigger music from their homes along the march route with windows wide open. Only 300 counterdemonstrators came.

Enemies and Influence People!

Current U.S. President George Bush Jr. is generally not considered to have the brains of a rocket scientist. But you have to give credit where credit is due. George has managed to do something that nobody else in world history has done: He has made the Unites States of America the most hated nation on earth!

Sure, the Moslem world has been pretty anti-American – not without good reason(!) - for a few decades now. And some of "our Allies", not to mention the French, have sometimes bit their lip in aggravation. Nonetheless, during the first two hundred years or so of nationhood, America was mostly a popular, even an admired, sometimes an even beloved nation. Freedom at home and an apparent rejection of colonialism made America lovable.

The gradual betrayal of the Monroe Doctrine in favor or interventionism – i.e. Jewish capitalist imperialism – steadily changed this. America’s massive support for the overtly terrorist state of "Israel" made things worse.

When the evil Soviet Empire collapsed, even the naïve journalists of the system press predicted a "peace dividend". Military spending would supposedly decrease in favor of social programs. Perhaps Americans would finally even get the kind of government financed medical care that most Western Europeans have enjoyed for decades. - No such luck! The politicians found new enemies, the generals found they had the wrong kind of war machine for the new "challenge", and military spending actually increased!

Of course, the term "new enemies" simply refers to anybody opposed to Israel…or to Wall Street. As the sole remaining super power, the United States has become the enforcer for World Capitalism. The old mask of "leader of the free world in the defense against communist tyranny" fell off. Since then, the ugly truth has become more and more obvious.

The unprovoked invasion and quasi-colonial seizure of Iraq in clear violation of international law was the last straw. American comrades who visit Europe and objectively discuss world affairs with average Europeans are surprised to see how extensive their dislike for America has become. - The only thing even more shocking than that dislike is the almost blissful ignorance of the American public, brainwashed by the jewsmedia. However, more and more Americans are at least starting to become a bit more suspicious of the mass media. During the latest Gulf War, major newspapers in both the United Kingdom and in Australia reported that over half the visitors to their web-sites were not their own countrymen, rather Americans, who evidently distrusted the "American media’s" war coverage and hence looked elsewhere for the news.

It is still unclear how many of these "anti-Americans" are aware of the Jewish question. In many countries, "anti-Semitism" is outlawed, so "anti-American" protests serve as a legal substitute. At any rate, the U.S./Israel partnership in ever more crimes against humanity is so obvious that the hatred felt toward one is bound to spread to the other. And now this hatred has spread from the Middle East to Europe, where there is even open talk of a Paris-Berlin-Moscow axis against Washington!

As long as the American people allow "their" government to serve as prostitute and enforcer for the Jews in Wall Street and Tel Aviv, they will encounter more and more hostility. Regrettable or not, fair or not, it is a forgone conclusion. If this development helps to wake up the sleeping American giant and turn him against his Jewish master, then this thunder cloud may one day have a silver lining.

Gerhard Lauck

Front Report

Postwar Record: The number of anti-Jewish incidents in Europe has reached a new record since 1945, the German press quotes the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Black List in Switzerland: Hungarian comrades report being turned back at the Swiss border after being told they were banned from the country for one year, "because of their political views, which are a threat to Swiss society". The NSDAP/AO was also mentioned.

Government Recognition in the Czech Republic: The Czech government report on extremism for 2002 confirms the NSDAP/AO and its Czech sister organization NSEC as an important source for NS-propaganda. Beyond that it regrets that the NSEC web-site is beyond government reach, because it is hosted in the USA (by comrade Lauck). (See )

Raid against the RVF in England: An armed elite unit – the "anti-terrorist" OS13 – of Scotland Yard raided eight homes of leading RVF ("Revolutionary Volunteer Force") members on July 4. Although they offered no resistance, they were taken into custody at gunpoint. Computers and mobil telephones were confiscated during the search. No charges were filed and they were later released. There had already been another raid in May. The operation was reportedly ordered by the MI5 General Director and Scotland Yard’s Special Branch. There had already been another raid in May.

More Juristic Powers in the EU?: "Thanks" to EU-law the extradition of six Dutch NS-collaborators from occupied Germany to the Netherlands might be possible. (In part because of a Führer decree, they have German citizenship.) The "German" Ministry of Injustice confirms it is now reviewing the extradition request from The Hague.

Successful Concert: Thanks to the close cooperation between Dutch and German comrades, concerts are now being in held in (relatively) free Holland to escape the systematic police harassment across the border in occupied Germany. A concert on July 5 was attended by 200 Dutch and German comrades, where Oidoxie performed. Not even one police patrol car drove by to check it out. (See

Record in Hungary: After the HETEK newspaper article about the NSDAP/AO and its Hungarian comrades appeared in Hungary on June 26, the Hungarian-language "hits" on the NSDAP/AO web-site reached the same level as the English-language for the month of July.

German comrades also held a memorial demonstration for two S.A.-men murdered by the communists in 1933: Walter Spangenberg and Winand Winterberg.

Swiss Volunteers in the Waffen-SS

Swiss Volunteers

Excerpt from a Regiment Order of March 29, 1942

The regiment has received 22 Swiss SS-volunteers. We welcome the comrades who today, driven by idealism, do what we did in the period of struggle.

We all fight for the Germanic Reich of the German Nation. Our Führer is the Führer of all German people!

Signed: Knights Cross Holder SS-Obersturmbannführer Schuldt

A flight of Ju 52 flies low over the Russian earth. A few hours ago the planes took off from Warsaw and they must soon reach their destination. They bring relief to a hard-pressed unit.

Barely one of the passengers has ever sat in a plane before. For each man the fascinating experience of a trip by air is combined with the tension of the imminent front mission.

Little is spoken during this trip. The eyes take in the image of the fleeing earth and the hearts digest what the close front conveys to the young soldiers.

The front!

In the homeland they do not know war. Sure, they feel the economic ramifications. They occasionally hear about heroic fighting, about winning and dying. But they know nothing about what lies between. They do not know life in danger. They have no idea about the joy of triumph. They have no concept of the faith that an entire folk embraces, and they shake their heads over the enthusiasm with which an entire generation makes the final effort.

In these three Ju 52 sit today Germanic volunteers from Switzerland. Most of them are young men, but a few are of a more mature age. They were not cast by coincidence into the tall waves of released elements. It is the will to pay tribute to what is coming that makes them break off the outer bond to the homeland. Volunteers in the uniform of the Germanic-SS!

The planes prepare to land on a provisional airfield. The men hold tight as the landing maneuver tosses them around. A snow-covered field is not a cement runway!

Somewhat stunned they leave the grey bird. However, here on the solid ground they are already received by coarse reality. The thunder of cannons!

Right, there stand two batteries of heavy howitzers. Thundering, their detonations beat the eardrums. One will have to get used to it.

Enemy fire, too, lies over the area. The Bolsheviks have spotted the position and heavy shells hiss through the air, churning up the ground a few hundred meters to the rear.

A few orders. The small column sets off and that same night it reaches their front unit.

Reported to the Führer!

A young company leader, holder of the German Cross in Gold, reports:

It was in the first days of April. We were on the "Ölberg", as we called the strategically important hill near K.. The unit had suffered heavy casualties during weeks of defensive fighting. Supplies were slow and meagre. Again and again, the Soviets tried to cut us off from the rear. The situation was serious and relief was urgent.

At that moment 16 Swiss volunteers came to my company. They stood for the first time in the fire line. I took them under my personal command, led them at night into the positions and had them observe the enemy with binoculars.

A small forest spread out in front of our positions, which we named boot forest because of its characteristic shape. The Soviets had dug into that forest using all the skill of Bolshevik warfare.

A few strongpoints and advanced positions held the enemy in check. The report came that the enemy had attacked with strong forces and taken out both of the most important strongpoints. Nobody escaped with his life.

Swiss platoon, get ready!

Divided into two squads the young volunteers advanced, but not without casualties. But the core of each squad reached its strongpoint, destroyed the enemy there despite heavy resistance and again aimed the machine-gun at the boot forest.

For hours Soviet artillery hammered at the advanced positions. Infantry attacked. The first wave is mowed down by machine-gun fire. The second wave pushes ahead. It also fails to cross the snow-covered plain between the boot forest and our positions.

This is followed by a few hours of quiet. But that is hardly rest for the men. Tense and with admirable steadfastness, they stare out toward the Bolsheviks. Night breaks. Relief is impossible. Every three hours there is an artillery barrage against our sector. Early in the morning I give the order to charge the boot forest. As an assault group, my Swiss platoon must take the group of trees and finish off the enemy there. Exemplary, the men sneak across the open plain. The enemy does not hear them coming. Suddenly, there is a battle roar that is able to frighten not just the enemy.

The men later me tell the worst were the final minutes before the attack, the time when they couldn’t move and had to wait for the saving order.

The surprises succeeded. The Bolshevik position was charged by the Swiss platoon and destroyed down to the last man.

I am proud of these men and wish to keep the "tradition platoon" for my company for always. Many of these volunteers have indeed fallen and the others have been wounded except for one man. But I know that they will return to the company and I am happy about that."

The last men wrote me in a letter:

"…There were no prepared positions; we used snow and earth holes and shell craters. So we laid there, completely soaked, freezing, waiting for the Soviet attack. Shell after shell followed: in front of me, next to me and behind him. Suddenly I hear a cry of pain. Comrade T. has been hit. I crawl back to bind him. Shell splinter in the upper thigh. I am hardly finished when comrade M. calls for help. After a while, a shell strikes next to me. When I look up, I see the comrades D. and S., the machine-gun men, lying dead. They took a direct hit.

We lay flat in the snow, hand-grenade ready in the hand, and await the order to attack. Finally the order comes: our hand-grenades are already exploding in the Soviet positions and we charge with Hurrah; the enemy is beaten and the forest island taken. While we charged, a Soviet commissar jumped out of a bunker, shot around in the area wildly with his machine-pistol and then disappeared again…in order to shot himself! Two brave Swiss men also fell victim to his bullets…

In the course of the night we prepared for the defense. We were wet down to the skin. That night it was cool and we were so cold that we could hardly move. Early in the morning the artillery resumed again, this time exactly at the forest island…

It boomed all morning. By noon no tree was standing; the earth was all churned up. That morning the last five Swiss men are brought back wounded. The same evening our regiment is relieved and shortly thereafter it departs toward Germany. On the occasion of the award of my Iron Cross the regiment commander said: The Swiss were brave and proved themselves. I told the Reichsführer-SS that; he was pleased. And I also reported that to the Führer!"

A wounded man writes from the hospital to his company leader:

"…I do not want to fail to express to you my personal thanks as well as that of my wounded comrades. The two last Swiss battle groups of Swiss men were certainly proud of you and they did everything to preserve the ninth company’s good reputation…I was also hit. But I am already better and will soon be back, hopefully with you…"

From another letter:

"…I participated in the final assault troop on April 10 and was buried alive while retrieving our wounded. A brain concussion, that is all, and soon I will be with you again.

When I have healed I hope you will assemble us Swiss again and all of us look forward to fighting again in your ranks…"

That is spirit endowing the Germanic volunteer!

Perhaps the training is harder for them than for the born "Prussian". But when it comes down to the final effort, where loyalty and reliability are decisive, they are among the first.

Without orders, through raging fire, they brought munition into the positions. No complaint crossed their lips when food was lacking because nobody was there to bring it or when one of the bands of irregulars had attacked the troop.

They hold the shield high over the honor of their folk.

The above is an excerpt from the book #565 GERMANIC VOLUNTEERS OF THE WAFFEN-SS, $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

Letters to the Editor

Right on Target

Everywhere you go in this town, all you see are niggers, gooks and wetbacks. They’re like maggots! I wish I could have fought for Hitler! He was right on target with the racial issue. What we have to put up with today is the result of the farce known as World War Two, where only the Jews were the victors. – Chicago USA

Underground Fighter in Germany

We fight for the legalization of the NSDAP in Germany. We have produced several thousand NSDAP/AO stickers with the Lincoln address and passed them along to comrades in different provinces. They have all been successfully pasted and now the State Security Police in Berlin are investigating.

A triple Sieg Heil to our Führer Adolf Hitler! – Somewhere in the Occupied German Reich

Boundless Admiration

Now as before I have boundless admiration for your work and I wish you with all my heart the successes you fully deserve! – Pennsylvania USA

N.S. Cell in South Africa

After a long pause one of your most loyal followers writes again. I have already spent time in prison for AO propaganda. Now we have organized a five-man cell and request propaganda material in English and German. – South Africa

Greetings from Leading Australian Activist

Thanks for your newspaper that I read with interest. Keep up the good work!

Down here the N.S. movement is active again. See enclosed newspaper articles. We use the Internet as well as posters in various sizes. This is part of an election campaign for two of us to the Federal Senate. – Jack van Tongeren, Australian Nationalists Movement, PO Box 332, Gosnells WA 6110, Australia –

The Führer’s Example

We appreciate getting The New Order!

We left the U.K., much to our anguish, as our homeland is becoming ther asylum dump of Europe.

Please accept our $100.00 donation. I feel bad and wish I could go more. I often think that if Adolf Hitler could eat only Tyrolean apples for ages to save for the party, then we should give something up to give more for the cause.

Heil Hitler! - Australia

Swastikas Everywhere!

Swastika everywhere – see the enclosed obituaries in Finland’s biggest newspaper. The first one is the symbol of the old Finnish air force based on a design from 1918. The second is from the female Finnish auxilliary allied with the German Reich. - Finland

New Co-worker

I am a Russian National Socialist now living in the west. I speak several languages and wish to help with translations. Heil Hitler! - North America

Hungarian Youth Admire Hitler

According to recent poll, Hungarian high school students have named leader Adolf Hitler as
their sixth favorite historical figure! – California

Unusual Return Address

Please send me material in English and Russian. I found your address on a sticker in Argentina. - Zionist Occupied Palestine

Editor: Talk about "behind enemy lines!" Even the comrades in New York City are not that far behind them!


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