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Heroes Remembered !

On Saturday afternoon, February 15th, 2003, the BLOOD & HONOR, HUNGARY marched again to remember the fallen heroes of the German and Hungarian WAFFEN-SS who defended Budapest for more than three months after the October 15, 1944 regime change. We call it the "BECSÜLET NAPJA" ("The Day of Honor"). The German soldiers fought and defended our homeland just like their own, beautiful homeland and we will never forget that.

On February 11th, 1945, after all fighting units have run out of ammunition, food, water and medication, they broke out as one man. More than 75,000 soldiers with only two or three bullets in their weapons tried to break through the lines of the communist horde numbering hundreds of thousands. In the following few days 68,000 in one of the biggest and bloodiest battles of World War Two. About 7,000 were taken as POWs to Siberian death-camps. The Hungarian SS-unit was one of the largest in numbers: more than 40,000 soldiers fought with their German comrades.

When the Soviet hordes occupied the Upper Buda (the 'Burg'), they shot all wounded and executed the doctors and medical personnels; then they raped the nurses and killed them with their bayonets. Those who were not so fortunate to die fast, were taken to Siberia and never returned to Germany or to Hungary. One of the 5,000 death-camps swallowed them forever.

Budapest fell, but the people refused to forget those who had died for Europe and held back Stalin's rapist Jewish-Bolshevik hordes.

Since 1996 we march under the battle flags of the Hungarian and German WAFFEN-SS units, remembering not the lost war, but the lost innocent lives and the tortured, murdered freedom fighters who just wanted a better Europe and a better world to come.

This year, the police chief at first tried (under pressure from the always watchful, Jewish "civil rights groups") to not grant the permission for the peaceful assembly, especially for marching through the city, based on the violence which erupted during the February 1999 celebration. We had reports that German (!) policemen in civilian clothes also participated in the attack against marchers arrested mostly Austrian and German comrades who were taking part in a late night concert.

The organizers attempted to ask two more times for the permission, but each time they were refused on different reasons: "un-availability of the location", "location already provided for a different group", etc. Considering that Hungary has a "new" government – the old communists seized power structure again (by election fraud) – it is no wonder why the establishment is against us.

Since the historical fight took place in Budapest's oldest downtown (the 'Burg'), the Day of Honor celebrations always have been scheduled in that part of the city. They realized that they had to make changes this year.

After the third denial the B&H, HUNGARY leaders hired a successful civil rights lawyer in Budapest, who presented the un-constitutionality of the ban to the police and threatened immediate and major indictment against the City of Budapest. This was the point when the police finally gave up and granted permission for the assembly in front of the Parliament.

About 200-250 Comrades with the red-and-white Arrow Cross Movement flags showed up. Some comrades wore the "88" symbol and greeted each other with the "Kitartás!" ("Perseverance!") battle-cry. On the other side - separated with double iron fences and heavy police presence in riot-gear - Jewish hate-mongers and their communist allies (gypsies, homosexuals, feminists) represented their depravity and perversion. The organizers of the "Jewish community" called for a silent (!) counter-demonstration, but it was anything but "silent". They yelled and screamed obscenities, which is a kind of funny, since we, Hungarian Nazis ARE home; the Jews and their cohorts are the aliens, unwanted hordes of subhumans and intruders. (Who knows? Maybe there is a "Nazi homeland" in the making that we don't know about? Do the Jews know something that we don't?)

By contrast, BLOOD & HONOR presented a quiet, nice and meaningful celebration for the fallen heroes.

We also saw a Jewish flag (star of david) held by some "foreign-speaking" hotheads. Their identity was obvious, because they sang Jewish songs and yelled "shalom, shalom", during our speeches. At first some of our comrades yelled back "Filthy Jews!" "Go back to Israel. This is our country", but the security guards asked them not to respond at all, and to give no chance for the provocateurs.

This year the Remembrance March was much smaller in numbers and shorter than in previous years. But there was no violence, and therefore we look forward to organize one again next year. We would like to see more European comrades the next year in addition to those who have marched with us in the past.

We have also reports that separate remembrances activities took place all over in Hungary on the same day. In almost every big city and town where major battles took place between the Wehrmacht / Waffen-SS and Stalin's rapist hordes, there were peaceful demonstrations..

Late that night we had a skinhead concert with all the bands from Hungary. At midnight we ended the day by lighting a wooden swastika.



Budapest, February 20, 2003 (114)

Feet of Clay

Even the mainstream press in Europe has published favorable reviews of books by various authors with the same theme: The decline of the global capitalist empire known as the United States of America.

Economically, the USA is falling behind while Europe and Japan move forward. The only area where the USA is still decidedly dominant is the military. However, throughout history military power has often been the last pillar to crumble.

Of course, these authors will not dare to name the cause behind America’s decline, namely the racial decay. And we all know that behind that decay lies the Jewish attack against the spiritual, morale and cultural values that had enabled a virile, young, Aryan American people to conquer, settle and develop their vast land.

On the one hand, the decline of the pseudo-American empire is both inevitable and desirable. It only serves world Jewry and not the American people.

On the other hand, the death of Aryan America is neither inevitable nor desirable. You and I – indeed every decent racial comrade (including the vast majority who do not know the score yet – can and must save (or regain) America as an Aryan homeland.

Gerhard Lauck

Tank Death at Grodno

The following war story is an excerpt from the new book #549 SOLDIERS AGAINST DEATH AND THE DEVIL, which is available from the NSDAP/AO for just $10.00 plus shipping and handling (in USA add 10%; elsewhere add 30%).

Loud motor noise from all sides. Dust clouds tower all around us. The steel tank waves roll against us from three sides at the same time. One’s breath becomes short from excitement. Despite the searing heat one feels very cold for an instant. We do not have to be ashamed of that. The sight of these steel monsters crawling along a wide front, several waves deep, is oppressive enough.

The rattling and rumbling of the fire from our motorized battery opens the battle. At a fast tempo, the howitzers hurl shell after shell into the advancing masses. Fountains of earth mark the impact between the tank waves. They try to avoid them with a zigzag course. The fire advances with the attack and forces an opening of the thick ranks. Some turn off and others stop, but the mass rolls on. The fast armored scout vehicles and light tanks lead the attack and try to divert the fire from our anti-tank weapons. The heavy tanks bristling with cannon behind them want to spot their deadliest enemy in time. Let them come closer, always closer, if even one’s heart climbs to the throat. The flak and heavy machine-guns now take the light tanks under fire. The hellish concert really rages now – the infernal music of the modern battle. Furious machine-gun fire from all Russian gun barrels sings around our positions. The whistling sound of tank shells betrays impacts among our ranks. The anti-tank guns bark as well. A crazy fireworks of tracer rounds races across the field, drowned out by the loud hits from our motorized assault guns and howitzers. Some fire straight at heavy tanks while others aim farther back to cut off new attack waves. Ceaseless thundering, howling and whining surround us now. Shouted commands penetrate the hellish noise as do the cries of the wounded. Here and there explosions burst, shaking the earth, followed by towers of shooting flames and black oil clouds mushrooming into the sky. Tanks stop, burn and then fly into the sky with a loud roar. One less – another one – two there – there’s a whole group jammed twisted together. Shells fly in, tear, shred and destroy! But new tanks again and again push their way through the wall of earth, dust and smoke. Do we still actually know what we’re doing? The battle rages around us – in front, on the sides and in the rear. Thinking – no, just wanting, pull together everything that human strength and hardness is capable of.

Russian tank shells crash into the houses. Here and there the dry wood burns like kindling. Flames in front of us, between us and behind us. The ammunition truck of the military engineers drives onto a fallen, burning tree. Away, away – hell breaks loose in our own ranks! The truck catches fire. Exploding mines, explosive charges and hand-grenades erect a furiously raging wall between us. The surrounding houses and dried out trees catch fire. Blazing torches climb upward. The air itself seems to burn. It enters the lunges like hot lead, singes the hair, burns and irritates the eyes. Death howls and dances in a thousand splinters of hot steel. German soldiers, however, fight in this screaming hell against the wild assault of fire-spitting monsters. We ice-cold eyes - for whom death is perhaps simply deliverance - they look through the visor at the enemy, throw hand-grenades, drag up mines, hurl glowing death from flame throwers. Anti-tank units rush with their guns to the most threatened positions. Motorized assault guns lumber again and again into a gap. Men fight against the all-devastating might of the war machines. In the end, these men with their hard weapons are indeed stronger than the terror, horror and the might of the masses of machines. Burning towers of flames and smoke stand around us in a thick ring. The losses of this attack have been too high. The following waves lack the impetus. First singly, then in closed formations, the tanks turn around and disappear into depressions and hollows. Wild hurrahs break out from our throats! We live! We hold the position!

* * * * *

The sun is already low on the horizon. The oppressive heat has not diminished. The burning haze of fires, the biting stench of powder and the billowing oil of burning tanks burden the hot air, unmitigated by the slightest breeze. Where did the hours go? We could not count them. We simply experienced them in seconds and minutes, each of which is a human life.

Attack after attack – in groups, columns and waves, in closed formation and narrowly focused at individual points – has rolled against us. As the formations arrived from Grodno, the Russian leadership threw them without pause into the battle. Our thin line wavered more than once under from the terrible collision with heavy tanks and threatened to break. But again and again, they tightly seized the earth with their fingernails. The death defying leap, the sacrifice of individuals again and again turned things around.

Our reinforcements have broken through the ring of tanks several times in furious assault. Although themselves already engaged in the heaviest combat, they brought ammunition, weapons and their own fighting spirit to their encircled comrades. Two infantry battalions replenish our thin lines, entering the pitiless confrontation just as they arrive from their forced march and combat. The battle raging around us again, hour after hour, is still undecided.

New attacks come from several directions. Assault columns want to dent weal positions. Again, the battle flares up. Directly in front of us are thundering fire, then high, short howls, and then smashing hits. Those are big guns now plowing the earth. There are the muzzle flashes. One can see the gun barrels protruding over the raise with the naked eye. Our first thought it that heavy Russian artillery has come up and taken us under direct fire. Fountains of earth spring up in our positions and it rains shell splinters!

Then more gun barrels grew along the horizon. A tall tank turret becomes visible followed a really huge tank chassis. Tanks! Giant tanks like we have never before seen! Steel giants rumble over the raise at us! Russian 52 ton tanks with a 15 centimeter gun! Paralyzing terror befalls us. Then the anti-gun guns are swung around. Their fire barks from all barrels, but these light anti-tank weapons have no effect. The shells bounce off the might steel walls like rubber balls. In impotent rage we fire for all that our weapons’ are worth. Shrill shouts beckon the motorized assault guns. They rush straight at the Russians. Now seconds decide. There’s a line of fire! Then shell after shell is fired at the monsters. Even iron nerves, these modern knights with fear and blame fire as if on the exercise grounds. Hit after hit strike the steel crates, rip open walls, shred decks and pound turrets. A terrible duel is fought on the closest range. We fire faster and better, but wherever a Russia shell hits there is death and destruction. There of the giants burn brightly, issuing mighty smoke clouds. There’s a hellish crash next to me – a direct hit on one of the motorized assault guns! An entire corner of the thick armor has been ripped off and one man seriously wounded. It also pulled off the lieutenant’s monocle and shattered it into a thousand pieces! His hand fetches a replacement monocle from his pocket. It fits his eye as if molded to it, but his face is as pale as a corpse. Sharps commandos pull the crew together. More rounds are fired – hit after hit. Another hit right next to the gun. It crawls back, mortally wounded. Three heavy tanks still remain and stubbornly roll toward us. The crew of the second motorized assault gun frantically calls out for ammunition, because the last shell has just sped from the barrel. A man jumps out of the gun races back through whistling splinters and machine-gun rounds. The tanks come closer – we are as if paralyzed. The assault artillerist is back again with two shells under each arm! He hurries forward with crazy leaps. Why don’t the Russians fire? Fire already, fire! Make an end of it! The man has disappears into the motorized assault gun. The Russian tanks are within 50 meters. Within seconds four detonations fill the sky – hit after hit! With incredible force the three direct hits smash the walls of the three giant tanks. The end is a chaos of blood, smoke, fire and ruins!

The same desperate battle rages right and left. An anti-tank unit sneaks forward, preceded by two motorcyclists. Their goal is the raise with the firing position. Driving crazily, they race ahead. Suddenly one of the Russian giant tanks stands in front of them. The bicycles cannot stop and crash into it. Crushing, breaking and gnashing – the tank rolls right over them. The cry of terror remains stuck in our throat. Both men then stand up behind the tank. Their faces are white, but their bones are intact. They had fallen directly in the middle between the wide tracks. So is war! Death leaps at one man with 52 tons of steel but then lets him go; he almost casually sends another man to the great beyond with the evil song of a rifle bullet.

The anti-tank units fight with wild determination. The tank is their mortal enemy. They let him advance to a close range and then coldly fire at its weakness spots as trained. They fire until the tank armor glows from the mighty impact and boring of the tank shells, until the treads stop or a hit on the gun destroys its fire-power. Before the last man collapses at the gun, he still fires the last shot.

The tanks are in our positions! We could not stop them. Now they churn the earth and collapse the trenches with their many tons of weight. Above the infantryman is then gnashing and rattling of treads and the roar of motors. At a range of mere meters the tank shells rip apart the positions. Hand-grenades fly from the tank turrets. Is this the end? But only he who gives himself up for is lost, is really lost. Now they emerge from their fox-holes and run at the steel giants, stuff hand-grenades into the gun barrels and hang bundles of grenades on the treads. The military engineers run under the fire, place mines in front of the moving tanks and attach explosive charges. In wide desperation the German soldiers fight against these fire-spitting steel creates and stuff them full of explosives; they have become terrible in their battle rage. They want to tear them apart with their bare hands, if God would give them the strength for it. Furiously, man rages against fate and - with his iron will and his boundless strength – forces the scale of fate to tip back again. Never suspected energy appears and discharges itself at the armored enemy, tearing him into shreds and pieces. Since they have just struck death it in the face, it seems to fear them. The slide from his greedy hands and land annihilating blows against death and devilish might. The man is the master of the battlefield. Glowing iron a nd walls of thick steel – what are they compared to the might of his will, against the strength of his heart? Tank death passes across the battlefield. Bursting steel colossus, roaring explosions, flames, smoke and blood mark its path.

It inflicts wide wounds and deep tears into the enemy front. Men and machines are entwined. There is no more space between life and death. This battle must end like it began – pitilessly. Victory is won in the twilight of early night – the first decision between Bolshevik tank masses and German soldiers. This first decision will become an example for coming fights and battles; it will become the downfall of a tank army once intended to bury German lands, villages and cities under it in a new annihilating onslaught.

The Soviet units have long been dispersed. Leaderless, individual tanks wander around the landscape until they are corned and destroyed. The remnants of the tank regiments flee without plan in all directions, run into neighboring divisions that have advanced or become prey for the stukas the next morning. As the dim shadows of the summer night fall over the battlefield, the ruins of Russian tank units burn and smoke there. The flickering flames glow over the graves of our comrades as a sign of their victory, for which they died in firm faith in the great goal. Tomorrow they will assemble with us against the same enemy. A walk across the battlefield again shows the awfulness of this struggle. About 150 tanks, among them many of the heaviest units and steel giants, lie around shredded and smashed. These piles of rubble of steel and iron will never again advance against German soldiers. The tank death in front of Grodno has passed over them.

Letters to the Editor


Active despite Disability!

Your newspaper’s articles go right to the point. It is the only one that writes what all of us feel and think. A triple HEIL! I am loyal to the NSDAP/AO.

I am physically impaired. I sit in a wheel chair and cannot speak. If I can help you on the virtual (Internet) front, just let me know! – Germany

Editor: All of us should take this comrade’s example to heart! Despite physical impairment, he still volunteers to work – and hence to fight – for the cause!



The movement is constantly growing here. Last week 15 National Socialist activists met to plan additional actions against Jewish imperialism and the criminal regime here. Sieg Heil! - Germany

Jack van Tongeren runs for Senate

The media made a big noise about my release in September and then even more about our new campaign, which was bigger and more effective than the enemy expected. Officially, I am now campaigning for a seat in the Federal Senate. Gosnells, Western Australia

Editor: Released from several years of political imprisonment, this comrades immediately resumed the fight for our White race! We salute his dedication!


Great Films

Glad to see you have those classic Third Reich films on DVD now. That’s awesome! Hail Victory! - Washington


Persecution Worsens in Serbia

Right now the situation in Serbia is not good for any nationalist, and our National Socialist movement is at the top of the enemy’s list!

After the assassination of Serbia’s pro-Jewish president Zoran Djinjdjic the police became wild dogs. The raid our homes and take anything they want without regard for their own laws. Many of our comrades have been arrested. Even policemen and soldiers who refuse to support this terror are arrested. But we will fight back to regain our freedom. Heil Hitler! – Serbia


Free Speech muzzled in the Ukraine

New laws forbid "anti-Semitism" here in the Ukraine. We must now be more careful how we work. – Ukraine


Latvians Honor Waffen-SS

Again this year, there was a memorial demonstration for the comrades of the two Latvian Waffen-SS divisions who fought against communism. Some continued to fight from 1945 to 1956. - Denmark


National Socialist Museum

There is now a National Socialist museum in Hungary. The Jews screamed, but it cannot be closed, because it is on private property! – Hungary


Occupied Land

Russia is occupied by Jews, gypsies and Asiatics. Please send us propaganda material. – Nowosibirsk, Russia


National Socialist and Proud of it!

I am a National Socialist and proud of it. Often I visit your web-site. It is good work! I am very impressed. Please add more Polish material. - Poland

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