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Number 112/12 -Winter 2002/2003 (113/114)

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"The Heirs of Evil"

All of us are familiar with the extremely prejudiced, hate-filled "documentaries" about the Third Reich constantly produced in Hollywood and other cesspools of Jewish brain rot. That made the German ZDF television documentary (Mythus Odessa / SS - A Warning of History) broadcast on December 10, 2002 (113) even more surprising to me. At the end, the narrator explained that despite the physical passing of the Third Reich and of the old SS men, the idea and hence the cause of National Socialism lives on in the hearts and minds of the new generation! It then showed segments from the NSDAP/AO web-site – with legible url address(!!!) – resulting in hundreds of thousands of hits the following days. (Was this free advertisement a Christmas present from ZDF to the NSDAP/AO? Or does the NSDAP/AO have a "secret agent" in the enemy camp?)

This truly touched me! I would have never thought that such a television program could almost move me to tears! Suddenly I understood that it is indeed up to US to carry on the heritage of our ancestors, to again take up the blood flag and complete the Führer’s great mission! We will not be deterred! We must learn from the wisdom and virtues of our ancestors, of the old party comrades and political soldiers, and - in hand with them - wage the struggle against this sick system for as long as we can. For we know as well as they: Victory will be ours!

Heil Hitler!

Situation Report

Simultaneous legal battles currently drain our finances and manpower, resulting in (newspaper) publication delays. We ask for your understanding. (As an experiment, this issue is appearing in a different format.) But there is also GOOD news: We are now on the OFFENSIVE!

First, the Banana Republic of Germany has given up. According to the prominent Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper (Sunday edition of 25 August 2002, in an article at the top of page two), the German government has decided NOT to contest several domain names – identical to their own EXCEPT for the ending ".us" as opposed to ".de" - registered by comrade Lauck, because that would be decided by a U.S. court instead of by the WIPO in Switzerland.

Second, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) continues its effort to restore Gerhard Lauck’s civil rights. Lawyers on both sides agree this campaign might go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The result will be more sympathy for us and more embarrassment for the enemies of free speech on both sides of the Atlantic.

Third, another civil action has good prospects for a significant financial settlement.

On the propaganda and technological fronts there is also substantial progress.

First, in the year 2002 the NSDAP/AO web-site – – had 25 million hits! MEIN KAMPF was downloaded 50,000 times.

Second, we can now produce CDs and DVDs. During the last four months of 2002 more than two dozen original Third Reich films and picture books with dual English/German narration have been produced on DVD.

Third, our A3 printer purchased in early January has already been used to print periodicals and books.

Gerhard Lauck

Letters to the Editor

Cannot Keep a Good Man Down

Enclosed are my monthly dues. I am recovering from a long illness. However, I still fight on with all my strength and will in our mighty struggle for God and Führer. My Honor is my loyalty! – Pennsylvania, USA


Boost Fighting Courage

Finding your web-site was a huge boost to my fighting spirit! Please send me your newspaper! As a young patriot, please let say from the bottom of my heart that your web-site is an invaluable comfort, help and motivation for us here! – Hamburg


New Propaganda Weapon on the Eastern Front

The new DVDs are extremely interesting! We watched them all night. The more we learn about the Führer, the greater our determination becomes. His pictures are like stars in the night sky showing the path out of the darkness of Jewized daily life in our country! – Moscow


Anti-White Racism

As a convinced National Socialist I again and again see how my city has become the victim of non-White immigration. The political parties promote anti-White racism against the native population. We need a new National Socialist state as soon as possible!


Not Representative

The system claims it is validated by the vote of the people, but these days less than half the people even bother to vote, so the election is actually a rejection of the whole system, which loses more and more authority each day.


Forgot something?

I saw your stickers on a traffic sign near my home. Please send me informational material about your organization. I am a firm supporter of the ideas of Adolf Hitler. What the Jews are doing here is repulsive. Why did they forget to gas this pack of Jews in Auschwitz? Heil Hitler! – Munich

Editor: A good question! Comrade Lauck’s answer was once quoted even by Simon Wiesenthal: "Adolf Hitler was the greatest man who ever lived, but he was too humane…We will not repeat that mistake!"


Activism in Chat Room

I love your Internet page! I spend several hours daily in chat rooms, using the name and picture of a young girl. Many young men visit these chat rooms and are influenced by me. – Australia


Danger Recognized

I am a history student. In my country the Jews and their friends have great influence in politics, the economy and culture. But the people know that the Jews pose a threat that must be eliminated. – Serbia


International Solidarity

Have visited your home page and must praise you for it. Especially pleasing to me is the way you support the NS movement in various countries. Continue on like this and victory will be ours!


  1. Books and periodicals from the Third Reich as well as original (pre-1945) records with German marches.
  2. Comrades who fluently write (not necessarily speak) a foreign language and are willing to do translations.
  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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