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Number 109/9 - Fall 2001 (112)

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Holocaust II: The Beginning of the End

by A.V. Schaerffenberg

When New York’s World Trade Center crumbled before the eyes of all mankind, not only did the Jew money-power’s chief headquarters collapse. So did its most visible symbol of world domination. That, in fact, was why the twin towers were destroyed. However, their demise was made inevitable by the U.S. government’s lop-sided involvement in the Near East. Over the past few months especially, the Palestinians have been tortured beyond the brink of endurance. Their frustration is naturally directed against the culprits who continue to fund their tormentors after more than half a century. Americans have become the most despised people on the face of the earth, because their politicians are in bed with the Israelis. Even delegates at South Africa’s International Conference on Racism, just weeks before the New York attacks, unanimously equated Zionism with racism.

The thousands who perished in New York and Washington, DC were the victims of their own government’s blind support of Israel. But they were by no means the last. The incredible success of the attacks has doubtless encouraged terrorists around the world to repeat and eclipse the sorties of September 11. The World Trade Center was a symbol of what has been and what is yet to come. During the last years of World War II, when the Japanese were faced with defeat, masses of young men volunteered as suicide pilots. Faced with the same kind of alternative, the Arabs consider themselves no different than the Americans who are responsible for the tens of thousands of civilian deaths caused by the sanctions imposed on Iraq, where even basic medical supplies are no longer available.

Partisans willing to give their lives for their convictions have at their disposal a vast arsenal of terrorism unimagined by Americans. The Jew system in America, which only knows conventional warfare and has always been beaten in places like Vietnam and Somalia, must inevitably lose any shooting war with determined partisans who fight only on their own terms with unconventional weapons and strategy. All of America’s guided missles and aircraft carriers could not stop a pair of requisitioned commercial airliners from bringing down its financial headquarters.

When, for example, the first machine-gun was invented only a little more than 100 years ago, it was the most advanced weapon ever devised. Only the most modern industrial nations were capable of manufacturing it. Yet, a few decades later, machine-gun technology became so widespread that every Hottentot in the jungle toted his own Maxim or Schmeiser. Similarly, just six decades ago, the atomic bomb could only be produced by the most technologically advanced societies. Today, even Pakistan, from which some of the New York terrorists may have come, has its own atomic arsenal. The horrifying prospect of some terrorist driving through the center of a major American city with a nuclear device or bacteriological bomb in the trunk of his car is beyond belief. But so, not very long ago, was the possibility of airliners slamming into New York city sky-scrapers. All this and more we can expect because our politicians would rather witness the physical annihilation of the United States than even consider dropping support for Israel. Such insanity certainly leads to dire consequences!

The vast scope, not only of the actual destruction, but the terror inflicted on America in September, far outstripped anything the planners could have envisioned. A representative scene took place in the U.S. Congress, where the otherwise bitchy democrats and republicans fell sobbing into each others arms, then heroically sang The Star Spangled Banner in defiance of the "cowardly terrorists" they vowed to wipe out. The Capitol dome still echoed with their singing, when a bomb threat sent all these courageous politicians scurrying out of the building onto the Capitol lawn for their lives. Pathetic scenes of Old Glory fluttering feebly amid the ruins of the former World Trade Center with its thousands of entombed dead were able to inspire nothing but despair for a dying world. No amount of chauvinistic cheers, jingoistic rhetoric or solemn vows to rebuild the obliterated buildings can bring back their dead, sacrificed on the altar of America’s self-defeating Near East policy.

The entire country was literally shut down. The attacks represented a total failure of U.S. foreign and domestic intelligence. The mass-hysteria that pervaded all levels of the government revealed its appalling weakness before the whole world. Emotional overreaction and hysterical wild goose chases multiplied the effectiveness of the terrorist attack and revealed just how fragile our materialistic society has become. All air traffic was canceled, office buildings across the country evacuated, navy warships steamed into New York harbor. Air force planes went zooming into the sky, flying helter-skelter, this way and that, scouting for a long vanished enemy who had hours and days before already achieved his mission.

But all this frenetic activity was in vain and after the fact. It was closing the barn door after the horse got out – so many hollow gestures of stark impotence. National preoccupation with revenge is an expression of that impotence. Instead of looking around to kill somebody, anybody, on whom to vent their frustration and embarrassment, Americans would do better to inquire into the causes behind the bombings. Why do people hate the United States so much that they are willing to give their lives to attack it? What could motivate so many men to freely kill themselves, if only they can take along as many Americans as possible? For the answer, we need only to look to our own State Department, which supplies the Israelis with all the helicopter gun-ships and firearms needed to torment the relatively defenseless Palestinian people. They have no tanks or warplanes, no billionaire super state backing them to the hilt, providing them with unlimited military supplies. They possess nothing of the kind with which to defend themselves against a vicious, remorseless enemy. All the Palestinians have are their own lives, and these they are willing to transform, as a last resort and only alternative, into suicide weapons. Would Americans react any differently, if they were similarly oppressed?

Whether it is the Columbine massacre or a bombed Pentagon, news media moguls have a prepared policy for every event of this kind, which was different from all the rest only in the magnitude of the destruction. Everything must be presented from the viewpoint of - and to the advantage of - Jewish interests. This means that individual Jews and other non-Whites, particularly coons, with special emphasis on half-breeds, are invariably singled out as sympathetic heroes. Aryan Americans are simultaneously showcased as enthusiastic race-mixers, who take patriotic pride in the "coming together during this emergency" with smiling spics and lovable niggers. "We’re all Americans now!" Ugh! Media propagandists never forget, under any circumstances, that death and destruction are only opportunities to promote their chief agenda; namely, the racial poisoning of White America.

Not the most folksy or gifted news media super-star could conceal the bald fact that the Jew system of money and power, which seemed so invincible, was literally crumbling before the eyes of mankind. All the bravado breast-beating of "hurrah patriotism" was actually nothing more than over-compensation for humiliation and defeat experienced by every citizen. They know to their utter mortification that a handful of men who preferred suicide to the on-going maltreatment of their people accomplished what the entire Soviet Union had been unable to do throughout the entire length of the Cold War. A numerically insignificant people gave their colossal oppressor a terribly bloody nose. An Arab "David" has popped the Jewish "Goliath"! The "unthinkable" happened. And it will happen again and again, until we Americans finally understand why our country is under attack. What’s next? Who’s next?

The mostly Gentile men and women who died in the September 11 catastrophe were victims of a very real "Holocaust". Their deaths create a deep sorrow our nation will not soon forget. But until we, as a people, under stand that they were tragic offerings of the Jew system’s unconditional commitment to Israel, their terrible sacrifice will have been in vain. There is hope in such a realization, however. When it begins to dawn on the average American, so criminally misled and misinformed, that the attackers were motivated by his own government’s aiding and abetting of a true "rogue state", he will know on whom to place the ultimate blame, with revolutionary consequences for the Jew system.

To stop further attacks is simple: Just dump Israel! But Jew agendas must always take precedence over Aryan lives. That hate-book, the Talmud, itself admits, "the best of Gentiles deserves to be killed". All the rest of humanity can be obliterated, so long as the Jews have their way. They are, after all, the "Chosen People". Duped by Jewish interests in too many wars, Americans have been bombing innocent victims throughout the world for the last eighty years. It should come as no surprise, then, that America’s turn came September 11. New Yorkers got just a taste of the burning horror their misled fathers and grandfathers inflicted on the civilian men, women and children of Hamburg and Dresden just 60 years ago.

The curse of yesterday’s innocent victims has landed on the innocent dead of today. The B-17s and B-24 "Liberators" which liberated two million German people of their lives in the 1940s, set in motion a long, interconnected train of events that came full circle in downtown New York on September 11th just as surely as the stories of the World Trade Center collapsed in sequence upon one another. What goes around, comes around. Even the Bible tells us that "the sins of the fathers are vested in their sons". It is retribution from the iron law of history. As Abraham Lincoln warned, "We cannot escape history." The victims of the World Trade Center certainly did not escape. Nor shall the rest of us, until we free ourselves from the Jew curse that continues to cost so many Aryan lives!

Movement News

NAZI TELEVISION PROGRAM LAUNCHED! The first episode of the openly National Socialist, public access television program, WHITE POWER, was broadcast on September 22, 2001 (112) in St. Louis on channel 18 from midnight to 1:00 AM and in North St. Louis on channel 129. This weekly, one hour program is produced by Joseph C. Keller, M.D., a medical doctor in St. Louis, and sponsored by the NSDAP/AO. Excerpts from this program also appear on the NSDAP/AO web-site.

New! "NAZI INTERNET TELEVISION"! The first programs were added to the NSDAP/AO web-site on September 9. By September 16 programs were available in English, German, French and Spanish.

New Record ! In the week of August 17-23, 2001 the NSDAP/AO web-site experienced approximately 100,000 hits PER DAY! On August 23 more files (books, games, music etc.) were downloaded than ever before. We thank "German" Minister of the Interior OTTO SCHILY, because he made a MAJOR contribution to this, even if - presumably - completely unintentionally!… According to the German newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag of August 5, 2001 (112), German Minister of the Interior Schily wishes to discuss possible civil legal action against U.S.-based NS web-sites with the U.S. government in early September, based on their "effect in Germany". As a protest against this impertinent threat against free speech – and against U.S. sovereignty – a free speech activist has registered the domain (not to be confused with the German Interior Ministry’s web-site at and forwarded it to the web-site… stikes a nerve! "We have already established contact with a renowned law firm in the USA. If necessary, we will also turn to the German Embassy in Washington." - Dirk Inger, Spokesman for (the German) Ministry of the Interior, in the German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost on August 26, 2001 (112). On September 3 German television (Westdeutscher Rundfunk) also carried this story.

On August 18, 2001 one thousand comrades participated in the Hess memorial march in Wunsiedel, Bavaria. On September 1, 2000 comrades marched in Leipzig. We congratulate them!

New! – Show your opinion by means of NS cell-phone logos and ring-tones! Tired of those common, system-conform designs? Kick the Jewish system’s backside with these totally „politically incorrect", racial and truly unique ring-tones and logos for your cell-phone! Download your free desired design today and upgrade your phone to a propaganda weapon! Available for download since August 12, 2001 (112).

New Computer Game DER SA-MANN. During the first week (August 12-19, 2001) over 1000 downloads! We thank the cyber-activist who created this game!

The Bulgarian media (press and television) reported in early August about the NSDAP/AO web-site and its allied B&H Bulgarian web-site. (Raids in Bulgaria on May 19 were intended to destroy the web-site. However, the enemies of free speech failed to accomplish that.)


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