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Number 106/6 - Winter 2000/2001 (111/112)

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Action Report from November 25th 2000 (111) in Berlin

Berlin, S-Bahn station Berlin-Schönefelde, about 08:30 MEZ. A whole squadron of the local police including some reinforcements from the BGS (Bundesgrenzschutz), all heavily armed, systematically cordonned off the whole station and its surroundings. There was tension in the air… Then, gradually we arrived. Bus followed after bus, comrades from all parts of Germany arrived; first came the comrades from the NPD section of Baden-Württemberg, then Bavaria, finally even from Frankfurt and from elsewhere. People greeted each other, formed up and waited until the marching off, planned for 12:00. And after short time, the whole station was in "nationalist hand", comrades patrolling in the thick of the many police, who as usually dealt not too gently with the people: Severe restrictions and conditions as well as extremely precise inspections were the rule. Suddenly it wasn’t allowed to carry the black-white-red Reich’s flag nor the NPD party flag (on an official NPD demo!), and pins and badges, being legal even in the brd, weren’t allowed either (including even the NPD/JN party badges!). And it wasn’t allowed to shout "Here marches the National Resistance!" (actually THE slogan used on demos), which seemed very obscure and at the same time showed the frustration of the brd system and its toadies… Finally, only the brd black-red-gold flag was allowed, which of course is very rarely found in our circles. However, the participants’ moral and readiness to fight was and remained unbroken. They wanted to deliver the brd regime an answer to the past few days’ and weeks’ media agitation, they wanted to show their attitude and wanted to proof the people that WE are the respectable people’s revolt and not that murdering and lyching mob of socalled "anti-fascists", called over by Schröder and his lackeys, whose motto seems to be "battle fascism but overtake its methods".

Although the demonstration on that day was organized by the NPD, it has to be mentioned that besides the NPD/JN comrades also free forces, comrades from the National Resistance as well as sections from Switzerland, England and even Scandinavia formed the total mass of 2’500 people. Of course an immense number for post-war Berlin! And at the same time, this formed the prelude after the lifting of the demonstration ban, which had been brought up by the NPD itself.

Meanwhile, it was already 12:00 and we were escorted by the police to our spezial train which headed for Berlin-Mitte. The anticipation was already high, and as our train finally stopped at Berlin Ost and we came together with the other half of comrades, which was already waiting there for us, the euphoria had its climax. We all stood in front of the S-Bahn station, comrades from Berlin, Saxony and elsewhere, all gathered and formed up so the march could start in time. NPD chief Udo Voigt, Horst Mahler, Per Lennart Aae, Holger Apfel and other leading persons were directly among us. And of course one also has to mention the masses of press and media Jews, all lurking and dribbling with their cameras for footage.

Then, a quarter of an hour later, the first speaker cars arrived and flags, wooden shields and megaphones were distributed. And suddenly the NPD party flag was allowed again! The police on S-Bahnhof Schönefelde had lied to us, trying to sabotage our demonstration by means of childish methods, as we were forced to leave our flags back in the busses. But that fact should proof as irrelevant as our determination to fight grew even stronger.

The following events consisted of the formation of the NPD sections, whereas comrades of the same "Land" gathered around their special flag. The whole demonstration mass formed up and the once wild mass became now a unit of marching columns, flag and banner bearers and security people, waiting only for the march to begin. Soon it could start, but before that, NPD official Per Lennart Aae held a speech dealing with the current repression of nationalist people in Germany, which caused a massive applause and some angry faces among the press people. The march could start!

The fact, that the demo took place in the capitol of the Reich made some comrades worry since we expected a larger amount of the wannabe radical "Berlin Antifa" which, as everybody knows, already on May 1st openly demonstrated its terror and vandalism. And ironically, the same violent anarchists, arsonists and rioters which the police battled that time, are now mobilized by the brd regime itself in order to "cope with the Nazis". And so the day before the demo, Thierse and his companions already announced via radio, that "every respectable citizen has to show resistance against the brown mob", and everyone should disturb the demo by all means, which of course has to end with violence and riots! Nonetheless, the end should come different than the brd authorities hoped… And already at this point it can be said that the so-called Berlin "Antifa" was just ridiculous, measly and simply pitiable! We overran them and I even say that the situation was far less critical than in May this year in Fürth. And everyone who participated received now a good image of the "Berlin Antifa". The whole scaremongering was a total flop for the brd regime. Thierse and Co. had even threatened with a mass of 50’000 counter demonstrators, of course a mass that never ever appeared!

Our columns began marching and we headed for Berlin Alexanderplatz. We passed through the "Straße der Pariser Kommune" and came into "Karl-Marx-Allee", which for itself was already a symbolic triumph over the red scum of former times and today. Our yelling shouts like "Down with the red scum!", "Berlin remains German!", "Here marches the NPD!" and "Free the streets for the National Resistance!" wiped the last few bits of the leftist scum away. Some even stood in front of their Marx statue which is found in that street, trying to defend it somehow, but only helplessly whimpering. There’s no other comment on those mainly 14-15 year-old "counter demonstrators"… In addition to this, the few "antifascists" and other muddleheaded individuals thought they could give the impression that they would form the majority by following us all the time. But this method was already a failure on May 1st.

"You can’t forbid Germany!" and „Arguments rather than bans!" echoed throughout the streets of Berlin and showed the people that Germany is still alive and kicking! We dominated the streets; every "counter demonstrator" had to accept this fact, and it was shocking to see what hate was produced in the people’s minds by the brd brainwashing and media agitation. Young people, not even knowing why they were hating us and were to disturb our march. Totally in rage they shouted "Die, Germany!" and the anti-German plans became obvious.

Unswerving, organized and with firm step our columns marched, lead by the party command, followed by the sections, unerringly through the streets of Berlin. This time some people even spontaneously joined our march – which caused surprise and horror in the press and tv reporters’ faces – received flags and struggled side by side with us for Germany. They also have to be praised since they ventured to make a stand despite all the agitation and lies in the media!

Just like the entire demonstration, everything had been peaceful up to now. But as we nearly reached Alexanderplatz there was a smaller incident, caused as usually by the leftist, militant "antifascists": One single banger was fired on us and some rocks and bottles flew. But the massive police presence should pay immediately: Within seconds several water cannons of the Berlin police drove by and literally washed the antifa-rats away! This was accompanied by our shouts "More water!" and "Encore!". And after also the last rat vanished a huge applaus was produced by our marching columns and filled the streets and our flags were waved triumphantly over Berlin.

Our enemies (the ones in the streets as well as those in the Bundestag and elsewhere) were already foaming with rage and the situation was different than certain people expected it to be… Therefore it’s not surprising that only several hundert meters after that (for our enemies unpleasant) incident the police declared the end of the march because there was apparently "a great mass of people" blocking our way, which seemed caused the police’s unability "to maintain the security of the march". But this was very strange because we couldn’t see any "great mass of people" (except us, of course)! Simultaneously there were some people gathered elsewhere in Berlin to lament, together with "Daddy Thierse", the fact that Germany is awaking, but this event was far away from our march.

And it also has to be mentioned that the media reports on the following day claimed the "march was finished soon", which is totally wrong as we had marched for more than 3 ½ hours up to the march’s end! Finally we followed the police’s orders and entered the hurriedly organized special train that brought us back to Berlin-Schönefelde. But not without saying goodbye with a yelling "We’ll come again!" and waving our flags for a last time before the eyes of the raging leftist mass.

The demonstration was a complete success – and hopefully this was also a worthy prelude for coming manifestations of this kind – for the movement, which on the other hand was proved by the fact that there was practically nothing reported about the demo in the media for it’s quite awkward for the brd to admit that Nationalist forces marched sincerely and respectably and made a stand, and that the only arrests and violent acts were made by our enemies, the incited red scum. But even if the system continues to hush up our victories and lies, it already knows that its end is near. This demonstration, already the fifth (!) in Berlin this year, is just the beginning! And again our steps and slogans will echo in Germany’s streets and Germany’s and the spirit of Germany and the National Socialist movement will arise when we will shout again: Free the streets!

Heil Hitler!

Jochen Peiper’s Final Struggle

Jochen Peiper was born on January 30th 1915 as the son of an officer’s family in Berlin. He belonged to the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. In 1938 he became the adjutant of Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler. But as the war started, he wanted to serve at the front line. He commanded the 10th SS Leibstandarte A.H. company in Poland, Holland, Belgium and in France. In 1941 he fought in Russia with the 3rd Panzergrenadier battalion of the SS Panzergrenadier regiment 2. He replaces the 320th infantry division of General Postel, encircled in Kharkov. On March 19th 1943 he takes Bielgorod. In September 1943 he is in Italy. In November of the same year he fights for the Reich in Jitomir and with the 1st army breaks through the encirclement at Kamenets Podolsk. Until October 1944 he fought at the West Front. On December 16th 1944 – under the command of Sepp Dietrich’s 6th Panzer army – he is at the spearhead of the offensive in the Ardennes with his 1st SS Panzer division L.A.H.

He advanced to La Gleize near Stavelot. Cut off from the rest of the army, he was encircled. But he could escape with his men, on foot and in icy cold, leaving back all the war material. Always fighting under Sepp Dietrich’s command, he battled the Soviets until the end, at the west of the Danube near Vienna. The same way in the alps at St. Pollen and Krems where he and his men finally surrendered to the Americans. He made it to SS-Obersturmbannführer and bearer of the Knight’s Cross with Swords.

After Germany’s capitulation this flawless, noble-minded and incredibly brave soldier was imprisoned, beaten and humiliated. He was accused of having ordered the execution of American POWs at Baugnez near Malmedy during the offensive in the Ardennes: Caught by the Kampfgruppe J.P., the captured U.S. soldiers were taken to a meadow to wait there for their transport to the front line. Peiper left back some of his men as guards. He himself drove at the head of his tanks far in front of the following troops to Ligneuville. As most of the Kampfgruppe troops arrived in Baugnez, the troops remained there chatted with their comrades left behind. A Spähwagen had a breakdown and was repaired. Suddenly a soldier sitting on a tank startled and noticed that some of the American prisoners had made use of their inattentiveness and wanted to flee. But a shot fired from his handgun caused panic among the prisoners who were running away in all directions. Submachine guns were used and 21 Americans shot while fleeing.

After the capitulation the men of the 1st SS Panzer division were tracked down and taken to the camp Zuffenhausen. 400 were transferred to the prison of Schwäbisch Hall near Stuttgart. Peiper’s troops consisted of mostly very young soldiers. One was 16, two were 17, eleven were 18 and eight were 19 years old. 22 of the 72 convicts were thereby below the age of 20; all of them were tortured in order to force any confessions. Peiper was an example for his crew, and under his command the team made well. There was never any betrayal among his units. The men were taken to the KZ Dachau where 72 of the 74 accused were convicted at a show trial. One commited suicide, one was Alsatian and was handed over to a French court. 43 – among them Peiper, who was called to account for his men’s actions – were sentenced to death by hanging, 22 to life imprisonment, eight to 20, eleven to ten years of prison. The trial was later newly heard and the sentence to death was replaced by life imprisonment. After eleven years of custody, J. Peiper was released as the last of his comrades in December 1956.

In January 1957 he started to work for Porsche in Frankfurt. Syndicates demanded his dismissal. Afterwards he worked for VW in Stuttgart, but there he was dismissed as well because of leftist agitation. With this he realized that he could not remain any longer in Germany and moved with his family to France. During the offensive in 1940 he had become acquainted with the region around the Langres Plateau and already at that time he loved it as a beautiful and quiet place. He then helped a French POW, a German-friendly nationalist, who had to work in Reutlingen for some relatives of Peiper like a forced labor convict in a garage. But there was a regulation between France and Germany, enabling the release of two French POWs for every voluntary worker willing to work in Germany. On Peiper’s recommendation that man, Gauthier, was allowed to return to his family. He had not forgotten Peiper and as he had to leave Germany in 1957, it was Gauthier who helped him and sold him the watermill of Traves. That building was in bad condition and Peiper did not have the necessary financial means to restore the mill. SS-Obersturmbannführer Erwin Ketelhut has afterwards taken over the water mill and in 1960 Peiper made build a house in Spannplate, high up on the bank of the Saone, hidden by bushes, not to see from the streets and like a military fortification. He had lived there – despite threats and anonymous phone calls – quite peacefully for over sixteen years.

On July 11th 1976 he bought some wire for a kennel in a shop in Vesoul, the capitol of that department. The salesman was an Alsatian: Paul Cacheux, member of the communist party, recognized through his accent that he was German and asked him whether he had been in France during the war. Peiper paid with a check with his name and address on it. Paul Cacheux looked up Peiper’s name in the "brown list" where all wanted Germans were registered. He passed his data over to the Resistance. On June 22nd 1976 the French communist newspaper "L’Humanité" wrote: „What does this Nazi do in France?". It was demanded to force Peiper to leave France. Flyers showing Peiper as a war criminal and Nazi were distributed to people in Traves. "Peiper, we’ll deliver you a 14 July!" was smeared on walls. July 14th is of course the French national holiday.

The morning of July 13th Peiper sent his wife, suffering from cancer, back to Germany. He himself did not want to leave his house because he expected it to be burned down. His neighbor Ketelhut had suggested to pass the night in the water mill but Peiper rejected that offer. He did not want Ketelhut staying with him either, since he would have shot any attackers. "No", he said, "It’s been already killed enough." Jochen Peiper waited on the veranda of his house from where he could observe the Saone river. Erwin Ketelhut had lent him his rifle. At 10:30 pm he heard a noise in the bushes and saw a dozen men climbing up the river bank. He shot in the air to intimidate the drunk intruders. She called him to come outside. He did that and opened the door in order to talk to them.

What happened afterwards can only be told by the culprits. Obersturmbannführer Jochen Peiper’s body was found charred and only one meter in size, he had no hands and feet. He died at about 1:00 am. The house was burned down, the ceiling broken in. What happened between 11:30 pm and 1:00 am? Was the Obersturmbannführer alive when he was mutilated? Was he still alive when he was burned? The culprits had poured gas on the floor, lit with a mixture of petrol and motor oil. Peiper lay in his bedroom, on the left side with his back to the wall, one arm bowed before his chest. Nothing had fallen upon him. He died by the immense heat. The body was not cremated but shrunken.

Erwin Ketelhut and the French having known and liked him shared the opinion that this knightly man, having defied so many dangers, should not have died this way. The murderers had driven with their car over a meadow to the river bank where two barges lay ready. With them they had crossed the Saone and afterwards had to climb up the steep bank through bushes. After the murder they ran the other way back over the meadows, in front of the house, to the street. The firemen searched the river for missing body parts. The French police’s investigation work took six months. The communists from Vesoul and the Resistance members were questioned. Nobody knew anything! Then the case was shelved. Nobody was ever arrested or punished! The area of Traves is not densely populated, there are only about ten inhabitants per square kilometer. Everybody knows everyone there and the people know everything about each other.

The culprits are known to the inhabitants, but the people say nothing. In the night from 13th to 14th July we have a protest vigil for Obersturmbannführer and bearer of the Knight’s Cross Jochen Peiper. The injustice made to him will not remain unpunished! With this cruel death Jochen Peiper has paid his last respects to his people and his homeland.

Christmas Story

It may be difficult for us to understand just how beloved Adolf Hitler had become to his people, even in the early days of his struggle on their behalf. A revealing indication of the real affection that surrounded him from the beginning has been preserved by the Party’s official biographer, Heinrich Hoffmann, who recalled an insightful incident that took place in Munich, just before Christmas, 1923. Only a little more than a month before, sixteen comrades had been shot to death on the Odeon Plaza. The Movement had collapsed with the attempted Putsch of November 9th, its members dead, hiding or, like the Führer, imprisoned. After the spark of hope ignited and now quenched in blood, postwar Germany sank back again into the gray despair of social chaos, economic ruin and cultural rot. This, then, was the setting for the scene recounted by Hoffmann in that bleak December, sixty eight years ago...

"The artists in the Hitler movement planned to celebrate Christmas at the Blüte Cafe in the Blütestrasse with a tableau vivant, entitled, Adolf Hitler in Prison.

"I was given the task of finding a suitable double for Hitler. As it happened I came across a man who bore a most striking resemblance to him. I asked him if he would take part in this tableau vivant, and he agreed to do so.

"The great hall of the Blüte Cafe was filled with people. A reverent hush fell as the curtain went up and a prison cell became visible on the half-darkened stage. Behind the small barred window, snowflakes could be seen falling. At a small table, his back to the audience, sat a man. An invisible male choir sang, Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht.

"As the strains of the last note died away, a tiny angel came into the cell, carrying an illuminated Christmas tree, which was placed gently on the table of the lonely man.

"Slowly ’Hitler’ turned until he was face to face with the audience. Many thought that it was indeed Hitler himself, and a half-sob went through the hall.

"The lights went up, and all around me I saw men and women with moist eyes, handkerchiefs hastily disappearing."

Source: Hitler Was My Friend by Heinrich Hoffmann, Burke Co., London,

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Nazi "Internet-Radio": Weekly "programs" (sound files) in English, German and since November French. Visit our website at!

Jonni Hansen: On November 21 DNSB leader Jonni Hansen started his 18 month prison sentence (for self-defense!). Send him solidarity letters! Jonni Hansen, #6592, Postboks 532, DK-3000 Helsengör, Denmark.

Two molotov cocktails thrown at the DNSB HQ in Denmark only caused very minor damage.

New Internet Books: French translation of AN INTRODUCTION TO THE NSDAP/AO: THE FIGHT GOES ON! and the Russian translations of ADOLF HITLER QUOTATIONS and SS MAN AND THE QUESTION OF BLOOD have been added to the NSDAP/AO website. This website already has several books in German, English and even Bulgarian (THE JEWS AND BULGARIA) and Serbian (HORST WESSEL).

Serbia: A propaganda action with NSDAP/AO swastika stickers resulted in at least four television reports – including the NSDAP/AO address (!) – between November 16 and 18. We congratulate our Serbian comrades!

Computer games (almost) banned: The German government foolishly tried to ban the computer games on the NSDAP/AO website…AFTER they had already been removed to make room for other things.

Free advertising: In October German Minister of the Interior Schily had the arrogance to say on television that the American people have a "false sense of freedom" and he demanded the U.S. government close down the NSDAP/AO website. On October 6th Germany’s largest newspaper, Bild Zeitung, reported on NSDAP/AO computer games, which resulted in the website visits doubling. On September 25 the German news magazine Focus published an article about the NSDAP/AO website and quoted Political Police official Rolf Peter Minnier that the NSDAP/AO website "reaches a new dimension of racist propaganda on the internet".

Attempted Murder?: Our young German comrade Axel Reitz was taken to the emergency ward of the hospital when prison officials refused to allow insulin injections necessary for his very survival! Only the intervention of the police, alerted by his father, saved his life. He was already unconcious. The doctor said another 30 minute delay would have killed him. Legal action against the prison is now being pursued.


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