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Number 104/4 - Summer 2000 (111)

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Today Berlin

Tmorrow the World !

May Day – 3000 Comrades Demonstrate

Action Report from Fürth, Germany

May 1st 2000 (111), 11:20 am, somewhere in Nuremberg. As every year, also today comrades from all over Germany gathered today – on National Labor Day which was founded by our beloved Führer in 1933 and is nowadays misused by Jews and Reds for their machinations – to march on the streets.

The first busses – filled with Nationalists and National Socialists mainly from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria – are arriving on the deserted parking lot that serves as provisional meeting place. The police have already widely cordoned off the area around the meeting place. Silence. Hundreds of comrades get off the buses, flags and placards aren taken out of the buses and are distributed among the comrades willing to march as flag bearers at the spearhead of the marching column. The anxiety and anticipation for the upcoming march through the city of Fürth can be seen on the comrades’ faces. Everyone waits eagerly for the specially for us organized Nuremberg subway to take us into Fürth. The demonstration’s official beginning is set to 1:00 pm.

After all since a few days it was certain: 7 of 9 NPD demonstrations for this year’s 1 May have been allowed by the brd regime! At the same time the Reds at some places weren’t allowed to hold their demonstrations as for example in Berlin-Kreuzberg where it’s a known tradition that the left-winged extremists terrorize the whole city district, burn buildings and objects and realize their perverted dream of "total chaos". There wasn’t any ban for the NPD like last year in Bremen, though. But there were some rules we had to follow: Neither bomber jackets nor boots were allowed (which was for itself already a joke as about 80% of the people wore that) and as usual there was a ban on disguising. Furthermore we could await a very "amusing" event as Fürth has a foreigner share of almost 50% (!) and several Jewish and anti-fascist organizations were mobilized to stop us.

But now back to the actual event. It was already 12:30 pm as we learned that our subway was ready for departure. Of course, we were escorted by some nice men and women in green who flitted with panic around and spoke something inaudible in their radios from time to time. What a sight: The whole subway station overflowed with comrades equipped with flags, banners and sometimes even shields!

Finally! After a longer trip with the Nuremberg subway we had finally arrived in Fürth and went to the meeting place, somewhere in the middle of a residential area. The streets seemed – as far as we could see – empty. Arriving at the meeting point we were already welcomed by TV and press reporters who already longed for "hot" footage with their cameras and microphones. They should follow and film and photograph us during the whole march. Nonetheless one of our order service men declared via megaphone that no threat or violence will depart from us and that we had come to have peacefully our demonstration. But we would do everything to have it and we wouldn’t listen to any appearing leftist idiots. We arranged in a column of lines of four people each and the flag bearers marched in the very front. The order service with their white armbands and megaphones maintained order and discipline.

Then, short before 1:00 pm we heard a pitiful, hardly audible whimper. It was a handful of so-called "Anti-Fascists" who wanted to impress us with such inspirational sayings like "Nazis out!". However, this gave us an occasion for a little "dress rehearsal" of our voice capacity. After all of us stroke up some of our slogans and set these powerfully against them the leftists became totally silent and some of them had even tears in their eyes! After a short delay we finally managed to start our march at 1:15 pm. The streets echoed with our boot step and a mass of banners arose and hundreds of comrades proclaimed our message. "Clear the streets for the National Resistance!" became the battle cry. Our slogans were also: "Jobs for Germans first!", "Fight the red pest in East and West!", "Germany for Germans – We are the people!", "Citizens, let it be! To the streets, march with us!", "Free, social and national!" as well as lots of more. So we marched through Fürth’s narrow streets and the city echoed with our slogans.

Of course there were large numbers of Anti-Fascists, punks, Turks and other scum that seethed with rage and tried to silence our cry with hysterical yells and strange contortions. But in vain! Even Jews were present which even had their yellow Jew-stars hanging around their necks with the inscription "Never again!". We enjoyed the moment when we marched past in 3 meters distance and presented them our banners with a smile on our faces, firmly convinced of our total victory. And secretly they knew it too: Once will come the day of revenge!

Even though the enemy mass was four times larger in numbers we managed to win over the streets and therefore also the whole city. Everywhere determined comrades with firm step weaving flags and from time to time police troops running around to punch away the imminent reds. The atmosphere was just unique; everyone who has been there knows what I’m talking about. Only sporadically some stones and bottles were thrown at us whose disguised senders were soon arrested by the police. No casualties on our side.

After some time we arrived somewhere in the city center for a halt to have our rally. Speaker’s desks were mounted and face to face in about 5 meters distance stood the reds with their communist flags and whistles. We saw each other directly in the eyes. While our banners waved in the wind in front of them the main speakers had great speeches which the hostile mass in vain tried to suppress.

Afterwards it was time for the trip back with the subway that had brought us to Fürth. While shouting "We’ll be back!" and letting our flags wave a last time in front of the amazed reporters’ cameras we descended – accompanied by lots of police – into the subway station.

Meanwhile our throats had become dry and ached because of the permanent yelling of our slogans and the beautiful but very hot weather that day. We were glad as we returned to our busses to refresh us a bit.

We entered and left Fürth as victors. The demonstration in Fürth as well as all the other rallies on the brd’s territory were a complete success for the movement! There were no arrests on our side, just some leftists were "withdrawn from circulation". The events have definitely shown that our rallies were respectable and powerful while the reds only wanted riots. Even though we were "only" 600 people in Fürth we achieved a lot. Reports say that there were more than 1’500 comrades who demonstrated in Berlin.

Also the media reports acknowledge our idea: On the following day there was practically no report about us which could evoke the people’s sympathy for us. On the other hand, only the left-winged violent anarchists in Berlin-Kreuzberg were shown how they had street battles with the police and terrorized the city. But the city’s inhabitants know: We have been there and we had the upper hand! We could directly convince the people. Even the Jewish mass media can’t change that! They know as well as we do: The victory will be ours!!!

Heil Hitler!

Genuine Heroism

by Gerhard Lauck

National Socialism does not suffer from a lack of heros and heroines. Their deeds, their accomplishments and above all their sacrifices serve us as an example, an obligation and a source of strength.

My generation, the first "postwar generation", still had the chance to personally meet many of these heros. I remember visiting the famous Colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel in his home in Kufstein, Tirol in the 1970s. A great honor!

But there are many other comrades who have had an even greater influence on me. First, I spent more time with them than with the Colonel, and second, they were "just normal people", even though they did a lot more than "normal".

There were the old SA comrades Walter Luttermann and Karl-Ferdinand Schwarz, the married Müller couple and "Armin" of the Hitler Youth generation, Thies Christophersen, the fighters of the postwar generation such as Michael Kühnen, Gottfried Küssel, Michael Storm and others who remain unnamed only for security reasons.

Some of these comrades and their lives made an especially strong impression on me.

…1945. The war is over. All is lost. Life has become meaningless. One walks into the forest to the railroad tracks. One sits down on the tracks and waits for a train, which will end this sad life. One ponders. Then one makes a different decision. If one survives, perhaps one can one day do something in the spirit of the Führer. One stands up and goes home. Years pass. In the spring of 1972 an expellee from Breslau says there is a NSDAP/AO. One becomes one of the first members, one of the most hard-working volunteers, and a generous financial backer, although not rich and very modest in life style. One does volunteer work year after year, decade after decade. At an old age, blindness sets in. But one continues to work – one can still fold and stuff mailing pieces.

…Mortally ill with cancer. Can hardly eat or sleep. Walking is difficult and tiring. But one can still do something: one drags oneself to the desk and does computer work. Hours long. Because it is hard to stand up and return to the easy chair. Day after day. Year after year. On the morning of the last day alive, this is still the routine. That afternoon death comes.

…1945. The young soldier continues to fight after the armistice. Later he is captured, but not identified as a werwolf fighter. Four years in a special pow camp for unrepentent Nazis. Finally freedom. Immediately resume political activism. Prison. Wife leaves. Again freedom, political activism and a major role in the expansion of the NSDAP/AO in the 1970s. But a traitor means prison. Second wife leaves.

…Four years political imprisonment – without parole to the very last day. Then the day of freedom. Back to political work. A year of intensive activity. Followed by four more years of prison. Free again, active again, right up to death.

…One wishes to marry, but the party needs workers and money. A family will just have to wait a few years. But illness comes despite youth. A family no longer comes, rather death.

…One is crippled in war. Both legs gone. One arm gone. Other arm injured. Still not helpless. Telephone work is possible. Thanks to this telephone work, the NSDAP/AO expands its television program from one to sixteen cities within one year.

…A crisis. One steps in and takes over tasks without training. Free time and profession are traded for political work, aggravation, worry and stress. One holds out for years until the crisis is over and one’s own, large family can again have priority.


These are true stories!

I have worked with these comrades closely, sometimes for decades. We owe the accomplishments of the NSDAP/AO over the past three decades to them.

May they serve you as example and obligation, as comfort and inspiration, as they have served me.

May some of you become examples for those who will later join our ranks and carry on the holy swastika banner when we, too, are called to that great stormtroop in the sky.

…For the flag means more than death!

Movement News

Jonni Hansen Sentenced to One Year

Denmark’s DNSB leader Jonni Hansen has been sentenced to one year imprisonment without probation for the "offense" of defending himself against an armed communist mob! He has appealed the sentence. After three months in jail, he is now free again, leastwise for the moment.

On February 17 his car was fire-bombed and totally destroyed.

Above: Jonni Hansen in Roskilde court.

Below: His automobile after fire-bombing.

March Production Impressive

In the month of March the NSDAP/AO published seven newspapers and bulletins in seven different languages (not counting Japanese), added a twelfth language to the website, added three mirror websites for allied Swedish organizations (Motstand, Sveriges Nationella Förbund and Nordiska Rikspartiet), and prepared three book layouts (English and German).

Japanese Added to Website

Since March 10 Japanese is the twelfth language on the NSDAP/AO’s primary website (

The Japanese edition of the NS News Bulletin (below) was also launched in March as a joint project of the NSDAP/AO and the NSJAP in Japan.

Horst Wessel’s Grave Desecrated

Red scum desecrated the grave of National Socialist martyr Horst Wessel during the night of February 23/24. They even dug up the (actually wrong) skeleton and threw the bones into the Spree River, according to an anonymous "anti-fascist" letter claiming responsibility.

This repulsive deed was triggered by the announcement of a pro-Horst Wessel memorial on the 70th anniversary of his death, which was however banned by Berlin’s chief of police.

As a protest against this desecration, comrades held watch over the gravesite on February 27th.

Israel’s President – An Anti-Semite?!?

German political police raided the offices of the popular nationalist magazine Zentralorgan in early January.

Zentralorgan had merely quoted Israel’s President on its front page, who had urged Jews to leave Austria after Jörg Haider’s election success. This qualifies as "anti-semitism"!

Nervous Jews?

Security forces from Israel(!) are now protecting Jewish community centers in Berlin, according to the mainstream German newspaper Tagesspiegel of March 14, 2000. Are the Jews are getting nervous?

French Court Fines Yahoo! Inc

On May 22nd a French court fined YAHOO! Inc. because of an American-based, English-language website auctioning "neo-Nazi objects". Although not available on Yahoo!’s French site, they are on its American website. Nonetheless, France claims jurisdiction, because the website is accessible in France. (Source: The Age, Melbourne, Australia, May 23, 2000.)

Earlier, the German government threatened the top managers of BARNES AND NOBLE and AMAZON citing the same kind of jurisdiction. (See Die Welt, September 17, 1999 and The Jewish Press, August 13, 1999.)

Still earlier, Germany’s Justice Minister threatened (in Der Spiegel #46/1996) American internet users just three months after a German kangaroo court’s so-called "conviction" of NSDAP/AO leader Gerhard Lauck for legally publishing a newspaper inside of the USA. (Lauck presently has a legal battle with the U.S. government, which declared Lauck a "convicted felon" solely on the basis of his four year political imprisonment in Germany.)

ADL Sued for $10.5 Million!

A U.S. court has ordered the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE (ADL) to pay a $10.5 million to a couple it publically denounced as "anti-Semitic" based on illegal wiretaps. This represents one quarter of the ADL’s annual budget. (Source: The New York Times, May 13, 2000)

Russian added to NSDAP/AO Website

Thanks to Russian comrades, the first Russian-language material (below) was added to the NSDAP/AO website on May 21st. Together We Are Strong!

German Political Police Blunder

During raids on nationalists in May, Germany’s infamous political police ("Verfassungsschutz" aka "Verfassungsschmutz") accidently lost a list with the names and mobile telephone numbers of several agents. This list was then published on a nationalist website ( ) which in turn gained the attention of the system media.

Flemish Nationalists Gaining Strength

According to a recent poll, the rightwing Vlaams Blok in Flanders has the support of 40% of the voters. Another "Austria" is in the making.

Books added to NSDAP/AO Website

Two book manuscripts have been added to the NSDAP/AO website: MEIN KAMPF and DIE NSDAP/AO: STRATEGIE, PROPAGANDA UND ORGANISATION.

Propaganda Action on May 8

On May 8th NSDAP/AO activists raised a banner with the text "We will never capitulate – NSDAP/AO" over the autobahn to Berlin. The same day they distributed fliers in Berlin. Then they put up stickers in the center of a small town. The local newspaper printed a short article about this action.

New "Mini-Comics"

"Mini-Comics" have been added to the NSDAP/AO propaganda arsenal. See "COMICS". ("Adobe Acrobat Reader"equired.)


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  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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