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Number 103/3 - Spring 2000 (111)

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Adolf Hitler

Leader of Personal Sacrifice

by Michael Storm

National Socialism, like every revolutionary movement, is fueled by personal sacrifice. Our movement is unique in that not only did our leader set an example of personal sacrifice during the struggle for power, but did so throughout his entire life.

When Hitler was just a young man he signed over his orphan pension to his younger sister, Paula, and then struck out on his own to survive in a hostile world, where his daily bread had to be bitterly won. This early example of putting the needs of others before himself was constant in his life.

During World War One, Hitler shared all the hardships of the common soldiers. His regiment was bled white at the front. As its strength declined, each man was called upon to do more. No man ever did more than Hitler. He constantly volunteered for extra duties, took the most hazardous assignments, and narrowly missed death dozens of times. It was as if by his sheer will alone he could bring victory to Germany. When it was time for him to go on a well-deserved rest or furlough, he refused and instead would give it to a married man so he could spend time at home with his family.

After the stab in the back and Germany’s humiliating defeat, Hitler vowed to dedicate the remainder of his life to making Germany great and overturning the evil treaty of Versailles. During these years of struggle, he knew even greater privation than he did in his youth.

His personal wardrobe was so shabby that a party member had to donate a suit so the Führer could meet with the big shot industrialists. Not only did he live humbly so every mark could go into the fight, but he also had to abandon his dream of ever becoming (or so he thought at the time) an artist or architect.

Materialistic gains were not the only sacrifices that the party demanded of its leader. Hitler often lamented that he could not enjoy the hearth and bosom of his own family, because he could not marry since he was married to all of Germany. Worse yet, he knew he could never know the joy of fatherhood, because it would be unfair to his children, i.e. the burden of following in his footsteps would be too great for them.

When the war forced itself upon Germany, the Führer had to abandon his dream of rebuilding his cities. He then donned his uniform and refused to take it off until victory was achieved. He worked round the clock, always having more and more to do. His headquarters, the "wolf’s lair" in Rastenburg, was buried in a swampy forest that was too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. His staff regarded it as a joyless assignment and could not wait until they were reassigned to Paris or Berlin, leaving the Führer behind to toil on for Germany without entertainment, bright lights, or the sweet fruit of victory.

In the Führer bunker in the spring of 1945, Hitler would steal away from the military conferences for a few minutes to admire the models of the magnificent National Socialist cities which he dreamed of building after the war, knowing only too well that they would never be built in his life time.

When Soviet shells began to fall on the city, he told Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle that if he had had a son, he would have wanted him to be like Degrelle, but that Degrelle must preserve his life along with Colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel, so that they would inspire the future German youth with their heroism. The Fuhrer said that he would make the ultimate sacrifice for Germany and not run away, but fight the enemy to the bitter end, and then deprive the capitalists and bolsheviks of their Jewish pleasure of not only putting him on trial, but also of mutilating his body, and so he fought until the "Untermenschen" were only a few meters away, and then he flew up to Valhalla.

Adolf Hitler was a man who sacrificed himself, his entire life, for his people. The great virtue is an intrinsic characteristic of National Socialism, i.e. sacrifice of the indivudual for the greater good. This is why a single National Socialist is worth a hundred Democrats or Republicans. It is what makes us so strong and so feared.

As a young stormtrooper, I used to work 48 hours a week in a local factory, donate my entire paycheck to the party, clean the headquarters, man the desk, collect signatures on petitions, cook meals, do television interviews, and every once in a while have some fun in a street battle with the scum of the earth. Most of the "fair weather" National Socialists were hard to find when it came time to do work or donate some real money. Not surprisingly, they were all weeded out of the movement not by death threats or bombs, but by their lack of conviction in National Socialism. They wanted to "party" and to reap glory from other comrades’ worthy sacrifices. These drones quickly left the party, and each time they did, it made us stronger.

Compared to the sacrifices of our Führer, my money, sweat and blood are a paltry offering. However, our movement is full today of comrades whose sacrifices make them heros: real National Socialists like Reinhard Sonntag, who gave his life just a few years ago, and Gottfried Küssel, who has been in jail over two years (and faces another eight years in prison) as well as many, many more who, for security reasons, cannot be named, but without whom you would not today be holding this newspaper in your hands and reading this article.

We National Socialists judge a man or woman by one test of strength only, and that is how much they sacrifice for victory. How smart they are (or think they are), how rich they are, what good fighters they claim to be, or how much beer they can consume, all mean nothing...only how much a person gives of himself!

Each one of us - you and I included – must ask himself that key question!

Heil Hitler!

First March through Brandenburg Gate !

On January 30th 800 Nationalists and National Socialists marched through Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate for the first time since 1945! This march was part of a protest against the defamatory HoloHoax memorial scheduled to be built in the occupied Reich capitol.

On the same day 150 nationalists demonstrated in front of the house of former Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Oggersheim.

An international HoloHoax conference was held in Stockholm at around the same time, where the resurgence of National Socialism was duely bemoaned.

Einstein : The "Man of the Century" or "The Man Who Never Was"!?!

In December 1999, Time magazine promoted Albert Einstein as the Man of the Century. This is perhaps is not surprising as both are Jewish! However, it should be remembered that Einstein’s contribution to humanity was that he brought us the atomic holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagaskai (atomic bombs that were intended for German cities), along with his Jewish colleagues Leo Szilard (Spitz), Edward Teller, Eugene (Jeno) Wigner, and Robert Oppenheimer; and subsequent environmental poisoning of the nuclear industry. Here’s a few facts they forgot to tell you when they created the myth about this ‘Man of the Century’, as some kind of exemplar of humanity.

Einstein, the salon Bolshevik and Zionist, who did poorly at school, took many his ideas from others, including his wife Mileva Marie, a Serbian class mate at the Polytechnic Institute at Zurich, whom he married in 1903. However, being the opportunist, Einstein divorced Marie in 1919, the year he achieved fame when a British eclipse expedition verified some of his claims.

Let us now turn to the truth about Einstein, who has undeservedly been puffed up to be the ‘greatest genius of the Twentieth Century’. Historians have always believed that David Hilbert, a German mathematician, discovered the correct equations for general relativity before Einstein who may have copied crucial equations. Further, the mathematical equation "E = mc squared" that ushered in the atomic age, was discovered by Olinto de Pretto and published in 1903. Einstein used De Pretto’s insight in 1905, but the latter was never credited!

His contradictory and shadowy character are demonstrated when much publicised pacifist Einstein became a leading figure who promoted an American war on Germany and secretly developed the atomic bomb! What of the private life of this man, portrayed as the kindly father figure and nutty professor? Einstein was a womaniser who was unfaithful to his two wives, estranged from his children, and had an illegitimate daughter. For those interested in the hidden and sordid facts might read The Private Lives of Albert Einstein (New York, 1994) by Highfield and Carter. This unflattering portrait of Einstein exposes his destructive emotions that ruled his personality and the utter shambles that he made of his personal life.

Such is the character of this ‘Man of the Century’!

But how was Einstein nominated? Consider the following! In 1998 Time ran its ‘Time 100 Poll’ – ‘Person of the Century’ poll which engaged the minds of millions of people. Jesus Christ was voted no. 1, and Nazi Germany’s leader Adolf Hitler was voted no.2. However, Christ was eliminated because he did not live in the Twentieth Century, leaving Hitler at the top of the list.

The prospect of Hitler becoming the Man of the Century was intolerable! The Jewish controlled mass media had spent the past 60 years manufacturing the Holocaust story and guilt industry to demonise Hitler. They transferred to him the bestial crimes perpetrated by their Communist brethren in the Soviet Union. They’ve done everything to suppress the truth that Hitler put his people before everything, lived frugally, didn’t take a salary, nor start a family so as to devote himself to his people. You are not allowed to hear of his positive achievements of leading a government of action, not words: in six years six million unemployed became one million vacancies (mostly before re-armament); poverty was eliminated, a dramatic rise in living standards was achieved, 300,000 new dwellings were built, and other social welfare and health projects were launched (for example more doctors and nurses); there was great progress in industrial productivity, education, and culture; and the crime rate was dramatically cut...Try finding a list of positive achievements in your history books! If you can’t find them, ask why nearly 80,000,000 people voted for Hitler, several times, or why during World War II over 1,000,000 foreigners volunteered to fight for him, even his former enemies. Propaganda myths won’t wash!

Anyhow, the prospect was enough to spur Jewish groups into action and they put forward assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin for the top of the list, a nobody who was not even in the top twenty. Allowing some time to pass and ignoring the people’s choice, a select group choose another Jew, Albert Einstein.

Welcome to the Town of "Swastika" !

If there ever was a place actually named after the ancient symbol of our White Race, one might imagine such a location might have been found in National Socialist Germany. That a town did indeed carry that name for the first half of the 20th century is a matter of historical record. But it was not found in the Third Reich.

Strangely enough, the village of Swastika began as a mining community before 1906 near Kirkland Lake in northern Ontario, Canada. Who chose the name and why are questions lost to time. What is certain is that the population had grown to 10,000 inhabitants by the mid-1930s. It was then that Canadian government authorities began pressuring the citizens of Swastika to drop the controversial name. They refused. Many, perhaps most of them were openly pro-Hitler and part of Avery Brundage’s National Fascist movement. Others, who were at least mildly disposed toward National Socialism, used the government challenge to the good name of their town as a means to express their contempt for the Jew-ridden liberal-conservative swindlers who had led their civilization into the Great Depression.

As the only modern writer on the controversy reports, "After World War II broke out, the Ontario Premier, Mitch Hepburn, decided the name was unpatriotic, so he lobbied to change the name of the post office to Winston in honour of the British wartime leader, Winston Churchill. But the inhabitants of Swastika thought otherwise, and at a public meeting on 13 September 1940 resisted the change." Incredibly, the name stood throughout that fratricidal war. But the haters of our White Race never give up. Fearing a revival of popular racial consciousness during the so-called "McCarrthy Era", when Jew Communist traitors were being exposed throughout government circles in the mid-1950s, a Jewish developer (Leavitt Corporation) bought out the little town of Swastika and immediately dropped its original name.

Our story might end there, except for one more curious fact, a coincidence (?) that does, after all, connect the Canadian village with Adolf Hitler, however tenuously. While the future Leader was a humble soldier during World War I, Lord Redesdale resided in a log cabin at Ontario’s Swastika. He was the father of Unity Mitford, the beautiful National Socialist and Hitler’s devoted personal friend, who dedicated her life to preventing war between Britain and Germany. She proved to be the first casualty of that suicidal conflict. Overwhelmed by visions of the inevitable catastrophe for Western Civilization, she took her own life. What, if anything, her father told her about his years in Canada’s Swastika has not come down to us.

A less than half-understood, more intuited, almost mystical theme seems to somehow wind its way from the far northern town with its sacred name into the history of our struggle. In any case, Canadian National Socialists have a little extra reason to be proud of their Ontario heritage!

- by A.V. Schaerffenberg

Source: Colombo, John Robert, Mysterious Canada, Strange Sights, Extraordinary Events, and Peculiar Places, Doubleday Canada Ltd., Toronto, 1989, page 240

Movement News

Global Solidarity with Gerhard Lauck

Chile’s former Ambassador to Austria (from 1964-1970), Miguel Serrano, has sent a formal protest letter against Gerhard Lauck’s latest indictment to the U.S. Embassy in Santiago. It was delivered by his personal secretary on November 26th. (Lauck faces a maximum five years prison and/or US$10,000 fine for refusing to be criminalized for practicing free speech.)

On the other side of the globe, the National Socialist Japanese Workers Party (NSJAP) held a protest demonstration against Lauck’s indictment in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo on December 5th. The first fax report from Japan ended with the words AXIS FOREVER!

Russian National Unity (RNE) planned a solidarity demonstration in front of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, but this was prevented by the police. Therefore, the RNE sent a protest letter against Lauck’s indictment to the U.S. Embassy.

In the USA, THE SPOTLIGHT immediately reported Lauck’s arrest and Dr. Pierce gave the case substantial coverage in his November 13th National Alliance broadcast.

Please send donations: Gerhard Lauck Defense Fund, NSDAP/AO, PO Box 6414, Lincoln, NE 68506 USA.

Our Japanese comrades of the NSJAP protest in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo against Lauck's most recent indictment.


Jonni Hansen Arrested!

Jonni Hansen, head of the Danish National Socialist Movement (DNSB) – a very important sister organisation to the NSDAP/AO – was arrested on December 21. He faces a possible four year prison sentence – for defending himself!

Here’s what happened...

When his car pulled up in front of the DNSB headquarters in Greve, it was immediately surrounded by 20 to 30 communists armed with iron bars and even chain saws. (Apparently, they had planned to attack the DNSB’s wooden fence. Earlier, they had firebombed the headquarters and even tried to poison the guard dog.) Alone in the car, he did the only sensible thing – he drove off, unavoidably right through the reds, which put six of them in the hospital.

Send solidarity letters to him: Jonni Hansen, Prisoner Number 4860-99, Vestre Faengsel, Vigerslev Allee 1 D, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark.


Danish-German Solidarity

"Life is becoming impossible for the average citizen here in Flensburg. The leftists have made themselves at home here. They use physical violence against anyone who disagrees with them, even against women and children. The police do nothing."

The local man finished explaining the situation to the outsiders who had come to help. These included German nationalists and our Danish comrades of the DNSB, who had come all the way from Copenhagen to stand side by side with their racial kinsmen against the common foe.

The nationalist protest march was met by a hail of stones from the red scum. One young man, struck by a stone, fell to the ground. His comrades quickly pulled him to his feet. "We must go on!"

"We must go on!" became the rallying cry. Only those who were present and saw their faces can appreciate the determination. Older spectators had seen this before in the 1920s and 1930s. They smiled and waved.

A new generation, different clothing, but the same spirit!

Sieg Heil!

Danish and German comrades march side by side in Flensburg against the red scum. Together We Are Strong!


"Free Advertising" in Sweden

Four large Swedish newspapers apparently decided to support National Socialism by publishing the names, addresses and photos of approximately 60 comrades in Sweden. Obviously, they figured beautiful Swedish women would be attracted by these handsome young lads and boost membership.

The National Socialist Front (NSF) showed its gratitude by publishing the names and photos (but not the addresses) of the four editors.

Fearing massive National Socialist growth, the Swedish Embassy then pressured the U.S.-based webhost to remove the NSF/Motstand website.


New NSDAP/AO Website

The NSDAP/AO launched its first domain-name website on January 20th at This is the NSDAP/AO’s primary website. It already has eleven languages and approx. 100 individual web pages.


First Finnish Issue

The first NSDAP/AO publication in the new millenium was the first issue of the Finnish-language edition of the NS News Bulletin. Thanks to our Finnish comrades! Together We Are Strong!

The NSDAP/AO's new Finnish bulletin.


Hungarians Support Haider

On February 13th over 1000 nationalists held a solidarity demoinstration for Jörg Haider in front of the Austrian Embassy in Budapest. The demonstration was organized by the youth branch of the nationalist Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIEP). The MIEP is led by former playwright Istvan Csurka. It has 12 seats in the Hungarian parliament.


Nazi Shortwave Radio

A comrade in New York discusses politics on his powerful shortwave radio Sunday mornings starting 09:45 AM Eastern time. Band 20 meters, frequency 14.340, call sign KB2QG11. He speaks English and German.


Nationalist Radio in Canada

Listen to "Radio Free Canada" Tuesdays at 4:00 PM Eastern Time over shortwave radio WBCQ, 7,415 kHz, co-sponsored by the Nationalist Party of Canada.


Allen Vincent Dies

Allen Vincent, one of the last Rockwell-era activists, has passed away. His decades of unrelenting National Socialist activism say more about his loyalty and his dedication than any eulogy. In 1976 he even demonstrated in front of a German prison to protest Lauck’s (first) political imprisonment. Now he rests with Commander Rockwell in Valhalla.


Civil Suit against the Jews

A civil suit has been filed in a federal court in New York against the Manhattan VA Medical Center for violating the civil rights of Christians by refusing to display the Christian nativity scene during the holidays, but instead putting up the Jew Menorah and Stars of David all over the hospital.


Injustice Rules in Germany

In the night of October 27/28 the reds – who later boosted of their crime by telephone – firebombed the home of German patriot Thorsten Heise. Both he and his four year old son(!) were hospitalized because of inhaling the smoke. When patriots then announced an anti-violence demonstration, the authorities not only banned it - they even went so far as to jail Thorsten, which they call "prevention custody"!!!


Travellers Alert Action in Maine

Hundreds of TRAVELLERS ALERT fliers were distributed throughout the Portland International Jetport – near the boarding gates and inside free publications. The local media also mentioned comrade Lauck’s recent arrest. Even though the only international flight is between Portland and Montreal, many people catch connecting flights to Europe at Boston, New York and Washington DC.


Japanese enlightens Berlin

According to a report in the November 23 issue of the Japanese newspaper Jiji Tsushin, a 40 year old Japanese businessman was arrested in Berlin for distributing anti-Jewish leaflets. After three days incarceration and a visit by the Japanese Ambassador, he was deported to Japan.


Arrests in Austria

Police arrested eight leaders of a nationalist resistance group in upper Austria. Roughly 70 people were questioned. The group allegedly had a training camp across the border in the Czech Republik.


Guard Reinstated

The New York State Supreme court has upheld an arbitrator’s order to reinstate a prison guard who had been fired because he had flown a swastika flag at his house. The governor was not pleased.


Jack Prins Passes Way

The Nationalist Party of Canada reports the sudden death of Jack Prins on November 22 in Toronto. He was 77. Born in the Netherlands in 1922, he came to Canada in 1955, where he became a celebrity in the world of professional wrestling as "The Masked Marvel". He was a long-time activist in the white racialist movement. His knowledge, experience, courage, dedication and warm comradeship will be greatly missed.


Free Advertising Courtesy of the German Government

Recently a comrade visited the government’s "anti-extremist" exhibit in Freiburg, which was guarded by lots of police. The NSDAP/AO was often mentioned and photos of Gerhard Lauck shown. Of course, the poor commentator did not know that he was talking to an activist of the feared NSDAP/AO about "the dangers of right-wing extremism in the Federal Republic of Germany"!


Anti-Free Speech Law in Mexico

The Jews have gotten an "anti-hate" law passed in Mexico. Many nationalists are journalists and activists. They say that no law can stop them, that the struggle is today being waged world-wide, and that they will fight until final victory.


The Traitor and the Murderess

The traitor Ingo Hasselbach has become engaged to German citizen Debbie Milke, who was sentenced by a U.S. court to death for the contract murder of her own four year old son, according to a German newspaper. A fitting pair!


  1. Books and periodicals from the Third Reich as well as original (pre-1945) records with German marches.
  2. Comrades who fluently write (not necessarily speak) a foreign language and are willing to do translations.
  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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