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Number 102/2 -Winter 1999 (110)

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2000 Years of Antisemitism

Israelchen notices how much his aunt loves money. He figures it must taste good and swallows a coin. But his family finds a solution. (Based on a real incident!)


Diodorus: Sicilian Greek Historian, 50. B.C.

The Jews do not mix with other peoples, since they consider them enemies.

Tacitus: The noted Roman Historian, 100 A.D.

They despise all that is sacred to us, and they do everything that is disgusting to us.

Abd el Kadir:

The Jews who live dispersed in the world do nevertheless not lose their cohesion, are cunning, dangerous and hostile creatures to others. One should kill them like serpents, without giving them time to rear the head, otherwise they will bite without fail. Their bite is lethaL

Mohammed: Islamic religious leader, 600 A.D. All of them to the last one are scoundrels.

So thought the ancients and were not a match for them, that international pest as we know nowadays, although they knew their enemy. Only the earthly and healthy barbarians from the north, the Teutons, realized instinctively the repugnant worm in the Jew. Without hesitation they killed it and involuntarily liberated their enemies, the Romans and the Greeks for several centuries from the pest. But the Jews agitated further. Now read some opinions from the Middle Ages to our modern time.

Martin Luther: German religious reformer, 1500 A.D.

The sun has never shone on such a bloodthirsty and vindictive people, who cherish the idea of murdering and strangling the heathen. No other men under the sun are more greedy than they have been, and always will be. They choke and destroy the remaining humanity and consider themselves on this ground to be God’s chosen people.

Mirza Hassan Chan:

I cannot understand why these venemous reptiles have not been destroyed until now. Beasts of prey are killed; are Jews different from cannibals/

Maria Theresia: Empress of Austria

I don’t know a worse pest for the state than the Jews.

Voltaire: Famous French wit about 1730 A.D.

The Jews are nothing but a cruel and barbaric people, which have for a long time combined the most loathsome avarice with the inextinguishable hatred of all peoples by whom they are tolerated. They are mean in failure and arrogant in success.

Goethe: An extraordinary German author

They have a faith which santifies robbery of aliens.


Schopenhauer: Philosopher

The homeland of the Jews are other peoples.

Walter Buch: President of the NSDAP High Court

The Jew is not a people. He is a manifestation of decay.

Franz Liszt: Composer

The day will come when the question of expulsion of the Jews who live among the peoples will become a question of life or death, a question of recovery or of chronic disease, of peaceful life or continuous social fever.

Benjamin Franklin: American statesman

In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion, have built up a state within a state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves. The Jews are Asiatics: they will never be otherwise.

Wilhelm Kube: Gauleiter of Ostmark

What pest and syphilis is to mankind, that is the Jew to the White Race.

Adolf Hitler: A German revolutionary

The Jew is and remains a parasite, a sponger, who like a pernicious bacillus spreads over wider areas according as some favourable area attracts him. The effect produced by his presence is also like that of a vampire; for wherever he establishes himself, the people who grant him hospitality are bound to be bled to death sooner or later.

George Washington: American statesman

It is much to be lamented that each state, long ere this, has not hunted them down, as pests to society, and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America.

Einar Aberg:

He who has discovered the truth about the judaism and does not fight Jewry and warn his fellow citizens of the Jewish menace, becomes an accomplice of the Jews and an accessory to the misfortune of his nation.

Practically every Jew has a middle name, and for a thousand years it has been "Mendacious". Therefore, what do you expect?

No social system in the world will remain sane for long which houses the psycho-neurotic Jew... and very critically, the Jew will pervert every culture and destroy every hosting people.


Campaign Against German Tourism Industry

The TRAVELLERS ALERT campaign was launched on August 15th with a flier distribution at the Los Angeles International Airport near the Lufthansa counter. It was conducted by American patriots who were shocked by Germany’s violation of U.S. sovereignty as exposed by Gerhard Lauck’s speech the previous evening.

This distribution - as well as Lauck’s speech and his two hour interview on August 14th - were filmed by KETV/ABC from Omaha. Their report was broadcast on September 9th.

America’s largest populist weekly newspaper, THE SPOTLIGHT, also reported on these events in their August 30th issue. This coverage included a copy of the flier with legible address.

Numerous international airport authorities throughout the United States have been asked for their rules and regulations governing such distributions, which the U.S. Supreme Court confirms are protected by the First Ammendment.

One shocked airport official volunteered information on related trade associations. (Several letters have been sent to trade associations connected with the tourism industry.) Another stated he will copy and distribute the Travellers Alert flier at the airport’s next manager meeting.

The legal departments of several major U.S. airlines – as well as Lufthansa and SAS – have received letters via certified mail informing them of this risk to their passengers and urging them to warn them accordingly.

Computer/Internet magazine editors have been informed of the risk to American internet users and urged to alert their readers.

Activists throughout the country are volunteering to participate in this campaign. Several are preparing airport literature distributions. Targeted mailings will be coordinated with these actions.

The Travellers Alert and related information is included in the #701 PROPAGANDA CD as a Microsoft Word 97 file. It can be printed or used as an email attachment. Order your #701 PROPAGANDA CD for US$10.00 today!

From the South American Front

Today the NS KAMPFRUF #129 (November/December) arrived. I especially enjoyed this issue. Now I will purchase a laser printer, so that I can use your #701 Propaganda CD.

I copy and distribute NS propaganda material, including NSDAP/AO material, throughout Germany and all of South America. Furthermore, I write articles for ethnic German and other nationalist publications in Chile and in Argentina. Of course, I wrote about Gerhard Lauck’s illegal kidnapping in Denmark. And I am active on the internet.

Regarding the Travellers Alert, we here in Chile have experienced the same thing. Our NS-leader Miguel Serrano - Chile’s Ambassador to Austria from 1964 to 1970 (he knew Leon DeGrelle very well) – put out the warning three years ago: "Comrades! Be careful! Do not travel to Europe. For security reasons, especially avoid Germany!" Even Serrano, who has a lifetime diplomatic pass, does not travel anywhere now, because arrest threatens. Why? Serrano is the best-known National Socialist book author in South America, perhaps even in the entire Spanish-speaking world!

Precisely our General Augusto Pinochet ignored this warning. We see the result! But this had a good side as well: one could openly describe the Jewish-Communist conspiracy in the press. Pinochet’s case fit in perfectly.

The relationship between our movement and General Pinochet had been strained for a few years, because he arrested one of our comrades! We had fought for Pinochet’s rise to power. Two years later he arrested one of our comrades because of our protest against his arms deal with the Devil State of Israel.

The details would exceed the scope of this letter. Briefly, an arms deal with Switzerland and Sweden fell through. Chile was on the brink of war with Argentina over Patagonia and desperately needed weapons. Our General fell for an offer from the Middle East State – and that caused the problem! Later the General left us alone. Right up to this day we can do National Socialist work with absolute freedom here. Up to a year ago we never completely forgave the General for the other matter. But all of this changed with the General’s arrest in London. I participated in the fund-raising action for the General.

Shortly afterward, a German comrade here fell victim to an extradition attempt. As the owner of a German passport, he was arrested and imprisoned for three months. What had happened? The German Justice Ministry (with its criminal schemes) accused him of terrorism and arson. Finally, he proved to Chile’s Supreme Court that he wasn’t even in Germany or Europe at the time. It was discovered that Germany’s motives were in truth strictly political. That’s not so simple here. Here in Chile we have freedom of expression!

The local community of Hebraic satans has proposed an "anti-discrimination" law to outlaw us. But it has little chance of passage. Parliamentarians and Senators close to us say Chilean society will not allow that. We did a throughout job of lobbying on all fronts, so that we don’t get German conditions here. One argument was very effective: Germany claims to be the most free state in German history while at the same time denying the legally guaranteed right of free expression to a group of about 200 Germans, better known as the Kolonie Dignidad, and refuses to renew their passports.

We fight for the liberation of Germany from democratic barbarians and Jew stooges!

A friendly Heil Hitler!

- Chile

On August 29, 1999 Finland’s largest daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, printed this article about an NSDAP/AO sticker campaign targeting book stores in Helsinki.

Massive, concentrated NSDAP/AO sticker actions in Dassel, Lauenberg and Markoldendorf are reported in the German newspaper Die Eule on September 12, 1999. Even the NSDAP/AO address is legible.


  1. Books and periodicals from the Third Reich as well as original (pre-1945) records with German marches.
  2. Comrades who fluently write (not necessarily speak) a foreign language and are willing to do translations.
  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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