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Number 101/1 - Fall 1999 (110)

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Friends Everywhere...

Dear Mr. Lauck:

Enclosed are a plague and a cap, both bearing the crest of the Hamburg police. My gift to you is not intended as sarcasm. It is intended to show you that not all police officials here approve of your treatment by the so-called democratic regime. I hope these items find a place of honor in your home.

No wonder the Bonn Regime is becoming more and more repressive - it is afraid! It can not count on its citizens or even on its own police. It's demise is only a matter of time.

Below: Gerhard Lauck was kidnapped in Denmark on March 20, 1995, illegally extradited to Germany, and imprisoned there until March 23, 1999. He spent four years in six different European prisons - solely for legally publishing the newspaper NS KAMPFRUF inside America! The unprecedented and illegal measures taken by the enemy clearly show that they fear the NSDAP/AO.

Legal Counteroffensive!

The U.S. federal government has made a huge blunder by declaring Gerhard Lauck a "convicted felon" solely on the basis of his so-called "conviction" in Germany - for legally publishing a newspaper in America!

The most important (and well-financed) civil rights organization in the United States, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), is providing legal representation for Gerhard Lauck.

This is a great strategic victory! Without this kind of support, it would be nearly impossible to finance the legal battle.

"I refuse to be criminalized for practicing free speech, especially by my own so-called government," Lauck declared.

Our chances of success are very good. Both the American legal system and the American mentality are on our side. Even the mainstream press(!) has protested the U.S. government's outrageous attack against the First Ammendment.

Lawyers on both sides openly admit this case could easily go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT!!!

In the process, the tyranny of both the U.S. and German governments will be very effectively exposed. Lauck's kidnappers and their cohorts here and abroad can also expect considerable attention.

Political actions are planned to maximize the impact.

How I Spent My Vacation

Whilst surfing the internet I came upon an advertisement from the NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei DeutschlandNational Democratic Party of Germany) for a rally they were holding in Cologneto protest the traveling anti-Wehrmacht exhibition that is currently making the rounds in Germany.

Wherever this sick circus appears, the NPD picket its presence and gain much public sympathy in the process. Well, I had a bit of spare time, so I went over to lend my support.

No Love-Loss?

Why should I support a rally in Germany, when I am English?

My grandfather volunteered for service against Germany in 1914. He was one of thirteen brothers whom all volunteered and the only one who came back: all the other twelve were killed in active service in the British army or navy.

My father volunteered for the navy in 1939, but was rejected for being under-age. He got into the army in 1940, on his eighteenth birthday, the very first day he could serve, and joined the Royal West Kent, the same regiment that his father had fought in. He lost an eye to a German sniper in North Africa, and carried shrapnel in his ankle and stomach from a German mortar in Italy until the day he died. His only brother served as RAF bomber crew and was killed in a training accident, but not before he had bombed several German cities. In return, both my grandfather and one of my father’s four sisters were killed by the German bombs that fell on London. My father was a marksman (winning the First Army marksman championship two yesrs running, despite never getting sniper training), and was made the first brengunner in his regiment ; he had over forty confirmed German ‘kills’ to his credit, and at least several dozen others were no doubt added in his role of laying down covering fire for rifle armed troops.

I myself later volunteered for the Royal Artillery, and in the 1980’s I was a part of the British army occupying Germany.

There was every chance that then there would be people there who had lost a father, grandfather, brother or other loved one to my father, grandfather, or one of their brothers. Overall, they must have accounted for several hundred Germans. The German who took my father's eye may have been there; quite possibly a grandson of one of the German soldiers who killed his uncles would be. If we listened to the Jews’ propaganda , we would hate each other on sight. We certainly would seem to have no reason to help each other.

The truth is, of course, that as National Socialists, it is because of the two World Wars that we have so much in common. We fully realise the futility of any further wars amongst our own - such as in Serbia today, in which Brittian’s Jew-stooge Prime Minister, Tony Blair, so gleefully reports on the number of dead (Serbian) Aryans from (NATO) Aryan bombing - when we have so many enemies in common, dedicated to our genocide.

From the first moment I arrived, and joined the several hundred mostly young Germans on their picket line, I was made to feel welcome, was shown no hostility, and the Germans all seemed genuinely pleased to see someone from "the other side’ supporting their campaign for justice for the German soldier.

The Press

Not so the German press, or, rather, the German-Jewish press. There were not many press representatives there at all, as the NPD is treated to a press blackout (they are, after all, proud to be German, and such a thing is not acceptable in modern-day Germany). Many of the reporters who did show up were obviously Jewish, and were interviewing a handful of red protestors, obvious drug-users and quite clearly allergic to soup, razors and combs,and treating them as if they were great oracles. A few photographs were taken of the NPD, but nobody was spoken to. The NPD has a policy of not talking to such reporters anyway, as any comments are always reported out of context.

However, when one Jewish press hound saw the Union Jack tattoo on my forearm he did come over and ask if I was English. Not being a member of the NPD, I did speak to him at some length. Of course I was English. So why was I here? Hadn’t the nazis (quick spasm of pain crossed his face) tried to kill my family in their air-raids? No, I told him. They had succeeded. And members of my family had bombed German women and children in return. So didn’t the Germans in the crowd hate me? Of course not. Neither of us wanted the war, but as citizens of our respective countries, of course our families answered the call of our nation’s respective leaders. The war was a mistake, but not the fault of the soldiers who fought it with courage on both sides.

But what about the holocaust? (I was waiting for that one, and only surprised that it had taken so long)? Wasn’t it a terrible thing. Surely it could never be justified? I couldn’t agree more. The murder of innocent children, mothers, old people. Terrible. The torture that innocent people were put through. Repulsive. The deliberate starvation of millions of civilians, the refusal to medical aid for the dying, the legalisation of torture, the setting up of camps of mass destruction throughout the most civilized parts of Europe, and the de-humanising of those who guarded them, or even worked in a clerical support role in them? Unforgivable, and it must never happen again. The occupation of a large swathe of Europe, and the attempted genocide of an entire people, planned in detail years before? Evil. The claims made that it never happened, and those of people who were nearby or related to the guards that they knew nothing about it? Impossible to believe.

But, I assured him, I was doing what I coulds to make amends, and the Germans that I had met here did not hold the sins of the past against me, and so we were able to look to a brighter future together.

Throughout this little speech (which I had already had prepared for just such an eventuality) the Jew’s face had gone though surprise, mystification, agreement, shock, bewilderment and probably a dozen other conflicting emotions. He seemed to be checking on which group of demonstrators he was talking to. But the final comment that the Germans’ hadn’t held any of this against me had him actually spluttering for a moment. A few of the NPD people were also looking a little confused, obviously not sure just how eccentric this Englishman was. Why should Germans’ have to forgive me? What was I talking about?

With a carefully rehearsed look of total innocence (and a major internal effort not to laugh out loud) I told him that I was talking about the fire-bombing of Hamburg, Dresden and a thousand other German cities, about the policy of rape used by the Russian armies; about the destruction and genocide of ethnic Germans in the Sudetenland and one-third of Germany; about the camps set up by French and American troops in "Western" Germany which killed more civilians AFTER the war had ended, through starvation and disease, than had died from all causes throughout the six years of battle; about the imprisonment of Rudolf Hess, whose only crime was to try to make peace; about the ethnic Germans from Prussia, Silesia etc who are still not allowed to return to their native lands, nor been offered compensation, in direct violation of the other war crimes, still unpunished, still uncompensated.

The looks of confusion lifted from all faces. But the reporter’s and the NPD supporters went in very different directions. One side seem quite happy, even began laughing, the other seemed to get angry.

But credit where credit is due. He was a professional and quickly recovered. I expected him to storm off in a towering rage (indeed that was my hope), but instead he stayed, and told me that he was talking about THE holocaust, not the unavoidable suffering of war, which affected both sides. (A good recovery, I thought.) I replied that so was I: the attempted extermination of the German people was certainly NOT a "normal act of war".

No, it seemed he was talking only about the Jewish dead. I replied that I didn’t know anything about that, as I had only ever had any interest in historical fact and only rarely saw the Hollywood films that fictionalised these events. Was he denying this? He told me that there seemed to be a lot of Germans left. A whole country of them. I couldn’t let that one slip. Wasn’t there a whole country of Jews somewhere in the Middle East as well, I sweetly asked?

He dropped the subject. Why was I here at all? The historical guilt or otherwise of the German army was surely a matter for Germany alone? I told him why I had come over to Germany on one of my few free weekends.

A Free Europe

I explained that Germany was one of the world’s most important countries, alongside America, Russia, China, Japan, and I like to think, Britain as well. Her economy and her vital Central European position make Germany a major player on any world stage. But Germany is unique in that she is still an occupied country - in the West by Britain, France and America (even though she is a more powerful country that at least two of them, and, left to her own devices, quite possibly all three) and in the East by Poland and the Czech Republic (and a small area by Russia).

I explained that Germany does not have freedom of movement in military or foreign policy matters, and that she is forced to pay compensation to all and any who ask her, under threat of moral blackmail.

I explained that anti-German racism is the only form of racism left that it is permissible to still hold, and that the German people are forced to grovel and apologize for every wrong they gave ever committed as well as many that they haven’t. And that over sixteen million Germans had their land stolen from them,and unlike all other dispiossessed peoples, they have been denied them the right to so much as ask for compensation.

For a powerful nation to be forced to accept such a position is highly dangerous. Sooner or later there will be a backlash ( I hope sooner, but didn’t say that). When that backlash comes, Germany will be demanding not only its rightful place in the world, not only the return of its territory, but will be expecting compensation of some type as well. I have seen the inevitability of this in WW II (after Versailles) and in Africa. The world can avoid a major European crisis by simply apologizing to Germany and setting up an international court to deal with the matter fairly. No German wants anything more; no other nation can offer anything less. But by threatening, blackmailing and snubbing Germany, a powder-keg is being fueled, ready for a major explosion.

I suggested that a fair settlement would allow Germany freedom from any further payments to other nations, free use and development of the German army; the return of the historical Eastern German provinces of Prussia, Silesia, Sudetenland, Pommerania, along with guarantees for their current (Aryan ) populations (enforced by an international, but temporary, peace-keeping force if necessary); an apology for allied war crimes, and an acceptance that they took place (especially the camps set up on German soil after May 1945) - and in return a German agreement not to prosecute any surviving persons who took part in these atrocities; and finally, a permanent German seat on the UN Council, along with the USA, Russia, UK, France and China. - Of course, I would like more for Germany (an NSDAP government and union with Austria would be a good start), as well as the end of the UN, but the above was more than enough to be going on with.

The Jew muttered something about thanking me for the interview and how interesting it had been, and slunk off.


Of course, nothing was published. A few local paperes the next day had fairly small articles about the demonstration, giving several column inches to quotes from the rabbi who turned up, and a few pictures of the NPD, showing either elderly demonstrators ("Third Reich soldiers who would not admit their guilt despite the evidence so clearly shown" was one quote) or skin heads ("The new Stormtroopers of the extreme right") even though these two groups combined made up less than 10% of the demonstration.

But I made several new friends, my German improved greatly (even though they took pity on an Englishman and they all spoke excellent English), and sampled somewhat too much of Cologne's excellent beer. Overall, an excellent day out!

We thank this British comrade for his article and above all for his activism. Furthermore, we thank the comrades who translated and typeset this and the other articles for the various languages editions. Comrades all over the world work together in the NSDAP/AO. This is true White solidarity in action!

Movement News


We regularly translate the NS KAMPFRUF into Russian for all of our RNE-comrades. Some articles also appear in other patriotic newspapers here in Russia.

The Jews have now attack their own synagoes with fire and explosives – carefully avoiding any really major damage - and then they blame it on us. This is followed by police raids. They have even staged an attack inside a synagoe.

But it is obvious who gains by all this. More and more people see through this trick.


Although the march in Bremen had been banned, we figured the NPD lawyers could get the ban overturned like they did last time. After the police delayed our bus for two hours, we finally got underway. At 07:30 we got the bad news that the ban remained in effect.

The police followed our bus and did not allow any alternative. However, other comrades had more success. They held various spontaneous demonstrations with up to 500 partipicants. (Altogether, a total of 5000 nationalist demonstrations had been mobilized!)

The police they raided the NPD headquarters. They were very rough – even pointing a gun at the head of a NPD staff member(!) – and they did considerable damage.

We National Socialists will never give up!


An eyewitness reports that approximately fifty German and Dutch comrades held a successful Rudolf Hess memorial march in Holland on July 31st. Both the police and the reds were taken by surprise. There were no arrests and no injuries. Congratulations!


After 7 ½ years as a political prisoner in Austria, comrade Gottfried Küssel was released on July 13th. Good luck, Gottfried!


Our Danish ally, the DNSB, now has a SECOND headquarters building. We congratulate our Danish comrades on this great progress. The DNSB also operates the world's only openly NS radio station.


  1. Books and periodicals from the Third Reich as well as original (pre-1945) records with German marches.
  2. Comrades who fluently write (not necessarily speak) a foreign language and are willing to do translations.
  3. Internet activists to compile and disseminate information.

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