NSM and NSDAP/AO Joint Projects




Joint Project #2: Hellhole Flier




Front and Back


Here is the .pdf file for the above NSM / NSDAPAO leaflet


Download the above PDF and print this flier yourself OR buy the (black-and-white. NOT full color) fliers from us. Price inside the USA:  $5.00 for 100 or $25.00 for 1,000.





Here is the .pdf file for the above NSM / NSDAPAO leaflets




Joint Project #1: National Socialist Solidarity Worldwide


Some regimes ban the National Socialist movement and imprison its activists!


Global National Socialist solidarity with our persecuted comrades is very important.



YOU Can Help!


First, scout your area for appropriate protest action sites. These include: consulates, embassies, airline and tourism offices. Even regular travel agencies. Or simply their signs and billboards.


Second, download and print the appropriate flier below.


Third, carry out the action!


Important: Take a photograph! This photograph should show both a) the "target" (probably a sign or advertisement) and b) our leaflet (preferably legible).


Send the photograph it to us with a brief “action report". Include the approximate LOCATION (city or state/province and country are enough) and DATE. - This material is needed for our ACTION REPORT Video Series.


Note: NSM members should check NSM headquarters for instructions.



Extra Security Options


The laws in your area – or simply your own desire for anonymity - can make additional security measures a good idea.


Security Option A: You can upload the files to a site like www.mega.co.nz and then send us the download link. (You need an account to upload files there, but the account is free. You do not need an account to download files from there.)


Security Option B: Electronic media contain embedded codes with information you do not want known! It is a good idea to "scrub" it using software like BatchPurifier LITE - Free Metadata Removal Tool for reliable removal of any EXIF date from graphical files (JPG, PNG etc.). - However, even this is not 100% safe due to possible technological advances in the future.


Security Option C: Use a "burner telephone".


Security Option D: Send us printed copies via air mail.


Our mailing address: NSDAP/AO, PO Box 6414, Lincoln NE 68506, USA. (You can leave off the name "NSDAP/AO".)


Our email address: info @ protest-vote.com




www.nsm88.org / www.nazi-lauck-nsdapao.com