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The Fratricide in the East is a Tragedy !

More precisely, this is a rivalry between Jewish World Capitalism (i.e. “globalization” under EU administration) in the West and Jewish World Communism (or more accurately: “Neo-Sovietism” under Putin’s administration) in the East.

The blood sacrifice is made by both folks, the Ukrainian and the Russian.

Especially tragic and ironic is the fact that precisely National Socialists are fighting on both sides, on the surface for the “Ukraine” and for “Russia”. Everybody indeed knows that both governments are Jewized and that one must combat them. Nonetheless, one feels – for various reasons – obligated to take to the field.

Whoever risks his life out of idealism, deserves respect! The political differences of opinion play no role in this respect.

The NSDAP/AO has neither the right, the intention nor the desire to take sides. It merely has the DUTY to undertake everything possible to lessen the suffering and – wherever possible – to somehow extract a BENEFIT.

I believe we can initially achieve this objective in the area of “media effectiveness”. And indeed in a manner that is advantageous to ALL of the participants!

Comrades! Imagine that NS-leaders in Russia, the Ukraine and from the ranks of the NSDAP/AO (as a kind of “peace emissary”) sign a joint declaration with this content! Furthermore: that they obligate themselves to act accordingly.

The world media will be turned into an (admittedly unwilling) ally!


Appeal to the NS Comrades in Russia and the Ukraine ! 

Already in the 1990’s, the NSDAP/AO recognized and welcomed the importance of the NS movement in Russia! This fact found its expression in our co-financing of the Russian NS newspaper “Der Aufmarsch”! 

The direct reason for this appeal is the goal of an – insofar as practical – common “MEDIA POLICY” among the most important NS organizations in Russian, the Ukraine, and Lincoln (i.e. the NSDAP/AO). 

The objective is the most optimal influence on the global media to the advantage of ALL participating NS organizations…and indeed regardless of any other differences of opinion. (For example, the question of which sides one’s own military units are fighting on today in the Ukraine!) 

I request your comments and collaboration! 

Together We Are Strong!

Heil Hitler!

Gerhard Lauck

NSDAP/AO Organisationsleiter

NS: We speak English and German. [Translation from other languages is naturally possible, but slower.]

Gerhard Lauck Politics #101


 Politics #101 Series by Gerhard Lauck (NSDAP/AO): Wall Street Swindle, Anti-White System, Biggest Threat and World War Two Facts and Results



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